Cebu Pacific: The Cheapest and Most Unsecured Airline Company!

Got time to spare? Why not board a Cebu Pacific Flight and enjoy the long waiting time. Cebu Pacific’s legendary flight delay promos — Flight 5J 965, Manila to Davao, delayed once, delayed twice, and delayed thrice. Flight 5J 972, Davao to Manila, delayed for 3 hours. Now , i need not to elaborate more on their flight delay promos because you have to experience it yourself to fully appreciate it.

What I want to share with you here is my unforgettable adventure with their bonus surprise feature on the Arrival Department.

4:50 PM Manila time, 5J972 was scheduled to depart but for some reason it was moved to 7:40 PM. For two straight hours all of us clueless passengers waited earnestly for the ‘go’ signal for boarding while the staffs and crews kept their mouth shut. At 7:00PM, it was finally announced that the flight schedule was moved to 7:40PM. We wonder why it took so long to make the announcement. For those who didn’t bother to take a bathroom break in fear of being left behind finally got up but only a few seconds late after soiling themselves. Around 10:00 PM, flight 5J 972 arrived safely in Manila. Cebu Pacific is Always on Time eh? Yeah right!

Upon arrival, I went to the baggage claiming area. I stood there for 10 minutes but was unable to spot my baggage. I waited for another 20 minutes but still my beloved baggage was nowhere to find. Heck, I persisted and another 30 minutes went by without any signs or traces of my baggage. After another hour, all baggages were claimed. The baggage area was clear and empty. My baggage, together with 9 other passengers’, were a no-show.

Magic? No! Scientific Explanation? The baggage was simply lost or delivered to the wrong air craft due to the negligence of the employees assigned in Cebu Pacific’s departure area. Or maybe, the security guard in the check-out booth didn’t check the bags that were coming out from inside the Airport (by banchek) . The tags were not monitored. The security was not that tight compared to the departure area of Cebu Pacific.

Now, some of my valuables were gone because I trusted the cheapest and most unsecured airline company. I know this sucks. Some of you might think I got what I paid for. I took the risk of choosing Cebu Pacific as my Airline choice. The other 9 passengers were also helplessly mad at Cebu Pacificโ€™s security management.

Oh but one of the passengers was lucky enough to receive a call from an anonymous passenger claiming that he brought home a bag that isn’t his. He then called Cebu Pacific and was directed to him. So just how secure is Cebu Pacific’s arrival department? It is almost below 0. It’s security system is poor and pathetic.

Another evidence is the magical disappearance of the security guards during closing hours. So there is no one left to check the baggages during closing hours eh? Thieves can conveniently go in and out from the Airport because nobody checks the baggages anymore!

So what I did next was I reported my missing baggages. After reporting, they will require you to fill up this stupid form and wait for 7 days.

They gave me these numbers: 853-9872, 556-4687, and 09228173470, so that I can follow up my case, but to no avail. The numbers they gave me was gibberish. One of the numbers can’t be reached, the other two didn’t answer my calls. I also contacted the Cebu Pacific’s Lost Baggage Customer Service E-mail using the contract form in their website, but until now no one answered my e-mails.

I know they will not mind about my case because I’m just an Economy Class Passenger and I’m not powerful enough to claim back what I’ve lost. I think If I’m rich enough or VIP enough through the eyes of Cebu Pacific, they will gladly assist me with my dilemma. But I’m nothing, I’m just a lowly jobless slacker that blogs to make a living.

So a message to all snatchers and those who plan to steal “Just head on to Cebu Pacific’s arrival area and claim as much free stuffs as you want. You’ll never whats inside until you open it. Enjoy your free gifts from Cebu Pacific. All you have to do is to choose a bag that you want, then remove the label. Once you removed the label, you can freely claim it as your baggage! Yep! So easy eh? So if you are planning to grab some stuff that’s not yours without anyone noticing you, just proceed to Cebu Pacific Arrival Area, NAIA 3. You can also get inside even if you’re not a passenger because security guards outside will not ask you for a ticket or any verification that you are a passenger. Just tell them that you left something inside. Wait until the automatic baggage handler turns on. Once it has turned on, the passengers can then claim their baggages. The baggages will be put randomly in the baggage handler, then just pick the bag that you want. Once you have the bag of your choice, you can get it and put it in your push cart. Once you have it in your push cart, it’s 100% yours!”

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504 thoughts on “Cebu Pacific: The Cheapest and Most Unsecured Airline Company!

      • pero dapat may NAIA 3 lost baggage form din kung hindi responsible ang cebu pac. No use na yung Cebu Pac lost baggage form ๐Ÿ˜ˆ at dapat hindi na ako pina asa ng customer service na hahanapin nila yung baggage. Sana sinabi nalang nila “Ikaw kasi pinag ka tiwala mo baggage mo sa amin, yan tuloy nawala, hindi na namin kasalanan yun, blame NAIA 3”.

        Pero ang sinabi nila ay “Don’t worry sir, hahanapin namin and we’ll update you within 7 days. We’ll call you and you may also call us for follow up. We’ll deliver the baggage in your address.”

        Wooooooooooot.. niloko lang pala nila ako… ~_~

  1. So true Jehz! Alam mo ba that Cebu Pacific is the only Philippine airline that asks foreigners to secure transit visa for transits less than 12 hours? International law dictates that basta less than 12 hours in transit ka, you don’t need the visa, pero Cebu Pac enforces the ridiculous rule. And it gets better, the Cebu Pacific reservations officers are clueless about the transit policies! Talk about incompetence! Mag ooverride ng international law, pero nag eengot engot. tsk!

    Haaay. Rants tuloy. hahaha! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • oo nga go-lite. Pero who knows, biglang may papasok na mag nanakaw sa plane at hinigh jack ang plane.. naku.. madali pa namang pasukin ang cebu pac ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  2. hehehehe natawa ako sa post mo, iniinvite mo pa mag magnanakaw… lolz.. sayanga gyud sa imu mga gadgets jehz uie.. tsk3…. cebu pacific really sucks! laging delayed, buti na lang di ko pa naexperience din ung ganyan, as if may nanakawin sa baggage ko noh.. hahaha…

  3. you’re the only person i know who puts a laptop in a check-in luggage. kung alam mo lang how airport facilities and personnels handle the transit of your luggage from the airport to the aircraft. ๐Ÿ˜ that’s the reason why they allocated some hand-carry allowance…to allow passengers bring their valuables with them aboard the aircraft. โžก

    • i also recall getting stranded in the airport for more than 8 hours with PAL. both local and abroad. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ it’s unfair to give the blame to ceb pac alone. most airlines in the country are late. especially those flights coming from and going to manila.

      • I did not yet experienced behind schedule departure flying with PAL but with CEBPAC, they are consistently late, specially flights from local airports to Manila.

        And also, PAL flights are not expensive. If you are to compare the airfare of CEBPAC and PAL, you’ll see that their price are relatively the equal. It is only because PAL does not frequently announce their promofares – try their econo light flight promo, may merienda ka pa.

    • if only we can dictate all people to stop patronizing, pero wala tayong magagawa. Konti lang naman ang nabiktima, at walang paki alam ang cebu pacific doon. They never care, kahit konti ๐Ÿ˜ก Kulang nalang e crash land nila lahat ng airplanes everyday ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  4. naku kuya, wala na yung baggage mo… may mga kaibigan din me na nawala.. at until 2 years, wala parin. At hindi nila e rerefund yun. Wla na yun forever. Wala silang paki alam pag nawala, so no use pag e follow up mo. Unless ikaw si Jaime Zobel De Ayala or Henry Sy. Hahanapin talaga nila baggage mo. Pero sa mga normal na nilalang tulad natin, wala na silang paki alam

  5. I agree with Jen, wala na silang paki. Dapat kung marami kang hand carry pina LBC nalang, tapos Go lite. Hindi talaga 100% sure na makukuha mo bag mo once na check in mo na. hehe :mrgreen:

  6. naku… babay na. Cebu Pacific? Lost Baggage Customer Service? I think it’s a myth. Bat kaya may customer service pa ang lost baggage kung hindi naman nila hahanapin. At dapat jehz di ka na talaga nag tiwala sa Ceb Pac. We should trust nobody but ourselves. But we should trust someone sometimes. And that’s the fact. (pasok pa ba ang comment ko? parang unrelated na)

    ay related pa pala.. hehe ๐Ÿ™„

    • yeah.. my fault.. it’s my fault.. pero i want to blame them. Kung andun ka lang, makikita mo walang mga guards palabas ng airport.. as in 0 guards. Wlang gwardya! waaaaaaa! at mga bagahe nakaka lusot lang kahit hindi sayo ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  7. sayang naman ung baggage mo..

    di bale next time lagyan mo na lang ng “cookie tracking” ๐Ÿ™‚ para hindi na mawala.. ๐Ÿ™‚ cheer up bro. ganyan talaga ang life

      • flying with cebu-pacific, dahil gusto mong makamura is not a mistake and never be a mistake. pagbaligtad-baligtarin man ang mundo, mali pa rin sila. this is actually good news to PAL, takot kasi mga foreigner sa ganito, e tayo, sanay na bituka natin from poor services.

  8. How many pieces of luggage did you lose? Kahit siguro dirty clothes lang laman nun I’d be also mad. What do you think – may kahihiyan kaya sila? So many bloggers complaining about them already. Did you plurk about this? Twitter?

    In other countries, if things like this happened and get blogged, tweeted about, positive things can happen. They’re so quick to the draw – their customer service.

    But here? So third world. Mga walang pakialam basta kumita lang okay na.

    Buti na lang wala akong pera pangsakay sa eroplano. Yey!

  9. aw why? Cebu Pacific Kua Jehz? Oo actually dami ko naririnig about them and I never thought na totoo pala talaga ๐Ÿ˜ณ now this post you have Kua Jehz will be a big help sa ibang tao na naghahanap ng magandang masasakyan panghimpapawid. Ito pala pinuplurk you Kua noh, hindi pa rin ba nila naayos yung problema kuya shocks nakakainis naman sayang yung mga laman nun baggage mo kuya ๐Ÿ™ malaking halaga din mga yun ๐Ÿ˜ฎ LOL! I hope tumawag sila at sabihin nakuha nila baggage mo po ahahahha ๐Ÿ˜€ nakuh sana nga magkatotoo ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ sayang talaga mga laman noon ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    And yeah kuya nakalimutan ko nga pala ung simple viewer LOL baka eedit mo dagdag ko LOL hanapin ko muna yung site nakaligtaan ko siya idagdag salamat kuya for telling me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. I’m sorry to hear about what happened during this flight of yours. I’ve only experienced Cebu Pacific once and I didn’t have a problem although I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about Cebu Pac. I guess the experience I had was just one of those exceptions. I really wouldn’t like it if your experience happened to me as I’m a very difficult customer to deal with.

    I am really hoping the message gets to Cebu Pac’s management. It’s about time they do something drastic about the lapses in their operations.

  11. so sad to hear of this. that sucks talaga.. sobrang hassle.. feeling parang namatayan ka na, di mo pa makita yung katawan nung namatay.

    hope cebu pacific doesn’t disppoint you sa paghahanap ng bags. goodluck !

  12. oh no! ๐Ÿ˜ณ syeeet happens with cebupac talaga

    they offer the most horrible customer service and super unfair treatment…lalo na to those who avail their promo services (like piso fare). from supervisor to staffs..napaka unhelpful!!!

    pero sana mabawi un baggage mo…teka, was it samsonite? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ sayaaaaaaaaaang!!!! LOL

  13. Around 10 Times na ako nag Cebu Pacific pero di pa naman ako nawawalan ng baggage, however may delays nga.

    My worst experience with an airline company to-date is with PAL. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • mine’s ceb pac. the bad thing that happened to me sa PAL was during my flight abroad. their in-flight bi+ches are nice to foreigners and rude to filipinos. amf

      • Nangyari naman sakin sa PAL, ung flight dapat from Manila to Cagayan de Oro, pero nag land sa Cebu dahil sa Traffic ek ek. Tapos nagtake off pnta na dapat ng CDO kaso air traffic ek ek nanaman daw kaya balik ng Cebu, after 5 hours sa Cebu, binalik kami sa Manila. That incident made me miss a very important occasion. Nagmove ung flight pero nag ask ako ng refund kasi useless na din kung tutuloy ako. mga 1 year na ngaun pero wala pa ring nababalik/nererefund.

        Oh well, weather weather lang talaga. ๐Ÿ™

      • aw.. malas lang talaga.. hehehe.. hayyyyyyy.. ok lang life must go on.. naks! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ kung nag barko ka sana mas mabilis ka pang dumating no? hehe

    • hahaha.. sana nga pansinin ng imbestigador, medyo mahirap kalaban ang cebu pac eh ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ang kaya lang ng imbestigador at XXX yung mga maliliit na companies.. pero pag giant, mahirap e black mail ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  14. Grabeh, ang experience! whew!

    You’re somebody naman eh, in the blogosphere.

    And I’m sure this post of yours would make their knees shaking as your blog is widely read. So maraming makaka-alam, and I’m one of them.

    Grabeh. Yun na lang talaga nasabi ko. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • hehehe… di naman ako somebody.. nyok.. sana nga lang may makabasa neto at makalat pa sa buong pinas na hindi secure ang cebu pac. Kahit anong gamit na nawala, kahit prutas lang or papers, or kahit anong walang value sa cebu pac, may value parin yun sa may ari neto… hayyyyyy ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  15. Koya Jehzy,

    1. Sorrrrry for your losss.. madami din yun at importante pa ang laman! waaa.

    2. Super valuable items such as the ones that you lost should be hand carried. If hindi na pwede due to airline overloading policy, then inform the carrier about the valuables.

    2.1. Did you inform them about it?
    2.2. Pinapirma ka ba ng waiver form? if yes, then sinasaad dun na wala silang magagawa at kahit ituro mo sila eh wa epek pag may nawala or nasira ka na gamit! ahhahaha.. if walang binigay, baka pwede mo sila idemanda… kasi they did not follow protocol.
    2.3 Did you secure your valuables? Did you put a lock? or even a name in your bag?

    3. Nag investigate ba ang Cebu pac?

    3.1. Based on cebu pacs investigation, saan at pano nawala ang baggage?
    > during check-in (DAVAO)? or During issuance (Manila)? which may mean … someone from cebu pac’s employees got the items or someone misplaced the bags.
    > during check-out from the airport? which means the airport security was lax and natutulog sa pansitan.

    3.2. If hindi sila nag imbestiga, then sue them for not acting on your concern. ang case: Robbery!

    4. Delays: I think all airlines experience delays. CebPac lang talaga ang mas maraming delays kasi lagari sila… may hinahabol na quota.. sa dami ng flights. sobrang dikit. parang wala na halos time to clean the aircraft! hahahha. Pwede naman nila bilisan ang pagpapatakbo ng plane, pero it would cost more gas consumption.
    4.1. So pag sumakay ng CebPac, expect 2 hours delay kagad. if walang delay, then its one of those times na may milagrong nangyari.

    5. At baka nga dahil your just a Jehz, kaya hindi nila pinpansin case mo. ๐Ÿ˜€ try to sensationalize it koya… para mabigyan ka nila ng attention. Or send an email to the big bosses of cebpac.

    • 2.1 yes
      2.2 nope…
      2.3 nope ๐Ÿ™
      3. I dont know, probably not
      3.1 checkout
      3.2 sa palagay ko nga ๐Ÿ™
      4.1 baka nga…
      5. yeah.. i’m just nothing.. hindi ako si ayala or tan eh.. hehe

  16. makacebu pacific din ako pero so far, puro delays lang ang naexperience ko. ok na ko don, pero ang mawalan ng luggage? aba, eh hindi na tama yon. napansin ko rin ang kaluwagan ng security sa NAIA 3.once sinundo ko ang tatay ko, pinapasok agad kami ng guard w/o even asking for ID or anything na makakapagpatunay na may mahalaga kaming sadya doon. sa kaso mo, malaki din ang fault ng NAIA 3.

    sana bumalik ng doble (in another form or blessing from God) ang nawala sayo, tingin ko kasi malabo mo ng makuha ang bagahe mo.. ๐Ÿ™

    • hehehe.. oo nga.. sana wala nang matulad sa akin. Pero pag may matulad man, hindi naman din papansinin.. eto lang yung way na malabas ko ang sama ng loob ko eh.. kaya ayun.. ok na nalabas ko na.. bahala na ang may kapal na pasabugin ang lahat ng planes ng Cebu Pac at walang taong mamamatay, planes lang sasabog at airport.. :mrgreen:

  17. Yung 5J972, yan din yung flight na sinakyan ng husband ko from their Davao trip last Holy Week. Yung flights to and from Davao, wala naman delay. Siguro kasi first flights ng umaga yung nakuha nila.

    Naexperience ko na rin yung delayed flights going to Kalibo naman, almost 2 hours, trademark na yata nila yan. Pero sana makuha pa rin yung baggage mo, o kaya bayaran ng Cebu Pacific, di ba may insurance yun?

  18. not to mention yung bagahe mo, ang linis ng bag mo na ichecheck in mo sa kanila from somewhere going to Manila, pagdating mo sa NAIA T3, ang dumi na ng bag mo.

  19. What can i say? Waaah. Just be careful next time. Paki-hand carry ang mga importanteng bagay. Hindi yung worth ng gadgets ang pinanghihinayangan ko, pero yung files sa laptop mo (ay oo nga pala, more on desktop ka na pft).

    But still. Yay. Lesson learned. Sana di na maulit. Sana di na maulit at sana di na maulit pa!

  20. Haha. Kawawang kuya Jehz.

    Tama si koya Migs, expect lagi na 2 hours delayed. Usually, after first hour of delay pa nila inaannounce ang boarding time. Hehehe.

