Free 2-Year Web Hosting with Unlimited Space and Bandwidth

I was shocked and was in awe when I first heard this news and I can’t believe that it was for real! I got my very own free web host for 2 years plus domain and I want to share with you how to get your very own 2-year free web hosting and domain with unlimited space and bandwidth at

So let’s go straight to the point. If you have an old Geocities account, then consider yourself lucky. Geocities will finally close its doors to new members and will shutdown their free hosting services within this year. That’s bad new for all Geocities loyalist, but a good news to all who wants a free Web Hosting account with Unlimited Domain and Bandwidth that supports PHP, MySQL, and other magical stuff that makes your website breath.

To avail of this free offer, simply create a page in your Geocities account with the phrase Iā€™m off to DreamHost!ā€. Then use the URL of the page as your Promo Code. Just like this:

After completing the form, you’ll be redirected to this page to confirm.

Then you’ll proceed to the page wherein you can read that your free hosting is confirmed and wait for the e-mail once your application is approved. Because they are checking it all manually. Just be patient.

After 24 hours, I received my confirmation e-mail for my free 2-year Dreamhost account!

Get your free web hosting account NOW because this is only available to the first 1000 Geocities Refugees!

Just sharing this good news! Thanks to Miguel for the heads up. Read more about this big give away here!

SIGN UP NOW! And enjoy your free 2-year web hosting from Dreamhost!

If you’ve signed up and you’re still waiting for the confirmation e-mail regarding your fre web hosting account, don’t hesitate to contact Dreamhost here. I’m sure they will gladly assist you regarding your concern.

NOTE: If there’s an error that they can’t find the string “I’m off to Dreamhost!”, it’s simply because they’re apostrophe in the phrase is slightly different. Just copy and paste this Iā€™m off to DreamHost so that your promo code will work. Their apostrophe is slightly slanted compared to the normal apostrophe in I’m. If it still didn’t work, try both: Iā€™m off to DreamHost and I’m off to DreamHost. Include these 2 phrases on your page at

UPDATE MAY 1, 2009:1000 Geocities Members already signed up. Bad news for everyone specially to those who didn’t make it. But it’s ok, life must go on… hehe.
UPDATE MAY 6, 2009:I think Dreamhost opened the Promo again for more than 1000 refugees. Somebody tried to register and they accepted the application. Please do try the steps above if it still works for you. If it works, then you’re lucky! Yay!

Special thanks to Carlo for the Heads Up about the extended promo. Hehe.

Alternatively, you can check out other cheap web hosting plans in the market. You might be lucky this time ‘coz some of them offer free domain names.

208 thoughts on “Free 2-Year Web Hosting with Unlimited Space and Bandwidth

  1. Ghad! May geoCities account pala ako dati. Hahaha. And my page so sucked. I really lurked around my old sites to look for any glimpse of information bout my many past yahoo accounts and finally found one working.

    one thing I messed up with on the sign up though, I forgot to register a new domain err. @_@ but anyways, 2 years of hosting can really get it back on track mababawi rin yan hahahaha

  2. OMG THREE TIMES! Dreamhost is giving away UNLIMITED WEBHOST for two freakin’ years? OMFG!
    :)) Grabe, you’re soo lucky po. Hehe. šŸ˜‰ Nice one.
    And Dreamhost is like, one of the most reliable and famous hosts, rigghttt?

    • oo! they’re giving awaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!! at reliable pa sila na webhosting service. Less downtime, unlimited space and bandwidth. sana ka pa šŸ˜€ hehehe

      Kung may geocities ka, sign up na! Minsan lang to. First time ata namigay ng dreamhost na 100% free… šŸ˜Æ

  3. hello!

    tnx for this .. naka habol pa ako … just minutes ago nakapag sign up pa akko.. heheheh .. buti nalang na-alala ko pa ang geocities account ko hahahaha…

      • aw.. oo nga buti nalang.. hehehe.. 1000 accounts pa pwede.. weeeeeeee! sa palagay ko may mga 100+ pang available.. hanap ka pa ibang geocities account, $200.00 worth din to šŸ˜Æ ako dalawa pa lang nakukuha ko.. hehehe.. di ko na matandaan ibang geocities ko eh :mrgreen:

      • pinipiga ko n utak ko para maalala ko ung ibang geocities account ko…

        pwde bang ihack un? haha. kasi may geocities account tita ko pero d n rin nya alam pw. šŸ™„

    • yeah… sa 2011 mag babayad ka na $119 per year.. hehehe… mura parin yun! at marami pang promo na darating within 2 years.. hehehe. may mga promo code din na pwede gamitin para maka mura sa 2011! hehehe.. ang tagal pa nun šŸ˜Æ

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  5. ohlala weeee thanks Jehz ahehe kita mo nman sayo ko nalaman na meron nito kasi avid reader mo talaga ko e hahaha (nambola pa ahihihi). Thanks for the info magagamit ko talaga to šŸ™‚

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  9. Bat ganito? wala na?

