Brief Introduction of the blogger behind the blog
The owner of this blog is an only child, a member of the minority group of left-handed individuals, a slow learner, amateur graphic designer, a trying hard web developer, noob computer programmer, happy Adsenser, below-mediocre grammarian, search engine optimist, FOSS user, DMOZ editor, administrator, Linux enthusiast, phpBB modder, high school math genius, college math idiot, frustrated singer, newbie photographer, dreamer, astronomer wannabe, philanthropist, online gamer, poet, novice writer, self-proclaimed critic, philosopher, thinker and a trying hard Pro? Blogger. He is an avid free/open source software user and he firmly believes that free/open source software is the best and most efficient way to develop applications that is why he strives hard to contribute to the FOSS community as much as he can, even if he can’t. He is also a PHP, CSS, Javascript, C#, Ruby, ASP.NET, Coldfusion, and Flash ActionScript coder, but his knowledge to these mentioned computer languages is just mediocre, below mediocre to be precise. His I.Q. deteriorates as he grows older and older. He was a born artist and he loves to paint. He even have several oil paintings that was left into oblivion. He was a DOST-SEI scholar during his college days, and a proud graduate of the University of Southeastern Philippines – Main Campus.

Jehzlau and the Blue Stickman
The Blue Stickman is created by Jehzlau himself. Jehzlau is not the Blue Stickman and the Blue Stickman is not Jehzlau. The Blue Stickman is Jehzlau’s alter-ego, his imaginary friend who loves to pretend like him. If you want to know more about the Blue Stickman, wiew the Blue Stickman’s journey at

An athlete and a dreamer at the same time
He loves to play tennis, basketball, volleyball, bowling, billiards, and all ball games in his dreams. Simply because he is physically incapable of playing those games, and never tried to play it before. He hates to play ball games, because he don’t know how to. He is too lazy to practice such games, and was discouraged by many to try it. His friends teased him because he was so weak and dumb. People criticized him because he was such a moron, and don’t know almost everything that every people on earth knew. He was gibberish to the eyes of many, but a priceless piece of rare ornament to the people who knows him and cares for him.

A movie buff
He is a movie lover and an avid fan of various science fiction, drama, and suspense films. Avatar, Oblivion, Now You See Me, Law Abiding Citizen, Enemy of the State, Slumdog Millionaire, The Fugitive, Matrix, Star Wars 1 to 6, 300, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Chronicles of Narnia, Bourne Trilogy, X-Men Trilogy, Spider Man Trilogy, Iron Man, A Beautiful Mind, Forrest Gump, Untraceable, Vantage Point, The Island, National Treasure, Cloverfield, and The One are just some of the titles in his vast Blu-ray movies collection.

Connections and Affiliations
He is a proud member of the Torr Society (He’s the first Filipino member of Torr and the 26th in the world), International High I.Q. Society, Mensa, DOST-SEI scholars organization, Mindanao Bloggers, Patay Gutom Bloggers, Nyok Nyok Blog Network, and the Digital Filipino Club. He is also a proud DMOZ editor and Ratified Malaysia administrator. He was featured on Manila Bulletin’s Blog-o-Rama and was mentioned in Philippine Daily Inquirer. He also ranked 1st in the Philippines’ Top 100 blogs for 2008 based on Alexa, Feedburner, Google, and Technorati by View more of his recognitions here. If you want tweets from him, you can also follow him on Twitter.

If you’re interested in reading his other blogs, you can visit his web portal at

Jehzlau has also started his “HELP A NEWBIE BLOGGER PROGRAM“. If you are interested in blogging and you don’t have a single idea how to start a blog, how to get a domain, etc. If you have zero knowledge of anything related to blogging, then you’re problem is no problem at all! He can help you start your own blog, give you a free domain and hosting, and teach you the basics of blogging. Just contact him for more details. In case you didn’t receive a reply, you can e-mail him again. It’s just because he is receiving hundreds of e-mails daily, so maybe he missed your e-mail. Just e-mail him again or follow-up your request via SMS.

Game freak
He loves playing Uncharted 2 & 3, Heavy Rain, Call of Duty 5, Modern Warfare 2 & 3, Red Dead Redemption, Little Big Planet, Fallout 3, and Gran Turismo 5 on his PS3. If you’re playing COD5 and you have the latest map pack (MP3), please don’t hesitate to invite him to your cooperative party and join him in restoring peace and order at Der Riese!