  21. @ jezlau

    i-pray over natin ang mga biktima ng cebu pacific ๐Ÿ˜• , sana makonsensya sila sa kanilang ginawa kung meron man ๐Ÿ™„ duh bakit ganun? why do we get what we pay for? ganun ba yun? crap talaga ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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  25. I lost my baggage din last year, at may mga important papers pa nasali. Finollow up ko ng finollow up, pero walang nangyari. Bina bali wala lang ng cebu pacific lahat ng e-mails at calls ko. Tatawag ka, tapos papa tawagin ka ulit. Ipapasa ka dito, doon, dyan, at kahit saang department, tapos tatawag ulit. Tapos after 1 week, pag nag follow up ka ulit, papa tawagin ka ulit. Ganun lang yan, hanggang sa mapagod ka na sa kaka tawag sa cebu pacific at sa kaka e-mail. Hindi ka nila papansinin. I think hindi to alam ng mga nakaka taas sa cebu pacific, at wala din silang oras na alamin ito.

    • meron ka pabang copy nung report & reference #?? ipapa post ko kay jenz ung numbers san ko sila natawagan.. pag may nakasagot na sayo be aggressive na wag mong ibaba ung phone hanggang walang response when nila aasikasuhin un. trust me kulit lng ako 1 tawag lng hidni ko tinantanan hangang wala akong makausap n staff, within the week nakuha ko ung pomelos 10kilos na nawala ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. i really dont know why my googleadsense acct were disabled. im just too ignorant about blog dun is Henrries Realities. tnks feel free to check on it if you got time.. I really appreciate it much.

  27. Hi, thanks for dropping by to my website ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve never tried Cebu Pacific. My professor was talking about that airline before and with some classmates way back in school, I think everyone of them had a horrible experience. My mom always wants PAL. I guess, If you really want to enjoy some convenient and safe ride, you really need to invest, than paying into something that could lead you to much worst scenario.

    Take care, nice post ๐Ÿ™‚

    • yep… from now on mag paPAL na me, waaaaaaaa!.. teka may kamukha gravatar mo.. zainey name nya.. nyok.. kamukha lang.. kala ko ikaw sya at sya ikaw. hehe :mrgreen:

      thanks for dropping by ms candy blush ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Hi Jehzeel, losing your luggage on a flight is uncommon but it does happen, not necessarily because of security or negligence. Sometimes there’s just too many luggage they become confused. However, the airline should have a specific protocol to to follow when it happens, and they should have your luggage back to you in a weeks time (max), even on international flights. AND if they lose it altogether, they should pay for it. If you have lawyer friends maybe you can verify with them.

    Yung security issue naman is a whole different issue altogether. I agree, security in the Philippines is whack, but don’t blame the guards outrightly, they’re just implementors. Blame the management of the airport! It’s their job!

    Lastly, “after soiling themselves” (hehehe) I think literally translates to “they pooped in their pants” hahaha!

      • ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
        wow. ang sipag mo mag reply sa comments. saludo ako. haha.

        di mo sila kailangan i-demanda. ๐Ÿ˜€ they should have something in their policies about it. if you can call their office to follow up (kung 1 week na) you can ask them about it.

      • hahahahaha! oo naman.. ๐Ÿ˜€ masaya mag reply eh.. hayy.. pero wala na silang ginagawa kahit kulitin ko ng kulitin.. nakaka inis ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    • In addition ung flight kasi 2 davao โ€“ manila & 1 cebu โ€“ manila, sabay sabay nilabas ung mga gamit sa 1 conveyer, eh ung ibang conveyer wala namang gumagamit, it should be 1 set ng passengers 1 conveyer. & itโ€™s not actually cebu pacific lng ang may fault NAIA mismo ang nag pa implement so kahit mag PAL or magi bang airlines pa bsta terminal 2 ang arrival mo hindi na tlga sila nag checheck, sad kasi ang reason lng ng management was โ€œlage po kasing pumapalpak ang mga guards so tinangal n ng tuluyan โ€œ tama bang rason un ..haaay ..pero sa centennial terminal nag checheck pa sila , hidni ko lng alam why sa terminal 3 eh wala na

      • oo nga naman. pero i think mas a asikasuhin ng pal pag may nawalang gamit, gaya ng sa uncle ko dati, nawala gamit nya, pero pag tawag nya sa pal nakita nila agad, at nag update palagi ang pal sa kanya. Hindi tulad sa cebu pac, tayo dapat mangulit ~_~

  29. I was just wondering on why people keeps on posting unrelated comments on all of your posts? are you just too popular?

    and yeah, this includes them, sorry just need to ask.

    Nhoel of

  30. wow eto na pala un!… andaya mo kala ko pa naman, cebu pacific sucks! tulad ng smart bro.. hahaha… pero ang galeng super nice post. very detailed. astig more power to you idol!

    now, i know.. PAL nalang me sasakay.. sana makonsensiya si Lance Gokongwei sayo tol. email mo kaya siya.

    exchange link tau oi.. ayaw kalimot. bantay lang ka! hehe…

  31. Very sad experience. It’s a good thing your baggage is the only one lost and not your life. Kahit mura pa yung fare ng cebu pacific hindi ako sasakay dyan kahit wala rin akong pera. Haven’t you heard the news many years ago about the plane crashes of their airplanes? Even if I have background in aviation hindi ganoon kalakas ang loob ko sumakay sa airbuses nila. Kasi pag-tipid ang maintenance ng aircraft at training ng crew, buhay mo talaga ang delikado. So, kaya mura pamasahe kasi tinitipid ang maintenance at trainings ng mga crew.

  32. jehz, what the h***? hehehe.. i didn’t know na ganito pala ang nangyari it really made my eyes really big,,hehehe..btw, sa totoo lang i am very sad sa nangyari..yes, totoo yung sabi ng 1 friend mo, na mabuti na lang gamit lang ang nawala sayo hindi buhay mo at buhay ni elve..remember before ang flight nyo, which i know na 4:50 pm, we exchange text messages pa? but after that i never heard from you was marjorie who told me na nacancel ang flight ninyo..but that was the end of it..that night (april 6) i have a dream na ngayon ko lang sasabihin, i forgot kung sinong tinext ko about dito..nagcrush daw plane na sinasakyan ninyo na with discounted seats and fortunately sa part ko, i have the chance to help in the rescue kasi doon daw ngcrush sa place kung nasaan ako that time, it was very late at night and to sum it up, after many hours of searching, i only saw elve who’s alive kahit na nahurt xa..i found also your things..ganun lang..hindi ka na raw nakita..hindi na xa natapos kasi nagising was very horrible, terrifying dream of pala may nagyari na pala na negative sayo through your things… hope hindi na to makes me very sad na….manang here

  33. Naku! that’s scary! Buti nalang, nothing happened to our baggages on our last trips, puro CebuPac pa naman iyon. Yesterday, a friend had a bad experience with CebuPac too. It was about their e-ticket. I hope this airline company could improve on their service soon.

  34. hi jehz..nagemail ko kay angkol na tan awon og basahon sa imong blog ang tungod sa cebupac (bisayaon lang nko k basg mabasa niya akong giingon unya basg magtuo xa na gilibak nko xa….hehehe..)wala lang baka meron xang ideas about this matter..baka may maishare xa…i really hate this, sana may magawa ako 4 u..

  35. Ang tindi ng galit mo ha! Never tried Cebu Pac though. I used Tiger Airways before when I went to Singapore for vacation. Nothing bad about them though yet they also have the cheapest rates. Well, so far as of now.

  36. we where with jehz & gf that day, we’re one of the many passengers na nawalan ng package, was able to talk to dexter staff ng cebu pacific sa arrival area ng terminal 3, I know naman kasi na sa mga ganintong cases eh puro follow up ang mangyayari, I was aggressive enough to ask for his mobile # para incase na hindi ma reach ung mga numbers na binigay nila ( which tama ako ) dahil ilang days na namin pintawagan sa secretary at wala daw sumasagot. Then pati ung mobile #s nila which isnโ€™t mobile dhil hindi nila sinasagot mga tawag I sent a txt mes saying nga an wala naman sumasagot sa mga landline & cellphone #s na binigay nila. Itโ€™s been more than a week nun nung nag file kami ng report. Then nag txt giving me the same #, so tawag lng ako ng tawag hangang may sumagot na din , pero according sa kanya hindi sya sa โ€œlost baggageโ€ churva, pero since 10yrs bago may sumagot I told him Iโ€™m not going to put the phone down hanggang hindi nareresolve ung case namin, wala ung incharge na MS VERN sabi ko kahit sinong staff nya then transferred ako kay Maan, sabi nya wala dawn a endorse sa kanila na report etc so I gave the reference # namin. Sabi ko I want them to resolve the issue within a week. She took my email sabi nya email nya ako & she did naman, and again I took her # just to make sure na pag walang reply eh mangungulit me sa kanya. Within ung promise na week nya nakuha naman namin ung pomelos 1 nox 10kilos. So I guess for you guys na nawalan make sure be aggressive enough na kulitin sila but donโ€™t be rude kasi syempre fault ng management un and staff lng sila.. buti kamo fruits lng nawala hidni luggage like dun sa kasabayan din namin nila jehz kasi mas mahirap palitan un pag ganun. Lesson nlng wag mag check in ng importanteng gamit, if hinid needed wag n ganu dalin, & make sure pag labas ng arrival area going to conveyer nakatutok na sa mga gamit .. and also funny pero lagyan nyo ng ribbon na matingkad or any tela then wrap it around sa package para malayo pa lang kita na agad mga box & luggage. And its not actually the fault of Cebu Pacific dun sa luggage , fault ng NAIA Terminal 3 un kasi sa ibang terminal like centennial terminal nag checheck parin sila, flight delays lng tlga un sa Cebu Pacific. But we choose Cebu Pacific because of 3 reason not just cheap air fare also because sila ang may mas bagong airplanes compare sa iba ? & bagong terminal gamit ( which pumanget nga ung management , Iโ€™ll be posting the numbers tom nlng para if may luggage kayong nawala make sure you still keep the reference number & ung report na finile nyo ..eto ung email ng cebu pac

    From: Lost Luggage – Domestic []
    Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 12:19 AM
    To: ———————


    We already bought the replacement for your 10kls pomel from davao. We will deliver it to you today. Mr. Jay Obcena will be the one who will deliver your pomelo at Potrero, Malabon.


  37. nga pala jehz punta kami illoilo sa friday balik bacolod – manila update kita if ganun parin management, no choice cebu pacific kami naresolve naman ung case namin eh :mrgreen:

  38. Yun pala yung Automatic Baggage Handler na tinatanong mo last week. Another horrible story with regard to cebu pacific experiences. So, did you get your luggage? if not, hit me up. i can try to make some calls and see what I can do. ๐Ÿ˜€


  39. uy!! kamusta na!! nakakamiss blogging event! nitatamad na kc ako mgsulat ng articles. short descriptions lng okay na kaya bka designs na lng iblog ko.. Kamusta na ung mga adik adik na bloggers? Sana magkita2x ulit tyo!! God Bless :mrgreen:

    • oo nga eh.. long time no see ah.. nyok nyok ๐Ÿ˜€ kaw kasi busy masyado.. hehehe ๐Ÿ˜€ yeah atleast may ma post kesa wala diba ๐Ÿ˜€ ako nga buhay parin kahit walang posts masyado.. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ oo, kita kits ulit tayo soon pag may magandang event.. hehe

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  43. i even told my mother to fly via cebu pacific…but as you said, they are also a nasty airline.

    what could i say? three letters to make them pay bigtime for their incompetence: S-U-E them.

    if they can’t live up to the commitments and taglines that they are selling to the public, they should be held liable.

    seems i am more furious than you jez? ehehe

  44. Cebu Pacific – Cheaper fare, cheapest service!
    My experience was a flight from Tacloban to Cebu. Early morning that day that I was to leave, while I was still asleep, I got a call from cebu pacific asking me if I was willing to move my flight schedule to another day, they did not say why. I said no of course coz I gotta be in Cebu that afternoon coz I have a work on the evening. So I checked-in (no baggage) more than an hour before the flight. Then I went outside to stay at my aunt’s car who came with me together with some cousins to the airport. Since Tacloban City airport is so small and there were a lot of people, there was no more sits in the pre-departure area and it was hot I prefered to stay at the car for the meantime. I was confident enough that the aircraft wont leave me, Because I heard PAL pagging in a loud speaker for passengers. NO announcements at all from Cebu Pacific, always for PAL. I went back to the pre-departure area about 20 mins before departure just standing, waiting on queue. No announcements made if the plane was already boarding or leaving, i waited for 30 mins and saw the aircraft already left the runway. I asked the staff of cebu pacific and they told me that the plane already left and that they were pagging me. Damn if I have bad ears, how come my aunt and my cousins who were in the same open car with me did not hear anything on the loud speakers outside??? PAL page their passengers but cebu Pacifric does not, why? because they love it when you get left off since you will have to pay A LOT for rebooking. In my case, I was not even allowed to rebook since I was already checked-in. So it was just like I gave them the money for free!
    Incompetent service! I’ll never ride that plane again. Glad we have PAL and Zest air.

  45. off topic… lol… oh ayan jez another kapalpakan of your beloved Nuffnang, read mo update sa post ko sa Nuffnang para maaliw ka naman. Ahahahaha!

    Para lang din yang experience mo sa Cebu pacific eh… it’s incompetence and carelessness of the staff.

  46. jehz, ate nica here.. I know your sentiments as I was one of the victims, too. I have filed a 4-page complaint letter (made handwritten on the spot!!!) in CEB ILO. Like you, I have chased them through phone, e-mail and even mail, but to no avail. Itโ€™s a pity that they make money from โ€œpoor-who-wants-a-share-of-comfortโ€ like us. However, our scuffle with a giant is way too complicated. As youโ€™ve said, weโ€™re nothing. But Iโ€™m with you in pointing this out to the public. Keep it going!!!

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  48. Nice one jehz! Tama ka nga, this post landed on the first page in Google for the Keyword “Cebu Pacific”.

    Naku, with that rank, I’m sure mawawalan ng clients and Cebu Pacific. Kinalaban kasi nila si Jehz na SEO guru e. Hehe…

    Pero seriously, another keyword for you. Tataas nanaman traffic! ๐Ÿ˜›

  49. waw. Yep, i agree. very poor service nila…sa arrival area. They don’t really check the label and just let the passengers get their luggage. Wew! nice one kuya jhez! ^^,

    Cheap nga, ang cheap naman ng service. UNSECURED LUGGAGE MO!

    • oo nga naman.. pero pag buhay na nakarating at wala lahat ng gamit, badtrip din diba? hehehe :mrgreen: pero mas ok talaga pag buhay na nakarating kesa patay ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  50. yeah right! cebu pacific is really poor & pathetic. ๐Ÿ˜ก lucky me i did not experienced that when i have gone to bacolod. but if i were in that case i would be very hysterical and i will be cursing them all. cebu pacific should value their customers and give the best service.


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  53. honestly, if you book an economy and PROMO, there will always be DELAY in flights, OVERBOOKING, and other problems per se.
    But if your ticket is the regular fee, no problem at all.
    So do not book any promo ticket, We always do purchase the most expensive ones (not promo) and for 10x of using 5J, we never experienced delay, over booking, over sale or loss of baggages even though we also are in economy class.
    sometimes 5J prioritize those who spent big money than those who spent promo tickets.

    2 cents

    • still think this shouldnt be an excuse… the reason they opened up promopacs is to get people spend money and help our local tourism… if this things happen all the time, they will just encourage PINOYs to just stay @ home… nakakahiya kaya ito kung sa expats din nangyari ano na lang sabihin nila… ๐Ÿ™

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  55. interesting, ive boarded cebupac for a couple of times and never did i encounter this issue.. i dont know about the promopacs (never tried these), may be due to volume this thing happen – but this shouldn’t be an excuse.

    this is unfortunate and wish it wont happen to me. kudos to you i think you took it calmly, kung ako yun – magrarambo na ko dun! LOL!

  56. WOW… Cebu Pacific is really the cheapest airline.. It’s surprising that in my case, they are VERY VERY EARLY..

    EARLY ENOUGH to leave more than 30 passengers behind..

    Can you believe this?

    Our flight (Cag. de Oro to Cebu) was supposedly @ 6:40am. As what I have experienced (more than 15 flights with them, locally), they board 15-25 minutes prior to the the flight time.. And sometimes they are also late.. (actually, most of the times)
    and surprise surprise!!! Cebu pacific closed the plane @ 6:05 and wouldn’t let us enter anymore!!! So, more than 30 passengers got left behind…

    We went to their ticketing office.. to rebook.. For comparison — in PAL, i have experienced being left behind, and i payed minimal charges for the rebooking/re-scheduling fee. around 400 pesos, and they made me ride the next flight. but our CEBU PACIFIC here, asked us to pay double of the actual fare to re-schedule my ticket (I bought my ticket online for 1,600 pesos… REBOOKING FEE all-in: 2900PESOS!!!).. WHAT AN OFFER!!!! So, I said, we will just refund our ticket for coming back (since we bought a round-trip ticket).. Lo and Behold — after all the calculations, i do not get a refund and needed to pay 700 Pesos more!! First time for me to hear about a refund where I should pay more.. HECK..

    I just finished emailing them saying goodbye, that i will never use Cebu Pacific Anymore!!

  57. I’ve been trying to change my flight online. But to no avail. Siguro because promo na flight at poor lang talaga ako. Sino ba ang manager sa cebu pacific? Why can’t they improve their booking on line and their services as a whole?

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  59. Comprehensive post. Very informative. At least now I can forego considering Cebu Pacific in my upcoming local trips. But to be fair, I will still inquire with my frequent travelling friends about this.

