Googel and Googol

Googel and Googel are just the two common misspelled words for the prestigious, world wide known, god-like company known as Google. These are high trend keywords that I discovered with the help of Marhgil through Eli. Eli accidentally typed the world Googel, then found out that there are results in the SERP. Being an SEO-geek guy, a light bulb comes out from his mind with a screen shot of the most famous SEO tool called Google Trends (

After checking the trends, Eli found out that it’s hot in searches, and it has a potential to bring a lot of visitors by optimizing such keyword, and pulling your page to the top of the SERPs. After his wonderful discovery, he created a post about Googel. He also posted screenshots about the trends and the number of returned results in

On the other hand, Marhgil also blogged about it, and gave a brief history of the world Google. It should be Googol not Google. . Google came to reality when Sergey Brin and Larry Page were thinking of a name for the search engine they created and when they agreed that it should be Google, they actually misspelled it! They were actually thinking of the word googol, which means 1 with 100 zeroes. You can read the rest of the story by Googling it! Hehehe.

If you don’t want to google it, here’s a brief summary of the “Google Story”:

Sean and Larry were in their office, using the whiteboard, trying to think up a good name – something that related to the indexing of an immense amount of data. Sean verbally suggested the word “googolplex,” and Larry responded verbally with the shortened form, “googol” (both words refer to specific large numbers). Sean was seated at his computer terminal, so he executed a search of the Internet domain name registry database to see if the newly suggested name was still available for registration and use. Sean is not an infallible speller, and he made the mistake of searching for the name spelled as “,” which he found to be available. Larry liked the name, and within hours he took the step of registering the name “” for himself and Sergey (the domain name registration record dates from September 15, 1997).

This only proves that no one is perfect. and.. NO ONE don’t exist. Because if NO ONE exist, then someone is perfect. Hehehe.

By the way, just wanna ping my SEOcontest2008 entry. I hope it will be one of the winners! Hehehe.

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