Is Sun Cellular’s BlackBerry internet service plan 999 worth the buck?

I’ve been an avid BlackBerry user for more than 2 years now and I can say that I’m really impressed with all its features and everything that it can do. All smartphones nowadays can let you surf the internet all you want. Other phones even have awesome apps that Blackberry phones do not have. So why I still can’t live without a Blackberry? It’s because of its fantastic Internet Service and Push Technology.

When you avail of a BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) from any mobile network that provides it and you’re an e-mail freak who loves sending and receiving messages in real time, you’ll be addicted to Blackberry and I’m pretty sure that you cannot live without it just like me!

I have tried various prepaid BIS from different mobile networks before and I’m quite satisfied with their services. Just recently, I received a free BlackBerry Pearl 9105 courtesy of Sun Cellular with unlimited Call & Text, Unlimited BlackBerry Internet Service, and Unlimited Mobile Internet. All of the mentioned services are included in Sun Cellular’s BIS plan 999.

Due to the fact that I’m so thrilled to try a postpaid BB plan, I then synched my e-mail and data from my good old BlackBerry Bold 9000. I synched all my contacts and BBM friends to my Sun Cellular-powered BlackBerry and everything went well. My new BlackBerry is now a clone of my old BlackBerry bold phone.

Real time e-mail synching

Installing apps in a breeze!

All incoming and outgoing e-mails from my good old Blackberry syncs in real time with my new Blackberry powered by Sun Cellular. Sending messages to my online buddies using Gtalk, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger are blazing fast. It’s like I’m carrying a micro laptop with ultra high speed internet connection.

All the instant messaging apps you need!

I can do almost everything with this small beast. My Google calendar, Drop Box, and other important account data are in sync and I have nothing to worry about. If you have your BlackBerry with you, you’ll never be offline again. You’re always online anytime and anywhere as long as your BIS is active and you’re within the data coverage of course.

Accessing your Social Networking accounts, IM accounts, and Internet Applications is as easy as doing nothing. Receiving notifications for these is as simple and as fast as receiving an SMS. No need to refresh to check your latest notifications and e-mails as your BlackBerry will do the entire job for you.
If you’re worried that your date and time are wrong, worry no more! Your BlackBerry will automatically sync to the current network time!

Another thing that I love about BlackBerry with an activated BIS is its BlackBerry Protect feature. It’s an app in your BlackBerry device that backups your data in real time if there are changes made. You can retrieve your data anytime in case your phone is lost or stolen.

Now your data is 100% secure.

You can wipe out your data and lock your phone if somebody took it from you or you left it somewhere. What’s really great with this feature is that you can trace your phone. So if it’s stolen and the BIS is still active, then you’ll know your phone’s whereabouts.

To top all of it, Sun Cellular’s 999 BlackBerry Internet Service plan is not “just” another BIS plan, because it comes with unlimited call and text! If you think other prepaid and postpaid plans are cheaper, think again. With Sun Ceullar’s 999 BIS postpaid plan, you’ll get unlimited Blackberry service, unlimited mobile internet, unlimited calls, and unlimited SMS! Terrific, isn’t it?

Those are just the few things of what BlackBerry powered by Sun Cellular can do. You’ll be impressed with its mad skills once you’ve tried it yourself! If you’re a messaging geek and loves to check e-mails every now and then, if you’re a die-hard Facebook and Twitter user who can’t live a minute without posting status updates, if you want to watch online videos fast without experiencing any lags or buffering, if you want to browse the internet faster than even before, then a Blackberry with Unlimited Internet Service from Sun Cellular is all you need.

Do you want to avail of Sun Cellular’s postpaid BlackBerry Plan 999 and get a free Blackberry smartphone? Are you planning of getting a new BlackBerry Handheld or adding the BlackBerry Service to your existing line, then Sun Cellular has the plan for you!

