SEOContest2008 is an unidentified flying object that crash landed in United Kingdom in the year 2077. It was from an unknown planet somewhere near the UK Webmaster World SEO Contest (The name of the planet was weird, it’s like it was taken from an event of some sort). The said UFO crashed beside a pet friendly hotel in the capital. All of the humans were shocked and were so afraid, that’s why they can’t get near the object called SEOContest2008. They named it SEOContest2008, because it has a mark that states: SEOContest2008.

The UFO suddenly disappeared, and the people of UK forgot that there was an unidentified object crashed within their premises. It was just a sudden spark of light that erased the memory of that unidentified object from their minds. Remember the flashing pen that emits an ultra radiant light and was used by Will Smith in MIB? That light suddenly sparked throughout the city from a small pen inside the UFO, the UFO became half opaque for seconds so that the light can freely spark and be seen from within. After that unusual phenomenon, no one remembered about the SEOContest2008 UFO.02/05/08

UPDATE: Almost on the first spot! Ranked 2nd now! Hopefully to be the first on April 1st. Yay!

02/12/08 UPDATE: It seems that the UFO in Google suddenly disappeared. It was completely swallowed by oblivion. I think there’s a problem with my description meta tags that’s why my entry was gone. I’ve fixed it now, and I’ll observe if my entry will come back to the first page. SEOContest2008 UFO will be back soon!

02/18/08 UPDATE: The UFO was back, and now it’s on the 5th place! and 2nd place on .ph Yay! Hep Hep Hurray! Go seocontest2008!

02/27/08 UPDATE: Currently on the 3rd Spot in all datacenters! Another Hurray for seocontest2008!

03/14/08 UPDATE: Currently on the 7th place and keeps on going downward. Wahehehe…

03/28/08 UPDATE: From page 3, back to page 1, dancing in the 7th and 8th place based on Google Data Centers.

Final UPDATE: Ended up as 12th place in all data centers.. Hayy… But I guess it wasn’t bad at all. πŸ™‚

61 thoughts on “SEOContest2008

  1. Heto na naman yung mga mababalasik mong pag intro.. ha ha ha. malaki laki ang premyo dito.. di muna siguro ako sasali dyan..

    Anyway good luck

  2. wahaha SEO na naman?

    oist ingat ka sa google adsense mow! ako nga nadali eh kaya πŸ™

    sige ingat link mo ako ha un ko

  3. Jehz,kahit mahal ang seminar ay worth naman yan to professionalize money making talents natin and allow us to earn more than what we can see via SEM/Affiliate marketing and so on….

    Hindi entry to sa UKWW seocontest2008, testing lang.

  4. wow ur pretty good on SEO, ur stable on the first page. U ranked 2nd!

    Can we talk? I have a SEO job for you, kindly check your e-mail.

  5. wow nice work on SEO!

    way to go! ur in the first page all the time, I think ur pretty good at this stuff, let’s see if you maintain your rank til next month

    Good luck bro!

  6. Magaling nasa first page ka na ulit.. King kailangan ng tulong mag sabi lang.. willing to help..

    Just let me know.. Gusto ko pinoy ang manguna dito..

  7. Dear Webmaster, SeoContest2008

    We are Seo Company in India, we are doing optimization of websites basically in Mumbai and India, now

    we entered into seocontest2008 and we have seen that you also playing that contest so for benifit for

    both we are requesting you for link exchange our link page rank is 2 if you give link to us on your

    website link page which is having page rank more than 2 then we will put your link on our link page

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    Title: SeoContest2008


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  8. take humoristic :

    Do you know Serge Gainsbourg ? He told to Whitney Houston : I want to f*ck you !

    So : I want to spam you!

    Swiss zepo team against the seo world!

    So come on to see matt cutt and zepo’s orgasm (with a link to my blog and my paiting kronos) !

    I’m a girl in the race, be gentleman and let me win the seo contest 2008 !

    ps : I don’t speek english but I do my best, yep . see you !

    With cheese ! I mean, swiss fondue.

  9. I have yet to see more Pinoys making it to the top.

    You are one of those!

    I am proud of you!

    I am newbie here and I want to learn from all of you guys. πŸ™‚

  10. I am really proud to see Pinoys dominating the contest. πŸ™‚

    I am a newbie in this field and I want to learn more from all of you guys.. πŸ™‚

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