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  61. I dunno about the delay thingy but the fact that nobody (especially the security guards) bothers to check the luggage during the arrival. I mean, what if somebody took someone else’s bag, be it intentionally or not? It’s stupid. Haha.

  62. I understand your frustrations. Last april, I went to Cebu thru PAL, everything went smoothly.. I purchased the ticket online and it is cheaper than Cebu Pacific. The best things that I loved about PAL is that they gave 15kg baggage allowance for an econo class passenger and that they serve water,coffee, biscuits and nuts for free.. I went back to manila thru the same airline with my boyfriend.

    Last month, my boyfriend had to go back to Cebu. Because there was no way that we can purchase an E-ticket, we just went to the nearest mall where Cebu Pacific is available. We purchased economy ticket and thought everything is good because it’s just 300bucks higher than PAL’s rate.

    Now here’s our negligence, we did not read the terms and conditions thinking that it’s the same as PAL’s. But I think PAL is way off better than Cebu Pacific because they CebPac only gives 7kg baggage allowance to econo passengers. And so my boyfriend had to pay 400bucks extra for his baggage. Now that’s not economical. That’s 700bucks in total that was put into the greedy fangs of CebPac.

    Plus they don’t even treat their passengers well.

    They’ve been telling that you can save thru their airline. But it isn’t true. oh well. lesson learned.

  63. Am having 2nd thoughts of flying cebupac to cebu cos it is direct n cheap for a short holiday from spore. Is there any cheap alternative flight without too much hassle ??

  64. I used to Fly using Cebu pacific from Singapore to Cebu and Cebu to Singapore or Cebu manila, but so far, I didn’t encounter such problem, but of course I symphatise you. I don’t want that things happen to me, as I go back to Phils like 3 times a year or maybe 4 using Cebu pacific and hell yah! I would go crazy if my luggage will disppear. I would probably be blogging every website about this matter of unsecurity and carelessness about the management of the airlines. We might be economy passengers but still we contributed a lot to thier business! We make them rich man! Economy passengers are more than VIP ones! And our voice should be counted as we might be small to thier eyes, but they never know what we can do. Maybe will still take Cebu Pacific as I’m not experiencing such problem and I can go home easily as its cheap but maybe will not recommend it to my rich friends hehehehehe. PEACE!

  65. I experienced the same thing last month. That was the most stressful vacation that i had. 1st we booked 2 months ahead so we dont have to worry anything when we get to the airport. But the time we got there, the ground steward told us that the plane where we originally booked could not accomodate us anymore. But they sent us an email confirming our flight. 2nd, they said that we will be boarding a different plane instead; took our baggage and assisted us to the gate. So we thought everything’s already ok. When we got to Kalibo, we could not find our baggage and the one of the cebu pacific personnels told us to check it to the Caticlan airport. Again, when we got to Caticlan airport, another disappointment because, guess what? Our baggage was still not there. So we waited at the Jetty port as one of the personnels again told us that another van will be arriving with our things. But after a few minutes, that personnel just told us to wait at the hotel instead and they will just deliver the baggage there. We agreed and got the personnel’s name and ID number to make sure. After midnight, our bag arrived. Trusting the people from cebu pacific so much, we did not check the contents immediately after getting the bag. After 30minutes to an hour, we opened the bag and checked the accessories of my brand new camera (which by the way i bought because that was the first time that my family came with me in Boracay). I called their customer service but no one picked up. When we got back to Manila, we filed a complaint. One of the staff gave us a form to fill out and the numbers to call(853-9872, 853-0113, 556-4687, 09228173470). They also gave us the Manager’s name to contact (Ms. Daphnie Ty). But how can i talk to her if noone’s answering their numbers. They said that investigation will take 2 weeks and call those numbers for follow up. I dont think that department exists. I have tried calling them and up until now i’m still trying to reach them to follow up on this case and still, i’m not getting any answer. I also got several email addresses from their reservation customer service(,, and ‘’). And sadly, i haven’t received any response from them. I have sent 5 emails looping all the email addresses that i got. More than a month has passed and i haven’t received any word from them. Not a single reply.

    • naku pareho na tayo neto jac.. bwisit talaga ang cebu pac, walang paki alam sa mga taong tulad natin. I bet pag VIP yung taong yun, gagalaw talaga yung cebu pacific at gagawin ang lahat para mapa impress ang mga VIP.

  66. i am not suprised to read so many negative comments about this airline. My experince is they realy dont care a fig about passenger satisfaction and well being. Sorry, playing silly quizzes on flight does not qualify. Trying to flog Cebu Pacific goods rather gives the game aawy. Concentrate on being on time – make your terms and conditions unambiguous, pay refunds that you owe customers and answer bloody complaints.

  67. Yes, you get what you pay for. Pay more and you never will be sure to get really more!!! Let’s take for example also the non-service of (foreign) credit card on-line bookings which almost never go through…..
    the sense of “costumer care” in the Philippines is widely unknown even if any firm somewhere publishes a link to its “costumer care dpt”. Another classical example is DREAM TV which would merit a blog for itself!

  68. I have never flown domestically with Cebu Pacific, but I have used their international flights betwen Manila-Bangkok, Manila-Hong Kong and Manila-Jakarta several times (I think about a dozen flights in all) and every time it has been absolutely fine. Brand new planes, assigned seats (even when other budget airlines operated their ridiculous free-for-alls), free snack and drink and no more tendency to delays than any other airline I have used. And excellent fares! Sorry to disagree.

  69. my experience was a little different
    it started when i booked a flight from hong kong to cebu return , flying May 1 09 and returning May 14 09
    i booked direct with cebu-pacific on their website , and after entering my credit card details , my transaction was decllined , and the reason stated was that C-P air could not accept credit card from US, and to try again
    this is strange as i am australian and have nevere even been to US, so i tried to book again , and this time it was accepted , using the same credit card
    on checking my email for e-ticket i found 2 tickets, same flight details , same day , with almost adjoining seats booked to my name
    tried to contact C-P air
    by phone , no-one picks up
    by email, no reply to date
    so i dispute the transaction with my card provider , and now C-P Air insist that i flew on these dates,, occupied both seats , and checked in twice each time , using separate tickets , went through customs and immigration , turned around and came out , only to come back in using same passport, but different ticket
    THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I COULD GO THROUGH CUSTOMS AND IMMIGRATION , and they still insist that i ocupied both seats on the flights

  70. Well, obviously it’s the luck of the draw. Just yesterday I flew HK-Clark with CP. Again, everything was absolutely fine. Arrived 10 minutes ahead of schedule, extra legroom seat (which I ALWAYS get with CP, but rarely with other airlines), empty seat beside me, excellent service and attitude. I book flights online using either my HK or my Indonesian credit card : never a problem! I have had more problems with ‘full service’ (i.e. expensive) airlines.

  71. Any other airlines experienced delays and cancelations due to uncontroled dilema (bad weather condition, aircraft condition, runway condition, etc…) that the airline itself rather to cancel the flt than to risk the passengers safety. It maybe disappointing to your side but its for good reason. Cebu pacific may have experienced the same problems as any other airline is facing as they flew everyday domestically and regionally but i think they are trying their best to fix everythng. Yeah, lets say that you have a bad experience flyin with cebu pacific but its like having a bad experience with the balot vendor that have given you a balot with that very big “bato”. And you cannot do anything. As much as the balot vendor want to help you but he cant do anything. Whats inside the shell is unpredictable onced sealed. You just notice if the balot is good and tasty onced you opened it.

    Baggage maybe handed to other person. Its a very big deal and the airline i know will make everythng to make your baggage back. But sometimes its also the passengers fault. Theres a tag given to every passenger for them to fill that up 1 for the passengers copy and 1 sticked to the baggage. Maybe, some info inputed to the baggage is wrong. I do not say that its all the passengers fault. Theres nothing wrong to seek an assistance. First of all, the passenger is already at the airport and they have all the means to seek help. Tip, always look for the aiport service rep of cebu pacific. They are the 1 incharge not the guards.

    Well, i hope some of the passengers learn something bout this.

    Oopps, i forgot to tell.
    Do not make other booking online onced your card is already declined. Much better to call their hotline for better assistance.


  72. i went to cebupac office to follow up on the complaint i filed only to find out that they will not do anything about it. According to the person i talked to, the airline will not settle. and he is “not suggesting”, but the only way to get my complaint noticed is to sue the airline. He said “sorry to say Ma’am, but the company will not settle this unless you go to court and file legal charges. Because we could not prove that you really lost your things and still have to investigate.” This is ridiculous! The first time i filed for complaint and filled out their form, they said that they will investigate for 2 weeks. Wrong information! you have to hire a lawyer first and sue the company for them to investigate and make some action on this matter. After 2 months of no email reply and no answer to phone calls, this is what i’m going to hear. They should have informed me the first time i filed for this and not waste my time going to their office. I drove from laguna and was stuck in traffic for 1 hour, wasted my gas and effort just to follow up on nothing! I hope this will serve as a lesson to everyone; not to trust cebupacific!

    • Hi Jac,

      Ganun talaga ang Cebu Pacific. Manloloko sila. Tayong mga ordinaryong tao, bina bali wala lang nila. Huwag kang mag alala, di ka nag iisa, may karamay ka… Pareho lang tayo neto, di rin nila inasikaso ang kaso ko kahit tawag ako ng tawag paulit ulit sa office nila. Na bali wala na yung lost baggage ko. Andito parin yung form na pinermahan ko. Ang sabi sa akin within one week ibabalik nila yung gamit, pero wala namang nangyari. Manloloko talaga ang Cebu Pac at wala na tayong magagawa doon.

      Isipin mo nalang, tayo ang mga Black American dati na ginawang alipin ng mga White American. Wala tayong magawa at walang nakikinig sa atin. Parang ganun lang din ang Cebu Pacific, walang hustisya, walang nakikining, walang kwenta. Wish ko lang na pumutok lahat ng Air Bus ng Cebu Pacific na walang laman na tao, para di na sila maka biktima pa ng ibang tao tulad natin.

  73. So contradicting pala ang pinagmamalaki nila sa TV commercial noon na On Time sila. Well, hindi ko pa naman nasubukang sumakay ng Cebu Pacific dahil sa buong buhay ko di pa rin naman ako nakasakay ng airplane.

  74. I had exactly the same bad experience with Cebu Pacific (it was actually a nightmare and will never board CP again!). After not seeing my mum for 5 years, I decided to visit her in 2008 (December). As a treat, I took her to Boracay for a short holiday. Our outbound flight was delayed by more than 2 hours but the worse thing was our return flight from Caticlan to Manila. Our return flight was originally scheduled at 07.40 AM. We turned up at the airport about 06.30AM to be told that the plane is leaving. Much to my surprise, I looked at my e-ticket to check at it wasn’t my fault. It was clearly stated in our ticket the departure time of 07.40. I was told that the flight schedule for that month was changed.. Yeah right! It was changed without informing passengers!!!!! The highlight of that scenario was when I was told that I needed to wait for the next flight which was not until 4PM!!!!!!!!!!! and …… that I had to pay for the difference in FARE!!!!!! I was fuming mad and even phoned CP’s head office to complain. After nearly two hours of complaining and numerous phone calls we were given seats for the 4PM flight without having to pay additional fees. But still, that experience just showed how ineffecient, disorganised, choatic and unrealiable Cebu Pacific Airline is.

    I would NEVER EVER recommend this airline not even to my dog or cat.

    • Recently had almost the same experience.Got to Caticlan well before departure time, but even as we were outside the airport having a coffee, we kept hearing our names announced repeatedly. They then hurried us through and the plane took off a good 40 minutes early. I do think carriers should stick to their schedules. Apart from inconveniencing the traveller, surely it is confusing and risky for inflight control to have planes taking off just when they feel like it. The trouble with CEBPAC is that they got big too quick, and the bottom line is that it’s all just about money. If Air Asia can be successful AND professional at the same time, why can’t Cebu Pacific?

  75. i’ve been patronizing cebu pacific for my singapore-manila flights for couple of times now, fortunately i never had a problem with them. well, other airlines also experience flight delays and cancellation. it would suck big time if you have experienced this in non-budget airlines (like PAL which flight delays are a usual occurence)

  76. I’ve been travelling with Cebu Pac and so far my experiences have been very pleasant. I hope you recover your baggage.

  77. I just arrived from Singapore, with my family. We are lucky, our flight had no problems. I also used Cebu pacific several times already to go home to the province, and everything went well.

  78. ngek so that`s the service of CP. i just hope i will not experience what you had experienced. gosh i am worried already because i will be going back to the phil via CP using their promo fare this july 28 huhuhu. sana naman nabasa na ng CP blog mo para ma-check nila naman shortcomings nila grrrr. pwede ba report yan sa DTI. kinda violation of consumer`s right? i am crossing my fingers for a miracle ne. hope everything will be okey.

    • Yes. Di ka na nila papansinin pag may problema ka. Like ticket refunds, lost baggage, etc.

      Basta pag naka baba ka na sa plane, wala na silang paki alam sayo. I think kahit ma disgrasya ang plane wala silang paki sa pasahero kung hindi ka mag hire ng lawyer at e sue sila. hehe.

  79. hi. i just read your article. i agree. last feb, i went to bohol and the trip to bohol, the flight was on time. but on the way back to manila, the flight got delayed for 3 hours! cebu pac did not even inform us and we had to rush to the airport from the hotel. when we went to the main desk, all the cebu pac person could say was, “antay nalang po natin makadating yung plane”. no sorries, no nothing, nada. and worse, they said that we’d get food since the flight was going to be delayed and guess what they gave? a burger from jolibee! i mean, im not maarte or anything but you consider that food? gosh. cebu pacific is the worst airline. cheap yeah but hella the worst!

    • That’s better, direct your ire to Cebu Pacific Mgt, NOT to the entire country, the Philippines. The Phils, like some other countries in SEA, is not perfect but I still love my own country.
      Hellllo! Cebu Pacific Mgt, any comments pls??

  80. Cebu Pacific is a big pain in the ass, sometimes.

    I’ve had a flight with them around 3 months ago. We stayed inside the aircraft for around 2 hours. The flight crew only made two announcements, on the first 30 minutes of the delay and before take-off (to explain what happened).


  81. Hi,
    I used to get cebu pacific very often, and never get some experience as you mentioned lucky maybe. What iam doing on my baggage is have some name TAG along with it as most of the traveler now adays is doing, and be vigilant upon on the claim area as most of those people, porter is just simply getting the bags from the carosel with out seeing the plane tag. This is true to domestic airport from the south. Once I went to Dumagete Negros with a group, there are other group of vacationer, and there is this instance that one of my bags were collected by airport porter and handed over to the other group, lucky as I say that I had my name tag on it. and Iknew what is my baggages.
    I agree with you during last flight or night flight security guard are no where to be found. Its not cebu pacific alone but philippines airlines as well, maybe its the airport official that we need to blame on these problems, plus the very poor service being given by the cheapest airline as you said cebu pacific.

      • I agree too. I guess there’s another company connected to the airlines that is responsible transferring luggage from the plane to another plane or to the baggage claim counter. I had a problem with UA and it took me months and months with my lost luggage problem to be resolve. but until now, no luck yet. almost two years now.. i just charged it to experience… and a simple F*** You words for them.. and happy thoughts after…

  82. I dont wonder why people complaint about these experiences. Its common that Philippines its not comparable with other developed countries like singapore or even Western countries. Philippines is not customer oriented thats fact, they even dont know it. So that might be an excuse they are just not trained for that like other Companies which is very important. Persons who expects this service will be disappointed. Like i said, its a pain in the ass but thats the reality down theres. Even me i had to learn to accept that philippines is still behind of other worldclass airport. I mean you can complain as long as you want, but i guess you would go crazy or been to mental clinic and the situation still did not improve. To the friendliness of staff oh yeahh thats really a poor grades for most of philippine carrier, i mean staff are mostly not well trained by profissional instructor so its really pathetic but as you know already philippines is behind other countries. I guess most of you here are spoiled for better customer service.

    Regards, chris

  83. hey… last monday..we experienced this hell thing with cebu pac… our flight from hongkong- clark was 11hours delayed.. we have to transfer to another flight which was hk-manila.. it was too much of a hassle because our flight was supposed to be @ 9:55am.. but since there were technical problem on the aircraft, it became 10:30 then 11:30 then 12:30.. the earliest possible flight we can have was 8:30.. that was the flight going to clark.. but since it’s not 100% sure.. we didn’t took any chance.. we transferred flight. it was really so exhausting. we have to wake up @ 5am just to be able to get to the airport on time.. jeez. their fARES may be way cheaper but quality service should not be put at stake here. it was really disappointing.

  84. If anyone gives you a bad time about your artical on Cebu Pacific, dont worry about it. I live in the Philippines-close to Clark. I have never had the missfoutune of using Cebu Pacific. But I can tell you this: For many years I worked for Holiday Airlines and PSA; both at the Burbank (BUR) airport in California. Comments and articals such as yours is the best way to get the message out about bad or unsafe airline service. However, I fear that most of the passengers, both potential and past do not use or have access to the internet. With the exception of Philippine Airlines and Asian Spirit, airlines in this country are like shopping in a sari-sari store. They simply have no concept of customer service and don’t care. Employees of most businesses here have no real accountability in their jobs. Under those conditions, rather than be worried about a flight delay or lost bags (even if it is a real pain) my main and first concern would be safety. As a former long term airline employee my main concern would be aircrafe maintainance and qualified flight crews. Ususlly “low hour” flight crews fly for these small airlines until they have enough hours and can qualify for good paying jobs with the major airlines. So far and away, safety is the biggest concern. Good luck in the future and safe flying…

  85. it’s true that cebupacific has delayed flights for no reason at all in most cases not only domestic but international as well.poor service by the flight crew.u know filipinos are always like was the trip from manila to HK the 4pm flight.

