Samsung LCD and LED TV Price Markdown (2nd Quarter of 2010)

The prices of Samsung LCD and LED TVs in the Philippines just got lower (Samsung Philippines decided to mark it down last August 28, 2009). To my prospective buyers who are planning to have their very own Samsung LCD/LED TV unit, please leave a comment below with your e-mail so that I can send you the new marked down price list.

Samsung LCD/LED TV Marked Down Price List Sample:
1. LCD LA-22B450. SRP: Php19,900. Discounted Price: Php17,000
2. LCD LA-46B750. SRP: Php139,900. Discounted Price: Php113,000
3. LCD LA-52B750. SRP: Php179,900. Discounted Price: Php145,000
4. LED UA-40B6000 SRP P119,900. Discounted Price: P96,000
5. LED UA-55B7000 SRP P211,900. Discounted Price: P170,000

Here’s a brief overview of features of the available LCD and LED TV Series

Series 7 LEDFull HD 1080p, 120Hz Motion Plus, BD Wise, WCE Pro, DLNA, Mega Dynamic Contrast, Content Library, Anynet+, Media 2.0, SRS TruSurround HD, USB 2.0, HDMI x 4, available sizes are 55″, 46″ and 40″.
Series 6 LEDFull HD 1080p, 120Hz Motion Plus, BD Wise, WCE Pro, Mega Dynamic Contrast, Anynet+, SRS TruSurround HD, USB 2.0, HDMI x 4, available sizes are 46″ and 40″.
Series 7 LCD (B750)Full HD 1080p, 240Hz Motion Plus, BD Wise, WCE3, DLNA, Ultra Contrast, Content Library, Anynet+, Internet@TV, Media 2.0, SRS TruSurround HD, USB 2.0, HDMI x 4, available sizes are 52″ and 46″.
Series 6 LCD (B650)Full HD 1080p, 120Hz Motion Plus, BD Wise, WCE3, DLNA, Ultra Contrast, Content Library, Anynet+, Internet@TV, SRS TruSurround HD, USB 2.0, HDMI x 4, available sizes are 55″, 46″ and 40″.
Series 5 LCD (B550)Full HD 1080p, WCE3, High Contrast, DNIe+, Anynet+, SRS TruSurround HD, USB 2.0, HDMI x 4, available sizes are 52″, 46″, 40″, and 32″.
Series 5 LCD (B530)Full HD 1080p, WCE3, High Contrast, DNIe+, Anynet+, SRS TruSurround HD, HDMI x 3, available sizes are 40″, 37″, and 32″.
Series 4 LCD (B460)HD Ready 720p, WCE3, High Contrast, DNIe+, Anynet+, USB 2.0, HDMI x 3, available size is only 32″.
Series 4 LCD (B450)HD Ready 720p, WCE3, High Contrast, DNIe+, Anynet+, USB 2.0, HDMI x 3, available sizes are 32″, 26″ and 22″ (2 HDMI slots only for 22″)

For buyers of LCD TV, you can avail of the following home theater bundles with free HDMI cable: (Same with the prices in malls)
HT-z210 (add P5,000) SRP P19,990
HT-z315 (add P15,000) SRP P29,990 (Tower Speakers)
HT-x715 (add P20,000) SRP P39,990
HT-BD2 (add P39,900) SRP P69,990 (with Bluray Player)

Add P1,500 for wallbracket (26″ – 37″)
Add P1,000 for 40″- 52 (retail is p3,000)

For buyers for LED TVs, you have a free speaker bar worth P11,990 (HT-SB1) & free Samsung Cellphone worth P7,990. Add 6,000.00 for a wall bracket.

For a brief information and review of Samsung 2009 LCD and LED TV units click here!.

