My Apologies for the 15-minute Downtime

To all my subscribers, my sincerest apologies for my blog’s 15-minute downtime because I have transferred to a VPS just now. I think my main blog was hacked because my other blogs in the same host wasn’t affected in this 403 and 404 phenomena, or my main blog just got very lucky that’s why it suddenly auto CHMODED to ZERO!. At first, I can’t access my admin panel. But that issue was already fixed. After a few minutes, I was surprised that I have 0 users online in my account. I then checked my blog and encountered a 403 error which is the cause that I can’t access my own site. I can’t access my blog including all of my files inside a specific folder where my WordPress files are located. Subsequently, I can’t even access my own server! Praises to Kuya Blogie for letting me sojourn on his VPS for a while. I’m glad I can still access phpMyAdmin and was able to import my database and export it to my new host. Too bad, I have no backup of the images inside my “uploads” folder, that’s why some of my posts have no images as of now. I’m still looking for ways of how to recover it. Hayyyyyyyyyyy…

I hope this will never happen again… 🙁

UPDATE: Now I know the reason of my 403 dilemma. Hostican can’t send more than 100 e-mails at the per hour. Hehehe. It’s because there are more than 100 visitors who commented on my blog simultaneously and WordPress automatically send e-mails to me to moderate comments. So, if you don’t want your blog to be locked due to having so many comments at the same time, STAY AWAY FROM HOSTICAN!

14 thoughts on “My Apologies for the 15-minute Downtime

  1. naglipat ka ulit jehzlau? hehehe.. ilang beses na lipat na yan ah.. hirap talaga pag malakas ang traffic palipat lipat ng host… tsk tsk tsk…

  2. @phaelun – hehehe.. oo nga.. putek.. hahaha!

    @Mikko – Hostican again 😀 maganda hostican pang file storage lang.. para di kumain ng RAM.. hehe unlimited bandwidth + 1 Terabyte of web space.. swak na swak pang file storage 😀

  3. wow. galing ah, VPS na. congrats!! and sorry to hear about the downtime.

    btw, you guys might wana post your blog entries to my social bookmarking site


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