  86. was less than 10 minutes delayed for the check in time to our trip to Cebu. their check-in time was 45min before the flight. So we have to buy new tickets with regular price because our tickets are just promo tickets. Right after buying the new tickets, we heard our supposed flight was delayed for like one hour. If they had known this, they should have allowed us to check-in since the plane was not boarding yet. So instead of having a cheap vacation, we over-budgeted by 100% because of our ONE-Way ticket to Cebu!!!

    Lastly, the CebuPac employees have no sense of customer service. While waiting to board, the employees were very noisy and shouting their laughs!! Not minding that they can be seen by their customers. Feeling nila sila ang nagpapalakad sa NAIA3!! They also discriminate their passengers. They serve better to Foreigners and wealthy looking Filipinos than to us ordinary citizens.

    • Yes indeed your observation is true. I totally agree with it. It may have something to do with colonial mentality, we filipinos act like this, unlike in other countries, they give preference to their kababayan, but here in our country called Philippines. we are treated differently.

  87. Yeahh I agree most of the Cebu Pacific flight are delayed, it maybe because of too much destination and less aircraft, I just wondering how many flying hours each aircraft consume every week. This should be an eye opener to the management of this airline, that they could no longer cope up with the flight destination.

    Last month we travel to coron palawan and we did not get delayed even when we get back in manila. My only complain is that the airport staff (Cebu Pacific) in the check in counter is the most unfriendly people i ever encounter. and the excess kilos is too expensive compared to other destination say bacolod or Davao.

    I will think again if ever to get this airline …. o yes My family get a free round trip ticket at any destination in the philippines as way of benefit, when last march when we travel to Cebu, we fail to get a seat beacuse the airline overbook themself, meaning more ticket sales to the seating capacity of the plane,, is’nt it yahhh very poor coordination. I pity the airline check in counter in terminal- 3 she get all the Grrrrr ***** ##### fom all of us passenger….. so who wants to ride cebu pacific ??????

  88. Also disappointed by CEBU PAC. They lost my luggage, everything i brought with me and all the things i bought in Singapore were all gone.
    I also completed the PROPERTY IRREGULARITY REPORT form (green form) and they gave me number 5564687 where i could follow up. Fortunately the number they gave me is working but the i think they are not doing there work because every time i call them they often say that the Singapore office has no feedback about my luggage (and they are rude men promise.. I just hope they would also lost a luggage). I asked them if i could have the telephone number in Singapore so i could personally call it and ask for my luggage. But they refuse to give it to me.. DUH!! if i know they could not find it. Well to cut the story short i waited for 1 month just to find out that it was gone.
    They told me to go to their customer service office near NAIA, and settle it there. But browsing through here got some email addresses i can use so i emailed them first and cc
    After an hour got acknowledgement from DTI.. below was their reply;
    This is to acknowledge receipt of your email. Please follow up or directly coordinate your complaint to CAB and Cebu Pacific because they are the one who has the jurisdiction in your complaint. Send your letter of complaint to Ivan Henry D. Gaw [] Manager โ€“ Guest Services of Cebu Pacific, Maria Christina T. Chiu []

    Thank you,

    Consumer Welfare Division

    Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection

    Department of Trade and Industry

    2/F, Trade and Industry Building

    #361 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue

    Makati City, Philippines 1200

    So i emailed both email DTI gave me. Just be patient and you need to do follow up on them.. After 4 follow ups I got reply from cebu pacific..
    below is the email
    Greetings from Cebu Pacific!

    First of all, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience that you have experienced. Upon checking our record, you have availed of the travel insurance. We would like to inform you that we have tied up with the Malayan Insurance to give protection to our clients in case of unexpected circumstances such as this. Kindly call Mr. Kenneth Sy of Malayan Insurance at 843-8080 Local 210 or 243 so as he can instruct you with the procedure in claiming for your lost.

    Once again, our sincerest apology for what happened. Rest assured that we will send a report to our Airport Services with regards to this for preventive and corrective actions. We would like to extend our appreciation as well for bringing this to our attention for it gives us the best opportunity to improve our services.

    Thank you very much.


    Christina Chiu

    Good thing i have paid for the Insurance..
    by tom i will call Mr. Sy good…

  89. Well, it is still better than Philippine Airlines. So far, I am happy with the service of Cebu Pacific and the crew have been cordial and accommodating in my experience. I am no VIP nor am I rich but I guess its all in the manner of how one look at things. Don’t get me wrong, I lost a baggage too but not with them. I got upset for awhile but had to find humour in it for my luggage turned up in South Africa! How lucky for my old battered suitcase. I never got it back. But I can always replace the books and clothes that were in it. Somewhere out there, some Masai might be reading about Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham and wearing a purple sock while doing so… Good for them.

  90. everytime i take cebu pacific, i always prepare myself that its going to be the worst experience! i dont have a choice but to face the fact that im travelling with my family( 2 kids, 2 yayas, and wify). so i get to save around 20t instead of taking PAL. its given that they are the worst airline i have ever experienced! what i cant accept about my experience with Cebu Pacific is there refund system if you purchase your ticket thru credit card. thats right, they will give you a number that will just be ringing the wholeday or an email that you will never get a reply! when i fianlly got to talk to the operator, they said i will get my refund in 6 months! that was november of 2008. its been 9 months now and wala pa rin refund. isip ko, sobra naman sila para sa P5,000.00 ayaw ebalik! oh well next time guys please make sure to double check the date before purchasing or you can kiss your refund goodbye!!!!

  91. What do you expect its run by Filipinos, i’m surprised the planes get off the ground

    took me almost 1 hr to exchange a a movie ticket at the mall in manila

    i love the Philippines but hate their idea of customer service which is basically that making a customer wait insanely long periods of time with no excuse is completely ok as long as you smile at them and call them sir or maam

    • Are YOU a Filipino?

      We’ve been invaded, harassed, abused or any words that could depict our situations when the ALIENS march into our islands. We become SLAVES… and DO YOU STILL WANT TO BE A SLAVE OF THESE ALIENS? My answer is NO!

      Please DON’T generalized the customer service of the filipino people. Remember our culture and behaviors we’re coming from the f**kin’ greedy foriegn conquerors.

      Look at places around you… do you think most of the very good establishment owned by the Filipinos? They’re NOT! Now if the customer is in the right behaviors of asking things to any kinds of Filipino services then I don’t think we don’t give our best to our BELOVED costumers whether a tourists or a fellow Fillipino.

      We’ve been often abused because of our SUPER HOSPITALITY… and EVERY FOREIGNER thinks that they can do anything they want in our country… for me that’s BULLS**t.

      Look at our fellow Filipinos who would like to go to abroad for a better life or event just for a vacation to see THEIR beautiful places. Some of them were granted but most of them were DENIED… but the ALIENS… they can enter our land without any aggravation.

      To my fellow Filipinos. PLEASE stop keep on fighting, throwing unpleasant words to our brothers and sisters. Let the ALIENS know that we still have PRIDE left in our hearts… in our lands.

      … if you think you are no longer happy with our beloved country then GO AWAY! Fly away with those INVADERS who fails to conquer our islands and we’ll see if you feel the real Filipino hospitality.

      THANKS to all the filipinos who fights for our OUR freedom… they are our heroes… real Filipinos. But NO THANKS to those corrupt government official who abuse our HOSPITALITY and FEED us to the LIONS and EXPLOIT our so called CHEAP LABOR.

      Let’s respect with each other and good relationship will surely starts from there. There’s no need to shout when anyone can hear you. Look US down as YOU look down yourself… as a Filipino. Stand STRAIGNT. Be PROUD. Mistakes were MADE to be CORRECTED. NOBODY’s PERFECT.

      That’s all I can say… PEACE!

  92. scary thought!
    luckily Ive used cebu Pacific twice in the last 5 months
    RT Manila-Bangkok
    And RT Osaka-Manila

    and both of the flights were uneventful. I even enjoyed shoppingin their duty free items.

    But with your blog, I have tobe very cautious I guess.

  93. …it’s not only Cebu Pacific, it’s almost ALL service providers in the Phils which absolutely don’t care about costumer relations! They just don’t know what that means! imho the worst are the guys from Dream TV – they deserve a thread on its own….!

  94. i agree on that…tsaka, ang mga attendants, wala manlang customer service’s like,oh well, you guys are flying in the cheapest flight,you’re not worth my breathe of greeting,nor’s sucks…instead of smile, when you need assistance, sisimangot pa sayo..they can’t really say it outloud but the gestures itself speaks like, if you don’t know how to use your seatbelt,don’t ride a freakin’ plane..they need to orient their staff,to be more customer oriented..not just wearing those heavy make up thinking they’re all that in a freaking bag of chips cause their not..lazy b*****ess..

  95. Cebu Pacific really sucks!!!!!!bought my ticket September of last year for December 24 flight. We arrived at the airport 2hours exact before my flight…after security check up proceeded to the counter however as announced I was directed to another counter stating that I can use any counter to check in my luggage because of the long line. WOW! That is great! so I went to the other available counter and was directed again to where I left. To my surprised the counter assigned to my destination insisted that he already shouted the last call for check in 30 minutes ago, and I was told that I was late for check in what the F! I was there!!!!!!! I paid my ticket earlier to be on that flight!!!!!!!!!! And so I asked, how did you call passengers? Did you use a megaphone? Attendant can’t answer directly instead of apologizing he was angry!!!!!!!!! and stated that they can’t accommodate me!!!!! I l learned that all CEBU PACIFIC Flights are overbooking!!!!! even up to date!!!!! If you notice at the airport they are offering passengers of a round trip ticket in exchange for your seat.

  96. that’s why ive never tried cebupac.. its either PAL or ZESTAIR lang kme. although Zestair is cheap,may free nman ZEST-O and ok an cust svc nila.. in fairness,kahit nde pa sikat un zestair,ive never herad of any complaints regarding lost baggage and delayed flights,nde pa cla strict sa pag checked-in. they can accommodate you,kahit 45 mins b4 ur flight.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • la nga lost baggage at delays ang zestair, na flat naman gulong at sumadsad naman paglanding….eto ay ang dating asian spirit na marami disgrasya before.

      • Indeed, nag-oovershoot nga ito ng runway. Nangyari na twice ito sa Catarman airport. Really, this is a humongous price to pay for a Zest-o doypack

  97. Maybe they dont have respect for Filipino Passengers.. they think that they can cheat and get away with it. But anyway, we dont have much choice.. i Still fly on whatever flight available based on my schedule.

  98. Amf, bwisit na Cebu Pacific. Walang consideration yung mga na late sa flight nila kahapon na na-stranded sa flood eh siningil pa ng booking fee!!!!!!!!! I will NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER FLY WITH CEBU PACIFIC!!!!!! MALUGI NA SANA KAYO PARA WALA NG NG SALOT NA AIRLINE.

  99. Oh my gosh! I can so attest to the poor service of this airline. Cheap airfares that match their cheap service. My touring group and I documented the trouble they caused their passengers. Flight 5J970, Davao-Manila.

    So much to tell, but to sum it all up, this airline cares more about their profit. They can’t give a straight answer to passengers. Earlier, we were having check-in problems and guess what the ground staff reasoned “MAY SOMETHING PROBLEM LANG PO” what something problem? She couldn’t get to the point. She couldn’t specify what the problem was. She kept repeating “may something problem lang po” darn.

    Their publicists need to do a lot of damage control. Good luck!

    • hi jong!if ur sis was sick,u could have just shown a medical certificate & u could have get rebooked but not refunded since it’s a promo.i also had a problem contacting CP’s emails and hotlines and all these suck.i spent much for the overseas calls from bkk.we do hope they can do something abt it.u may want to contact a pinoy named ramil at nancy aviations here in bkk @ 02-267-1230(-34).although he’s working thru CP’s agency he has been very nice in helping me a lot get my refund for my booking online transactions that also suck sometimes if you use other cards not from pinas.

  100. tried their service b4, Bkk-MnL-BKK. The bkk-mnL flyt was cold. But d MNL-BKK was really hot!!! As in pagpapawisan kayo,hehe. last july, i bought a ticket for my sis, to come here next m0nth to baby sit for soon to be coming baby. Unfortunately, she has just been diagnosed that she has a cystadenoma and needs to get operations. I got her tickets wid CebuPacific’s 50% discount. But the the terms with promos are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE. Heck! Wala kaya consideration yon? Im trying to reach their hotline but can’t reach and talk with an operator,at saka ang haba ng voice prompts(?) nila. (overseas call pa nmn gamit ko!!!) may pag-asa p kaya kami ng refund? Is there Anyone here who knows how?or alam nyo b wat email add nila na pwede macontact. Un talagang may time sasagot h. ty . Please Email me at

  101. Shame on Cebu Pacific! For those affected by the floods of Typhoon Onday! – who have to rebook flights
    be prepared to charged penalties and to those holding
    discounted tickets be prepared to pay more. Blast this
    money hungry company to the media and to your friends.

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  103. Yup, that’s their specialty!
    I flew to Siargao with a stop over in cebu. When I got to cebu i was happy my surfboard was there. Only that all my clothes are everything else was nowhere to be found.

    I had to look for my bag calling all their offices. Since Siargao office had no idea where my bag was. Luckily I found it. It was in the cebu office. So I informed the Siargao OFFICE. Guess what they asked me? WHATS THE NUMBER IN OUR CEBU OFFICE?

    So they got in touch they said they’ll send it the next day, but knowing them I knew it wasnt going to arrive. True enough, when my bag reached surigao so they can send it to Siargao by boat. They missed the last boat going to Siargao…

    I just smile and say, thats what you get for flying cebu pacific!

  104. ok! i was warned just in time…i was just about to book our tickets from macau to manila, but, after all this opinions, i going to find another airline.
    thanks to everbody.

  105. so far, so good. I’ve never been late for my 9am seminars on my cebu pacific flights. usually most of the time i take the 6:45am scheds on the bacolod-manila trips and as always, the plane arrives at the airport at an earlier time.

  106. this is no new news, but it doesn’t make cebu pac’s stupid service any less stupid. when we went to tagbilaran one of my companions’ trolley bags lost one wheel. she was so irated but the cebu pac people were kind enough to say “Sorry, but you did not sign a waiver”. they evern had the guts to say “Baka kasi sirain talaga yung bag niyo” — i mean excuse me, but that bag was a samsonite. and just like that, they absolved themselves of ALL liability. that’s not the worst part. when we came back to manila, the very same bag lost ANOTHER wheel. and the support of one of our bigger luggage was broken. all thanks to cebu pac’s very careful handling. we now nickname the airline company “cebu pac-shet.”

  107. guess what i also had an experience with cebu pacific. Davao – Manila. my flight was around 1:30 pm i think but it was delayed due technical something on the aircraft. so it was moved and moved and moved. Flight was moved to 11:00pm. we were on our way to hongkong that day with one day stop in manila. guess we stop in manila just to take some rest and get up at 4:30 am the next day to fly to hongkong.

  108. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    Cebu Pacific never fails…. how about trying ZEST AIR flights to BACOLOD…

    October 30, 2009, time 10:30am- I called ZEST AIR before I left home because I heard some flights were cancelled due to typhoon somewhere in the south, a girl answered my call, and I ask if my flight with ZEST AIR Z2 330 bound for Bacolod is going to push thru, and proudly answered ” Yes Sir! There are no changes in our flights”…

    11:30 – Two hours before our flight to Bacolod, upon checking-in, Announcement: Passenger bound for Bacolod at 130 with Flight Z2 330 will be delayed, until further announcement. Duhhh?

    1:30 PM Announcement: To all passengers bound for Bacolod with flight no. Z2 330 will be moved at 430 PM, sorry for the delay.

    4:30 PM Announcement: To all passenger of Zest Air Z2 330 please proceed to the counter to claim your snack… Toinks… PANCIT CANTON with BREAD SLICED IN HALF…. CHEAPSTEAK! oist, Sir!… don’t forget your juice… btw, NOT MADE ZESTO! hahahaha!!!

    5:00 Pm Announcement: To all passengers of Zest Air with Flight No. Z2 330 Bound for Bacolod will be moved to 530pm, sorry for the inconvenience, … Ngek!

    I approached the Passenger Service Desk, i asked, if our flight is move at 530pm aren’t we suppose boarding by now… she gracefully answered…. our flight will be moved at 630…

    6:10 pm- HOLDING MY TEMPER: I approached the desk…
    with foreigner people… “aren’t we supposed boarding by now?”
    she replied, ” our flight will be moved at 730PM…”

    after waiting six and half long hours… it was my first time to last that long waiting for my flight… i thought to myself it will never happen again… (ting!) I just bought a round trip ticket…

    days passed…

    November 3 – a day before our flight to Manila, I received a phone call and a text message that our flight VIA the CHEAPEST AIRLINE COMPANY- ZEST AIR will be moved at 440 instead of 340 pm. At least they have the courage to call now…!

    November 4- it was my flight again with the cheapest airline company- no other than ZEST AIR, via Z2 331 at 440…

    I arrived at the airport 40 minutes before our flight, I felt guilty, I should have come earlier… while checking in our bags, someone from the check-in area told us that our FLIGHT WILL BE DELAYED AGAIN FOR AN HOUR!!!





  109. I know we love to save $$$$ but in this case, one must avoid Cebu Pacific at all costs. A few scenarios:

    1. Low-Fares are designed to rip you off when you exceed hand-carry and check-in bags, fees range from $40-65 per bag. If you miss your flight, get ready to pay with penalties & upgrade reaching $70 per segment.

    2. Everything is ala-carteโ€ฆ.meaning if you want water, you have to pay for it. This is literally a flying bus in/out of Philippines.

    3. Paying full-fare means less service. You still treated like a 2nd class citizen no matter what. I asked a flight attendant for water in my Davao-Manila 7 pm flight on 11/07/09, she responded, โ€œSir, you have to buy a bottle. If u really want one, we can give you HOT water with ice for your medicines.โ€

    Some serviceโ€ฆ.huh? Absolutely, the SH*T airline of the world!

