My Last Post For the Year 2007

Time runs too fast, and it’s the last day of the year again. Year 2007 was a very ahmmmm? wonderful year? hehehe.. So much for this VERY long intro. Here’s what happened in my life in this terrific, spectacular, and unforgettable year. Year 2007, a year that was. πŸ˜›

1. I have witnessed the awesome and superb display of fireworks during the 2nd World Pyro Olympics at the Mall of Asia. I repeatedly said the word “WOW” for almost 30 times each minute (once every 2 seconds, hehe). WooOowW! WoooOOW! WOW!… Wooow! *me, while staring at the awesome and magnificent display of fireworks*.

2. I created my first corporate website for a U.S. client (an online jobs database website with free resume service, automatic job alerts, dynamic job posting, and a whole lot more!, it’s just like a Jobstreet clone, hehe), a company website for a Filipino client (a static XHTML 1.1 + CSS based, table less website) and a local Chinese school website (almost the same with the company website) for a Chinese? client, hehe, and earned a decent amount of income from those projects.

3. I have joined lots and lots of social gatherings, like SM Hypermarket Taste Asia Bloggers Party, Mrs. Fields Cookie Cafe bloggers party, Awards Night of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2007, Google Techtalk and the Filipina Writing Project awards night.

4. I met a lot of bloggers online and offline, met new friends inside and outside the blogosphere, and? ate a lot of food, different kinds of food that I’ve never tasted before! bwahahaha!

5. Been tired of commuting from Manila to Alabang everyday. Waking up 5:00 AM to travel for 2 to 3 long hours to work, and going home at 12 midnight is such a headache. I’ve been assigned to work for a specific consulting project in Alabang for 2 months, and I’m required to travel everyday, 5 times a week! But, it’s worth it, and it’s a very awesome experience, realizing that working is not that easy even if it’s fun. It’s quite tiring and exhausting, especially when your daily routine keeps on repeating over and over again.

6. Learned ASP.NET for developing web applications that I’ve never created before. Creating Apps in .NET framework is not that easy specially for a newbie web developer like me. It caused my brain to seriously malfunction and explode into pieces, hehe. I never thought that I should also master C#.NET, VB.NET, and JScript, to create an ASP.NET application. I really can’t inject it all into my tiny dumb mind.

7. Mastered the art of table less layout in developing CSS based web designs. I really can’t believe that I can code CSS with ease now. Hehehe. (yabang no? kunwari lang alam, pero hindi naman talaga… hehe)

8. My very first credit card application was approved by the Bank of the Philippine islands. It’s a BPI Edge Mastercard. It’s a very cool credit card, but paying debts is not that cool as having debts. Hehehe… You’ll never realize that you’re over spending because you’re not bringing cash with you – only a piece of card – and you can buy anything you want, and pay for it later. The only sad thing of having a credit card is, you’ll be a very impulsive buyer, and will have a very hard time controlling your expenses because of that !#@$!@# credit card. Heehee.

9. I’ve been a member of the Digital Filipino Club, PBS, eBay Philippines, Orkut, Vox, i.PH, Sulit Community, TipidPC, Twitter, Digital Point, Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, PPP, TLA, Kontera, ReviewMe, Sponsored Reviews, Smorty, and ahmmm? I forgot the rest πŸ˜›

10. Received my first ever Google Check, received $100.00 cash from the Digital Filipino and Yes Payments, received my Widgetbucks BUCKS, Reviewme.Com earnings, and etc., etc., etc.

11. Discovered and learned the secrets of SEO, and found out how to be properly optimized and appear in the SERPs. I also joined various of mini-SEO contests, and became an avid SEO addict . I was soOOo into SEO now, and never realized that I’m still optimizing results in my dreams, hehehe… I hope I can develop my SEO skills more, next year πŸ˜›

12. Opened my very first Paypal Account, enrolled my credit card to my paypal account, entered my expanded use number, availed an EON account from Union Bank, bought online goods using Paypal, bought more than 10 domains from GoDaddy, and ate banana.

13. Earned a gross income of 360,000.00, but never tasted it. A vast portion of it was swallowed by our corrupt government, others was gone to SSS, Pag-Ibig and PhilHealth. I hope I can make use of my contributions someday in the near future.

14. Learned how to play bowling, and made my very first perfect strike after throwing the bowling bowl to hit that bowling bowl’s target. ( I really don’t know what it was called T_T ).

15. Watched a lot of movies like Spiderman 3, Harry Potter 5, Little Miss Sunshine, Hitman, The Golden Compass, 300, 1408, 28 Weeks Later, 30 Days of Night, Alpha Dog, Balls of Fury, Beowulf, Blades of Glory, The Brave One, Rogue Assassin, Blood and Chocolate, Bordertown, Bourne Ultimatum, Bridge to Terabithea, DOA, Die Hard 4, Disturbia, Enchanted, Epic Movie, Evan Almighty, Fantasic 4 2: The Rise of the Silver Surfer, Firehouse Dog, The Gameplane, Ghost Rider, Gone Baby Gone, The Hills Have Eyes 2, The Invasion, The Kingdom, The Last Mimzy, Meet the Robinsons, TMNT, Oceans 13, Nancy Drew, Number 23, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Transformers, Rendition, Resident Evil: The Extinction, The Reaping, Rush Hour 3, Shrek 3, The Simpsons Movie, The Seeker, Happy Feet, Surf’s Up, Underdog, Wild Hogs, Shooter, Ratatouille, Next, and Resiklo. Hehe πŸ˜›

16. Bought my very own laptop. It’s an HP Pavilion TX1000 Series. Its RAM is 2GIG, 160 Hard Drive, Dual Core AMD Turion x64 2.0 Ghz processor, Lightscribe DVD, Altect Lansing Speakers, Remote Control, WiFi, Integrated Bluetooth, 5 in 1 Memory Card Reader, 3 USB ports, and so much more. Yiheeeeeeeee! Until now, I still can’t believe that I have my very own PC from my hard earned money. πŸ™‚

17. Been contacted by a prominent person, talked with him over phone, invited in a very special event, and treated like a VIP.

18. Made it to the top 25 Filipino Bloggers in (top 23 as of writing this post), top 3 in the Mindanao top blogs. (Thanks to Batang Yagit for creating the Mindanao top blogs, because without him, I’ll never be on the 3rd spot, hehe), and top 14 in the Philippines Top 100 Blogs based on Blog Juice by the Australia and Philippines Internet Review Blog, courtesy of Janette Toral.

19. Finally, the greatest thing that happened in the year 2007 wasssssssssss………..!!! the Page Rank!!! Bwahahaha! My blog reached PR4 in the year 2007!! yeahhhh boy yeahhh!!!

I’ve been very happy this year. I should have blogged more about my year 2007 experiences, but I’m very sleepy now, and my gray matter was pretty tired of recalling, and restoring my recycle bin. As much as I wanted to post more about the year 2007, ahmmm? (anong dapat e dugtong? hehe.. naloko na di na ako maka isip. Hanggang dito nalang!) Happy New Year to Everyone!!! πŸ˜€

P.S.: Forgive me for thousands of typos, and grammatical errors. I never reviewed my post and even if I review it, I can never see my mistakes :P.

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  2. 11. Discovered and learned the secrets of SEO, and found out how to be properly optimized and appear in the SERPs. I also joined various of mini-SEO contests, and became an avid SEO addict . I was soOOo into SEO now, and never realized that I’m still optimizing results in my dreams, hehehe… I hope I can develop my SEO skills more, next year <—- pano po ito weeeeee??

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