Lessons Learned from SEOContest2008 Defeat

Nahh. I’m not yet defeated, and the contest has not yet ended. I just want to face reality that I will not win, but still I’m working on my entry, hoping for a SERP miracle. From garnering the second spot on seocontest2008‘s early days, down to 3rd, then to 7th, then to 10th, and now on page 3 of Google SERPs. I’m going downwards as the contest nears its end. I’m running on an opposite direction, while others are going up to the first page. I have learned a lot by joining this International SEO contest. I realized that timing is very important in SEO. Right timing will let you win the gold. I’m just spinning my wheels in the snow while optimizing my entry for the said contest.

This is not an end for me. I have unlocked some SEO mysteries, developed my SEO skills, and refined my SEO know-how. I’m so happy that a lot of Filipino SEO Experts are performing well in the said competition. Approximately 200 entries from different parts of the globe joined this World SEO Contest.

To quote what is written on seophilippines.org

Several large teams can be identified from France, Indonesia, Hungary, Bulgaria, India and the Philippines. Although one unique behavior among the Filipino competitors is they do not seem to be working as a team on a single site. But working, helping each other out but still with their own individual pages. Each person having some confidence of performing well and at least making the top 10 before the contest ends.

This quote inspired me to give some of my blog juice to fellow SEOcontest2008 participants. I would really love to see all Filipinos conquer the first page on April 1. Here are the following Filipino competitors of SEOcontest2008.

»Jehzeel H. Laurente – Jehzlau’s SEOContest2008
»Benj Arriola – SEOContest2008.com
»Eligio Tapiador Jr. – SEOContest2008.org
»Chairell Winston Almendras – SEOcontest2008.mobi
»Gary Viray – EuroSEOContest2008.com
»Garry Baybayan – ItsOnMyTV:SEOContest2008
»Ed Canape – SEMLaguna:SEOContest2008
»Zaldy Dalisay – SEOContest2008Winner
»Kenneth Mendoza – Sabre9: SEOContest2008
»Dennis Cabase – SEOContest2008.me.uk
»Mito Pontillas – SEOContest2008.blogsome
»Moslemen ‘Jun’ Macarambon Jr. – SEOContest2008.info
»Neil Maranan – MySEOContest2008
»Leo Mirabuna – iSEOContest2008
»Edward Santillan – SEOContest2008 Dubai
»Cheryl Estorgio – SEOContest2008.SEMTitans
»Philip Tiangson – Philippine SEOContest2008
»IcezOrg – SEOContest2008.i.ph
»Eric Marantanan – Camaniugan SEOContest2008
»Allan Fernandez Duncan – Try SEOContest2008
»Almer Viloria – AJViloria’s SEOContest2008
»Kojak Eugenio – Kojak’s SEOContest2008
»Ricusa – Ricusa’s SEOContest2008
»Christian Lacsamana – SEOContest2008 Guide
»Francis Gerald Alcala – SEOContest2008 SEOContest2008
»Ronald Allan Mojica – Ronald’s SEOContest2008

That’s all for now. Just squeezing my blog juice. Again, TIMING IS THE NUMBER ONE FACTOR IN SEO! grrrrrr… Hehehe… wrong timing talaga ako

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23 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from SEOContest2008 Defeat

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  2. Hi Jehzlau! Just wanna know where to learn something about SEO because I wanna get serious about it. Did you also read books? I wanna learn! 🙂

  3. galing kaso wrong timing ako.. hehehe 😀 timing timing timing.. 😀 bumalik ulit ako sa 12th place kanina lang.. sana makapasok sa top 10.. wahahaha!

  4. @Hussein – oo nga.. nasa 12th na ako sa lahat ng datacenters.. sana mag move 2 steps up para makapasok sa top 10 before the contest ends.. or pag may himala.. papalitan ko si kuya benj sa top spot.. wahhhahaha!

  5. Kaya mo yan, diba sabi mo malakas ang connection mo sa loob ng google courtesy of Aillen, hehehe speaking of SEO ebooks balita ko si dexter mayrun pinamimigay in exchange for feeds subscription…. galing talaga….

  6. Whaou, I just realise that you are like a team, like our team :), but you do something better, each of you has done his seocontest2008 webpage, nice hub 😉

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