    From my Taipei to Manila flight on 10/29/09, I asked for a blanket. Guess what? You have to pay for it as well. Next time, they will charge you to use the rest room or CR plus charge you for the toilet paper or tissue in the CR too.

    Flying Cebu Pacific reminds me of riding a provincial bus and pay for your own food from street vendors that come in when bus stops plus pay for the rest rooms (CR) at each bus stations. This is how Cebu Pacific got their idea!

    One more thing, I booked my Taipei flight locally but didnโ€™t have my US passport in hand. I told them that Iโ€™m US citizen. They charged me P1620 for international pinoy travel punishment tax for not having my passport.

    When I requested a refund after showing my US passport at Terminal 3 office, I was told that I have to go to Travel Tax office in Ermita to get a certificate that cost me P200 plus transportation.

    I did get the certificate to authorize Cebu Pacific to refund and finally received my refund but cost me P500 to get it and half a day. What a F**king joke! They couldโ€™ve just booked my flight as US citizen in the first place & avoid the hassle of getting my travel tax refunded back.

    This is airline is the dumbest airline and 100% F*cking sh*t hole of the airline industry! Cebu Pacific should leave the airline industry and goto provincial bus business model.

    FYI, Kharl at the NAIA terminal 3 sales office is a dumb-ass too! I hated doing itโ€ฆbut I must have called him a F-king dumbshit for not listening to me. He and his company deserved my ranting frustrations. Provincial bus companies are ran much better than Cebu Pacific. I canโ€™t wait to see this airline go into bankruptcy.

    โ€œOne disappointed customer represents 6 others who also are not happy. Those other 6 are just keeping their dissatisfaction a secret from you. One plus six is โ€“ 7.

    We can count on the average disappointed customer to tell at least 9 others. Considering we have 7 dissatisfied customers from the one brave soul who told us we were not up to par, now 7 will tell 9 people each. From easy multiplication, thatโ€™s 63 people who will hear about this negative experience. To keep the calculators away, round this to 64.โ€

    CEBU PACIFIC WILL BE OUT OF BUSINESS SOON! Those promo fares will not pay for the operation fix costs. They need to be OUT OF BUSINESS because they give all airlines a bad name.

    • All of the bad experiences you describe can happen on any full service airline, and most of them HAVE happened to me. My count of international flights with CP now stands at 12, with two more coming up over the next few weeks, and so far the worst thing has been a one hour delay.Even if my next flight with them is a total (non life threatening!)disaster, I will still be ahead.

  110. Good Day Jehzlau,

    Looking for a way to complain about Cebu Pacific lousy service, I found your
    blog which I found very interesting and eye opening.

    I used to fly almost exclusively with them since their creation, for
    the price and
    also for their services (that was a long time ago….) and for their
    good records
    being on time (That was even longer ago…..!!!!!).

    But now I will never fly with them anymore. Beside they being now
    always late, they really
    enerved me a couple of time when they made me check in my cabin
    luggage because it was 9 kg….. They try to push us not to bring
    check-in luggage and then screw us on check-in….

    But the worst was recently when my sister in law and her 5 years old
    daughter were denied boarding their flight (Iloilo – Manila) under the
    pretext that they were late.
    I saw them enter the check-in area 20 minutes before the deadline, so
    if they could not be checked in during those 20 minutes it reflects
    poorly on their services.
    Besides them a third passenger got bumped out, coincidentally, I saw 3
    VIPs being ushered in through a side door……..

    I wrote by e-mail twice to Cebu Pacific asking for clarification, they
    never replied.

    So having decided to never fly with them again, I startedenlooking for
    alternatives and was happy to find beside Zest, that PAL are now
    offering Lite Fares at very similar prices as Cebu Pacific……So
    Long Cebu Pacific….

    Pierre Schwarb

    • You think PAL are better? Once I was flying HK-Manila at 11.00 am. The plane was right there at the gate when I arrived at 10.00 am. Got to 11.10, no boarding, no announcements, so I asked. Thay said there were ‘technical difficulties’ and indefinite delay. I noticed the number of other passengers was very low. I also noticed no evidence of any technicians etc. fixing the ‘technical problem’, no loading of baggage etc. Eventually at 12.30 got a message that the flight was cancelled because the ‘problem’ could not be fixed, but great news : all passengers could be accommodated on the 6 pm flight!! Of course, exactly the same aircraft left that gate at 6pm. All that happened was that they saved money by cancelling the earlier flight because there were so few passengers, and made us wait 7 hours for the next one. And that’s a ‘full service’ airline! At least if you get screwed by Cebu Pacific, you pay less for the privilege!

  111. haayyzzz…. same here its so troublesome, we just got home now here in SG, and just as i was googling on how to file a complaint against cebupac on lost luggage, i ended up here in your blog. airport staff here in sg confirmed that our checked in luggage didn’t arrived in SG. i suspect the fault is with the cebupac(philippines) as the customer service who issued our boarding pass, looks like a beginner and stupid. perhaps he forgot to tag our luggage with sticker.

  112. what a sad experience to all of you guys…… ๐Ÿ™ lucky i’am that i’ve never experience the same with you guys but hopefully i gonna travel less hassle & delays for my future fligths…but for now,i’ve got an idea on what gonna happen next so why to gamble?take other plane instead… flag carrier pa rin ako!MABUHAY…….. ๐Ÿ™‚ thank’s for the info!

  113. Today is Dec. 18, 2009. There’s no way I am taking or even suggest to anybody to take such irresponsible airline. I bought for my sister in September 4, 2009 for Dec. 18, 2009 flying from Taipei to Manila, then Manila to Cebu. My sister is now at Taipei airport and they don’t have her booking because they changed their schedule. The change of schedule was never advised. They changed from 13:55 etd Taipei to 01:25am etd Taipei. What’s worse is the Manila to Cebu connecting flight was gone. My brother is in Cebu Pacific ticketing office now. We’re going to consult a lawyer regarding this. But to save hassles in the future? Never take Cebu Pacific no matter how cheap.

  114. Your info were very well said about the cheapest and unrealiable airline in the country. Not only their flights, it’s also the people behind their operation are full of unrealiable and dishonest individual. They are only after their profits but not the service. I found out that the VP for Sales and Marketing was a former PAL employee who offered a much higher salary of Cebu Pacific. What a shame, instead of getting a fresh one with new ideas, they get an old staff from the leading airline. Knowing that they can get ideas or trade secret from our flag carrier. What a shame.
    Try to talk to their customer service reps, as if you are talking to a nonsense person, don’t even know what they are saying. You can even hear the background transaction of other reps.
    One of the Marketing head of their rival airline commented ” Basta Cebu Pacific Group, China made. ” Meaning low standard of quality, valueless service and unrealiable people.

  115. I don’t mean to start any fights or arguments. Maybe some bad experiences are true, but maybe some are just exaggerated.
    I don’t work with Cebu Pac nor have any involvement with them.
    But I have tried flying with Cebu Pacific 5 times just this year. 3 international Manila-Bangkok RT and 2 Osaka-Manila RT and 2 Manila-Kalibo RT. I have not encountered any problem at all.
    Aside for the fact that the seats are so tight and that my knees felt stuck with the seat in front of me, everything went smooth as how a budget airline should be.
    Why carry excess baggage, when you know you’re flying a budget airline?
    And I guess it is a given, that budget means no service. If you are into service, then fly a regular commercial airline or first class! I aint got moeny for that so I fly Cebu Pac or Air Asia when I travel around Asia.
    However, Im keeping my fingers crossed that my luck with CEbu Pac dont run out. Since I will be traveling for the first time with my two kids on their Seoul – Manila flight.

    • Hi to all,

      Happy New Year!

      I agree with rhyss. I think it’s unfair to blamed all the bad experiences to Cebu Pacific Airlines. I believed these bad things also happened on the other airlines.

      I’ve been flying with CPA since 2005, enjoying their promo fares with my family and friends and I’ve never experienced such bad things. No check-in baggage or without check-in baggage, my flights goes smoothly, no headaches at all… EXCEPT ONE THING THAT FIRES ME UP…. and you know what it is? LATE FILIPINO PASSENGERS! I think they are the reasons sometimes CPA flights we’re delayed… the airlines are very understanding of WAITING them.

      One my friend had a bad experienced with CPA but he admitted that it’s he’s fault and you know what he just told me? Read this:

      I checked-in early but not able to board my flight because of some reason but I manage to board on the next flight but my baggages was checked-in on the flight ahead of what his flying with. The result is I lost my baggage. I’ve waited for an hour to claim it but it seem like it’s lost… and it’s my fault.

      NOW my POINT is sometime we, Filipinos are “TANGA” and since there are people like that, of course, there are people like MARUNONG or smart” or people who took advantage with that situation.

      Oh! one more thing, my flight going back to Cebu just last December 31, 2009 was so funny! And what’s funny with that? There was a guy waiting at the baggage coaster… waiting for his baggage to came out but the problem is he could not even recognized the color of his bags. See how “TANGA” we are sometimes?… or probably he’s one of the smart people who took advantaged of those kind of situations.

      That’s all I can say folks!


      • If you are not getting paid as a PR rep for Cebu Pacific, then perhaps you can copy and paste your response here for submission with your application letter to them?

        After several bad experiences with their HORRIFIC CUSTOMER SERVICE, I will be spending my money elsewhere. A few peso’s extra to deal with a company that can provide professional customer service support is well worth it in the long run.

        As a side note, when my husband followed up with the Malayan “travelsure” Insurance purchased as part of the tickets, he also received ZERO response, so it appears that Cebu Pacific and Malayan Insurance tie up is tarred with the same useless brush when it comes to HORRIFIC CUSTOMER SERVICE.

        It must make us all proud that the second national carrier can act like this with impunity, then partner with Malayan to further cheat fellow countrymen out of money. Well done !!! !

      • CPA- yes they have ups and down, but they are the only one. Iam a freaquent flyier, do you know that there is also a budget airline in middle east, Al-Etihad which you buy ticket and had to buy food inside the plane just like CPA. well that budget airline as they say. What about Pakistan Airline, worst staff service, ang baho pa nang plane nila. Try to take JAL, yes japan airline, my worst experience staff are rude, immigration are exceptional rude to filipinos. Reading bad experience from CPA, is quite far from other airlines of the world. Try riding plane from African countries. Do you know that Boing 707 which were made during 1960 are still flying in domestically. I was in Niger last year, bording a plane in the tarmac, we could not even recognized which plane we have to board. So for me Philippines is far more better that in those countries. but I gree CPA must improve the ground staff – attitude.

    • Seoul-Manila? we just got from Manila-Seoul..and it was horrible flying for the first time with my 1year old daughter and hubby.

  116. Sitting in Saigon, Vietnam for over a week without clothes due to baggage being sent to Hong Kong. Evidently they found it, returned to Manila, but that is useless when I am spending Christmas and New Year in Vietnam!!! What a useless airline, with horrible customer support, and baggage handling people. Pay a little extra and fly on a proper airline, that has proper systems, baggage handling, and customer support.

    Remember there is always a price to pay for being CHEAP, and I am now paying for it…..

    • Yup, that happens on full service airlines too. Just flew CP Bangkok-Manila, my 13th flight with them, again no problem, service was fine, price very low, on time, extra legroom seat guaranteed for a small extra price, brand new plane etc. PAL or Thai would certainly not have been better, and would have been 2-3 times the price.

      • And after a week a normal airline with proper customer service would have at least answered the phone in their Saigon office, and corrected the erroneous transfer of luggage to the wrong airport, but not in this case…. Try and call their Saigon airport office and get someone, anyone, to pick up the phone! Better if they just told me the baggage was completely lost, rather than keep me waiting for it to be sent to Saigon. Maybe it is and they just want to delay the claim? In any case it is absolutely horrific customer service and the only people giving information are the poor “lost baggage desk” people employed by the airport. Cebu Pacific will not even respond to their telex notices….

  117. gusto ko lang po mag complin kasi sa ginawa ng cebu pacific sa akin, kanina yong flight ko pabalik ng bacolod galing maynila at nawala yong bagahe ko, nagreklamo na ako, tinawagan na yong cebu-manila at hinintay ko yong last flight from manila baka pinadala nila yong bagahe ko pro wala pa din, importante yong laman nung bagahe ko at mga papers at gamot ng anak ko andun, phindi nkainum ng gamot yong anak ko0 dahil sa katangahan ng mga staff dyan sa maynila domestic to bacolod..hindi nilagyan ng baggage tag pano ko makukuha yong bagahe ko, sa friday babalik na ako sa hongkong at andun lahat papeles ko…galit na galit ako ngayon!!!!!!!!kelangan gawan nyo ng paraan na hanapin yong bagahe k pra maibalik bukas ng umaga. kasi perwesyo yong ginawa nyo sa akin..

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  119. Since years I fly with Cebu Pacific and until now I had never a problem. Once they had to reschedule a domestic flight in case of a Taifun for unknow time. I asked for cancel the flight. they agreed, arranged my checked-in baggage within 20 minutes, paid back the Terminal Fee and after 6 weeks I also get back the two ticket fees to my credit card. Delays in case of security is always ok. The Seatspace is always better the Ryanair and Easyjet. Cebu Pacific makes a good and secure impression. (New Airplanes, Clean, no damages, etc.)

  120. yah! ur absolutely right! this CEBU PACIFIC really SUCKS!!! they were implementing a strick policy but when it comes to their lapses a BIG WHAT??? their is delayed flights, missing baggage, blah!..blah!..blah!…if your late ur not permitted to board! ok fine! but what about delayed flight??…not only once but several times..yah its unevitable but atleast you should be doin something to payback clients wasted time because of your stupidity!!!

    • I’ve just completed my 20th flight with C.P.,absolutely fine, cheap, extra legroom seat for next to nothing…. The worst thing that’s happened was a one hour delay.If you are going to complain about no free food, than why are you flying with a budget airline? NONE of them give free food! Extra legroom seats are always available, because most people are too cheapskate to pay the little extra.Food is also very cheap if you want it.Suits me fine.

  121. I would like to relate here my experience. I and my friend purchased online tickets using our credit cared about a year ago.
    I received an email stating that the subject cebu pacific flight from Singapore to Clark was canceled and we were rescheduled to the next days flight. We had to refuse as we have already booked PAL flight the next day to cdo.
    We immediatly received a reply that we are entitled for a 100% refund which will be credited to our credit card accounts. We had to purchase Tiger airways to travel to clark the same day.
    I hve been calling them for refund on several occassions i even visited their office and was inform that cebupacific has already credited the refund a week ago to wait to check my statement.
    Its more than a year now .We never got the refund and have now dropped the idea of going behind these guys and wasting more money and time.
    I would like point out here about the article of my friend who lost his baggage and couldn’t claim as he was poor.
    I happen to read the book John L.Gokongwei Jr.(The Path of Entrepreneurship) This guy is the chairman of Cebu Pacific airlines who started his carrier as a peanut seller which her mom
    use to make it at the backyard for their living.
    I think he would have made is money by cheating fellow passenger like you and me.

      • Lately we had not meet any problems with cebu pacific flight- yes of course the staff are bobo indeed, especially in coron were they charge us 100php for every single excess kilo.
        There one time when we went to bacolod, 5 of us, we came early at the terminal-3 to get the sequence seat we need, but to our surprise all seat were taken and the flight were already full. We have to take the next flight which is in the afternoon -to compensate us, they gave us a free round trip ticket valid for one year to any destination in the philippines. Do you guys consider us lucky ?? I think not. Certainly they need to improve the service of thier ground staff…

  122. Yesterday 8th Jan 2010 my girl friends flight from Legaspi to Manila was cancelled and also the flight previous to hers for no apparent reason – the planes apparently never left Manila in the first place as there were none on the tarmac in Legaspi. As a result of this she could not catch a Qantas flight last night to Australia and it has cost me $1250 AUD to rebook her flight for tonight. The Philippines “monkey business” never seems to cease and I am extremely annoyed at this extra cost to me .At this very moment she has a ticket for the Cebu flight at 14.10 and I can only pray that this plane takes off. Also in late Dec 09 I had to cancel 3 itineraries that I had booked with Cebu Pacific approx 7 to 14 days notice being given to Cebu and I was charged p7802 out of p15709 cancellation costs and have to wait up to 120 days to MAYBE see the refund on my credit card. I fully expect to have to chase Cebu for this money as a previous refund due to me in April 09 for approx p1200 was never honoured. FLY CEBU PACIFIC AT YOUR OWN PERIL

    • Whoaa.. watta terrible experience.. tsk tsk tsk… Pero Cebu Pacific won’t mind about it naman. Di tayo papansinin nun. Unless si Bill Gates sasakay sa Cebu Pacific. Hehehe. Pero hindi mangyayari yun eh. Di sasakay si Bill Gates sa cheap at sira sirang plane. hehehe

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  124. THE WORST AIRLINE EVER! they’ll say that their tickets are cheap?! hell, they’re gonna get your money in different ways. No food, not enough space inbetween seats (only built for dwarfs), people will drain your money at the airport palang before you even get on the plane! (this was just last week). THERE’S MORE COMPLAINTS ABOUT THIS HORRIBLE AIRLINE! not giving their money back, cancelling flights and always delayed..etc.

  125. sobra bad trip customer service dyan! nung nawala ung luggage namin. the staff in budget terminal singapore asked us to fill out the same form as above. but walang contact number to follow up? and wala rin kumokontak sakin, d mo alam kung babalik pa ung luggage mo or hindi na. nakakaparanoid. mas kakawa naman ung mga may impt documents sa loob ng luggage, tapos nawala sa katangahan ng CEBU PAC staff. On the positive side, iniisip ko nalang na atleast ung luggage namin na nawala puro delata lang ang laman. walang kuwenta support dyan sa CEBU Pac. you’ll understand and know the feeling kung mangyayari sa inyo ngyari sakin. super BULOK CEBU PAC!!!! bwisit! ayusin nyo service nyo.

