The Extremely Late Year-End Post

2011 is not a great year for me, it’s the saddest year of my life. It’s already the 5th day of January 2012, and here I am, writing my year-end post. I think I just made new world record for writing the latest of all the late year-end posts in the world. I really don’t wanna write a year-end post, but my blogging blood obliged me to.

Here are the significant events that happened to me and my blog in the year that was.

1. Made 20 blog posts, breaking my 2010 record of only 13 posts.
2. Played Philippine Ragnarok Online again and became addicted to it, again.
3. Met a lot of online friends that became my real life friends as well.
4. Won as the best Personal Blog in the 2011 Digital Filipino Search Profile Index Web Awards (To be awarded this February 2012, yay!).
5. Nominated, but never made it as finalist in the 2011 Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards.
6. My blog went up to PR6, but went back to PR5 a month after.
7. Made more than a million, but spent more than twice I made, trying to save my father’s life.
8. Maxed out my credit limit in all my credit cards.
9. Reached the brink of bankruptcy.
10. Lost a father and a very close friend.

Here’s a recap of the blog posts I made for the year 2011:

The Usual Yearly Recap


Here’s the new post for March!

I’m giving away an iPad this April!

And the winner of the iPad is…

Just transferred to a new dedicated server, again…

Jehzlau Concepts is now PR6!

Confessions of Diehard Chrome user

PageRank T-shirt Giveaway!

The 20 Lucky Boys and Girls

Where is this McDonald’s?

September 12

My Love Affair with McDonald’s

Where will you be tomorrow?

Damn, this month is damn!

Where will you be on the 13th of November?

Happy 11/11/11!

The Last Few Minutes….

Want a Canon EOS 600D and HTC Sensation XE this Christmas?

Is Sun Cellular’s BlackBerry internet service plan 999 worth the buck?

I hope 2012 will be a better year for me and for all of you my dear readers. Happy new year!

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135 thoughts on “The Extremely Late Year-End Post

  1. kuya jehz ok lang po yung kung naging malungkot yung nakaraang tao siguro may mabuting dahilan kaya ganun… malay natin ngayong taon mas maging masaya po ikaw bsta magkakaroon ng magandang pangyayari…. Dapat POSITIVE :) GOD BLESS po!

  2. Jehz. Ayos lang yang. Stay strong. I wish you a more blessed year. Your father is in a good place and cared by the greatest man. :mrgreen: Cheer up. The jehz that I know is a person that’s always smiling and a happy go lucky guy. :dila:

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  4. wag n sad kuya.. c dad you n kay papa God n.. :) He’s a lot more happy with God than us living alive in this world… kya be happy k rin dapat para sakanya.. :) Naniniwala ako n maraming blessings n darating saten this year.. :) kaya wag n problemahin yan Ok!! God knows who deserves his blessings and I believe your one of it.. :) God Bless you kuya jehz..

  5. I would say na “di bale sir Jehz malakas ka naman kumita” pero frankly walang amount ng pera ang kayang tumbasan ang magulang. For what it’s worth, it happens to everyone. Still, my sincerest condolence.

    Anyway, here’s to everyone having a fantastic 2012.

    P.S. Sir Jehz isang +12TGKFSA naman jan o. =)

  6. Hi Jehz…

    Musta na…where in the world are you now?
    Sorry to hear about your loss…

    Anyway, hope this year will be a great one for you…
    take care and God bless…


    • buhay pa.. Patay Gutom guild na now. hehehehe…

      Ma reretrieve mo yan, basta alam mo lng username mo… :-D or any details dati, like address or real name. Basta tama yung nilagay mo na details dati, e mamatch lng nila, tapos ma reretrieve mo na. :)

      • ung username ko mismo sa RO alam ko kaso ung email d ko na ma-alala.. haha… gumawa ako ng new account last year tas bi-not ko, kaso d ko napatuloy sayang..

  7. *hugs* I hope and pray your 2012 will be brighter for you. Make your father prouder than ever.

    BTW, di ko pa nagagawa ang year-ender post ko so mas late ako waahhh. Ayoko na tuloy gawin so ikaw na ulit ang latest. hehehe.

  8. Master Jehz, good morning! I know that you can make it, at least, ‘di na naghihirap ang papa mo. I’m sure that he is happy right now, as he look at you, and, as you grab those recognitions you deserve! You are such a successful individual, and we should all be thankful to the Lord, despite of the trials you had to endure last year, 2011. God bless you more and more! =)

  9. 2011 is really one tough year. I’m glad it’s over! Time to start anew and I know you will do better lalo na ngayon na your dad is watching over you :) wag na masyado mag-spend ah hehe Happy New Year sa’yo Jehz! :)

  10. Kahit po ganun ang nangyari sau this year yet your life story is still the best inspiration to all bloggers here.

    Thanks Jehz for sharing your life here.

  11. hi jehz,

    late na year end post nga ito.

    pero astig yung 1 million in a year mo.. puro galing lang ba un sa g00gle at iba pang ad networks? or may iba pang source? income lang ba un galing sa blog na ito alone? kung hindi lang dito sa blog na to galing, itong blog ba na to yung pinakamaraming na-generate na income? ay puro ako tanong hehe. posible kaya na magkaroon ng “itanong mo kay Jehzlau” dito? hehe.

    anyway, more power po sa iyo at sa blog mo.

    • aw google mostly + iba’t ibang ad networks na.. Then Nuffnang malaki din. :akopa:

      hahaha.. itanong mo kay jehzlau, parang gagayin ko yung itanong mo kay jemme ni jemme. :-P

  12. God has a reason for everything Jehz. What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger! You are a strong person, i can tell that. I know you can make this year a better year. Past is past. It’s all about how you handle the present . Be courageous as always and look at life with a positive outlook. I’m with you in prayers.


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