Cheap Brand New Samsung LCD and LED TVs for Sale!

It’s August once again! It’s the time of the year when all bonafide shopaholics are heading towards the Lion City and Fragrance Harbor to join the August Madness Sale. Here in the Philippines, our local malls are not falling behind as I’ve seen a lot of shops mounting the Banner that would catch every shopaholics attention. In line with this, I’m hosting my own madness sale: The Ultimate Samsung Madness Sale!

I’m selling brand new and authentic Samsung LCD TVs and LED TVs 2009 series at a very cheap price. This is not a joke or a scam. It is a one time promotional offer. All products are original, brand new, and 100% authentic, direct from Samsung Philippines.

Together with Samsung Philippines, the leading brand in TV technology, my site is giving all consumers the chance to own a superior quality LCD and LED TVs at a very low price. Don’t let this opportunity past you or you might regret it one day. Samsung LCD/LED TVs offers the latest and innovative features technology could offer like DLNA, Internet@TV, Widgets, RSS Feeds, content library and many more. Samsung TVs are known for its advance technological features, amazing picture/audio quality, and sophisticated design, raising the home TV viewing experience to a whole new level. What’s more, Samsung extends the overall customer benefits by providing full time customer service team catering to each customer’s needs. Samsung Philippines offers free installation and 1-year warranty. Samsung TVs are truly the cheapest LCD/LED TVs with the most progressive and stylish TV features compared to other LCD/LED TVs in the market. And I am offering all these products at super reduced rates.

Samsung LCD TVs are the perfect choice for family or barkada home viewing and parties. Equip with advance TV technologies like Auto Motion Plusโ„ข, eliminating motion blur, and wide color enhancer, accentuating the colors, it is perfect for watching high octane movies and sports. At 1080p native resolution, it is a truly HD quality leaving your picture smoother, crisper, brighter, sharper, and clearer than you ever thought possible. The medi@2.0โ„ข technology with its additional built in DLNA and content library and the USB 2.0โ„ข Plug & play feature makes TV viewing more fun and interactive. The medi@2.0โ„ข is a multi-functional feature, delivering outstanding Internet TV Internet performance. The SRS TruSurround XT is another engineered feature geared up exclusive to Samsung TVs. This top of the line built-in speakers promises to deliver an enhanced and finer surround-sound. In addition, the integrated digital tuner allows you to switch from over-the-air HD digital broadcast to cable/satellite service without worrying over the performance quality. So why buy a Samsung LCD TV? The answer is self-explanatory. If you wish to learn more, click here.

You can browse the web, watch YouTube videos, read the latest news via RSS, and do a lot of online stuff with your 2009 Samsung LCD/LED TV. Below are some examples of how your TV looks with Yahoo Widgets and Internet@TV.

Yahoo Widgets Example from Samsung:

RSS Feeds Example from CNET:

Twitter Widget Example from Engadget:

Still not satisfied? Then, the Samsung LED TV is the answer. It is the panacea to all TV aficionado who wants more in terms of design, performance, and impact. Samsung LED TVs are a new breed of HDTV that utilizes cutting-edge technology focusing in improving the picture quality, design, and environmental impact. If you want to see a samsung LED TV unboxed, check out Abe’s post. (He also promised a full review, so watch out for it!)

Samsung LED TVs boasts its 3,000 ,000:1 mega contrast, enabling the human eye to see incredible range of color and brightness- from pure black to pristine white. Samsung LED TVs is also furnished with Auto Motion Plus and Advance Color Processing ensuring that image is smooth, crisp, clear, and vibrant. Samsung LED TVs are conceptualized from the 3 Cs: contrast, color, and clarity, guarantee to produce true to life picture quality.

The ultra-slim design and unique ultra slim wall mount is, likewise, a special innovation exclusive to Samsung LED TVs. It is astonishingly slim, at less than two inches, and hangs like a picture frame. Unlike the conventional TVs, this razon-thin LED TVs is made with the Touch of Color frame, giving it a sophisticated look.

Samsung LED TVs support our Eco-friendly brothers and sisters by subscribing to the Go Green and Energy Saving Philosophy. Samsung LED TVs are free of Mercury ensuring the preservation of the environment. Furthermore, these TVs require less manufacturing and packaging materials conserving more resources. All Samsung LED TVs are Energy Star compliant, meaning they are made with eco-friendly materials and use less energy. It uses 40% less power than any conventional LCD TVs.