  126. hey! i’m a loyal passenger of cebupac for years now because of their unmatchable seat sale. lucky me, i never experience delayed flights in different domestic destination. lahat ng plane nila maayos at bago naman. mas friendly ang FAs nila compared to PAL. also, let us not forget the security in the airport is not from cebu pac, they’re airport personnel. going in and out of airport regardless of airline passengers dumadaan sa security personnel, so i think they’re not from cebu pac.

    • ofcourse I know! did i mentioned that i was one of the first few people who got out of the imgration?
      and to add up, i saw the first luggage that came out of the conveyor up to the last luggage.
      well facinating my luggage didn’t came out so i asked the staff if there are still luggage left.
      staff said all has been unloaded.
      after filling out the CEBU pac form (image above).
      there’s no support call from them?
      sana man lang tulungan ka i trace kung anu na, e wala e bulok nga!
      I hope u wont exprience what i exprienced. if it will (i hope not) i wish you good luck!

  127. many claims and complains against the service of this cebu pacific..what is the government doing to solve this undesirable service of cebu pacific?or our official afraid to impose and sanction to the administration of cebu pacific?

  128. Am a regular pax of CP since 2007. Almost every month meron akong binibili na e-ticket for my parents, siblings, and para s akin na rin during my annual vacation dyan sa atin. So far, i have not experienced what you guys have experienced. Well, tough-luck for me if it happens.

  129. flew these guys a couple of years ago,manilla to bangkok,was 1 hour late departure,hostesses were so sexy,inflight entertainment was great,good flight.on way home flight was good,but cranked the heater up way to hot,or didnt drink enough water.seemed likes the seats were closer together down the back.would fly them again.

  130. Are these people posting negative comments for real? Expecting first class service from a budget airline. Some of these people pay for as low as 50 dollars for a RT international flight or 30 dollars for domestic, and boy they were expecting not to be charged for over weight luggage and worst they want to inconvenient the staff at every possible opportunity. Get real guys, if you cant take shit, then fly commercial airline and if you are swimming in dough, then fly first class.

    • Yeah, it’s for real and you assh0le don’t know what you’re saying because you haven’t experienced what we had experienced! and for your info we’re not expecting a first class treatment but rather for CEBU PAC to take resposibility on our lost luggage and assist us to find or trace it. Problem is they don’t seem to care. I just wish your luggage won’t come out on the conveyor the next time you get to your destination so you’ll know the feelin and experience the superb customer care service of CEBU PAC! Good luck!

      • thanks for wishing me ill will, just came back from Osaka-Manila-Osaka trip. The airconditioning was stuffy, throat felt dry but luckily didnt lost my luggage, coz Im not stupid enough to carry loads of it on a budget airline.
        Service still crappy, but with 180 dollars for 3 pips, I dont think I paid for service, just a plane to get me to my destination.
        On our way back to Oz now, via another reliable budget airline, Jetstar.

      • Ryanne, missing the point still, the point is not about lost luggage per se but all about the lack of customer service when it happens. I hope you have the same attitude/persona upon arrival in Oz when going through customs and immigration. Ah, thought not….

      • Bought a Daihatsu Charade last week and shit! Would you believe it? It wasn’t as good as a Mercedes Benz. Someone above is moaning about a fare which was P1133 (about US$25). Personally I think the fares should be free AND you should get a first class lounge.

      • So Bule, do you have a valid point to make with regard to CUSTOMER SUPPORT levels of CP or just bored doing nothing while siting around at your parent’s house while on the DOLE and want to play troll?

      • Wow! That’s strange. Being on the dole is more likely to be related to poor spelling and grammar (like yours) indicating low intelligence and poor education. The dole is a British thing, I believe; most other nationalities would not recognise the term. Given that I am such a regular user of CP it would seem unlikely that I live in the UK on the dole to most people with above average IQs.

      • Is there some medicine one can take to treat Australian trolls?

        Now back to the subject of CP and poor customer service levels…..

      • Well, sorry that some people disagree with you. In future make it clear that you only want people to tell you how right you are.

  131. Cebu Pacific offers 50% discount on all domestic and international flights in February for June-December 2010 flights. For a person who takes advantage of promos, I found this advertisement misleading and deceiving.

    Days before the promo I checked the domestic flights. It was 1,130 Pesos for one-way ticket. The next day, I received the promo notice, I was enticed because it would half the price of the original price. But NO!!! When I tried booking it today to be included in the 50% discount promo, it would cost me 1,133 Pesos. More expensive than the original price I was suppose to book few days ago. So I checked the full rate…it’s 2,266 Pesos for one-way?!?! So CEBU PACIFIC doubles the price and then, offers 50% discount believing that gullible customers would purchase 50% off tickets, that are actually 100% full rate tickets!

    What is that all about?

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  133. I had my Holiday at Boracay to relax and have fun. Last December 21, 2007 I really had a stressful experience due to Cebu Pacific Airlwaysโ€™ poor service. I had my ticket check in at Davao International Airport Davao to Cebu connecting Cebu to Kalibo. I requested the check-in counter personnel to have my ticket checked through so that when I arrive at Cebu, I wouldnโ€™t have to check in again for my luggage. However, the said personnel told me I couldnโ€™t t be checked through allegedly since I had a split ticket. I questioned them why I couldnโ€™t be checked through since im taking the same airline flight. I had experienced traveling with Philippine Airlines (PAL) with connecting flight that although I have a split ticket, they were able to check through my ticket. On my flight back to Davao last December 24, 2007,I was at the kalibo airport at 10:00 am flight since my flight schedule was 2:20pm that day. I made sure to check in early as I could foresee that Dec. 24 is a peak season so that in case of any delay or abberation Cebu Pacific could find ways and remedies to ensure my arrival at Davao City on the same day. This was so important
    since I am supposed to grace in the christmas party with my staff and clients. Upon checking in, I was informed by Cebu Pacific that my Kalibo to Cebu flight is postponed from 2:20pm to 4:30 pm.Hence. I informed the check-in counter personnel that I have
    a flight from Cebu to Davao at 4:30 pm. I remember Mr. Boiser , the check in manager of Cebu pacific in Davao, had advised me that in case of delay cebu pacific would not be liable since I had a split ticket. Hence, I immediately asked the check in counter clerk that I wished to talk with their manager to assist me . I was able to talk to the Kalibo station officer Mr. Julian Rabe Jr. I demanded that they assist me to insure my arrival at Davao the same day since I had some very important engagements. Unfortunately, Mr.Rabe
    just told me that all flights are fully booked and the best thing they could offer is to waive the rebooking fee. Then he left and told me he had to go to Caticlan airport. After nearly an hour, I went back at the check in counter and ask for any officer to entertain me. I had talked to Mr. Juded Aureo and I inquired about the status of my flight whether I could connect to Davao or what assistance that they could offer. Nevertheless, he
    just told me that I had already talked to the station manager. I had observed that the staff of Cebu Pacific in Kalibo did not exert any ounce of effort to attend to my predicament. I was so agitated about this lack of professionalism and the poor quality of service I was afforded by the personnel of this airline company. Only then I realized why my friends kept on advising me not to fly with Cebu Pacific . Then, I was so
    hopeless that I had to call up my staff to signify that I couldnโ€™t make it in the the party. I waited for my flight to cebu. At 4:30 pm, I finally boarded at the flight for Kalibo-Cebu. When I arrived at Cebu, I checked with airphilippines flight cebu to davao if I can catch up since I was informed by my staff theres a flight of airphile to davao. When I approach the Airphil counter, they luckily informed me that they had one (1)slot available. I was really amazed about the way airphilippines ground crew assisted me to secure a ticket to Davao.
    Cebu Pacific staff in cebu never assisted me. I was just inform by one of the staff that my ticket cannot be refunded because it is piso fare. I realized I was fooled by this cebu pacific promo. I was duped by the marketing scheme of cebu pacific flaunting about cheap fare when the truth is, Philippine Airlines and Airphil have cheaper fares. Pal and Airphil are not just aggressive with their marketing.with this I wish to express my warmest gratitude to the staff and crew of Airphilippines . Without their rescue, I wouldnโ€™t be home for Chistmas. Thanks Peter Siasu

    • No budget airline will check your baggage through to a secondary destination, that is one of their conditions. Same with Airasia, Tiger, Ryanair, you name it. They also tell you that they have no responsibility for any connecting flight, that is also one of their conditions. It is all stated in the conditions of service. The reduced service is one reason why their fares are low. Have you never missed a connecting flight because a full-service airline flight was delayed? I certainly have.

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  135. I’ve been flying with them too for so many years, but now i experienced the things that they were telling.. CP staff took my luggage at the boarding area and gave me claim stub, but when we reached Ho chi min airport my luggage was a no- show missing , lost whatever. I tried my best to contact all the possible numbers that they post on their website but could not get through to them. Email the lost and found that Vietnam airport gave us and yet no reply.
    Yes you are right we hope you will not experience the same things that we had. Now my valuable things were gone!
    I hope CP can still sleep soundly letting people suffer from lost of valuable belongings due to unsecured, poor management!

    • It is obviously a matter of luck, as I have now flown with them more times that I can remember (at least 20) with no problems at all. A couple of pieces of advice which may have helped the above problem :
      1. Don’t be one of those people who try to carry on a bag which is way bigger than the limit in order to save the few extra pennies they charge for a check-in bag.This happens on budget airlines all the time now, and is ridiculous.
      2. Pay the extra few pennies for insurance which is offered on the website, then at least you are covered if things are lost.

      However, I agree that trying to contact budget airlines is very difficult if anything happens. You get what you pay for, why do people think that rule should not apply for airlines? Personally I have saved thousands of dollars by flying with airlines like C.P. over the years and had almost no problems with it. If they lose my bags on all of my next 5 flights I will still be in profit!!

      • People still don’t get it. The problem most have is getting proper customer support, or any customer support at all, especially when overseas. The person above will not get any feedback from Cebu Pacific at all with her lost bags, and if lucky the poor lost baggage people at HCMC might give her some good news if the bag is found. Even if found there will be zero chance Cebu Pacific will send it over to HCMC and they will need to pick it up on the return to Manila. All through this they will need to buy everything from clothes to any medications that may have been in the lost baggage, and pray that nothing irreplaceable was included, not any important documents pertaining to something like employment. As for insurance thepeople offering this on the CP site are as bad as Cebu Pacific themselves, and spending money with Malayan is akin to using the money as toilet tissue and flushing down the CR. Don’t expect any customer service from Malayan, who are a one way money transfer black hole.

        So we are not talking about saving money here, or how many bags you can afford to lose with them based on savings, but the INCONVENIENCE of such a loss, and TOTAL LACK OF CUSTOMER SUPPORT in any size, shape, or form!

      • Personally, I DO get it! No-one with any sense puts valuable or irreplaceable items in check-in luggage. If CP or any other airline lost my luggage it would cost me a few hundred dollars to buy new clothes for that trip. The fares with CP and other budget carriers are so low that I have saved thousands of dollars compared to so-called ‘full-service’ airlines (and so far, touch wood, had no trouble at all). Thus my comment that they could lose my luggage (and give me zero customer service) on all of my next five flights and I would still be well in profit. But of course if you don’t want to risk it and can’t stand the reduced service, don’t fly with them!Pay double or triple the fare with a full-service carrier. In the same way, if you are buying a TV and you go for the cheap Chinese one instead of the expensive Japanese one and it turns out to be a piece of crap, would you flood the internet with complaints about it, or would you accept that you took on that risk to save money?

      • well said!!!
        if you try to cheat the airline by carrying an over sized carry on luggage, knowing how cheap you paid for your fare. And now you expect a good service?
        Simple rules to riding a budget airline, follow the rules strictly and chances are you’ll have a hassle free experience.

      • You get it as good as any shill of Cebu Pacific does. This is not a bean-counter profit and loss, black and white, mornonic simplistic argument, but one that is letting the public understand the complete lack of customer support by a supposedly professional organization when baggage gets lost. If the airline cannot provide adequate customer service on check in baggage then they should not offer this option or service at all. Conceptually this is really not a difficult thing to understand, if a service is provided there are certain expectations associated with adequate delivery of that service, and when there is a problem there should be some customer service to assist in a getting an adequate resolution. In the case of CP there is absolutely no customer support in the case of lost baggage on overseas flights. Any logical, intelligent and sensible thinking person really cannot put up any argument to the contrary.

      • wow big words, yay to you for being very intelligent and sad sad me for being such a moronic guy. At least, I never lose any luggage coz I have all the right travel sense.

      • Apparently like a shark in a feeding frenzy in your argument to the contrary?

        I personally have not lost luggage as well, but I know several people who have, and the significant inconvenience and stress it caused when they could not even contact any CP customer support representative to get any form of resolution what so ever. I am trying to stay with the facts, rather than slipping to emotions, and the fact is that the general public needs to be made aware of this issue!

        Happy days for you….

  136. so far hindi pah naman akoh nawalan ng gamit sah cebu pacific ang pinaka hate koh lang is delayed parati yung flight… savagay Filipino owned business e2 divah, kaya cguro 22o yun saying nah ang mga pinoy eh lostly late… buti nah lang di akoh parating late kasi may mukhang indian akoh…

    • At NAIA there are security guards who usually ask you for your baggage tag to prove you have not taken the wrong bag, but sometimes this does not happen. However, these guards are employed by NAIA, not by any airline, and so it would be just as easy to steal a bag from a passenger on any other airline. I don’t see how you can blame Cebu Pacific for that!! Same at all other airports, airlines do not provide that security; if it is provided at all it is the responsiblity of the airport. If anyone cares, I just took my total CP flights above 30 (Singapore -Manila then Manila- Saigon) and again, no problems at all, very cheap, very comfortable, reasonable service.

      • How much do Cebu Pacific pay you for defending them in this blog site? i noticed that you really work hard in replying to all the rant here. Regarding your speculation on luggage theft, this is the reason why we want something like an after sales service…. atleast some CP hotline we can call up to help us locate/trace our luggage. is it too much to for CP to provide?

      • Indirectly, they pay me plenty. With the amount of travelling I do their low fares have saved me a fortune. They also allow thousands of Filipinos the opportunity to fly which they otherwise couldn’t afford. What is your actual POINT? Do you dispute that it would be easy to walk off with someone else’s luggage from a carousel at most airports, irrespective of the airline?

      • hello? can’t you get it? regardless of the content of your luggage, they should help their passenger to locate their luggage! coz we ride with them! that’s the point! and about the calculation thing. what i mean was nothing can replace the priceless things you got in your luggage. common don’t you bring you fav stuffs along when you go out? oh i get it. maybe u only bring trash stuffs when you go out of the country… or wait maybe im wrong, perhaps you always go for “go-lite”. now i understand why you defend them so much.

      • No, I always check my bag in. I hate those cheapskates who try to carry on a giant backpack to save the couple of dollars check-in charge. What priceless things? I’m going on holiday, I carry clothes which can be easily replaced. But the answer is simple : if you want better service, pay 2-3 times the fare with a so-called ‘full service’ carrier.Personally, I have always found the service to be not great, but satisfactory, and certainly well worth the price. Sorry that you don’t like people to disagree with you.

      • Stop babbling about the low fare stuff or bringing cheap replacable items like yours. People who complain here doesn’t ask for “FULL”, “GREAT”, or either “BETTER” service. We just need CP’s assistance for our lost luggage because (ill repeat, regardless if it was stolen or delayed or lost!) it’s their duty to provide it. (provide it even alteast in a SATISFACTORY LEVEL).

        You side with CP because you haven’t experienced the “BELOW SATISFACTORY LEVEL” we had experienced. and FYI… this is the reason that’s why this blog was created in the place. So go somewhere else’s blog, where they put CP in a pedestal for their Great LOW fare!

      • Trying to point out the core argument to Bule is akin to beating your head against a brick wall, or getting any sort of positive customer support from CP on lost baggage, basically useless.

        Clearly Bule is a PRO CP person who is blinded by his job description and employer, likely to be CP itself. Bule will attempt to twist the argument around, then put in the line “Sorry that you donโ€™t like people to disagree with you”, then pick on spelling or grammar, or any other kiddie tactic to endeavor promoting a positive face to CP. Bet he cannot help to reply to my comment here too!

      • But not for a plane ticket! OK, sorry. It’s clear you guys can’t stand alternative opinions, so I’ll say no more. Of course they didn’t have the internet in Stalin’s day …..

      • I do not honestly believe that you will give up the job as CP number one shill, but will more likely transform into a new user name going on with the same ranting, and totally missing the point about customer service that many keep reminding you about. If you could actually understand the topic on customer service then you would have a better chance of sustaining an argument to the contrary of the majority on this site. PS, I types this really slowly just for Bule to understand. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • You ‘types this really slowly’ but you still can’t get it right. What did you lose with your bag? Ladybird Reading Book 1A? Duh!!

      • “then pick on spelling or grammar”… LOL you are just so easy, even when it is pointed out before you actually react!

        Read above Mr. Bule… May 20th, 2010 at 11:37 am

        I know people who have lost bags with CP and had no recourse with customer support, but do not fly on the airline myself.

        Apparently comprehension is not one of your strong points?

        Now back to your main job as a shill….. oh, forgot yo comment on the retarded development bit… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Wow, you’re remarkably bitter for someone who never even flew with them! I trust you told your friends ‘yo gets what yo pays for’.

      • In stating I do not fly with CP does not mean that I have never flown with them, but if it suits your twisted argument then who am I to contradict a learned person such as Bule.