You can avail of a BlackBerry Curve 9300 3G (for a limited time only), BlackBerry Curve 8520, and BlackBerry Pearl 9105 for FREE if you avail of Sun Cellular’s BlackBerry Plan 999. Check this page out for more details.

So, is Sun Cellular’s BlackBerry internet service plan worth the buck? You know the answer.

Do you love BlackBerry and its unlimited data services? Do you hate it? Have you tried it? Do you have any plans in buying a BlackBerry? Please share your thoughts below.

PS: Happy Holidays everyone! Hehe. 😀

120 thoughts on “Is Sun Cellular’s BlackBerry internet service plan 999 worth the buck?

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  2. 😛 super duper awesome talaga ang blackberry! i even convinced my friends to get one para BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) na lng… kahit nasa ibang bansa sila as long may BIS parang normal text na lang ang BBM… ^__^ 😀

  3. Ok to ah. Pwede ba bilhin yung unit lang? walang plan? hehe
    Jehz, yung app ba ng BB parang Database backup sa WP na mag sesend ng data s email from time to time? :ngiti:

    • Pwede din unit. Hahaha!

      Ung app, hindi na mag sesend un ng e-mail from time to time. May backup un na running in background. In case mawala BB, ma rerecover u agad data me gamit ung e-mail na ginamit mu sa BB protect. 🙂

      Pwede u din wipe out data mu, lock the phone, and send messages dun sa phone na nanakaw kahit nag palit na sya ng sim card. Malolocate mu din ung phone via GPS. 😀

  4. 😉 Hello Jehzeel! Remember me from college? hehe.. Jen (OCSC?, you from CT?, you’re the official designer? heheh), you have shared about blogging and ad sense when we chatted before in YM (4 years ago, I think). Im starting to blog right now, not earning yet, like you. Maybe you can share some tips..

    Well, I’m intrigued with blackberry, I think its useful for office buffs on the go (like me). I was hesitant at first to try Sun’s Blackberry Plans (no budget yet, heheh), since you have shared the info comprehensively, maybe, I will think twice right now

    Happy New Year! Keep it up! 🙂

  5. Hehehe wanna try this gadget. Hope to have one in the future. Hahaha. Very informative Jehz. Thanks for sharing the details about your Blackberry phone.

  6. Boss Jehz! Happy New Year! I never had a Blackberry ever pero sa dami ng na ask ko and nakita kong gumagamit, maganda and user friendly ko silang nakikitang gumagamit.. hehehe COngrats! you have a Blackberryphone! me uses C3 Nokia jejej. (nursingmania now pinoycooltv :))

  7. Wow, iba talaga kapag big time! SUN Cell Subscriber din ako, pero ‘di ako trip ang blackberry kasi QWERTY yung keypad, hehehe! HAPPY NEW YEAR sa’yo Master Jehz! God bless! =)

  8. Magandang Hapon po… Hahaha bukas na po ang birth day ko (Debut ko na)…hahaha Puwde na po kayong mag padala ng regalo hahahah….
    puwde rin kayong pumunta 😀 wala nga lang akong handa hahahaha

  9. planning to get Sun’s BB data add-ons. worth it po ba talaga? read some reviews bout using sun BIS, most of them are not satisfied. biglang laki nung bill. i dunno if it is true. haha still looking for good reviews bout it kaso puro nega. dadalawang isip tuloy ako hehe. thank u!

  10. “unlimited Blackberry service, unlimited mobile internet, unlimited calls, and unlimited SMS!” uy, now that IS a deal. :akopa:

    I never got the chance to give Blackberry a shot (Pero yung first hands on ko palang sa BB ng friend ko, parang gusto ko ng angkinin := hehe )

    Puro Nokia and Android phones rin kasi ang uso sa bahay.

    Pero nung natry ko yung BB ng friend, I was really impressed sa browser.

    What I also really like ay yung optical mouse. Very convenient to have. I wish other phones have it rin!


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