Blue Stickman Tribes and the 5 Unique Individuals Deciphered!

My two previous puzzles were deciphered by a few of the blog sphere’s most talented bloggers. Yay! Congrats to all of you, you know who you are. The one who will receive $100.00 is the one who first answered the two IQ puzzles correctly and satisfied the hints accordingly. I am giving more than $100.00 USD because I’m so happy of the outcome and I’m very glad that these individuals exerted effort to solve the puzzle and gave the correct explanation and answer. Even if they were not the first one to post the correct answer, they still deciphered it with their own brilliant ways.

Congratulations to Ron Del Rosario, the Mysterious Neo (because he has no blog, that’s why he’s mysterious for me, hehe), and Dexter Panganiban. I will give $10.00 as consolation prize to each of you. Just drop me an e-mail (jehzlau at dostscholars dot org) with the subject: BS2 and BS3 Puzzle Prize. Kindly include your Paypal address in your e-mail. Deadline of claiming your prize is on March 20, 2009. Congratulations to Jen Jimenez for correctly answering the two puzzles first. Technically, Ron was the first one to get the right answer, but for BS3 only. Followed by Dexter, and then Neo for BS2 and BS3 (Sadly, Neo’s answer is invalid because it didn’t follow the mechanics and his explanation was not enough to satisfy all the hints, but his answer was right). Finally, Jen gave it a shot by answering puzzles BS2 and BS3 correctly. She satisfied all the hints but was confused with the 204 and 205. For clarification, 205 is really greater than 204 based on Ron’s explanation and Neo’s. To sum it all, only Jen got all the hints and satisfied each and everyone of them. She also got the intransitive verb: To practice Witchcraft, which also means Hex.

To the winner, please e-mail me (jehzlau at dostscholars dot org) with the subject: BS2 and BS3 $100.00 USD Winner. Kindly include your Paypal account e-mail and your complete mailing address so that I can send you your Google Code Stickers! Yay!

If you’re keen enough just like Ron, Neo, Dex, and Jen, you will quickly notice that the only barrier in answering this puzzle is hex. Almost all the hints are pointing to this magic word. John Nash is the inventor of hex games, there are no hex colors in the stone age, hex is the intransitive verb which means to practice witchcraft, and a whole lot more is pertaining to the word Hex.

If you want to know more about this puzzle and how it was solved, you can read Ron’s, Neo’s, Dexter’s and Jen’s explanation about the Blue Stickman Tribes and the Five Unique Individuals.

Here are the graphical illustrations of BS2 and BS3 answers:

If you notice, H and D is the one that we are looking for because it satisfied the hint 570565 as the sum of all the hex values of the blue stickmans inside the box. There are no hints that contradicts this logical approach. With the help of Thomas Knoll, creator of Photoshop, you can easily get the hex values of the blue stickmans. If you want to read all the hints, please click here.

As you can see in the image above, only C, R, E, A and M has a unique left hand. The hex value of their left hand is 0738CC, while the rest does not have the color with the hex value of 0738CC in their left hand. That’s what makes them unique. The logical approach to get the right answer on this puzzle satisfies all the hints. If you want to read the rest of the hints, click here.

Here are the excerpts of the correct answers:

That’s all for the excerpts. If you want to have more fun why not try solving this new puzzle below. I will create a series of 5 puzzles in my next post, and this one is leaked so that you’ll have an idea about my next set of Blue Stickman puzzles. Don’t answer this one yet. If you know the answer, please reserve it for the next post. Please wait for the final mechanics, hints and tips on my next post next week.


108 thoughts on “Blue Stickman Tribes and the 5 Unique Individuals Deciphered!

  1. Ang bagal magload dito sa akin nung images dahil dial-up lang ito lol pero gusto ko magcomment hehe 😀

    Sali na kayo mga kids at mga feeling bagets dahil ang mga batang matatalino ay binibiyayaan ni Kuya Nyok weee 😀

  2. *Jaw drops* Wow! Thanks Jehz for the consolation prize! Tears of joy are flowing freely… Talaga! Hahaha 😀

    Congratulations to Jen! Grabe, I couldn’t find anything wrong with her solution and sobrang thorough explanation nya. Galing! Congrats ulit! 😀 Thanks din k sir Neo, without his answers I would have never analyzed the puzzle properly.

    Thanks ulit to Jehz for the mind-blasting puzzle and prizes! 😀

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  4. hala! tama pala ako! salamat sa $100.00 kuya! hehehe.. nauna ko pang e claim kesa mag comment dito.. thank you very very very much! may pambili na ako ng portable HD for my HP Mini 1000! yehay!

    sagutin ko ulit next puzzle mo para may maipon ako sa bank. :mrgreen:

  5. Habol na ako.. nyok. Nakadalawang puzzle na pala. At awarding na pala ang recent post mo. 🙄

    Buti na lang maraming puzzle, pero pahirap nga ng pahirap 😮

  6. waaaa d ako nakasagot waa 😈 😈
    sorry kua Jehz awoo! naging busy me this past few weeks kahit blog ko napabayaan ahahaha 😮 😆

    Anyway I would like to congratulate yung mga nanalo awoo SALUDO ako sa ineo ang galing!! 😀 😯

    Wow next puzzle ulet waa kua sa vacation na u ipost joke!! ahahahaha kainis kasi final exam na waaaa 😳 busy busy n nmn 😥 anyway gagawa ako paraan gusto ko manalo ahahahahahaha 😀 😯

  7. Congrats to Jen!

    Ang tagal kaya namin pinag-usapan ni Fitz yan sa Ilocos. Pero mas masarap kumain kaya kinalimutan nalang. Hehe!

    Naku, another puzzle … 😕

  8. Hi,
    I’m trying to look for games like cake mania 1&2, Diner Dash 1&2, Sally’s Spa, cute & interesting games (where you earn money and can “upgrade”, hehe!) how do i do so in your website? Can pls advise? thanks much…


  9. HAHA..ang galing naman nyok! hinde ako magaling sa mga ganyan nagdudugo utak ko pagnagsasagot ako niyan :mrgreen: wiih.. kuya jehz! link exchange tayo? link n kita ha 🙂

  10. yehey, na solve na ang mga “blue’s clues” (what?haha) :mrgreen: dibale, next game magaanalyze na tlga ako; lalo pa at bakasyon na, I have all the time to look for clues HAHA 😛 keep it up sir jehz~ 😀

  11. 🙂

    found your blog upon entering PCSO website….there’s a link on top philippine website and your on the 50th place…

    • yay! ngayon ko lang din nalaman pumasok pala me sa top 50, thanks for informing me mond 😀 and thanks for visiting my blog. Hoping you’ll join my next puzzle 😀

    • jeidel????????? cnu b U? y d mo cnasagot email ko? nkuha ko kay Jehz e-add mo. kaw ba un? kaw lang may name na ganyan eh!!!!! 😮

      • hehehe.. yung jeidel na yan, pareho ng IP address mo. 😀 Baka nasa skul ka or internet cafe. 🙂

        Yung e-mail na gamit nya nag bobounce, baka maling e-mail add nalagay nya.. hehe.. Curious lang me kala ko ikaw din si jeidel. woooooot! 😯

  12. mukhang malupit ung next puzzle ah, matagal i-release… baka dine-debug pa (anu un, code? hehe), or kumukuha pa ng testers si Jehz para siguradong walang sablay…

    o baka napapasarap sa ps3, hehe! 😀

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