An Open Letter to the Desperate Link Spammer

Dear Link Spammer,

Being so desperate to be on top of the SERPs for the keyword “Nursing Board Exam Results (December 2007)”, you registered trash blogs at to create spam links for my website. Thanks for the links, but they’re causing my site to be removed from the SERPs, and that’s too much for me to contend. It was on the first page for so long, and one of my sites was even on rank one, but after you created such links, all my sites vanished from the pages of SE results. Damn!

To Dr. CCS, owner of this blog, i know you’re such a green-eyed monster but this is no avenue for cheaters. We all endeavor for a job well done and of course, it would mean being on top of the list; so get away with your rubbishy style and learn how to play fair, that might be something that you haven’t tried yet for your entire life. Nevertheless, we can’t deny the fact that I’m always better than you. I know you’re real scared because the Nursing Board Exam Results is fast approaching and if you will not use dishonest methods to achieve your goal, you cannot gain visitors to your crappy website using this high-trend keyword, so your last resort is to cheat (what else do you know?), just imagine how pathetic you are!

Please play fair. Please don’t create spam links just to be on top. I don’t know you, I don’t even have a hint who you are. But I tell you, you can’t defeat me easily in this game called “SEO”, that’s why you fudged! You’re a timid person, a coward, and don’t know how to accept defeat. Your website is of no worth, rubbish, and can’t even compete with my sites in major search engines. The only way for you to win this SEO thing is to cheat. Please, if you want to be on top, play fair. Don’t patronize Willie Revillame who tampers the truth just to be on top. Be fair, play fair, optimize keywords in a fair way. If we meet personally one day, I’ll shave your head off. I bet you’ll be looking for a Connecticut hair restoration once you’re bald. 😛

I know I can’t stop you with this open letter, and I know you’ll do it again to deliver yourself away from defeat. I also know that you’re stalking my blog, you even subscribed to my RSS feeds to be updated about what I’m doing. You can do it again and again if you want to. But you’re still not worthy to be on top. You cheated your way to be on in at the was there and! Hmmmmmmp! Damn you! and again.. You Damn! Hehehe… Basta makonsensya ka sana!

25 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Desperate Link Spammer

  1. so, to much ‘manually created’ links cause a website to go down on search engines lists….

    anyway, what he did was a very, very desperate act indeed.

  2. aww. site mo pa talaga tinarget niya 🙁 bad bad bad.

    but im still at lost. so nagcreate siya ng acct para ilink un PRC nursing thing mo at tataas SERP niya at nawala sayo?? panu nangyari yun?

  3. oo nga kaduwagan ang ginawa nya,.. grrrrrrrrrrr! ok lang umabot naman ako ng 10k UVs in 1 day. grrrrrrrr! bad parin.. nawala na sa first page ng google serps.. sa yahoo nalang first T_T

  4. I am receiving ton’s of spam comments as well from that person. Good thing that you have this open letter to him. to Mr. CSS, play FAIR!

    • I checked his trash blogs, pero ndi nmn sya naglink sau? Or tinanggal nya na?

      I mean ano b tlga gnwa nya? Di ko nagets hehe. Is it:

      a) Gumawa sya ng trash blogs tapos naglink sa post mo? And then Big G considered you as trash?
      b) Gumawa sya ng maraming trash blogs to link sa site nya kaya bumaba ranking mo?

  5. heheh kaya ako Oks na sa 1.5K UV per day jan sa keyword na yan..atleast ung blog as much as possible worthy pa ring bisitahin..

    At nag create sya ng more than 20 blogspot(hindi ko na binilang exactly heheh pero sa tingin ko more than 50 un) para gumawa ng spam link ng prc site mo huh..

    pero wag ka alala sa bandang huli..nasa iyo pa rin ang huling halakhak.. di ba?..:)

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  9. 😛

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