All in all, Samsung LED and LCD TVs are still the best TVs in the market. It is rich in features and excellent in picture and sound quality. It has a very sophisticated look with perfect design concept. Moreover, purchasing a Samsung LED TV also help preserve the environment. Click here for more information. But the Ultimate catch is the cheap price. And Yes, I’m even offering them at a further reduced price. The LA-22B450 (2009 Model 22″ LCD TV) is offered at P17,500 on my site while the standard retail price in malls is P21,900. The ultra cool LA-52B750 is marked down to P164,000 compared to the S.R.P of P204,900. Impossible? Contact me and I’ll show you it’s possible.

Here’s my Samsung 2009 Model LCD TV (Series 7B):

Look at how clear the details are.

What are the features of my TV? It has all the latest features technology could offer. It boasts 240Hz motion plus. It doubles the frame count of high-end 120Hz LCD TVs! And if you compare this to normal 60Hz (or lower) LCD TVs, you can see the obvious difference. Fast moving objects are clear and crisp. HD movies are sharper than ever! It’s like what you’re watching is just on the other side of the glass! It’s that clear! Trust me.

As what you’ve seen in the picture above, the box includes a DVD, a manual, PC share installer (You can share your media files in your PC wirelessly and watch your movies, listen to music, and view your pictures via Samsung Media 2.0 Player), remote control, and all necessary stuff for you LCD TV. Click here (then scroll down) to view more pictures of my Samsung Series 7B 240Hz LCD Full HD TV.

Samsung LCD TVs are really reliable and worth-the-buck. Even my old Series 5A 32″ LCD TV served me well. Click here and scroll down to see my first Samsung LCD TV.

Samsung LCD/LED TV Discounted Price List: (Mine is a 46B750. Retail Price in malls is 179,900, but I got it for only 144k. Holy smokes! That’s cheap eh? Look at how much I saved!)
1. LCD LA-22B450. SRP: Php21,900. Discounted Price: Php17,500
2. LCD LA-46B750. SRP: Php179,900. Discounted Price: Php144,000
3. LCD LA-52B750. SRP: Php204,900. Discounted Price: PhpP164,000
4. LED UA-40b6000 SRP P159,900. Discounted Price: P128,000
5. LED UA-55b7000 SRP P259,900. Discounted Price: P208,000

(Leave a comment with your e-mail so that I can send the FULL PRICE LIST.) You may compare my discounted price to the discounted price inside malls. I can guarantee you that mine is cheaper! If you don’t know how to read Samsung LCD TV models, let me teach you how. Let’s take LA-22B450 as an example. LA-22B450 is 22″ Series 4 B (Series A is the old Samsung LCD TV line-up, while series B is the 2009 LCD TV line-up). Another example is my LCD TV: LA-46B750: 46″ Series 7 B (2009 Model).

Here’s a brief overview of features of the available LCD and LED TV Series

Series 7 LEDFull HD 1080p, 120Hz Motion Plus, BD Wise, WCE Pro, DLNA, Mega Dynamic Contrast, Content Library, Anynet+, Media 2.0, SRS TruSurround HD, USB 2.0, HDMI x 4, available sizes are 55″, 46″ and 40″.
Series 6 LEDFull HD 1080p, 120Hz Motion Plus, BD Wise, WCE Pro, Mega Dynamic Contrast, Anynet+, SRS TruSurround HD, USB 2.0, HDMI x 4, available sizes are 46″ and 40″.
Series 7 LCD (B750)Full HD 1080p, 240Hz Motion Plus, BD Wise, WCE3, DLNA, Ultra Contrast, Content Library, Anynet+, Internet@TV, Media 2.0, SRS TruSurround HD, USB 2.0, HDMI x 4, available sizes are 52″ and 46″.
Series 6 LCD (B650)Full HD 1080p, 120Hz Motion Plus, BD Wise, WCE3, DLNA, Ultra Contrast, Content Library, Anynet+, Internet@TV, SRS TruSurround HD, USB 2.0, HDMI x 4, available sizes are 55″, 46″ and 40″.
Series 5 LCD (B550)Full HD 1080p, WCE3, High Contrast, DNIe+, Anynet+, SRS TruSurround HD, USB 2.0, HDMI x 4, available sizes are 52″, 46″, 40″, and 32″.
Series 5 LCD (B530)Full HD 1080p, WCE3, High Contrast, DNIe+, Anynet+, SRS TruSurround HD, HDMI x 3, available sizes are 40″, 37″, and 32″.
Series 4 LCD (B460)HD Ready 720p, WCE3, High Contrast, DNIe+, Anynet+, USB 2.0, HDMI x 3, available size is only 32″.
Series 4 LCD (B450)HD Ready 720p, WCE3, High Contrast, DNIe+, Anynet+, USB 2.0, HDMI x 3, available sizes are 32″, 26″ and 22″ (2 HDMI slots only for 22″)

