The Blue Stickman First IQ Puzzle Winner Is…

After 10 days of solving the Blue Stickman IQ Puzzle, we finally have a winner! There were many possible answers in this puzzle, but there was only ONE correct answer. I would like to thank all who tried to solve the puzzle. Everyone had their own brilliant explanation of who is the real Blue Stickman. 6 talented individuals got the right answer, but only one got it FIRST.

If two of them posted it simultaneously on an exact time, then two of them will win. But there was only one who got the right answer first. This guy answered the puzzle early and correctly. He posted his answer last January 30, 2009 at exactly 4:22 am. The puzzle was pretty simple that’s why the explanation of this puzzle was simple as well. Others are just trying to complicate themselves that’s why they thought the puzzle was hard and impossible to answer.

If you followed the instructions correctly and read all the tips, you will have the right answer instantly. That was what Dean Lozarie did. He answered it first and he answered it correctly! His method was he counted the number of dots as what Tip Number 3 suggested. He was a keen observer and he was fast! He followed all the tips and he got the correct answer!

The other 5 who also got the correct answer were: Joyfulchicken, Philos, Mi, Tonex, and Rina!

Others also had brilliant and logical explanations, but their answers were not correct because there’s only one “simple” and correct answer. Others want to complicate simple problems that’s why they arrived to a complicated solution, but still logical and can be accepted by philosophers. Hehe.

Anyway, congratulations to everyone who participated in the Who’s the Real Blue Stickman quiz!

To the winner, you can claim you prize be e-mailing me the domain name of your choice, your Paypal account, and your complete mailing address (for the WordPress Schwags).

To those who are still interested to participate in my next IQ puzzle, here’s a preview of the puzzle.

You may copy the image and try solving it. List down different reasons, explanations, or solutions and wait until I post the final mechanics and tips within this week! DON’T ANSWER IT YET. I will create a separate post for you to give your answers. Be patient. Patient is a virtue.

105 thoughts on “The Blue Stickman First IQ Puzzle Winner Is…

  1. Sus, alam ko naman ang sagot diyan eh. Di na lang me nakipagsiksikan sa masa. Nagha-hyperventilate kasi ako pag nakakaamoy ng pawis. Waaah.

    Blue stickman uli? Dapat blue stickwoman naman with shapely curves naman. 🙂 O blue stickman uli, but with ripped abs.

    Bibilisan ko na ito. Baka bigla ka magpost ng puzzle mapasubo tuloy ako sumagot. Alam mo naman genius ako coming up with a complicated solution to a simple problem. Hehehe. Ang galing mo talaga magbigay pampalubag loob. Biruin mo ii-enlist mo pa help ng mga philosophers to assure the losers they were right in their own way too. Nyok!

    Di me makasagot. Mamburaot na nga lang kaya. 🙂 Bilisan mo ha, inip na ko sa next puzzle. hahaha.

  2. wow congratulation Kua Dean woot~! you deserve it nice one dude!!! 😀 yay~! okay lng kua Jehz nag-enjoy kami, nax new IQ quiz cge cge matingnan nga ahahaha try ko luck me *Push your Luck~!!* 😀 😆

  3. wow! galing ah.. kung ako cguro na una dapat tama din sagot ko. hahaha! eto na dinownload ko na yung image at e sosolve ko magdamag.. sana maka tama ako sa second IQ puzzle… try try lang wala namang mawawala.. :mrgreen:

  4. wow.. i never thought that the answer was that simple. I will try to solve the second one and will wait for the tips + mechanics. I’ll try my luck, maybe i can answer and be as good as dean lozarie :mrgreen:

  5. wow! sayang na miss ko yung first puzzle, matagal tagal na din akong di naka online! congrats sa nanalo at sa mga naka sagot ng tama. ipapa solve ko tong second puzzle sa kuya ko. hehe

    dapat maging alerto sa new post para mauna ako sa pag post kung sakaling tama sagot ko, kasi page late, bali wala ang correct answer 😥

  6. kuya galing! yun lang pala ang sagot! pero kahit ako mauna di ko parin ma kukuha yung sagot. di ko alam yung prime numbers eh. etong second puzzle mo mukhang masakit sa ulo pero try ko sumali baka manalo :mrgreen:

  7. jehz! hahaha! yun lang pala yung answer! ang dali dali naman. sayang di ako nakasali sa first quiz, meron na sana akong $25 sa paypal at domain para maka start na sa pag blog with domain, wala parin me blog til now. Hehe.

    Mukhang mas mahirap yung second puzzle. try ko e solve kasi sa kutob ko mas malaki ang prizes. 😯

  8. naku mukhang mahirap ang second puzzle! I’m back jehzlau! kaso di parin ako nakaka update ng blog, 0 na yung earnings ko this month, patulong naman :mrgreen:

    try ko din to sagutin, alam kong kayang kaya ko to! 😯

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  10. Dang, the number of comments on every single entry made me a bit dizzy – indeed, stickman is such a very popular dude.

    I’m here returning the favor.

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