(Leave a comment with your e-mail so that I can send the FULL MARKED DOWN PRICE LIST.) You may compare my discounted price to the discounted price inside malls. I can guarantee you that mine is cheaper! If you don’t know how to read Samsung LCD TV models, let me teach you how. Let’s take LA-22B450 as an example. LA-22B450 is 22″ Series 4 B (Series A is the old Samsung LCD TV line-up, while series B is the 2009 LCD TV line-up). Another example is my LCD TV: LA-46B750: 46″ Series 7 B (2009 Model).

All units you order from me are 100% brand new, factory sealed from Samsung Philippines (complete with receipt and serial number). I don’t deal in demo, used, smuggled, or gray market units. LCD/LED TVs that I sell are absolutely the same as if you bought the unit in the mall, except for the much lower prices.

You can subscribe for free Samsung LCD TV and LED TV news and price updates by entering your e-mail below. Please don’t forget to verify your subscription by clicking the verification link that will be sent to your e-mail.

Enter your email address:

UPDATE March 4, 2010: For serious buyers, you can send me an SMS to +639178369336 if you really want to buy. Wala na kasi me time to reply sa thread na to, pasensya na po. T_T

UPDATED June 27, 2010: Samsung marked their LCD and LED TV prices again because there’s a new series of TVs from Samsung Philippines. The “C” series, also known as the 2010 LED TVs and LED 3D TVs. The 2009 LED TVs are way cheaper now. To get the latest update price list, please send an SMS or call +63921-777-7171

UPDATED June 18, 2011:New pricelist for Samsung LCD TVs, LED TVs, and Smart TVs are now available. Please send an SMS for 0921-777-7171 for inquiries

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  4. pls. send price list. i’m interested in buying an led tv. i have some friends here at work interested as well. i will show them your price and point them to you.

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  7. wow pwede pala bumili dito ng LCD

    LCD LA-22B450 ang mura na.. hmm pag-iiponan ko yan. haha. malamang nek year P10k na lang yan. haha

    nga pala, anong shirt size mo? send mo sakin sagot mo dun sa cbox ko o kaya i-comment mo sa blog ko. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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  9. Hi, please send me that marked down price list of all Samsung LCD and LED TVs. I’ll be waiting!

    more power to your website and your online business.

  10. hello jehzlau! available pa ba lahat ng LED tvs? balak ko kasi series 8 na LED eh. Pero not available pa sa philippines I think.

  11. I found ur ad on prc board exam results.. I’m interested to buy a samsung LCD this christmas. Can you please forward the price list to my e-mail? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  12. Hello jehz! kindly send the price list to my e-mail. Nilagay ko na dito sa mail input box mo. Thanks in advance!

    and oh.. happy birthday!

  13. hi. kindly send me ur price list. also is it possible to further chop your package? e.g. sa UA-55B7000 minus DVD player, etc? tnx.

  14. Can you send me the price list for samsung 37″ and 40″ series 6 and 7 with free bundles like home theater… does it come with wall bracket? please include some info as to where were going to pick it up once i ordered one.

    awaiting for your prompt response…

    Thank you!

      • I saw in one of the malls the other day that the additional home theater is less than the one that you’re offering, but i don’t care about it since it’s just 10php only… i was just thinking that maybe yours should be lower than that..

        BTW thanks for the price list, i’ll choose from the one that you’ve provided me.

        Aside from Samsung LED/LCDs, are you selling any Samsung Washer/Dryer (front load)? Thanks!

      • And about po sa home theaters, kung ano yung nasa malls, yun din po yung price ng home theaters here. Ang prices lang na mababa ay yung LCD/LED TVs. :mrgreen:

  15. hi. I’m planning to buy a samsung lcd or led.
    My choices are LA-32A550 or LA-32A650.
    LA-40A550 or LA-40A650.
    Kindly send me your pricelist through my email.

  16. Hi, do you ship to Negros? can you email me an updated price list. I am looking for 40-46″ Lcd or led tv series 6 or 7. my budget is not more than 110,000.00 what can you recommend for me?

    I prefer that it be 120hz.