If you compare all the main features of LCD and LED TV models above, Series 7 LCD (B750) is far more superior that all current models available in the Philippines. (Series 8 LED will beat Series 7’s specs once it arrives in the country)

If you’re interested to buy and have your own awesome LCD HDTV, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you’re extremely interested to avail this offer and want to view the full price list of cheap brand new Samsung LCD and LED TVs, kindly leave a comment with your e-mail below, so that I can send you the full “DISCOUNTED” price list.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 UPDATE: Samsung LCD/LED TVs were marked down. You can check my updated post here. Please DON’T leave a comment here if you’re asking for the updated price list. Leave a comment in my new post for more inquires.

UPDATED June 18, 2011:New pricelist for Samsung LCD TVs, LED TVs, and Smart TVs are now available. I will not reply to ALL messages here anymore. Please send an SMS to 0917-836-9336 for inquiries

478 thoughts on “Cheap Brand New Samsung LCD and LED TVs for Sale!

    • aw.. wala akong price list. Kasi pareho lang sa Mall price. Cash only, hindi pwede CC. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cash on delivery naman. Pag ka deliver sa bahay mo, doon ka pa mag babayad. So safe. :mrgreen:

  1. i’d love to own one of those TV’s. The prices sounds iffy though. โžก I’ve seen those in the malls and they’re selling it at a much higher price. โžก

    • Bili ka na I’ll send you the price list ๐Ÿ˜› hehe. Totoo talaga ang prices na yan. Mahal lang inside malls kasi nag rerent pa sila ng pwesto at nag papa sweldo ng tauhan. ๐Ÿ˜› wooot!

  2. cool naman! may bentahan ng tv… nyahahaha… jehz.. pasend price list. ๐Ÿ™‚ papakita ko lang sa fwend ko. ๐Ÿ˜€ baka magkainteres bumili. thanks!

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  4. wow karir tong post na tohh ha..bro ano bang racket meron dito and ilang araw ba binuno mo para matapos tong very informative post na tohh..nyahahaha..

    big time ka na talaga bro..nakikipagtied-up na tong blog mo sa corporate world ha.. mukang malaki commission mo dito ha?? :mrgreen:

    • 1 year samsung philippines warranty.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Open for delivery. May fee ata na 400 yung delivery now. Dati libre.

      Maganda dito is COD. ๐Ÿ™‚ Mag deliver, doon ka na magbabayad :mrgreen:

      Wait I’ll send you the full price list

  5. d ko makakalimutan yang mga samsung lcd n yan, andami kong binasag sa factory pinagttrabahuhan ko sa lcd slimming s korea haha. kaya umabot ng gnyan kamahal yan eh/ pero iba si jehz ahente online san ka pa? benta din ako, dopie flipflops and Christian shirts ko sa thanks jehz pag naapprove to. bigyan kita free pair sa 20 leads haha

  6. Wow..galing talaga ng sales pitch ni Jehz d2 pwedeng pang International, kaso Jehz ang layo ko sa pinas..sayang favorite ko pa namn ang brand na Samsung…. ๐Ÿ™‚
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  7. Thanks Jhez, sana nga may options ka non para madelete din namin hehe….Anywayz, late na dyan sa Pinas ah..your still awake bro? kaya pala matraffic and blog mo hirap sumingit ๐Ÿ™‚ nyak!

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  8. hi. pls. send me discounted list of your lcd and led tvs and the promo tie ups like blue ray and home theater. thanks.

