Jehzlau Concepts Featured On Manila Bulletin, Yay!

This is one of the happiest days of my life! Yey! Thanks to AJ Matela for introducing me to Miss Annalyn Jusay last April 28, 2008 at “The Tasting Room” Grand Launch by Appetite and Greenbelt. This was the night when I met Miss Annalyn and asked me if she can interview me for Manila Bulletin’s Blog-o-Rama. At first, she thought that I was a girl before seeing me in person, hehe. I then gave her my calling card and right after it, I received an Interview Request e-mail, after a few days, I’m now on paper. Yay! I was sooOOoo happy! Here’s a snap shot of page D5, Technews Page, Manila Bulletin, Monday Issue, May 5, 2008. (Naks kumpleto).


I can’t seem to find the online version. Maybe because the interview article was to be continued that’s why there’s no online article yet. Or maybe I just can’t find it. Hehehe. And oh, my Jehzlau was wrongly spelled. But it’s ok. Heehee…

If you want to read the article, click here. Thanks to my T200 for the shot.

Btw, I found the online version of my interview, and it’s here! Yay! thanks to (I found thru Hehehe.

Thanks also to my college classmate, Mark Alvin Metilla for the heads up! 🙂 He was the first to inform me about this before I had a copy of the paper. Thanks Al!

80 thoughts on “Jehzlau Concepts Featured On Manila Bulletin, Yay!

  1. @drei – thankssssssss

    @Eli – thanksssssssssss!

    @Maki – thankssssssssssssss!

    hahahaa.. bilis niyo mag comment ah.. kaka post ko lang neto.. hahaha.. thanks talaga 😀 na flaterization me.. hehe 😛 nyok nyok

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  3. wow! i read this kaninang lunch sa library namin dito sa office… ang haba ng mga sagot para isang question… hehehhe… kaya cguro may continuation… hehhee.. congrats! at talagang tinext ako para iinform ako tungkol dito huh… hahhahaha… at maliit ung font ng tinatype ko… hindi ko mabasa… waaaahhh hehhee

  4. @Winston – wow na touch naman ako.. wahehehe 😀 weeeeeeeeee! saya! hehe 😀 ok lang pag nasa MB ka din.. tatakbo din ako sa news stand 😛 one of these days 😉

  5. ahaaa !!!!
    persistent gyud ai …
    hehe linya gyud na nimo jez .. mao dili nako mangutana
    ngano naa ka diha sa imong gina tindugan karon …. hehehe

    – feigning innocence

  6. just dont get too cocky =P
    its hard being high up there …
    lay-lo lay-lo lang pirmi , gudluck sa atong carrer !
    haha ~!


  7. wow my concepts na palang na Manila Bulletin ^_^ naks ^_^
    ikaw ha pinapasikat mo mga Concepts

    kahit mali un spelling T_T pero ok narin pero mali parin eh T_T

    sige lang basta un Concepts tama ahihihi

    see you in PHILIPPINES STAR!!!

  8. whoa…hehehe,kanina umaga ko nabasa, pagopen ko ng blog ko, nkafeed kasi blog mo,yun nagcomment agad,ako nauna ah..hehehe

    galing ah,baka di mo na ako pansinin pagnakita tau, super nkaelevate ka ah…

  9. kung sa autoCAD pa…


    Thickness: 1000
    Width: 1000
    Lenght: 1000
    Elevation: 100000000000

    hehehe…alam ko na gumamit autoCAD…mahal 4k,for 15 sessions

    g0odluck jehz! nexttym target mo Philippine Daily Inquirer

  10. Sorry for the typo..I’ll make sure it’s correct sa continuation. Marami ka ata sinabi kaya me part 2?? hehe. Highfalutin kasi name mo Jehzlau kaya di namin ma-SPELL. Good luck, kid!

  11. congratz
    baka neks taym sa tv ka na mafeature..sikat.
    ngaun pa lang masanay ka na sa dami ng offline/online stalkers.

  12. waahhh, congrats jehz… Haha, namali spelling ng ” jehz ” kasi confusing talaga. kahit ako, people tends to place Z before H… Palitan mo kaya name mo? Hehe, waaahkk, kasi baka d kana celebrity nyan… Congrats, idol…

  13. @toni – pati haters dumadami.. directly proportional ata yun sa mga number of stalkers.. dumadami din naman lovers.. as the number of stalkers increased, the number of haters and lovers also increased. 😛

    @Ed – astig nga parang panaginip lang to 😀 hehehe

    @Jessie Somosierra – thanks thanks thanks 😛 yiheeeeeee!

  14. Adik ka. Astig! Congrats!! Mikko bought a copy. Dinala nga niya sa D&G event kanina. 🙂 Hehehe

    Anyway, hope you find that ‘Bloggers suck’ shirt. HAHAHA

  15. @Cecile – hahaha.. dala dala pa pala ni mikko ung copy 😛 hehehe.. oo nga di ko mahanap yung bloggers suck huhuhu.. hanap ako sa GB5.. baka meron don 😀

    @phaelun – ikaw next betsy!! haha 😀

    @ceblogger – hahaha oo dami din haters 😀

    @Donald – di ko kay maulaw ko sa tibi.. haha 😀

  16. Sige ha. Tas balitaan mo ako kung meron. Gusto kasi ni Mikko magakaroon ng ganun before siya bumalik ng GenSan. 🙂 Wiii. Kelan nga pala yung continuation nung article? 🙂

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  18. @Mikko – yey! pag ma feature ka.. mag grab din ako copy… technews lang din itatatago ko :D.. i mean.. itatago… 😀

    @limferdi – thanks limferdi 😀

  19. cool good for you dude, does this mean you blog is going to rank hier?

    Also Can we talk about different scripts for making our own blogs, Ill look myself and post at my blog if anyone wants to comment ! maybe theres a out of the box solution for this?

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