PageRank T-shirt Giveaway!

If you’re a true blogging addict and a PageRank freak, then you’ll love this shirt! Jehzlau Concepts and are giving away free PageRank T-shirts to celebrate the consecutive Google PageRank updates this 2011. Most of the new bloggers that are avid readers of this website gained PR this year, so wearing this PR shirt is a great way to boast your PageRank and be proud of your blog!

To avail of the Free PageRank T-shirt, all you need to do is make a short blog post saying that I want a free PageRank shirt from Jehzlau Concepts. You’re not required to link this post, or link my blog, or link But it would be great to have a link from you!

Here’s the actual preview of the PageRank T-shirt:

The first 20 to publish a post in their blogs and leave a comment here with your post URL will receive a free PageRank shirt. In your blog post, you need to specify your shirt size (refer to this page for shirt sizes) and shirt type (Ladies’ shirt or Men’s shirt). And of course, you need to mention your current blog PageRank.

This t-shirt giveaway is open to all Filipinos residing in the Philippines and abroad. We’ll send your T-shirts by September 2011. Please use a valid e-mail when leaving a comment because I’ll be contacting you individually (the first 20 to publish and leave a comment) via e-mail regarding your shipping details.

That’s all for now! I’m almost done with the hardcore blue stickman puzzles and will publish it hopefully this month! Stay tuned!

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137 thoughts on “PageRank T-shirt Giveaway!

  1. heheh.. panu yan PR1 lang ako ( at least di na 0 :p ).

    Though maganda ang shirt, ang pangit naman kung PR1 ang nakalagay.. LOL.. bwisit kasing panda yan.. hahaha

    UPDATE: di ko nabasa yung first 20 person.. lol…

  2. Anyway I will still try to post about this. hehehe sana kasali pa sa 20 post hahaha. Pero parang imposible na kasi 90 na ang comments dito eh…

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