Featured in Manila Bulletin’s Blog-o-Rama:
You can view the first part details here and the second part here. If you want to read the online version of the interview, click here.

SPI 2011 Web Awards Winner:
SPI Web Awards - Best Personal Blog
Jehzlau Concepts won in the 2011 Digital Filipino Search Profile Index Web Awards awarded last February 24, 2012 at The Peninsula Manila Hotel Makati City. Watch the video here to see the rest of the winners per category. Below is the screenshot of the video presentation by the Digital Filipino.

Ranked 1st out of 100 Blogs in the Philippines’ Top 100 Blogs for 2008 Recognition based on Alexa, Google, Feedburner and Technorati by the Digital Filipino and Ratified.org during the Digital Filipino Networking Event at PAGCOR, Parañaque City, Philippines.

Featured in Entrepbuff’s WBW: Week 33

WBW 33: Do What You Love + Serve Others What They Love = Entrepreneurial Happiness. Read more about it or you can view the full list of Week-by-Week speakers.

First Asia-Pacific Blog Awards Most Influential Blog Category Finalist. (Asia-Pacific’s (APAC) first and biggest regional blog awards — Nuffnang Blog Awards, held in Singapore last 23 October 2009 at the Pan Pacific Hotel Ballroom.)

Read more about the 1st Asia-Pacific Blog Awards here.

Co-Blogger Testimonials:

I believe that is really the core enterprise of his creations: to make people happy, basically. He succeeds in that too. A lot of smiling bloggers will agree – Helen Mary Labao

I admire people like John Chow, and here in the Philippines, we have Jehz Laurente, they are both my inspiration when it comes to blogging and making money online – ISP101.net

Jehzeel Laurente became my blogmate from my coaxing and wooing through emails and comments. He is a cool guy. What admires me most is his humility and accessibility. He answers all my questions when I ask him anything that concerns blogging. – Honesto C. Avellanosa III

I call Jehzeel Laurente “Pinoy Internet Idol” — because really, that’s what he is. When everyone thought that it’s impossible to earn money online, Jehz showed us that it’s possible and even went further by selflessly teaching others how it’s done – TechPinas

Another great Filipino blogger is Jehzlau. I envy his blog design and his number of visitors. Believe it or not, he even have an online stalker. That’s how popular he is. Also in this month of May, he and his blog were featured in the Manila Bulletin (a big Philippine newspaper). So the blog really deserves to be my favorite blog. – Niessuh

Jehz’s SEO tricks amazed me a lot.. He always ranks on SEO contest. He was also featured in newspapers! – Gl3nxx

He’s a problogger from Davao who earns an average of $125 per day. I sent an SMS to ask for some help and tips about SEO and blogging to all probloggers I knew online and he was the only one who cared to reply and answered my queries – Donser

This humble young man is an epitome of success. Fulfilled in every action he make and has a bunch of friends who makes his life colorful and meaningful. Thank you for this, and for the rest to come. – Gurlash

Now my wordpress is supah fine already thanks jeh jeh! I’ve been learning so much from you! Too see the webpage behind this successful blogger go to jehzlau-concepts.com – Flair Candy

One of the popular Filipino Bloggers: Jehzeel Laurente of jehzlau-concepts. He’s a very professional when it comes to SEO. Dude! Nice to meet you heheh! – DigDesignz

I came across Jehzlau from jehzlau-concepts.com thru Chatango and we exchanged links, but my old website was now gone because the domain expired. I learned a lot from this guy! He’s me idol! Hehe. I remember the first time I read his articles about CSS, SEO and similar web stuff, I was so amazed. I was then enticed to learn more about the web.- Daniel Dumas

Well, I asked him for tips and left a comment on his blog and I also left my YM account so we could chat. I went online and he was still up at dawn and that’s where our friendship started. We talked about domains, Adsense, etc.. To cut the story short, he configured my domain and webhosting. He’s so kind! Thank you so much Jehzlau!- Meiyah

For Jehz, it was more of pakikipag-kapwa tao—as he called it, sharing whatever he knows with others, even if he does not know them personally, that made him climb to the top. I can personally attest to that—after I met him in person in a Baguio event, he has always been there for me to answer my questions, to give me advice, or just to say hello.- Sexy Mom

I’m glad I met this guy – Jehzlau Laurente of jehzlau-concepts.com. He seems 2 or 3 years younger than me but he’s so geek.
I admit his blog is one of the blogs that I’m really jealous of. Actually, I’m only jealous of his blog, not others’ blog… – Toplatsi

I was able to have a chitchat with Jehzlau and we happened to talk about what recently happened to my blog. He was kind enough to offer me his hosting services once more. And now I’m also enjoying unlimited bandwidth and web space with him. – Lyle Ham

The reason why I am extending my topics to general is that after reading Jehzlau’s blog, he gave me the idea of optimizing my blog to be more searchable in google, But of course the content would still be relevant. – Digital Bauble