        I constructively suggest that you consider Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for your obvious compulsive disorder before CP terminates your employment contract as their #1 shill….

      • Yeah, right. Can we have the ‘I typed this slowly’ gag again please? You’ve only used it twice (on this thread) and I’m missing it.

  137. Indirectly, they pay me plenty. With the amount of travelling I do their low fares have saved me a fortune. <= cut the crappy shit. the low fare they give is not enough for the lost luggage.

    They also allow thousands of Filipinos the opportunity to fly which they otherwise couldnโ€™t afford. <== yah, that’s y the title of this Blog is “The Cheapest AND MOST UNSECURED Airline company”. and i think you are hanging on a wrong blog site.

    What is your actual POINT? <== read carefully and understand other people’s experience.

    Do you dispute that it would be easy to walk off with someone elseโ€™s luggage from a carousel at most airports, irrespective of the airline?<== that’s a one possibility but not an excuse. CP should provide help in at least tracing what happened to our luggage(whether it was stolen or delayed), and not just swept the problem under the rug.

    • Depends on what’s in the luggage. If you check in something valuable or irreplaceable, you must be stupid. If they lost my bag (which they’ve never done in more than 30 flights) it would cost me a few hundred dollars to replace the clothes. The low fares have saved me thousands. By my math, the low fares are worth several lost bags. Only one airline ever lost my bag, that was Cathay Pacific and I got precious little compensation from them.

  138. You are obviously not getting the point. What we are saying is for CP to take care of our baggage. and if something happens to it, may it be valuable or not, we expect them to take responsibility and provide us the right information of who to contact through phone and email to report the problem. And not give us the email address and phone number where no one’s going to respond. Sure its existing, BUT we need someone to answer our questions and inquiry and compaints and not just an automated reply. That’s the point that you are missing. We do not want to argue with you with what you have not experienced with CP. because i’m sure, there’s no way of getting through you since you have not lost anything yet.

    • I take your point. As I said, only Cathay Pacific (one of the best regarded airlines in the world) ever lost my luggage. Although I got plenty of apologies and tut-tuts etc, the end result was the same : they never found my bag and I got next to no compensation. The large majority of lost bags are taken from the carousel, and when that happens no airline is going to be able to get it back. Maybe you would feel more comfortable if the airline showed some sympathy, but it would be unlikely to make any real difference. As a matter of interest, did any of you who lost your bags with CP pay for the optional insurance?

  139. Hi,just found your web-site when i google something and wonder what web hosting do you use for your website,the speed is more faster than my wordpress, i really need to know it.will back to check it out,thank you!

  140. hi just want to know if somebody out there knows how much is the fare to cebu from cotatabo? im having hard time to searched it..grrrrrrrrrrrr help me!

  141. hi i just read your blog. We’ll be going to cebu next yr and its our first time to ride cebu pacific airlines. I’m just curious, where was your luggage lost? Now I’m worried about my own luggage in the future. Though we actually availed of the travelsure insurance, I still want to be sure that my belongings will still be ok once we head back home. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • no worries. be positive ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s not like luggages got lost always. I never experience it. just make sure when you landed on your destination, be wary of your checked-in baggages. some airport security don’t check the stickers. and of course, don’t include your valuables inside.

  142. Travelsure through Malayan is just a waste of money and if your baggage ever gets lost you can expect about the same level of customer service as CP, basically nothing. Good luck if you ever try to make a claim! Better to donate the money to red cross or salvation army and at least it will do something useful.

    It would be easy to assume that no one ever made a successful claim from Malayan through travelsure since they will never help you when something goes wrong. Complete waste of effort with insurance payment comes to mind….. Best to just hand carry and avoid the REGULAR lost or delayed baggage with CP.

    Great airline if nothing goes wrong!

    Dear Bule, fully expecting you to chime in as the resident CP shill!

    • No, I only comment on matters of which I have knowledge. CP have never lost my bags (in 30+ flights) and I have never needed to claim from the insurance, so I know nothing about the likely outcome. And neither do you!

      • What can I say, like a puppet on a string…..

        Now can you please provide evidence that you have flown 30 times with CP, and that I know nothing about any outcome from travelsure/malayan insurance claims, or their customer support services.

        Hot air again I see, with your anger rising with every word that you read on this slowly typed response. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ah, the ‘slow typing’ gag again. That’s a hat-trick (on this forum; no doubt it can be found on any number of others). You already said that CP never lost your bags, and if you had direct knowledge of dishonoured insurance claims you would surely have said so before. Let me guess, you ‘know people who…..’ I think politicians should follow your lead in debates and predict that the opposition will reply, and then say ‘like a puppet on a string’ when they do. It’s SO clever!

      • Ha ha ha, poor widdle Bule, still a dedicated shill of CP. Any more cards you show me before the game is over?

        Now where is that proof again? Na, thought so, nothing but hot air from a dancing shill puppet of CP.

        Take a break, take a deep breath, then exhale some more of that hot air.

      • Aha, another genius move. Ask for proof of something which could not possibly be provided, and then claim victory! Move over Barack Obama, there’s a new kid on the block.

      • You are such a force to be reckoned with ……. LOL

        Seriously ……. pull your head out of your butt once in a while and smell the fresh air of reality.

        You may surprise yourself and come up with something intelligent to say?

        You are an admitted liar.

        The ONLY thing one brings to a message board is their word. Otherwise, why should we believe in anything you say here?

        Your word is forever tainted my little urchin!

      • OK, you lost the plot, so I won’t say any more. No-one would want you to have a seizure or anything like that.

      • So you want to pull the plug on this thread just when we are starting to have some fun? Don’t be so mean to old ladies …..

        Oh, it just struck me, perhaps you are taking this all far too seriously, got scared and are now going to run away like a poodle with tail between it’s legs !


  143. loosen up guys ๐Ÿ™‚ . booked several flights from them until next year. love love their sale…still unbeatable!

    • Sincerely hope that you do not experience any problems that require any sort of customer service, beyond a smiling attendant or desk clerk showing you which way to walk, and where to sit, otherwise you will soon change your tune.

      Bule, come on little faggot, throw in a reactionary “comment”.

  144. i think an educated person with high morale would not do this one. There are things which happen beyond human’s control and i don’t think cebu pacific has to be blamed for everything that you have experienced. Ceb pac has been trying their very best to give out promos, that is for the benefit of the people who would want to save at the same time, fly to their chosen destinations. Their employees were always asked to adhere on the standard service and i don’t think that a negligence(if there really is) of one person is a fault of the entire company. no matter how progressive a company is, each individual is created uniquely by God with varied beliefs and actions. If you fly often times, the more that you should know that delays could happen to any other airline because we are not God, we can’t control everything such as weather conditions. Besides, did you bother to know the reason of the delay? because you didn’t include that in your blog, i just noticed. well, goodluck to you.may you move on with that experience, let go of it, because you are just ruining yourself, with that presence of rage. you think you are ruining the name of the company?? the company is well- established already,majority of the people have been expressing their gratitude over the services ceb pac has been giving them. i will just pray for you. Godbless

    • I humbly disagree and see no reason why there should not be public discussion on a company that does not provide the expected customer service when problems arise.

      It is the cover up of problems that breeds contempt just like the recent blow up on pedophile priests around the world.

      Should we sweep this under the carpet as well like the church has been doing for decades??

      Hide everything behind the name of god and all will be happy….. NOT.

      The internet and forums such as this provide a valid mechanism for individuals to raise their concerns when they have not been provided an adequate avenue through normal process.

      To indicate such a forum should not exist and close the avenue of individual expression is tantamount to censorship of the highest degree, and a blow to civil liberties.

      Please continue praying, but I suggest it should be directed towards those who really need some help, like the poor victims of priests, the starving of this world, those victims of war and conflict, or perhaps even yourself to be blessed with the ability of higher level individual thought.

      • first, i did not say that there should not be any public discussion on your concern with cebu pacific. I don’t know where you got that. I said: n educated person with high morale would not do this one. why did i say that?

        well, there were lots of filthy words which you have mentioned, inviting the snatchers to go to naia 3 to get bags which they do not own?saying that it is already a free gift from cebu pacific?If the snatchers have read your blog, you have helped them a lot. i am not inventing things in here, peruse you paragraph:

        So a message to all snatchers and those who plan to steal โ€œJust head on to Cebu Pacificโ€™s arrival area and claim as much free stuffs as you want. Youโ€™ll never whats inside until you open it. Enjoy your free gifts from Cebu Pacific. All you have to do is to choose a bag that you want, then remove the label. Once you removed the label, you can freely claim it as your baggage! Yep! So easy eh? So if you are planning to grab some stuff thatโ€™s not yours without anyone noticing you, just proceed to Cebu Pacific Arrival Area, NAIA 3. You can also get inside even if youโ€™re not a passenger because security guards outside will not ask you for a ticket or any verification that you are a passenger. Just tell them that you left something inside. Wait until the automatic baggage handler turns on. Once it has turned on, the passengers can then claim their baggages. The baggages will be put randomly in the baggage handler, then just pick the bag that you want. Once you have the bag of your choice, you can get it and put it in your push cart. Once you have it in your push cart, itโ€™s 100% yours!

        second, i agree that it should not be taken under the carpet. and that event in the church? i am a born again christian though.

        third, in your response, you seemed to care for those who really need some help, like the poor victims of priests, the starving of this world, those victims of war and conflict, while in you heart you have that rage wanting to explode and revenge? after all, why did you make such comments i do not see any other motive/ intention. but anyway, i have been praying for those, that is given already and need not to be reminded.

        fourth, since you love public discussion, yeah it is all right to narrate what happened to you but to give out those filthy comments and insulting the company seemingly appear unnecessary. and yes, this is a public discussion, i just posted a reply and as you said “you humbly disagree”. i do understand. well i just pointed that the entire cebu pacific should not be blamed if you had that encounter with the employees. remember the law of mathematics? a part does not represent the whole.

        fifth, you said:”or perhaps even yourself to be blessed with the ability of higher level individual thought” my reply: what do you exactly mean by higher individual thought? is it seen by the degree you have gotten? by the filthy and insulting words you said? on how well you answer every comments on your blog? Well, as for me, a high individual thought is not seen by the things i have mentioned, it involves the heart of a person, it has passion, a person who has that high individual thought does not become reactive. Covey said in his book, “7 habits of highly effective people”: we cannot control the situations in our lives, but we can control one thing, that is our reaction towards it. it is either you become pro-active or reactive. what are you then? that experience of yours has already transpired. st. Paul even said, press on, and see what lies ahead.

        lastly, it was as if you were saying that i am not blessed with higher individual thought.

        by the way you are talking to a 20 yrs old woman, who finished a bachelor of science major in nursing, took and passed the nursing licensure examination at the age of 19, currently a flight attendant of the company which you have just insulted. and yes, this is one of my hobbies, to read comments about cebu pacific, i am not being paid for this nor does the company know about this, but i am proud to say that i have that heart, that is the reason why i am doing this. and with that don’t you worry because i won’t copy every insulting word you said in your blog and i won’t report you to the company either because i don’t want you to be suit, with the case of libel. perhaps, this may be my last response, let go of your experience, and respect everyone!

        thank you very much, Godbless.

      • People are entitled to complain if they have real cause, but the original post in this thread was over the top, and parts of it seem invented. A three hour delay : yes, that can happen with any airline. Receiving little information about the delay? Yes, that nearly always happens, with every airline. One lost bag? Again, any airline. Nine lost bags, off the same flight which was delayed 3 hours? No, I don’t buy that one. How does the poster know that another bag-loser later got a call from the person who accidentally took his bag? Did these nine unfortunates swop details and keep in touch? Sounds unlikely in the extreme. In all my air travels I can recall only one airport terminal where there has EVER been a security guard checking bag tags, and that was NAIA Terminal 3 Manila (i.e. the Cebu Pacific terminal)! At least we got a very useful picture of the lost baggage claim form! Of course other airlines would not ask you to fill in a form if your bag was lost…….

      • Rachelle, you raise some valid points in your discussion, and also working for the company perhaps you can be a resource to the people reading this blog. It is also wonderful that you provided us with a summary of your life story., I am sure that your mother and Jesus are both proud of your accomplishments.

        Rage and revenge are not in my motivations and only a perception of yours, but hey, if htat is whow you want to see my comments then fine, it is a free world (most parts anyway).

        Please tell us what is the contact person email, and phone number for when baggage gets lost on an international flight and the person is stuck in a foreign city with no clothes or personal effects other than what they may have been lucky to include in their carry on baggage. Based on experience from someone close to me there was absolutely no avenue in CP customer service to get this resolved, and the travelsure through Malayan insurance was almost as bad, responding about ONE MONTH AFTERWARDS and so bad that the person gave up on trying to get any sort of compensation at all.

        A contact number was provided by the helpful lost and found airport personnel, but NO ONE EVER ANSWERED. Calling the monkeys assigned at call centers proved also a complete waste of time, being placed on hold for extended periods before being disconnected, all while paying international call rates.

        You see, my complaint is with the CUSTOMER SERVICE of CP that originates from mistakes made by ground handling staff. Don’t get me confused with the blog owner here who has his own experiences and issues with CP.

        As far as telling your superiors about this site and the complaints here, I think that would be a great idea and I would encourage you to do so. If they wish to take legal action based on the comments made , it would also be welcome, since it would indicate that they are no longer interested to improve service levels but rather suppress another form of media.

        God loves everyone, except for Bule, who still cannot understand the core argument.

      • Rachelle, you raise some valid points in your discussion, and also working for the company perhaps you can be a resource to the people reading this blog. It is also wonderful that you provided us with a summary of your life story., I am sure that your mother and Jesus are both proud of your accomplishments- yeah and i wasn’t supposed to say that only after you, saying that i didn’t have high individual thought???

        Rage and revenge are not in my motivations and only a perception of yours,- all right if you say so.Well, good for you. I am also sorry for mistaking you with the blog owner of the post.

        i am a flght attndant and those do not fall under our department, However, we do endorse our passengers to the ground staff correctly if he/she has other concerns. i dnt exactly know what happened btwn u and our grnd staff.i just hope you did not humiliated him?

        i don’t know if that’s really the manner you talk, you just called our call center agents, monkeys? i feel blessed that i was not raised that way. your attitude seemingly drives out my patience and i would like to close this cnversation. Godbless

        nway, God loves everyone, no exemption my friend. God loves you bule.

      • Actually the call center agents cannot be human how they act, surely, hence the derogatory referral as “monkeys”. You could substitute any animal of your preference with an IQ/EQ less than 15 with the word “monkey”.

        Even if the areas of concern I raise are outside your departmental function, you as a self nominated spokesperson for CP are surely in a better position than us mere mortals to find the right department within the organization and notify them accordingly, out of your duty to Jesus to improve the world.

        I appreciate your advice regarding humiliating ground staff, but this would be very unlikely, since I am an old woman, and do not fly with CP. I do however have people close to me that have experienced many troubles when dealing with CP, particularly on customer support, and I have taken it upon myself to verbalize their misfortune on this particular blog.

        I woulds sincerely like to thank you for your time and effort in presenting your opinion and letting us know what a wonderful and loyal employee you have become of CP, what a blessed life you live as a disciple of Jesus Christ, and your major accomplishments academically in your short life young lady. Lets all pray that with time you can gain some wisdom to add to your personal attributes. Perhaps CP should employ you in their customer service department to deal with lost baggage complaints?

        In closing, if god loved Bule he would have given a better head to think with, so then it logically must mean that god does not love him/her/it.

        God bless everyone except for Bule.

      • Normal old women don’t call people ‘faggots’ just because they had an alternative opinion. If you are really elderly and female than you must have a few screws loose. Rachelle and Angel are clearly Filipinas. CP is a Filipino airline, and the large majority of passengers are Filipino, even on international flights. CP allows thousands of Filipino workers to travel home to see their families at affordable prices, in exchange for a lower level of service. If one or two foreigners who could have afforded to pay full cost airline prices aren’t happy about it, tough. You are not their customer base. I too can afford to pay full prices but I see no need to since CP have always given me good service, and I daresay I have flown with them more times than any of the rest of you (except for Rachelle, of course!). Oh well, at least my mother loves me …… (you’re not my mother, are you??)

      • Of course there are able minded women who have an opinion, even if you avoid them in your particularly dull life due to your deep psychological disorders. Just because god did not bless you with a properly working brain does not mean that all older females must have a screws loose, other than in your warped thought process.

        Stating the mission of CP in your response is a pretty dumb ruse to divert the course discussion from POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE once a problem arises. Does it matter if I am a direct customer or not, if that is a circumstance that you can comprehend! Likewise does it matter if I am old or a female, or what hair color I have? Would it give more weight to my comments if I have less grey hair, or indeed no hair completely?

        Some people in this world appear to have been hatched, and Bule, you perfectly fit that personality type. Now stand in the corner and be silent for fifteen minutes while you contemplate how to apologize to those people you frustrate on this blog with your BOANG comments.

        God bless the whole world, including Rachelle Anne Lim Suarez in Pulpogan, Consolacion, but still with the exception of Bule.

      • Didn’t say a word about ALL women, young or old. Just YOU. Not ‘those people’. Just YOU. ‘Have a screws loose’? You’re calling ME dumb? You are semi-literate at best.You accuse the CP customer service operatives of being monkeys with IQs less than 15 (even though they are just doing their (low paid) jobs to the best of their ability under adverse circumstances), but at least they made it into double figures, unlike yourself. I think you are spending too much time on this forum. Comparing lost bags and delayed flights to child abuse? You sound like a gibbering idiot.You should devote more of your attention to the numerous other cyber arguments you are no doubt embroiled in to spice up your sad life.

      • The more you blow hot air Bule, the more the world feels sorry for what you have become. A poor failed miserable mentally unbalanced person who get’s perverse enjoyment insulting the frail and weak of society.

