NEO Explore X1

I know I’m very late to blog about this and I know that you’ve heard about this so called ASUS EEE PC Killer: The NEO Explore X1. I haven’t put my hands on it yet nor tried to play around with it that’s why I can’t tell if it’s better than ASUS EEE PC or just another crap ultraportable laptop. As what I’ve heard, the only advantage of NEO Explore X1 is its 30 GB Hard Disk. Now that’s big compared to ASUS EEE PC eh? It’s price ranges from Php 16,999.00 to Php 17,999.00 here in the Philippines.
NEO Explore X1

Curious enough for the specs?

  • CPU : Intel Mobile Processir 900 Mhz
  • Chipset : Intel GMS915
  • OS : Windows XP – Starter Edition
  • Memory : 512 MB
  • Storage : 30 GB HDD
  • LCD : 7? – 800 x 480 color LCD
  • Audio : Built-in-2-channel audio, speaker, and microphone
  • Network : 10/100M Ethernet + 802.11 b/g Wifi
  • Card Reader : SD/MMC
  • USB : 2 x USB 2.0
  • Battery : 6-cells Lithium ion, 3-4 hours usage time
  • Dimension : 245 x 196 x 44mm
  • Weight : < 1.45 kg

Hehehe, that’s all that I can blog about NEO Explore X1. Praises to kuya Markku for the image.

To come to an end, what can you say about NEO Explore X1? Hmmmmmmm???

29 thoughts on “NEO Explore X1

  1. so this is NEO’s ultraportable PC that they are talking about. I just heard gossips about it. NEO ultra portable stuff, but I don’t know what exactly it was called, or what’s the model name of it. Thanks for this blog now i know…

  2. Eto pala un! Hahaha. You know what, nakita ko ito sa isang store sa Festival Supermall and my initial reaction was, “The hell! ang pangit ng design!” Akala ko nga eto ung mga lumang laptop kasi mukhang luma sya!

    Asus EEE nalang ang bibilin ko. haha.

  3. @vick – pangit talaga.. hahahahaha! wohoOOoooooooooo!!!

    @garu – try mo.. baka nga mas astig.. pangit lang tingnan.. pero all powerful laptop pala.. ahahaha!

  4. better than asus eeepc..i has 30gb to 4gb ng eeepc..i tried it already..mukha nga xang pambata..hehe..nakawindows xp nadin xa..better talaga..^_^

  5. sabi kasi sa article, it’s shockproof and the keyboard’s splashproof – pangkids daw talaga, sila ang target market. kaya naman pumangit itsura dahil yata sa shock-absorbing extra case, na parang ang kapal, at yung plain plastic design lang. so pwede na magbatuhan ng explore ang mga elementary kids pag nag-away… hindi nila magagawa yun sa asus eee

  6. it’s an expensive toy for kids.. I have an eeepc and my 8-year old kids (twins) are not happy with it.. they would rather play with my 14-inch Compaq Presario laptop.. with a few more thousand pesos over the eeepc and the neo expore, I can buy my kids a desktop pc instead. Plus there will be less chances that they will lose the notebooks.

  7. Wag na kayong mag taka kong napapangitan kayo di naman para sa matanda ang NEO X1, Para walang away try nyo pareho. Nasubok ko na EEE PC running on windows upgraded to 1GM RAM w/ 8GB SD ok naman at advantage ang webcam.

    Ang EEE PC pang misis ang Neo sa Anak ni Misis Kay mister HP.

  8. well kahit na shock proof cya its still an ordinary mobile hardisk, malakas sa battery. compared to the ssd (solid state disk) ng asus shock proof na talaga ang asus from the start kaya no need for bulky design. and kahi hulog mo yang explorer na yan magccrack parin cya.

    better battery life ang asus

    pero kung storage better and explorer

  9. huh…17,500?
    mahal yan sa laog…
    dito samin 16,500 lang yan explorer , un asus eepc 16,990 asus eepc 701, we have 2gb model 13,500 much bettter for buyer who wnt to ugrade using usb port…….try us 7363643 look for me cherry

  10. ok toh.. muka ngang pambata kc it was really designed for kids.. pero its very powerful… nagagamit ko sa pag-aaral ko. i Love neo Explore…

    i bought it instead of EEE nga ASUS.. hhehehe.. and i dont have any complaints at all

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  12. I have this and even if it;s designed for kid very useful siya. im into basic typing and web browsing kasi kaya worth it siya but if you;re into hardcore downloading and all di mo tlaga siya ma-appreciate. may bago ngayon a astone naman ang brand. kasing laki lang ng asus with 1gb ram and 30gb na hardisk. any comments on this brand?

  13. I just bought neo two weeks ago and so far Im enjoying it.I think the design is cute.Im not into downloading stuff from the net anyway.Its easy to carry unlike the big ones.I think its cool.

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