Yay! I have a contact page! But I don’t have a contact form. Why? Because it’s really hard to create one. And… I don’t know HTML, that’s why I’ll just leave my contact details here instead of creating a contact form scratch or installing a contact form plugin for Worpress, which is really really complicated. Clicking “install now” takes a lot of effort and time. Hehe.

Below are my updated contact details:
Company E-mail: jlaurente.adec2@amdatex.com
Personal E-mail: jehzlau@dostscholars.org
Smart Mobile No.: +639105555515 / +639105000000
Globe Mobile No.: +639152444444
Singtel Mobile No.: +6583031794
Blackberry Messenger PIN: 20F2B91E
Chikka No.: 001623406
ICQ No.: 2345443 557501715
Yahoo Messenger: jehzlau@dostscholars.org (Add as Live/MSN)
Google Talk: jehzlau@dostscholars.org
Live/MSN: jehzlau@dostscholars.org
AIM: jehzlau

Here’s my virtual calling card. You can save and print it if you want to:

Or you can scan the QR code below to instantly get my number, e-mail, and other contact details:

For advertising inquiries and other related stuff, you can reach me through my personal e-mail. Yay!