  17. Hi,

    Interested din ako sa LCD TVs from Samsung. Pwede pa send ng price list?

    And, wala ba further discount kung taga Samsung ako? (Laguna)

  18. i want to buy this unit LED UA-55B7000 SRP P211,900. Discounted Price: P170,000. is this 55 inches? is there any new price lower than this? pls advice how to avail this one including delivery.

  19. I think this is definitely the best time to buy a brand new LCD tv. The prices are much lower that last year and since christmass is around the corner, it’s going to be a hassle by the time the holidays are near.

  20. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Wow, I’ve finally found the kind of Samsung dealer that I feel could help me. can you send me the full list please? I’m planning to buy a an LCD HD monitor. Your blog looks great by the way. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!

  21. Hi!

    Can you send me the updated pricelist for the lcd tvs. I’m interested with any 32″ B-Series since its within my budget.

  22. Hi there!

    Im now in the hunt for a new LCD TV but recently realized how complicated it can be.

    So far, ive shortlisted Samsung and Panasonic as my preferred brands.

    I am interested with Samsung’s series 3 and 4 32″ LCD TV. Can you kindly send me your pricelist?

    Will appreciate also if you can send me links of reviews. Would be best if you can give me comparative review with Panasonic.


    • Marami pong reviews online, pero I’m not sure if merong review na kinompare yung Panasonic latest models against Samsung 2009 models. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Price list sent po :mrgreen:

      • Hi jehzlau!

        i did not receive your email about the prices. can you please send them again asap as i am buying a unit today.

        thanks a lot!

      • Hi sorry. Na send na ni oyeen kanina. Na receive mo ba? Just got home eh kaka online lang then ngayon ko lang din nabasa e-mail mo. Sana ok na ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi Jehzlau!

        I talked to Oyeen yesterday. Many thanks for this excellent referral!

        To all readers, i highly recommend jehzlau and his friend if you’re keen on getting and lcd/lev TV. i got mine yesterday and had the best deal!

        Jehz and Oyeen are doing us consumers a great service. Keep it up guys and more power!

  23. mmm in the market for a new wide screen special tv set. wonder how much that equates to though in British pounds! bet we still have to pay a fortune.

  24. bro. my unit ka b na 32″led series 6, un kc hinahanap ko, ive seen a unit sa australia, baka maglabas din sila d2. update mo nlang ko f myroon thanks…

  25. hi gud pm..

    jim here, heard from a friend that your sellig lcd tv?
    Im interested on 40″ to 46″ lcd. and i’ve been to other shop and their offering me a plasma tv? whats the best screen for my PS-3? got confused…
    By the way can you send me a final price for a 40″ to 46″ high def lcd tv so i could have it n. tnx ๐Ÿ™‚
    Pls send to my e-mail add (

  26. Please send me a pricelist of your LCD TV’s 37″ and 40″.
    Very interested buyer. I need the unit before Nov. 10.


  27. Hi. I’m interested in the 55″ LED TV. Does it come with free home theater system? Also, do you allow VAT exemption upon presentation of the VAT exemption certificate? Thanks.

    I hope you can reply ASAP as I am intending to buy the unit real soon.

  28. pls send me the price list.. i really wanted to buy an lcd tv.. also include the series and home theater system so i can compare and decide which one to buy.. reply asap.. thanks..

  29. Please send me the complete price list of LCD TVs. All sizes and Series. And if you may also include the freebies with it.
    I am an urgent buyer.

    Thanks you very much.

  30. I wanted to buy between 37-42 inches LCD TV. Include the wall mounted bracket and the system preferable blu-ray player.
    Give me a quote. Is installation included in your price?

  31. need price for 40″ LED TV’s

    will take free speaker bar, but not phone.

    can i swap phone for wall bracket instead? is this the 1.8″ thick wall bracket?

    do you deliver in Metro Manila?