  9. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ astig talaga hahaha, hindi lang door naopen sayo mula nag freelance ka ah, GATE ang nagopen hahaha. Galing mo talaga weee. matagal pa ba yan promo mo? tagal ko na gusto bumili lcd para dito sa haus kaso sa plane tickets napupunta hmp pero pagnakaipon balikan ko tong post na to ahehe.

  10. Ah grabe gud nimo, Jez… Pag muare ka sa Cebu kuyog mo ni Winston ipatulis tka… LOL… Bitaw joke ra… ayaw ko ikiha ha…

    Anyways, I agree with the other guys here… Seems like you are diverting or taking a share from offline businesses… That makes you both online and offline marketer!

  11. pede po ba pa help sa blog industry?new pa lang po kase me eh wala pa designing experience,,or kahit konting donation na lang po sa upcoming blog event ko po ty. ^_^

  12. hello,

    i am planning on buying 2 samsung units. can you send me the price list of everything? do you deliver in Manila. i saw from your comments you might not be based in Manila that’s why ๐Ÿ˜€


  13. kindly send me a fax of your price list of the 22 inches samsung lcd tv at 8993649 or give me your landline number, got some questions to ask.

    • Hi Lucito. I don’t have a fax machine. I can only send the price list through e-mail. ๐Ÿ™ I also don’t have land line, but I have a mobile number. You can check my contact page :mrgreen:

  14. hey,

    i got the list already but the details of the units were not there. you just sent me the unit versions and size. i wanted to know the specs (series number, contrast, resolution, etc.) for the 32″ samsung. also, how can i take my email out from this site? i get updates from your other prospects all the time. i may have ticked the box below by accident last time.

    thanks and more power. good day.


    • I just sent you the full price list as what I said in this post. Overview of features/specs of the available LCD and LED TV series are also included in this post.

      32-inch LCD specs differ for each series. For full specs, check Samsung’s website. Here are the links for LCD and for LED.

      Btw, I already removed your e-mail in the subscribers list. ๐Ÿ™‚

      If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

      Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Sure thing! ๐Ÿ˜€ 1-year warranty by Samsung Philippines. Yung delivery free dati, ngayon may bayad na. :mrgreen:

      Yung last delivery ko 400 pesos. Shop? Wala po akong shop, online affiliate marketer lang me. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

      Just wait for the price list. If may mga tanong ka, please don’t hesitate to comment here or reply to my e-mail. :mrgreen:

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  16. jehz, can you send on the complete price list as well. my friend just bought a 3x” LEDTV for EUR1100. sobrang OK nga talaga. gusto ko lang muna macompare presyo jan. THANKS.

  17. maganda talaga ang samsung ๐Ÿ™‚ sobrang panalo ang image quality lalo na sa mga blu-ray discs – at magandang business ito jehz ah.. ooops. pasend rin please ng price list.. thanks.


  18. jehz! may update ba sa prices mo ng LED TV? hehe, 40″ ang hanap ko eh…

    canvass pa din ngaun, nagcheck ako ng prices dun sa mall na kinacanvassan ko… ayun may update sila for the month of September nagbagasakan sila prices… baka naman may ibabagsak pa yung price mo hehe.. nagbabakasakali lang… hehe

    • same parin yung presyo ko sa price list. No updates. hehehe.. LED ba talaga bibilhin mo? Magmumura na LED next year.. LCD Muna.. hehehe.

      Pero maganda LED, hindi lang kasing dami ng features ng nasa LCD, pero manipis kasi LED kaya ka akit akit. :mrgreen:

      • uu, LED talaga…. hehe, onga eh talagang babagsak price nyan LED next year lol.

        LED talaga jehz… hehe, na love at first sight ako sa display ng LED ng Samsung kaya nga I am looking for Cheap Samsung LED tv eh hehehe…

        bumagsak nga price dun sa tinanungan ko kaya na ask kita baka nagbagsak ka din ng price… baka sakaling mas mababa pa yung sau eh hehe edi sau na ako bibili kung magkaganun man..

        basta sure na yan na before dumating ang xmas busog na ang mata ko sa kakapanuod sa LED TVs hehe.. ilang year warranty nga pala tv mo?

      • 1-year warranty lang lahat ng samsung LCD/LED TVs. hehehe.. Yung LED kasi dito sa pinas, pinaka mataas lang ay 120Hz, kaya kinuha ko yung 240Hz na Series 7 LCD. Wala ding Internet@TV ang Series 7 LED, sa Series 7 LCD Meron.

