Just Another Year-End Post

This is just another year-end post. To fulfill the so-called yearly “blogger’s tradition”, I’ll be writing my 4th year-end post in this blog. 2009 was a great year and a lot of unforgettable experiences happened that I can’t forget, because it’s unforgettable. I only made 26 posts last 2009, good thing my blog still survived despite of the scarcity of blog posts.

If you want to read my previous year-end posts, here you go: 2006, 2007, and 2008.

Anyway, here are some of the note-worthy things that happened to me and my blog (and my other blogs) in the year that was.
1. Appeared twice in national TV channels: QTV and ABS-CBN (Walang naka record sa Probe feature and tinamad din akong e upload ang copy ko. T_T)
2. Represented the Philippines in the first Asia-Pacific Blog Awards
3. Made more than a million pesos in just 1 month for the first time
4. Invented the Blue Stickman Puzzles
5. Wrote an article about the cheapest Airline company: Cebu Pacific
6. Got my passport
7. Had a vacation outside the Philippines for the first time
8. Featured on Entrebuff’s Week-by-week
9. My Christmas wish was included in Blog-o-rama’s Gadgets on bloggers’ wishlist.
10. Featured in UNO Magazine’s Band of Bloggers.
11. I lost my SSS ID and Brother’s Burger stamp card.
12. Patay Gutom was included in the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 and won as the Best Food Website in the Digital Filipino Web Awards.
13. My Brute Cheats won as the best Gaming Website in the Digital Filipino Web Awards
14. And most importantly, made a lot of cool new friends! You know who you are.
15. Paid my mom’s almost half million debt from her 3 credit cards.
16. Learned to correctly use the prepositions “on”, “in”, and “at”. Thanks to Reyjr!
[I will add more in my list if I remember some things in 2009 that is note-worthy]

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I really want to write my posts in Tagalog because I’m really having a hard time in writing my articles in English. But for the sake of my international readers, I will try my best to write in English, even if my grammar sucks (Forgive me, puhleease). Hehe.

Happy New Year everyone!

132 thoughts on “Just Another Year-End Post

  1. astig! muntik mo na maipasara ang western union at muntik na silang magdeclare ng bankruptcy..totoo un nagreport sila skin..

    sana naging cashier din ako dun para may balato ako..hehehe

    thanks din jehz specially sa dwb..Christmas and New Year will not be so fruitful without dwb. Amen!

    May kulang ka pa sa report mo..di mo sinama si ano..si M? woot!

  2. wow dude, thats a good year for you with tons of accomplishments. 😀

    would be interested to seee how 1 million was made in just 1 month though.. 🙂

    happy new year!

  3. Happy New Year! Astig talaga ang 1 million a month! Daig pa ang mga CEO ng mga firms hehe… Who says that it can’t be done? You’ve done it and you proved it! A very big congratulations for that! 😉

    Thanks sa lahat lahat. :mrgreen:

    Teka, ano na ba decision mo? Condo or car? Hehe… 😆

  4. wow! 1M in one month! di ako makapaniwala! 😀 kung ganon lang income ko a month mag-reresign na ako. :mrgreen: anyhoo,congrats and happy new year jehz!

    PS: Baka pwede mo akong balatuan ibili mo ako ng web hosting sa wordpress balak ko na don lumipat.haha kapal eh noh! :mrgreen:

  5. 😮 holy crap jehz. 1Million in a month? If I knew you made that much on your blogs, I would never have emailed or tweeted you so casually haha! Well, too late for that now no? :p

    You forgot to include that this year you learned which correct preposition to use when talking about a resto “on” a street, “at” an address or “in” a town. Hehe! joke. :p

    Happy New Year Jehz and more millions in 2010!

  6. Haneep! 1M/month? Sa panaginip na lang siguro ako nian.

    Congrats on a great year. Kahit 26 posts ka lang dito, marami ka namang other sites di ba?

  7. Happy New Year! wooooot!
    Andami mong achievement last 2009, at siguradong mas marami ka pang ma-achieve nitong 2010…. 🙂

    at sana nde ka magbabago lalo ngayong milyonaryo ka na… wooot! :mrgreen:

  8. woah! 1M pesos in less than a month…watda milyonaryo n pala tlga tong inaaway ko..hehehe jehz thnx naman at ok n permissons nung site ko.pansin ko lng ung DWB eh mdlas mag down, Happy New Year pala, d k reply sa text ko. Sabi pla ni Hora bumalik ka na…..alam mu n un kung san.9th year n ntin magkakilala hahaha

  9. Congrats, Jhez, for another banner year. It’s the most tongue in cheek blog title I’ve read so far this year. Just another year-end post? So matter-of-fact and routinary. Except that part about earning 1M in just a month.

    I’m having second thoughts tweeting this good news. Baka high tech na rin mga bad people sa Pinas mahirap na.

    You’re the best, Jhez. Here’s wishing you good health so you’d fully enjoy your good fortune.

  10. HI Jehz! Hooooraaay for a great 2009! wow, 1 million pesos in a just a month???! Well, you deserve it, you are one generous blogger I really admire.

    Salamat sa pagshare ng generosity sa akin…and for the friendship too. 😀

    Good health bro to you and best of luck for 2010.

    Ingat sa BIR…LOL

  11. Jehz! Gusto ko rin ng 1 million haha.
    Ang dami mo palang na-achieve nung 2009. Galing!

    Yup, lots of new friends met this year. Your on my list too. 🙂

  12. Wow! Astig itong yearender post mo nyok 😮 daming nagawa ng nyokers at PGs nung 2009. Sana mas maganda ang 2010 natin lahat 😈

    Balato naman sa isang milyon :mrgreen:

  13. Happy New year! your site is just one of a few interesting sites in my short list as i just started this year…yours is truly an influential blog. when kaya tataas ang readership ko like yours?!? hehehe…

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