  32. Send me the price list please. Interested in a 32″ lcd tv. Thanks. By the way, would you know what the contrast ratio of samsungs are? All I see is “high contrast ratio”. While LG specifically says 70,000:1, etc. That would help my decision. Thanks again.

  33. Hi,

    I am interested to buy a 40 inch LED tv. If you have a bundle with the hometheatre please send me the lowest price available.


  34. does it cover warranty at any Samsung authorized shop?

    Please send me quotes/packages for LED LCD 40″ below.

    Thanks bro! Planning to buy something rewarding for myself this Christmas.

  35. im interested in buying series 7 52″, but the price ive seen in the mall is 161,900 and i’ve seen yours which is 145K. Where can i find ur place? thanks.

  36. hello! ๐Ÿ™‚ do you have 26″ or 32″? if yes do you also accept credit card? may i also have the updated price list? thanks!

  37. Hello, I accidently stumbled upon this site whilst searching around Google as I am searching for some information on LCD TVs!. I think it’s a very interesting blog so I bookmarked your site and intend to return tomorrow to enjoy a more indepth look when I’m more free.

  38. hi, can you pls send me the full marked down price of samsung lcd tv because were going to buy a 22 inch lcd tv at a lowest price this December before Christmas. thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Could you please send me the prices for 32″ (Series 4 and 5) and also 37″ & 40″ Series 5. Cash and card price please, thank you.

  40. Hi,

    I’ll be in Davao next week and i’m looking for a Samsung Series 4 32″ LCD. How much is your price and is it available immediately?

    Appreciate it much if you reply sooner.


  41. Kindly send me your full marked down price list for Samsung LCD TV. I’m considering buying a 32″ or 40″ TV. Do I get the same service and warranty that I’ll get from a mall outlet?

  42. Please email me your pricelist of 32″,40″ and 46″ (LCD and LED) so I can compare and select. I almost bought a 40″ LED here in Riyadh, buti na lang nakita ko ‘tong site na ito..Hope to hear from you asap..

  43. please email me the complete price list i am interested with 32/40/42 inch LCD/LED models (with promo – home entertainment system)

  44. jehzlau Reply:

    November 15th, 2009 at 7:29 am

    …I just realized that your last reply to a readers query was dated 15th November, 2009. That’s no and one-half months ago! Is this a hoax?
    So, this morning, I bought a Series 6 LB650 32″ here in Jeddah (It’s not available though in the Philippines..) Still, I am planning to buy the 46″ LED, for Home Theater purposes, I hope you will reply soon..

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  46. Can you please send me the complete price list of all your LCD TV. 15″-22″ size. and also if there are any promo’s. And payments schemes and delivery/pick up details.

  47. hi! would like to ask for price list of 32″ lcd tv? what are the inclusives in the package.. i want to purchase it with home theater sana.. thanks!

  48. hi,

    i really want to buy an lcd tv na lang since mahal pa ang led tv d2 sa ksa.
    mejo mura ung presyo d2 kaso mahal ang shipment.
    tanong ko lang kng magkano ang series 5 na lcd na 32″ and 40″
    at yung smallest size ng ledtv.
    magkano yung total na babayaran ko including some other accessories for hd pati yung shipment sa batangas.
    thanks in advance.

  49. can you give me the whole pricelist of both LCD and LED tv. i am looking of the best price and comparing to price of SAudi Arabia. Pl.s help if there’s a little difference between her and there,i’d better buy to you.

  50. apparently the larger stores that sell the series 7 55″ are not being discounted at SM appliance and Tiong San department store. SM has it discounted to 189k and I got it down to 170k at tsiong San. I not6iced a surround sound promo of a 50k system when you buy it at SM with no mention TS. It appears to be a samsung promotion so I assume if I press TS for it they will come up with some BS.

    Your thoughts etc on this.


  51. As some of your mailers said it would be nice to have your pricelist for an educated comparison with what those department store offer.

    One thing more what series uses the edged LEDS or arrayed LEDS.