        Pero Series 8 LED may Internet@TV na, kaso wala pang Series 8 LED sa pinas. Yun hini hintay ko dumating. Para sulit na sulit.

        Pag maaga ka bumili ng LED lugi talaga. Pero ok ang LED, mas mataas life span compared to LCD. 100k Hours ang LED eh, while LCD ay 60k hours lang.

        Pag dating ng Series 8 LED sa pinas, baka mag upgrade ako, baka lang. As of now sulit na sulit na ang 240Hz ng LCD Series 7, pati usok kitang kita mo na parang totoo at umuusok ang TV mo, pero hindi pala. Lalo na sa pag laro ng COD5, sobrang clear, compared to normal 120Hz TVs. Parang mas napa clear pa at naging mas realistic ang pag galaw ng tao pati ng mga zombies. :mrgreen:

      • wahhh! walang internet ang LED na series 7? wahhh yun pa man din habol ko yung connectivity nya sa internet…
        mukhang balik LCD ako ah waahh dang!!! di ko na mahihintay yung LED 8, dibale pang sala lang naman pwede na siguro LCD.

        Yung LED sa kwarto ko na lang ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ pero matagal pa un hahaha madami pa kelangan paglagyan ng pansin haha…

        buti nasabi mo. di ko naintindihan siguro yung kausap ko nun, sabi kasi nung kausap ko lahat ng series 7 pataas may internet connectivity, di nya sinabi na except LED toink!

        Grabe buti na lang hehehe… ngaun rethink nanaman ako ng bibilihin ko ng HDTV hehehe

      • Sure ako. Wala siya sa specs ng mga LED TV Series 7 na nasa SM at lahat ng Malls. Pati sa specs na hawak ko on paper na naka print wala.

        Eto ang mga wala sa LED, if we compare it to Series 7 LCD which is cheaper compared to LED. (Based sa Specs na naka print sa papel na hawak ko ngayon from Samsung Philippines at from SM Appliance Center)

        Series 6 LED: Walang DLNA Wireless, Walang Content Library, Walang Internet@TV, not 240Hz

        Series 7 LED: Walang Internet@TV, not 240Hz

        Pero ipag dasal natin na mali tong specs, kasi sa ibang website sabi may Internet@TV daw ang Series 6 at 7. Hehehe.

        Pero kahit may Internet@TV ka, kelangan parin ng WIS09ABGN para magamit mo ang Wireless internet mo at DLNA. At ang masama, hindi to available sa pilipinas, kelangan mag order ka pa sa ebay or website. Matagal nga lang dumating, kasi preferred nila USPS eh.. tsk tsk…

      • Wow, salamat jehz! sige I’ll rethink muna yung options ko. hehehe. Mukhang back to LCD muna ako, and yeah tama, hanggang 120hz lang yung LED compared sa 240Hz ng LCD.

        No blurryness sa fast images hehe, lalo na yung mga scrolling texts na mala-stock market.

        yung kinuha mo ba na LCD may memory na din? I mean, sa iba kasi alam ko wala kahit mas magandang model… di ko sure nga lang

      • Yep. Yung scrolling text naka blur sa 120Hz yun. Hehehe. Yep, may TV memory and 2009 Series 7 (Series 750 sa akin) May 140MB na memory. Maliit lang, pero pwede ka naman mag lagay ng external HDD.

        Or wait mo nalang series 8 sa pinas para sulit na sulit. Max out lahat ng specs, or Series 8 Plasma na may 600Hz, yun yung pinaka bago nila ngayon eh. hehehe.

      • sabi sau eh nagbagsak ng presyo Samsung… hehe.. hmmm makita nga kung mas mababa na yang prices mo sa prices na Hawak ko ngaun galing sa isang reliable Mall hehehe

      • Ngayon lang ako na inform eh.. gabi kasi ako gising palagi. Bigyan kita ng sample price list para ma compare mo.

        Ang TV ko na LA-46B750, from 144k (SRP: 179,900) sa dating cash price, 113k nalang (SRP: 139,900).

        Pareho ba? or mas lower sa akin?