    Promo code error: We couldn’t find the string “I’m off to DreamHost!” at that URL to verify your ownership!

  10. Promo code error: To get two years free, you must pick the two year plan! <– pero can’t find the 2 year plan nila?? šŸ˜®

    • waaaaaaaaaa! ubos na ang 1000 accounts! sayang naman.. woot.. mag sasign up pa naman sana din me ulit ng another account kasi may geocities pa me.. hehehe.. sowi jech di na u umabot.. pero if u want i can share my hosting with you pag may pa host ka just tell me lang.. hehehe :mrgreen:

  11. ows? hehehe
    i’m with hostgator right now.. hosting with unlimited space and bandwidth then pati unlimited add-on domains šŸ˜€

    • aw.. pero sayang din to pag di na avail kasi libre ng dalawang taon eh šŸ˜€ pwede pa e share sa friends or ipamigay sa mga walang webhost.. šŸ˜€ hehe

      may free domain pa for 2 years.. naka tipid ka na nun ng mga $230.00 šŸ™‚

      Lalo na pag marami kang na register.. woooooot! šŸ˜Æ

  12. sayang yun, may account ako kopong kopong years ago sa geocities šŸ˜†

    well anyway, jehz kung gusto mo ng custom twitter background just email me. free!! isasama ko kasi sa portfolio na gagawin ko šŸ˜›

    si marhgil nagawan ko na.

  13. Thanks for dropping by my site, leaving a nice comment. Also, for adding me on plurk and showing interest in availing my theme services. I really appreciate it! šŸ™‚

    I was surprised upon knowing that Geocities will close down, almost everyone started there. Unfortunately, I’m a little late in knowing this news so sayang ang 2yr free hosting. Anyway, chineck ko old geocities site ko and it’s nowhere to be found so hindi ko din pala to panghihinayangan ang pagkahuli sa balita in the end. šŸ˜€

    More power to your website, grabe ang dami mong visitors, idol! šŸ˜€

    • hehehe.. ikaw ang tunay na idol kasi sobrang galing mo gumawa ng wp themes at mag design šŸ˜€ weeeeeeee! idol!

      hehehe.. marami me dreamhost accounts na nakuha for free. baka gusto mo? pwede kitang e host.. wahehehe.. or ex-deal :mrgreen:

  14. sayang nahuli ako, may 2 account pa naman ako jan. šŸ™ fresh start sana yun, balak ko na kasi magseryoso sa blogging after board exams. haaay. remember mo pa ba ko kuya jez?

    • oo naman šŸ˜€ hehehe.. nyok sayang nga! waaaaaaaaaa! $400 worth of hosting sana nakuha mo sa dalawang geocities accounts.. tsk tsk.. hehe.. ok lang yan.. may mga extra host me baka gusto mo :mrgreen: tell me lang pag mag pa host ka :mrgreen:

  15. hindi ako nakakuha ng dreamhost offer na yan. Nakalimutan ko na ang password ko sa aking geocities account na . Pero di bale, wala ding laman yon.

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  17. Paps! Update mo na ung blogroll!!! hehehe šŸ˜€ yebah! Oi baka bakasyon ako dyan, text nlng kita. Pasyal mo ko tsaka ung burgor na hnde mo napadala sakin dyan ko nlng kakainin! hahahaha šŸ˜€

  18. sir Jehz! thanks for this info! di ko sya pinapansin recently, pero nung chineck ko site ng geocities, bgla ko naalala na me account pla ako dun,WAH! šŸ˜€
    Sir Jehz, ask ko lang kung after ng free 2 years offer, what will happen to my domain/account?forfeited na or magstart na ako magbayad sa kanila? Wala pa kasi me money, kaya bubunuin ko yun within 2 years HAHA. Pero pag worse comes to worse, mag sasign out ako sa dreamhost before mag expire ang 2 years na free šŸ™‚ thanks sa reply sir jehz! it will really be helpful šŸ˜€

  19. sir jehz, are you sure that 1000 na ang nakaregister?? nakapagregister ako today, and Im currently configuring it na šŸ˜® wah~ sana wala tong bayad! šŸ˜³ sir pakisagot po ung question ko below ha, thanks and more power sir jehz! :mrgreen:

    • i think nag open ulit sila ng more than 1000, kasi na try ko nung last week 1000 refugees already registered na daw eh.. basta try lang ng try :mrgreen:

  20. ng try ako yestrday sir jehz! so bad, wala me maisip kahit anung niche domain..waaaa.. tapos now wala na.. d na me mka reg.. sana nman may naisip ako agad kahapon.. šŸ™ **SOBS*****

    • aw… di naka maka register? may naka register pa kasi nung after naka register na 1000 refugees. hehe. pag di ka maka isip ng domain, subdomain nalang ng piliin mo. Pwede mo e reg yung free domain everytime pag naka sign up ka na :mrgreen:

      • waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ang bobo ko…. amf!!! uu nga ba’t d ko na isip un… T_T bwhuhuhuhh.. nung ng try ako khapon wala na eh.. waaaaaaaaaaa… uu nga after 1000 meron pang marami nka sign up at isa na sana ako nun, kaso nung ng try ako the next day kasi me na isip na me domain, wala na… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      • hehe.. sayang talaga.. wooooooot! super sayang.. dapat ni reg mo kahit wala nang domain.. ok lang yan. habang may buhay may pag asa šŸ˜€

  21. ah!!!! and when will they have again? good thing by big bro jan won at rocky’s wordpress and webhost contest, its for him really.

    now, i have to scrounge on the vast blogosphere for contest on free webhost, ehehe!


  22. may nagbigay sakin ng ganito nya. yehey! :mrgreen: nakaayos na po wp blog ko, pahelp naman sa themes and etc… pls? šŸ˜„ hehehe. di na po pede magregister sa meta mo dito? mmmm.

  23. idol i check nyo po ung blog ko… may free hosting din po dun pero lapit na deadline… free php hosting din tapos may choice ka pa kung ilang size ang gagamitin mo tapos bandwith as long as my users na bumibisita sau patuloy pa rin ang support sayo …

  24. kuya jehz, salamat sa paglagay ng name ko sa post na to hehe, its an honor, kaya lang ung link ko jan mali na. Nagkaprob ung URL ko kasi nalagay ko sa google apps accidentally šŸ˜³
    Laki ng prob ko ngaun kasi blogspot uli URL ko. ung “.COM” ko ganun din nangyari šŸ˜³ hayzzz, pag minamalas ka tlgaa. Kuya Jehz bka me alam ka na solution kung panu tanggalin sa google apps ung “.COM” ko or iridirect ung dati kong URL to my blogspot URL, pakirep ha. Wah, “.COM” na naging bato pa šŸ™

      • thanks po! :mrgreen:
        yup, tama po kayu!exactly! nakapoint nga sa Mali ba yun kuya jehz? nga pla, pag tinype nyo ‘” sa browser nyu, wala na yung Google App page, mukang natanggal ko na sya sa Google apps succesfully!(crosses fingers! šŸ˜Æ )
        Kuya Jehz, mali ba yung address na ipopoint? anu po ba ung tama? Thanks po sa help na mabibigay nyo! šŸ™‚

  25. hello sir,

    ako po yung inemail nyo kaninang umaga. yung noob blogger na may maraming tanong hehehe. pwede po bang makisingit dito sa dakila mong site? im really humbled dito. salamat po talaga. nagstart napo akong magsulat kanina, random thoughts lang. inadd ko po itong site nyo sa blogroll ko.

  26. Weehhh! Thank you so much bosing! may website na ako wehhh! D talaga ako blogger.. newbie lng ako and gusto ma try ang blogging.. hopefully mga “experts” you can give me tips and suggestion.. :mrgreen: …hehehe! Visit nu rin po site ko para magka tao.. (tao nlng kulang sa site ko..hahaha)… bdw thanks a lot for this info!

  27. Wow! Sayang naman ito at swerte ng mga nakakuha kasi nung nagtry po ako walang luck talaga. Huhu.
    Want ko pa namn sana ng domain for my blogs test. šŸ™‚ Better luck tym sa akin.

    • subscribe ka naman sa feeds ko, kasi may pa contest ulit ako at this time yung premyo ay yung domain at hosting na sobra ko from dreamhost.. hehe :mrgreen:

      • Talaga sir. Nag subcribe na po ako. Sana pamigay mo na lng sa mga less fortunate na bloggers. šŸ™‚ Thanks. Just update po lang sa contest.

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  29. Jehz, i am starting my own blog site too šŸ™‚ Ayun, start na me mag write. Starting pa lang and exploring how to make it more pleasing to the eyes, :mrgreen: Wag mo pagtawanan ha.. hehehe

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