  52. I do not understand your website, you state that Samsung has discounted the 55″ series 7 to 170k yet their website has the old price. I previously mentioned that there is a promo with a 50k surround sound system for free when e system for 190k at sm appliance. The promo is by Samsung and is good until April 28.

    You state your prices are the lowest, if you are saying 170k for the tv are you including the surround sound system for free also.
    And if the new list price is 170k are you giving a discount.


  53. hey! do you have a price list for the new 2010 samsung models? i was suppose to buy a 2009 model then got delayed then i thought it would just be better if i bought a 2010 model.

  54. i have a budget of 40k and i want to buy a quality lcd tv can you recommend what model or series i can buy with may 40k thanks in advance here is my # 0919-2566103

  55. was about to get a ua46b6000 two hours ago but good thing was i decided to look it up yet in the internet. i was quoted P139,900 by the samsung dealer at the mall. why the discrepancy? is it a good buy for me already? would appreciate your soonest reply! TY

  56. Hi pa email naman po ng discounted pricelist nyo … we are deciding kung ano bibilhin nmin between laptop and TV ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Please send me an updated pricelist and procedures on how to buy. Im interestyed in getting either a 37″ or a 40″ series 5 LCD tv.

  58. planning to buy LCD/Led tv. please send me good price/quotation complete set including and excluding speakers asap. thanks.

  59. Hi,

    I’m planning to buy now Lcd/led tv. Please send me good price/quotation w/ complete set including and excluding speakers asap. Any promo?? Thanks.

  60. Please email me now the complete price list for Samsung and LG LCD TV. Im planning to buy tomorrow because it is a 3 day mall wide sale at SM. Im looking for a reasonable price for LCD with home theater bundles. I will appreciate if you can send your price list in my email within today. Thank you very much.

  61. no idea kung anong bibilhin ko basta less than 40 in, kung afford ko pwedeng LED, kung mahal LCD nalang. please send me the complete price list with all the bundled freebies and options to add.

  62. i’m planning to buy either lcd or led samsung tv
    from 26″-32″, whichever is affordable
    kindly send me your price list

  63. Can I have a copy of ur latest pricelist and bundled packages. I will be purchasing an LCD TV with BD Home Theater if ever possible. Thanks

  64. Hi sir,
    Could you send me a list of the 32 inch LED tvs?
    Do you also have samsung’s LED monitor/hdtv ? It’s model is samsung syncmaster 2370HD. It’s an LED monitor with a built in tv tuner.

  65. hello, can you send me the complete price list, im looking for a 32″ lcd tv. kindly include your contact number or location so i can visit. thanks!

  66. hello, can you please send me and updated price list for christmas? i saw a 32″ samsung LED. do you also offer this? please included promos also. thanks!

  67. kindly send me your updated price list.. and though it’s not posted here, do you have 32″ tvs?? if they’re available pls send the price list to me also.. thank you!!

  68. kindly send me your updated price list.. and though itโ€™s not posted here, do you have 32? tvs?? if theyโ€™re available pls send the price list to me also.. thank you!!

    same here pls send me updated price in cebu

  69. Gud day.. pkiemail p0 nmn skn disc0unted price nyo ng samsung LED tv series 5 & 6 na 32″ interested po kc aq bumili by end of this m0nth (March 2011) tnx..

  70. intersted in samsung plasma 3d series 4+ 42″ to 55″ can you please give me the net price list? im waiting thany you

  71. Hi Jehz,
    Update mo na itong article, yung nakita kong Samsung na LED 42″ grabe 36K na lang, badtrip e nung binili ko yung LCD dati 54 hay.



  73. Dear Sir,

    I am wishing to buy a samsung LCD 32 INCHES so which model to purchase which have fully HD
    So confirm the same by price lsit to me.



  74. good day sir pa send naman po ng price list nyo for samsung internet tv 32 inch led at lcd bibili kasi ko sa mall mukang mas mura sayo nalang ako bili thanks send me asap

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