      • yung sau ang price na nasa akin ngaun is:

        cash;6 months; 12 months

        46B750 – P105K; P113400.; P120750

        hehe, grabe ang binagsak.. pareho kau ng price pag 6 momths babayaran sa model 46B750 hehehe

      • James, ala pala Samsung warranty yung shop doon sa mall na yun. Hindi sila authorized reseller ng Samsung kaya sobrang mura. Pero ok lang yan, mura naman eh.. Parang laptop lang na binili sa eBay, sobrang mura din. :mrgreen:

      • mall price sya, kasi nasa mall yung shop nila eh, siguro kung factory price mas mababa pa siguro, syempre kelangan may tubo din sila diba.

        Kaya ayun, tapatan mo na jehz yung price nila hehehe para may kakompetensya na hehe.

      • Super mura kasi. Anong name ng shop nila sa Mall? Super mababa na tong akin eh.. :mrgreen:

        Trinoma ba yan? saan na mall? para puntahan ko at makabili ng marami ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

        Gusto ko makita kasi murang mura yan. Di ko kasi ma babaan price ko. Eto yung price na sinend thru fax ng Samsung Philippines eh.. T__T

      • sabihin ko ba dito? panu itong raket mo… ayoko naman masira ang raket mo dito… Private Plurk ko na lang sau… hehehe

        pero yeah mababa din sa Trinoma, pero hindi siya sa trinoma hehe.

      • E-mail mo nalang sa akin. Puntahan ko bukas yung mall. Sobrang baba kasi. Pag cash na mall price sa 46B750 ay 125,900. Ganun lahat, uniform lahat ng presyo sa malls. Paki PM naman ng pangalan ng shop sa Plurk or e-mail me nalang sa jehzlau at dostscholars dot org. hehe :mrgreen:

      • Email sent! woot! yeah confirm mo na din… hehe, sure na B series na yan, kasi tinanggal na daw nila yung mga “A” series, except for the 26″ may “A” model pa sila sa tig 26″ na Samsung Panel

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  20. Jehz

    Bka pwede mo naman ako forward ng mga price list mo ng lcd tv at led from 37″ to 42″ latest model ng samsung. Ask ko rin if bibili ako syo thru net my additional ba shipping fee? pwde ba bayad thru bank na lang para d na ako punta jan manila, dito place ko palawan.

  21. sir i am from indian i want to buy sammsung LED series7or8 television so please send me the price list if you have sony also please send me that price list also,if how you will send the tevelision to india and what costs its me

    loooking forward to your mail


  22. hi sir!!im vince from dubai,,im planning to buy lcd “32 and “37 series 4 or 5 samsung when i go back to philippines this month..can u please give the list of price from you..thanks!!

  23. WOw this is amazing. I plan to get an LED TV soon. Can you provide me the list and price? How and where do i get this units if decied to buy?

  24. wow astig naman…ang mura ng price…gusto ko rin ng isa nyan…
    hahaha…pero next year pa me uuwi jan sa pinas eh…but i am planning to buy that dis december for my family jan sa pinas…pwede po pa send din ng pricelist mo..tnx.. :mrgreen:

  25. Interesado ako sa LED UA-55b7000, pwede paki send po ang new pricelist, info sa purchase & delivery. Sa paranaque aq.

  26. I’m narrowing my choices between Series 6 and 7 46″ LCD TV.Please send me table of comparison to help me decide which is the most appropriate and practical. How much it will cost me if delivered to Cebu City.


  27. thank u jehz.. ask ko lang po kung magkanu ang Series 5 LCD (B550) – Full HD 1080p, WCE3, High Contrast, DNIe+, Anynet+, SRS TruSurround HD, USB 2.0, HDMI x 4, for 32??

    Please reply asap.. include the additional price for the package home theater.

    Thanks let.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Please send me a price comparison for the series 4,5 and 6 LCD sizes 40?, 37?, and 32? and include the additional price for home theater package

  29. pls. give the full pricelist of your samsung lcd/led models. do you have any showroom? or where can i see the actual models you are selling? thank you.

  30. Sir,

    Good day!

    Kindly send to me price list of your Samsung LCD TV Series 4,5 and 6 with and without the home theater package.

    Thanks a Lot!