        Contrary to what you think, it is you who needs to get a life, and do something productive with your time to support your dependents rather than engaging in a lop sided debate here.

        Clearly reading through other responses to your posts, the majority of people insinuate that you are “thick” by not understanding the point of discussion. I personally have a different view which leads along a path of deep psychological problems which need immediate medical attention.

        Have you ever considered a frontal lobotomy, or electric shock treatment? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


      • The fact that you equate this little forum with ‘the world’ tells a tale. YOUR world may revolve around petty online disputes, but most others have a life.

    • Just completed three more CP flights : Singapore-Cebu, Cebu-Clark, Manila-Saigon. Must be nearly 40 flights now. Everything fine as usual, on time, comfortable extra legroom seats, very cheap, acceptable service. Unfortunately they don’t fly Saigon-Singapore so I’ll have to use Tiger, who are not as good.

    • Lucky you, just like us family, we took CP on many occassion, boook our flight in a 6 month ahead, so as we get the ticket. We just did our manila-bangkok flight and lucky as I said no problem. Reading this forum, we made sure that all our bags are properly tag in color that we can spot it right away.

      Just plain luck siguro kaya wala pa kaming problem with CP

  145. Sad for anyone to loose baggage.All said and done Cebu pacific should be responsible.Baggage Lost and Found Department of Cebu pacific Manila is a total Mess.Go on Check it out.The pile up.Do any of your valid customer have any hope of getting back their found baggage!or one lie after another.Then its a Sorry!I’ll do my best to foward your baggage.Its a never ending story.Wake up Cebu Pacific and Deliver those Baggage to which ever part of the world your valid customer comes from.

    • Yes, I really agree Mr. Paul with what you post. I experience it myself. I was a tenant of one of the Robinson Mall and I lost big amount of money in dealing with such company. Personnels are not equipped with proper etiquette in dealings with the people who patronize their business. Totally a mess.

      • Hi real,
        Pls allow me to relate my experince with CP (the John Gokongwei’s co) I had booked my 2 return tickets about 2 years ago with CP Sing/Manila/Sing online. 2 days prior to my departure date i recived an email from CP stating the the subject flight is cancelled and we were scheduled for following day flight by CP.We refuse to accept as our transit PAL flight to Davao was an immediate connection.
        CP then,replied that we are entitled for full refund asit was flight cancellation..
        Its almost 2 years past but we got no refund.All our efforts failed even my personal visit to the CP office.
        Its so sad i would spend this money to buy a laptop if i had not chosen CP.
        So I made a wise chocie by selecting PAL for all my future flights..

      • I once booked PAL HK-MNL-HK. The flight was due to leave HK at 11am. I arrived at the gate at 10am and there was the plane already at the gate, so I thought great, on time. However it got to 10.45, then 11.00, then 11.15, no announcement of delay, no info at all. It was also noticeable that only a very small number of passengers had arrived for the flight. Eventually, after going to the reps at 11.30 to ask what was happening, there was an announcement saying that the 11.00 flight was cancelled due to ‘technical problems’, but great news : we could all be accommodated on the 6pm flight!!You can guess the rest : at 6pm we all boarded the same plane which had been sitting there all of that time, with no sign of any technicians repairing anything. Quite obviously, they had cancelled the 11am flight simply to save money because there were not enough passengers, so they made us wait 7 hours for the next flight. This is just to illustrate that you can be treated shabbily by ANY airline. At least with CP you get treated shabbily for a bargain price!!

  146. This is very aweful. I experienced a long time wait with Cebu Pacific too. Scheduled 9am in the morning but plane took off at around 5pm. Tsk. I forgot the details. Your experience is very aweful. They do really suck. Tsk.

  147. I’m a pretty preoccupied backpacker and need to admit that I’m anal about my equipment. If there is one nuance that I highly dislike, it is when my tools break. This is why I always buy quality equipment to gear myself up and be prepared for most anything the dusty trail throws at me.

  148. Cebu Pacific lost my baggage in favor of somebody else. They are not answering my calls nor giving me any feedback so I am building this site to let them know that big companies cannot just bully small people like us… at least not without a fight.

  149. yes! cebu facific is most unsecured airlines regardless of baggage, i was also a victim of losing my baggage due negligence of employee or not checking correct claim tag at the arrival area, the same story the customer service did not answer my follow up call, so if somebody want to lose your baggage you can choose cebu pacific airlines.

  150. I hope this thread is still active.

    I never cared reading detail per detail the comments but I sure do read the post. Heck, what a relief – well, at least.

    I took CP Flight 5J171 (Iloilo-Cebu) last December 14, 2010. I never had problems with my previous flights with this airline. As a regular flyer, I have observed that CP employees in the counter are not that friendly. But to care for that would be none of my concern because, just like Jez, I’m an economy class flyer. As a part of my job, I fly at least twice a month and as long as I get to cebu and back within schedule and my entire system and stuff are intact – I don’t give a damn care to CP customer service. Not until I this worst thing with the airline happened to me.

    On the said flight, I was bringing three bags with me – a trolley, a backpack and a laptop bag containing two laptops and papers – a little lots of it. I thought it would be too inconvenient for me to hand-carry two bags so I decided to check-in my backpack. It got few t-shirts and some wires (laptop chargers).

    I was aware that a Blackberry Bold 9700 was there in my backpack mixed up with the stuffs. The phone is securely enclosed in its leather jacket and thinking there are t-shirts there, I thought it’s ok checking in the bag and that no one would ever dare open it. The phone is issued by the company I work with. It just arrived last December 6, 2010 – yes, less than a month in my possession.

    I arrive in cebu on time. Sorry Jez, but I was lucky to experience only few flight delays for the long time I have been flying with the Cheapest and most Unsecured airline in the WORLD. As usual, I waited for a while on the baggage claim area, spot my trolley and backpack, immediately flee from the airport since it’s almost 8 in the evening. I hired a card just outside the airport and while in there, I though I could spend the time checking the BB for games or send message using BBM. I was compelled to tell the driver to drive back to airport when I discover my BB wasn’t there anymore. I even emptied my backpack to make sure – but to no avail, the BB was gone.

    B****sh_t!!! I almost uttered. Of all the places I expected to become a victim of thievery, it was Cebu Pacific that I expect the least.

    What’s the difference? Your lost baggage would be a result of NEGLIGENCE of their employees – delivered your bags to wrong aircraft and stuff or so. But mine is a very clear instance that, indeed, Cebu Pacific employees are STEALING from their passengers. And they have good tastes.

    I then called Cebu Pacific Hotline to report the matter. I was hopeful then that I’m going to have at least a rational explanation to what had happened – yes, I was that hopeful despite the odds.

    I called the next day again and the agent told me to she’ll sure follow-up on the matter and personally forward it to their officers and should updates be ready, she’ll personally call me after 24 hours the most.

    24 hours past, nobody did called me. I called them back, same story – promises made, promises broken. Days and weeks passed and until now, nobody called me. I even made a complaint using their online form and it replied to my e-mail with the reference number and saying “please give us 7 days to investigate your concern” and 7 days past, no feedbacks of whatsoever f****ing investigation they have made. Or are they?

    I have now the certainty to conclude that CEBU PACIFIC are employing thieves. Yes, Razel, they do. I don;t mind if you mock me for generalizing but as a consumer, I have the right to express my disappointment to CEBU PACIFIC. For years, I knew that call center agents should underpromise and overdo a situation. But CEBU PACIFIC overpromise and did NOTHING, basically nothing of my concern. Yes, I’m an economical class flyer but being that did not strip me off my rights to complain.

    I don’t know if this can reach to CP’s end for them to consider (when a black crow turns white maybe) but at least I found refuge to the INJUSTICE and discrimination I experienced with the airline employing CRIMINALS in white collars.

    Thank you.

    • Hi…!
      I would say that firstly u made a mistake buy checking in you BB and second is you did
      securly lock your checkin bag.
      Now, you shluld be happy that your backpack dint dissapear as an often occurance with CP.
      Continue flying CP to experience more of this kind and to sharewith the public so that
      we can take extra care…
      I never fly CP since 2008.
      PAL is best………..

    • @Sel (philu2006 sp)

      Yeah, I know I partly faulted by not taking my BB out my checked-in bag and for not securing it with a lock which I usually do. But come to think of it Ma’am/Sir, it would rather be usual to happen if my backpack was gone DUE TO NEGLIGENCE (allegedly) than to discover my BB was taken out from inside the bag. It makes a difference. Negligence is a different thing from STEALING.

      There’s a thing called trust that I never lost with CEBU PACIFIC before this had happened to me. I was very exhausted after more than a week of working with numbers, details per details, that I never gave a damn care of taking that BB out since I was few minutes away before the counter closes. Now? I’ve got a new motto – “Never to trust CEBU PACIFIC”…

      And oh, I have to tell you this. The next day after that thing happened to me, my co-managers from Gensan lost a baggage. Not that much. It’s only a big box of TUNA PRODUCTS. They checked it in in Gensan Airport and found it nowhere in Cebu. Absurd huh? I guess not – it was Christmas and could maybe still up to new year. Poor people from CEBU PACIFIC, they are really in need… Tsk tsk tsk… But the good thing with that one is that CEBU PACIFIC resolved it by paying the party… Yes, they paid them with 80 PESOS per kilo… The product roughly cost them at least a hundred and fifty per kilo… Not bad you think?

      I just realized a lesson with this experience… Never to check-in my baggage again. Next time (since I cannot be sure not to fly with them again), I’ll be nagging if they will intercept my baggage and show to their face the form I filled out. I’m not gambling to lost another stuff… They would maybe take even coins if you’ll be to complacent…

      CEBU PACIFIC should be reading this… Like owner, like employees indeed…

  151. Cebu Pac is the worst!!! I booked my cousin (who is only around 10y/o) last March. Paid 3090 for it through Bancnet online. The following day, when i still have not received feedback from them, i called their office and that’s when i learned that the booking i made was not confirmed. What happened was i had to rebook my cousin for the same flight for more than 4k. About my refund, after 1 and a half months, cebupac finally replied and said that my money is for outright refund and that guest should just bring 2 valid IDs. so, went to the organic ticket office in Robinson’s Place Manila to claim my money,presented the email i received from cebupacteam as well as the screenshot of my account that was debited, but i was told i am not authorized to do so! imagine that! you waited almost 2 months for their reply (plus 4hours that day due to the very long que) and their reply is that i can’t get my money back because there’s no authorization! what’s the logic!?!?! ‘told them i was able to book and pay for the child without authorization and now that i’m getting MY money back, they’re now asking for authorization! MYGOSH!!! Plus, the girls who “assisted” (if that’s what they call it) me, were very bitchy and couldn’t even reply to me in a proper manner! The other gir’ls name is Angel. I was on the line from around 2pm until quarter to 7. called their office when i got home and i was told the same thing. told them that the child i book is actually from davao, so told her you mean i have to have them sent their IDs and authorization here and then send back their IDs after? really stupid for cebu pac to ask someone to do this! told them they should just return my money by transferring it back to my account, but they said it can’t be done! my goodness!!! this airline has no consideration or whatsoever!!! it was my money and yet they are giving me a hard time getting it back! i swear i am not going to book anyone with them anymore.

    another thing, i had to book my child (11y/o) with them because my daughter will be travelling alone and unfortunately, she’s more familiar with cebupac so i really had to book her with them. paid for the 500 peso Unaccompanied Minor fee because I thought SOMEONE from them will be assisting my child, unfortunately, they let her carry her backpack all by herself and her guitar and no one even bothered to assist her and give her a cart so she wouldn’t have to carry her bag all the way! so can you imagine your child going through the same thing?!?!?! of course not!!!

    so you guys should not really book anyone here!!! i swear i’ll go to other blogs where i could post this one again and again and again!

  152. this is really unacceptable!!! people from CEBU PAC must pay full attention on the security. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ther ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜•

  153. cebu pacific online booking fees is a lil bit misleading and unrealistic.I was about to place a reservation online but I decided to call them.I found out that the real price of the ticket is twice the amount of the online price.weew.

  154. You don’t need to phone them to see that. Just go to the next step of the online booking process to see the actual price. This is the same with all budget airlines online booking, the ‘fare’ is only part of the total price. Especially if you are looking at a promotional fare : the actual total price to pay might be 3 times more than the ‘fare’ alone. But in any case, you will still guarantee that the total price payable on Cebu Pacific will be a lot lower than on a full service airline (and the service, of course, will also be a lot lower!).

  155. E-mail I sent to cebu pacific customer service:

    I tried to schedule a flight a couple of hours ago from CDO to MNL for my wife and child. When I input the date on the main page of cebu pacific, the date changed on the next page. I did not catch the date change until I purchased the ticket and read the itenerary. I tryed to change it online, but it sayed I need to contact cebu pacific customer service. I tried to cancel on-line with no luck either. I tried to call several times and the recording did not comprehend when I pushed the number requested. I changed phones and used a ceullar to see if it would make a difference. I had same results every time, listen to the recording and push #3. I booked a flight with another airline and tried to cancel by phone again. I finally got thru on about my 7th try. I spoke with Mr. Noah Dallardo and explained what has happened. He said the web site was working fine there but I walked thru here two times here in the US with him on the phone and it changed my date
    from 2nov11 to 26nov11. There maybe a glich in the system I was so lucky to discover. Mr Dallardo told me there was no one there who can refund the full fare and I would have to request a refund by this e-mail. I have used cebu pacific many times in the past and have never had any problem. I ask that the full fare be refunded to my card and that you reply to my e-mail address.

    Reply from cebu pacific customer service was a bulk e-mail with the rules of the flight reservation and to inform me there is no refund at all. Thank you cebu pacific for taking my money ($100+ and many international phone attemts) for nothing but stress in return. thank you thank you thank you
    I will spend the rest of my life doing whatever I can legally to hurt this company over such a little thing like this which could have been easily taken care of.
    Charles Marks

    • Complain directly to the Credit Card companies, and suggest that CP’s Merchant status with those companies should be revoked. They may learn FAST to provide ‘Customer Service’

  156. My experiences with CP…
    1) NEVER expect to get a refund. For anything.
    2) NEVER trust their baggage handlers, destruction is fast!
    3) NEVER try to get customer service to resolve issues
    4) NEVER expect to get replies to ANY correspondence
    5) NEVER expect on-time departures
    6) ALWAYS hand-carry your bags. ALWAYS!

    Come to think of it, fly Tiger or Jetstar, or take a boat

  157. I tried too, to book online, a sponsored fare, for my 2 filipino Step-kids, but as soon as the website detected that the name on the credit card is not one of the travellers, crashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    locked UP!
    The Credit Card is good, valid, and plenty $ for CP to try to theive…
    Nor can you add extra persons to an existing booking…

    What the Hell!!! Jetstar!!!!

    • Well, we ended up booking the flight from manila to Singapore with Jetstar….

      Smooooooooooooooth as silk, and just $US30 each, and paid with an Aussie credit card for 3 Filipino travellers, nooooooooooo problem!

      Even the In-cabin service was reported as superior.

      But… the return trip, with CP was, well, the opposite.

      Late departing Singapore cos they were fooling around with paperwork and missed their slot, Check-in was a hassle, they went for the Jugular with excess luggage, and noo, u cant pay at the checkin counter, no, over there at the payments counter…

      Ay Nakul! What a way to run an airline!

      No Wonder Jetstar and others are growing so much as people find out how bad CP really are…



    OR YOU MAY CALL THIS NO: Tel. no.: 851.6911, 852.8967,

    • Hi treschia,

      Thanks for sharing! Sakin napabayaan ko na. I got tired of calling them and sending e-mails again and again… Tsk tsk tsk… Kung hindi pa kay tulfo or sa DTI, di sila gagawa ng aksyon. :ipit:

  159. hi all,
    For your information if u call CP a budget airline then u had made a mistake. The aren’t budget airline. they rip you off in the pretext of a Budget carrier
    today (22.2.12) i checked for fair to manila/Beijing/manila Just one way to Beijing was peso 19500/- just one way i think its abt closer to 450usd.
    I log on to Philippine airline for online fairs and got my eticket return for USD.308 (Manila/Beijing/Mania)
    So take note always keep CP as your last option only

  160. Rude behavior is a common of Gokongwei’s employees such as Cebu Pacific’s. Do you know why? Because they pressure and stress their employees to perform excellent, but not on customer service, instead, on master service(master=boss/Gokongwei).

    Thank goodness, I resigned from one of his companies before my behavior changes from being nice to being rude to other people.

  161. para po sa may ari ng cebu pacific..bantayan nyo po mga tauhan nyo dyan sa manila inernational airport ticketing booth at check in booth at security guard…magkasabwat po ang mga yan sa bayaran ng baggage.walang resibo na ibinibigay.ika nga under the table pra lng mkalusot yung bagahe ko.kasi mas malaki daw mabayaran ko pag titimbangin yung bagahe.kaya humingi ng pera yung tauhan nyo sa ticketing booth sa akin pra ma free nalang daw yung 30kilos ko.pero ng exist pa rin ako ng 10 kilos hiningan ako ng bayad dun sa check in booth…kawawa naman yung may ari ang yumayaman sa bayad ng bagahe yung lang mga employee niya.

    • You got billed for overweight luggage, no receipt given and you believe that the staff kept the payment, to share with the security checker? Maybe because Gokongwei pays them peanuts…

  162. Lost my baggage in NAIA3. Hind na nag checheck ang NAIA3 ng mga bags. Diretso na pwede mo kunin kahit anong bag then labas ka kaagad. I wonder why airports in the Philippines are so unsecure. ๐Ÿ™

  163. almost lahat ng airline puro delay, hindi lang naman ang CebuPacific.
    Iyong PAL may dala akong mga bata, nilagay kami sa mahirap na upuan. Walang awa sa mga bata.

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