iBlog5 is the 5th Philippine Blogging Summit

Yes, iBlog5 is the 5th Philippines Blogging Summit. I know you, you know, we all know. I don’t know what to write about iBlog5 because I arrived late and I didn’t listen to 90% of the speakers. Well, iBlog5 was another successful event. The speakers did great (based on the write-ups of other bloggers) even if I didn’t listen to all of them and a lot of bloggers attended compared to the previous iBlog.

What I love about iBlog is meeting new friends. I met a lot of my online blogger friends offline for the first time. I would like to give a link love to the people I met during my travel to the 5th Philippine blogging summit!

1. Dexter of Tech at Hand and his Wife
2. Tyrone of Millionaire Acts
3. Randy of Daily Contributor
4. James of Pinoy Money Talk
5. Melvin of Ka Blogs
6. Arvin of Vinter Sections
7. Evanjohnn of The Focal Glass
8. Carlo of New Media Philippines
9. Kevin of Mar Roxas 2010

If you were not included on my list and we met during iBlog5, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below so that I can add you up!

I guess that’s all. The one playing My Brute in the picture above was me, with Aethen at Jhelo. Hehe.

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Some of the links above was copied from Dexter’s blog. Thanks Dex! Yay!

147 thoughts on “iBlog5 is the 5th Philippine Blogging Summit

  1. Yey nyok was there 😯

    Pinaka-favorite nyok moment ko nung nasa likod tayo na naggugupit ng calling cards at nagkakalat sa likod. Para lang tayong high school students na gumagawa ng project 😈

    syempre next na dun yung nag-abot tayo ng calling card kay Carlo Ople lols

  2. Nice meeting you SEO Master! Hehe…

    Buti na lang tinext mo ako kung hindi nawala sa isip ko about sa IBLOG 5 na ito. I would love to attend more blogging events like this one in the future.

    For sure masusundan pa ito. I hope to meet more bloggers in the future. :mrgreen:

      • oo.. dapat ready na next time.. ganun din ako noon nung first time ko nag attend ng events.. wala me mabigay kahit isang calling card.. yung iba pina sulat nalang sa scratch paper contact details ko.. kaya yun nag pa print ako ng 500 calling cards. haha!

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  13. then, indeed, i have missed half of my life not meeting all these guys especially you jez…hya…

    may next time pa…cguraduhin nyo lg na may next time pa ah

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  21. Oist next time sabihan mo naman ako pag may ganitong event. :mrgreen:

    Pasama rin ako sa blog roll mo ha, pwede ba? hehehe… teynkyu! nyok!

    Nga pala, may brute din ako… drawyag ang name… hinahamon kita!!! πŸ‘Ώ

  22. It’s quite strange for me to comment here as you have admitted you’ve missed 90% of the speakers. “,) Well, you came late. That’s a good reason.

    As for me, I’d like to maximize my time. This is a perfect window of opportunity – ahaha parang AIDS virus – to squeeze a comment before you have another attack of the quiz syndrome. Well, you know me, and how I refuse to use my brain for such quizzes. lol

    I did not attend the iblog5 meet. From what I’ve heard I think I did not miss much. The speeches? Well, I can see the lessons here written all over your blog. What’s the fuss about getting these lessons in a place like that. My method is much more convenient for me.

    Well having said my strange ideas, I’d like to thank you for finding a solution to my little problem. Thanks Jehz! I will not comment anymore about how you’ve added weight…ooops, perhaps that’s got me into trouble with your security detail in the first place. “,) Miss ya.

  23. wala akong ma-comment, mahina ang Brute ko πŸ™

    sayang, wasn’t really able to go around that day.

    natawa ako, naka-infolink ang pangalan ni dexter πŸ˜†

      • wala nung infolink ngayon, hehe… last time ako nagpunta naka-infolink siya.

        OT Jezhlau, but if I may invite you to visit my blog, and give us some suggestions regarding a friends problem with his blog.

        Fatherlyours’ blog host is Webpinas, simula start ng May, di na niya ma-access. pati site ng webpinas wala rin. di rin niya ma-contact thru phone or text.

        baka may kakilala ka who can help us get through them.


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  25. I know it’s a shame, but I first heard of iBlog from you just recently. I think I should go out more and participate in these events. XD Glad to know you had fun! πŸ™‚

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  29. haha, I can understand that. Parang mga students, habang nagtuturo ang teacher, mga 60% lang ang nakikinig. ano nick ng brute mo? hehe.

      • aw.. hindi.. mybrute lang nilalaro ko eh :mrgreen:

        oo nga weird, di ko parin kilala sino nang hack, pero ok lang. nyok…

        anong name ng brute mo? try ko kalabanin gamit ang bagong brute ko. hehe :mrgreen:

      • wawawawa…sayang ng brute mo jehz…

        sino pa may alam ng pass mo aside sa akin? kasi minsan ko lang nilaro ang brute mo…

        sayang2… nagbakasakali ako nun sa pass mo, same parin pala

        hehehe…ano bago mong nick?

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  31. Been lurking on this post for quite some time. I had a good time at the summit. Met new people too, who I am keeping in touch with.

    Roy of house of Puroy, Mon or fatherlyours, Snow of dearbloggery, Cebloger, thirdworkdgeek, and letsgosago.

    I was seated with the first three people I mentioned in the area where one of your drawings asked ‘San ang CR dito?’ That was basically our (roy and I) dialogue. LOL

    Would have been more entertaining had I stayed, but I left after the t-shirt raffle.


  32. bat naman iha-hack diba? gumagamit ka ba ng mybrute cheats? anyway, sakin is flower-potter. o don’t laugh. ewan ko ba kung san ko napulot ung name na yan hehe. meron din isa pa, si dumpeel. pero try mo rin si karpet-rider. ^^

    • nilogin ko kasi kahit saan saan during iblog5, after nun, di ko na malogin sarili kong brute. hehehe.. wawa.. cge kalabanin ko brute mo.. heehee.. :mrgreen:

  33. 1. Your reading my comment
    2. Now your saying/thinking thats a stupid fact.
    4. You didnt notice that i skipped 3.
    5. Your checking it now.
    6. Your smiling.
    7. Your still reading my comment.
    8. You know all you have read is true.
    10. You didnt notice that i skipped 9.
    11. Your checking it now.
    12. You didnt notice there are only 10 facts

  34. Hello Jezlau… I’m a fan of yours… I really appreciate your achievements… Congrats… My friends too have been there during the iBlog5 summit… Bdw, can you include me on your blogroll? Thanks

  35. Hi jez! New blog here, pa-add naman sa blogroll para magka-traffic sa site ko, 3 days pa lang nagra-run ang site ko. By tomorrow i-aadd ko url mo, opera mobile lang kasi gamit ko ngayon kaya hindi ko ma-edit blogroll ko. Thanks

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