  31. pls send me your price list.. i really wanted to buy an lcd tv.. also include the series so i can compare and decide which one to buy.. reply asap.. thanks…

  32. I’m still thinking going for the 40″ LED TV but pricey. can you send me the price list for both LCD and LED TV of series 6.

    Does Series 5 (550 and 530) whats the difference in features and price? Aslo once compare to Series 6 LCD 40″

    Do you accept card?


  33. Can you please send me the price list…and how much is the cheapest 19 to 22 inches screens…i’ll use it for my PC…thanks

  34. I did not see a price list for 32 inch lcd. Do you have one in your inventory? Do you accept gift check (sodexho) as payment for the unit?


  35. December 9, 2009

    I need a price and a recommendation as to size, etc. for an LED TV for a restaurant in Iligan City. I want to mount the TV on the wall. Please send info and recommendation as well as your price to my email address. I need asap. Thank you!

  36. Can you please send me the price listโ€ฆand how much is the cheapest 19 to 22 inches screens asap….for post xmas gift.thanks

  37. Please send me your pricelist. I was about to buy a 32″ or 40″ LCD or LED here in KSA as a Christmas present for my family at home, but I stumbled on your site..

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  39. Hi. Could you quote me price of 37″ Series 5 (B530)? Where could we inspect the unit and what warranties does it have? Thank you

  40. Hi, I’m interested to buy a 47 inches lcd tv, please send me a complete price list. is the promo still going on?

    • do u have a land line? maybe its better if i can talk to you on the phone, we really want to buy an lcd tv, please reply ASAP

  41. Do you available stocks for 22″? Please also send your “best” price list. This is a good combination with a ps3.

  42. gud day,
    i believed the prices are on 2009, do you have the latest prcie list? i’m interested on buying series 6 B650, 46 or 40 inches.

  43. The difference between the LCD and led t.vs are not that drastic, of course the 1 inch thickness of the led t.v is amazing, but in terms of picture and quality they are relatively the same, my advise to consumers out there would be to just buy the LCD samsung version and you can have fun and enjoy almost just as much as the LCD led television at a fraction of the cost.

  44. Perfect write-up, Iโ€™m a significant believer in commenting on blogs and forums to assist the blog authors realize that they’ve extra anything of value for the internet!

  45. i would like to know how much is 37inchs. lcd tv…free delivery ba yan? i mean no more additional payments?please reply to me soon…
    tnx! ๐Ÿ˜

  46. Already been engaged in cellular communications as an RF engineer since 1982 when I worked for Motorola. Had Blackberrys for the last 8 years or so, but just pre purchased a Samsung Vibrant through T-mobile. Want some new capabilities as well as a brand new Os to play with. I’m unhappy that Tmobile has switched away the wifi hotspot feature in the Samsung Vibrant, but I am certain someone will certainly figure out just how to root it as well as add the feature back in. I’m now carrying a wi-fi compatability only iPad and want to wirelessly tether it to the mobile phone. Looking forward to obtaining my new phone!

  47. pls send me the updated price list.
    how much is the samsung LN32C350

    is it pick up or delivery?
    freebies offer?
    cash or card?
    yrs of warranty?
    brand new?


  48. Hi,
    I am interested to buy wall mounted tv, please give me your best offer. you may call me at 09178073838 for faster communication. thanks.

  49. Please provide a price,plus shipping, for Samsung Model UA55C7000 (if possible $US) and is it covered by an International warranty.

  50. Do you have a 55in. Samsung LED 3D TV UN55C8000 8series? If yes, how much is your rock bottom price?
    Does 2 pairs of 3D glasses included & the Blue-Ray player?
    If not, pls. separate the price for comparison purposes.
    Warranty – how many years?
    Can you make delivery at home in Cainta?
    Send me your response by email.
    I am a serious buyer.

  51. Bosing, nagPM ako sayo last friday bakit biglang nawala? nag leave din ako ng email address. ok maginquire ako uli.:
    1. MAY AVAILABLE KA NA BANG SAMSUNG UN55C8000? If yes, magkano?
    2. yong LED UA-55b7000 Discounted Price: P208,000. may available pa ba? If yes, pwede gawin ng 2yrs. warranty? may kasama na bang 3D glasses at bluray player ito?
    Pls. send me an email.