Jehz is a Filipino Blogger I knew who succeed in his blogging career. His blog is incredibly large since he started blogging in 2006 and has brought a lot of information to his readers. – The Advent Blog

He is a very popular figure (he’s like the Shoemoney of Philippines) and one of the sponsors. We talked together very briefly during lunch and it’s a pleasure to actually meet someone famous personally. – Melvin Blog

I’m influenced by Jehzlau T-shirt. Are you influenced too? . – Ricktures

I just found out that my blogging mentor, my motivator (also Jehzeel who, a few years back also resigns and blogs full time, quit blogging and now back) – Elizar Palad

Jehzeel Laurente of Jehzlau Concepts is one of the successful Filipino Bloggers we have I have been reading his blog for quite a while. Last January 16, he bid goodbye to the blogging world. To all those who had been following his blog were a little disappointed for there were a lot of tips and tutorials that he shared with his fellow bloggers. – Julie Vilbar

Local Blog Reviews:

People seeking wealth online have asked me to continue what we started in AdSense Success Stories Part 1, so here we are with the surprising, eye-popping revelation of how 21-year old Jehzlau has good naturedly and generously risen up the AdSense success ladder. Read More…Manuel Viloria

Whew! It’s a hot afternoon today. So what should I do? Blog hoppin’! Hehe… As usual I’m looking on my favorite Blogger’s blog, Jehzeel Laurente. I’m reading his “About” page at the moment and I find it very downgrading.Read More…Aldwin Capin

Most of the so-called “SEO experts” are usually snubbish and selfish (haha sorry) but he is different. He can help you out install adsense, share the links of the revenue programs where he earned a lot of money, give the top keywords that can make you rich and so on. Ask him anything about SEO and he will tell you the answer sincerely.Read More…Micaela Rodriguez

I can only think of two blog authors that really give me the final shove into blogging. Jehzeel is one of them. The sheer joy and enthusiasm and inspiration I find in their blogs has kept me sleepless for almost two weeks. The thought of blogging nagged at me even during the day. And so I hiked up my pants and waded in.Read More…Jan Geronimo

I’ve always envied how Jehzeel Laurente brought up his blog. From the Niche to the structure. Here you can truly see a work of art in action.Read More…John Ibanez

Who’s Jehzeel Laurente and why I’m blogging about him?.Read More…Joan Lagunsad

This man is the one who give me a special prize on his contest, even though I didn’t guess it right, But still give me an award, which is the Lifetime domain and web hosting opportunity.Read More…Supladong Alipin

His blog is quite unique. Looking at his traffic and comment stats is amazing. Read his pages and found this video interview. It’s interesting and inspiring to learn about his experiences. Might as well get some tips from him and apply it on my blog.Read More…Jerome Locson

International Blog Reviews:

Jehzeel has a few admirable blogger features: sense of humor, an honest approach to internet marketing (all his tips and tutorials are illustrated with screenshots that prove his affirmations), and originality. I think originality is what makes Jehzeel so popular and his voice so strong: he doesn’t pretend to be someone else; his writing style is personal and direct. Frankly, this is the first time I read a blog that is both entertaining and insightful. Read More… – Mihaela Lica, CEO/Founder of Pamil Visions

Features, Press Mentions and Interviews:

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Blog Interviews:

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National TV Appearances:
» Jehzlau Concepts Featured on Qtube – QTV Channel
» Probe Team’s Online Stalkers Segment – ABS-CBN Channel

Other Mini-Achievements Online:
» One of the Top 5 Finalists in the Asia-Pacific Blog Awards: Most Influential Blog Category
» Top 1 in the Philippines’ Top 100 Blogs for 2008
» Top 15 on Top Pinoy Blogs as of May 2008 and Top 1 on Top 9 Gainers based on Alexa by Pinoy Money Talk
» 12th Place: SEO Contest 2008
» Top 3 in the Mindanao Top 100 Blogs of 2007 by the Mindanao Bloggers
» Top 14 in the Philippines’ Top 100 Blogs of 2007 by the Philippine Internet Review
» SM Hypermarket Blog Writing Runner-up
» I won $100 from Digital Filipino Emering Influential Blogs of 2007 Raffle Draw
» Pinoy Blog of the Week
» Pinoy Blog Hall of Famer
» One of the Superstar Judges of the Air Supply Blog Contest by Gensantos.com
» One of the honorable Judges of PEBA 2008 (Pinoy Expats Blog Awards)

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International High IQ Society: The International High IQ Society was formed in 2000 as an independent membership organization comprised of individuals who have demonstrated an intelligence quotient in the top five percent of the population (124 IQ using a 15 standard deviation).

Torr – Torr is a selective high IQ society and is open to those who possess an IQ in the top 0.13 percent of the population (145 IQ using a 15 standard deviation). Membership is limited to gifted individuals displaying an intelligence quotient occurring only once in every 760 individuals; making Torr one of the world’s most selective high IQ societies.