    • Hi Eddie,

      Please SMS 0917-836-9336 for more inquiries. Ang alam ko SRP ng 55C8000 ay 319,000 and the discounted cash price namin nun ay 269k I think. Pero baka lower na, kasi I’m not updated about the price list anymore and I don’t sell anymore. Paki text nalang yung binigay kong number. ๐Ÿ™‚

      And yes, kasali yiung 3D Glasses and 3D Blu-ray player. About the warranty, I have no idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi jehzlau,

        Out of country ako ngayon kaya di kita ma-text. Pwede pakisend mo sa email ad ko at pano po yong warranty ano 1yr. din?
        So magkano na yong model na yon reply by email pls.?

      • Hi Eddie, please SMS 0917-836-9336 (It’s not my number. It’s my supplier’s number) for more inquiries. Hindi na po ako nag bebenta. Iโ€™m not updated about the price list anymore and I donโ€™t sell anymore, just like what I said before. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi danny. Wala po akong latest pricelist, kagaya ng sinabi ko kay Eddia. I’m not selling anymore na kasi. Please SMS 0917-836-9336 for more inquiries. ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Hi Jehzlau,

    I’m interested w/ your offer. Hoping to buy a Samsung LED TV 32″ or a LCT TV 32″ to 40″ ASAP if my budget suits up. I’m still waiting for your e-mail of the price list.

    Thanks & regards

  53. Dear friend,
    How are you ?
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  54. gud day! im interested with the deals and im planning to buy one before the year ends, please send me a price list of LED tvs… thankyou and godbless…

  55. sir,

    i wanted a full price list of the lcd tvs that you have, you referred me to this website… those prices are only for the 5 lcd/led tvs…

  56. gud day! im interested to your full list lcd tv items. im planning to buy this year . please send me a price list of LED tvsโ€ฆ thankyou and godblessโ€ฆ

    • bro kung wala kang masabing maganda tumahimik ka na lang, kung mura sa america doon ka bumili, nasa pilipinas ang nagtitinda at wala sa amerika kaya ganyan ang presyo, nagyayabang ka lang yata na nakapunta ka na ng amerika,

  57. am about to purchase my first LCD tv. am considering a 40 inch, maybe a 530 samsung. how much? and kindly email me a full price list of your samsung lcd tv for sale. thank you.

  58. Hello sir..

    Please Can you send me pricelist nang 26-37 inch na samsung…i would like to check kung alin yung kasya sa budget ko.. marmaing salamat

  59. wow…mas mura nga enge nmn ng price list i’m planing to buy lcd tv kasi..paki send ng price list asap..tnx..

  60. hi! im wondering where did u bought those lcd’s? san store yun? can u send me the pricelist? im planning to buy kc nalagot na hininga ng tv ko.di kme mabubuhay ng anak ko ng walang tv. ๐Ÿ˜‰ many thanks

  61. Could you please send me the price list? until when will you go on sale because I would arrive in the philippines on october. thanks!

  62. Hi!
    Am interested in seeing your price list… I’ll be in the Philippines in a week; can you organize for International shipping as well? Thank you!

  63. hello po,i randomly came on this site coz i am looking for a lcd or led tv which is at least 46″ kindly somebody send me some infos on where to get the best deals,,cash buyer here

  64. Hi..paki send mo naman po sa kin yung full price list and specs…Madami akong CASH buyer dito sa company namin… Thank You!

  65. Hi..paki send mo naman po sa kin yung full price list and specs…Madami akong CASH buyer dito sa company namin… Thank You!

  66. I’m curious what CMS your internet site is built on? It appears really good so i like several the customer functions available. Sorry if this is a bad location to find out however wasn’t sure how you can contact you – thanks.

  67. i nid tv that can fit to my room…. my room is kinda big im planning that ill get my room like a mini bar soon….. so can you give me an advice??? send to my email your reply ok??? please…..^_^ :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ๐Ÿ˜†

  68. hello

    interested po ako sa 32?-42? lcd and led full hd tv. can you please send me pricelist/spec? nagdedeliver ba kayo dito sa Pampanga? what about yung warranty po?


  69. can you send me latest price list for all samsung LED TV series 5 above and including all sizes… preferred is 55″ or 40″

  70. you send me latest pricelist since 2011 june pa yong pricelist posted… the series 9 are already in the market.. im interested sa series 6-7 basta cheap lang… i am sure buyer.


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