Confessions of Diehard Chrome user

Before we start our steganography deciphering contest, I have a confession to make. As an avid fan of the ultra fast Google Chrome browser, I will admit to you all that the idea of leaving the good’ol dependable Chrome has been playing in my mind for a few weeks now. That’s right my fellow netizens, I am having thoughts of leaving Google Chrome and switching to this latest browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.

Last week, I tried to visit an old website that I used to browse. To my dismay, a blank page confronted my eager eyes. I was naturally puzzled and confused. “Was the page gone or just some browser failure?” I thought to myself. I, then, tried it on my archaic internet explorer 7 and to my amazement, the site greeted me in its full glory. It was exactly how I wanted It to be.

The incident led me to think why have I chosen Chrome over Internet Explorer before? Was it because of the tab browsing feature? Or the faster loading speed? Or both? Whatever the reason it doesn’t really seem to matter, especially now that IE9 has, reportedly, the same—in fact much improved—features.

After this epiphany, I consulted with my IT specialist friend. My friend told me that IE9 is so far the best web browser to date. At first I was in disbelief but after doing some research online, I raised my hands in the air and concurred.

The new revamped Internet Explorer is easy on the eye with its clean and neat layout. It is a click away in accessing websites pinned directly to the taskbar. The pinned sites feature is a unique way of accessing your favorite websites directly from the Windows taskbar. In short, it enhances the web experience because by pinning a site, the site—not the browser—is at the center of the experience.

My blog is now properly rendered in IE9:

The backward and forward button is now cooler than ever!

If your website is not displayed properly in IE9 because it’s designed for older browsers, just like old websites that only works with the obsolete IE6, then just press this magic button as show below.

If you want to read all beautiful features of IE9, click here.

With IE9, the Notifications are also “quited down” in this version. Instead of the traditional dialog boxes that pop up from nowhere, IE9 has made consolidated all notification messages in a designated notification bar. This means uninterrupted and more fluid browsing experience.

In terms of performance, the IE9 is experientially more improved. Windows Internet Explorer 9 is as quick and responsive as normal windows applications installed on your computer (e.g., Yahoo mail could perform as fast as your Outlook express). The browser is also fast in loading webpages. Internet Explorer 9 can load webpages in an instant and at a few clicks only (still, it depends on the speed of your Internet Service Provider). Now that is really a “major major” improvement.

As for videos and graphics, the IE9 offers richer internet experience with its Hardware-accelerated feature. The advanced graphic and video capabilities provide a heigtened viewing experience. Graphics are said to be clearer and more colorful and videos run in high definition resolution. Btw, for 64-bit OS users, flash won’t work on IE9 if you don’t have the latest Adobe Flash Player (Released yesterday, July 13, 2011).

Of course the new JavaScript engine, Chakra, and the f12 Developer tools are added highlights of the new IE9. The new JavaScript engine capitalizes on the power of modern multicore processors. The f12 developer tools help developers in testing and debugging webpages. The built-in tool can make code changes from within the browser itself. Also new in the IE9 are the user-agent switching tool, an improved JavaScript profiler, and a network traffic inspector. You can also add more IE9 Addons, just like the Chrome Plugins.

Lastly, the IE9 is not just all about speed and performance. The people behind the new Internet Explorer know that security and privacy are also in the top priorities of netizens. Hence, IE9 made use of cutting edge securtiy and privacy technology to keep user safer and reassured online. The tracking protection is just one example of their innovative ways in ensuring privacy in browsing. The Tracking Protection Lists blocks off web content that may be used tracking users online.

So to put it simply, Internet Explorer 9 is clearly better (than before), but may still not be the best, because I can’t deny the fact that Chrome is still the best (because of its speed and simplicity) and Firefox is still my main browser for web development and design, because it’s feature-packed with the tools that I need for web work. IE9’s new javascript engine is no doubt better than Firefox and Chrome. But still, it doesn’t 100% support HTML5 (for instance, it doesn’t support HTML5’s hgroup tag), but i know this can be fixed as IE is doing its best to improve its features and W3C compliance to keep up with the browser wars.

In terms of features and performance, IE9 has definitely catched up. What can I say? Being a Chromer for years, I’d have to say this is really a bit of fresh air for me. This also means that its time for me to say goodbye to the dependable “IE tab Chrome Extension” for real.

Haven’t tried IE9 yet? Download it here, or click the image below to try and experience IE9 (If you haven’t tried it yet, because you’re a Chrome and Firefox enthusiast).

If you have tried IE9, please share your thoughts below regarding this new and improved browser from Microsoft.

DISCLAIMER: This Internet Explorer 9 advertorial is written for Microsoft and sponsored by Bill Gates.

205 thoughts on “Confessions of Diehard Chrome user

  1. nde pa ako nakapag-update ng IE9, kse parati ko ring ginagamit ang chrome tsaka firefox(daming SEO add-ons) pero paminsan-minsan kung meron akong nde mai-download sa mga nasabing browser, ung safari ang ginagamit ko… :mrgreen:

    maganda nga ung tab browsing feature ng internet exporer 9, parang chrome na rin… 😀

  2. Nice article haba nun jehz ah hehehe mabilis ba sya pag binuksan? or pareho lang ng old IE’s? di ako gumagamit ng chrome eh mas okay parin ang FireFox hehehe

  3. The problem with IE9 is pede lang sya with Windows Vista and later MS OS’es. Medyo challenge yan sa Pinas setting kase sa tingin ko majority eh XP pa. Pero try ko rin install sa weekend sa isang machine ko, magaling kang magconvince e :p

    its nice to see a new post here Jehz 😀

  4. as web designer po, good news yan kase hindi na mahirap magcross browser compatibility.. pero minsan sablay pa rin kase nga karamihan pa rin talaga dito sa pinas naka windows xp, meaning IE 6 pa rin… Kaya Firefox pa rin me hek hek hek… 😆

    • agree po ako jan.. number one kalaban ng web dev and web designers is cross browser compatibility.. pero alam nyo po ba na may mas matindi jan? yung tinatawag na browser-and-os wars na kung saan ang same version ng browser sa magkaibang OS ay may magkaibang result…

      I’m speaking from experience.. web dev po ako

      • You’re definitely right! :mrgreen:

        Kaya masakit sa ulo maging UI designer. Compare ng compare, check ng check, trial and error, etc. Naging web dev din ako for 2 years. 😆

      • hi sir jehz..

        tapos idagdag pa po na ang nagpapagawa ng site is iniisip nilang sing dali lang ng photosop ang pinagagawa nilang site.. hahaha.. sakit po nun sa ulo! :))

    • relate na relate ako dyan @aj hehehe mga demanding kong client hahahah kala nila copy paste lang ang paggawa ng website tsk tsk tsk… buti sana kung maganda magbayad ok lang… 😛

  5. So far wala naman akong naging prob sa chrome, kaya chrome pa rin ako,pero this post is informative Kuya jehz 🙂 Now I know the difference..I now have the option if ever magkaprob ang chrome browser ko 🙂

  6. Sir jehz! Agree din ako jan, dati ni hindi ko pinapansin yung IE, pero since IE9, yung firefox na ang di ko na ginagamit ngayo. pero just like you, chrome pa din ang no.1 sa choices ko kasi mabilis yung tabbed browsing + mas mabilis yung direct search sa google via tab 🙂

  7. IE 9 has improved since it past versions and can now compete with Chrome. I wonder where does this competition will go.. Oh, FF is also doing fast upgrades on their version. :mrgreen:

  8. honestly haven’t tried IE9 because of the liabilities I’ve heard from the previous versions which made me shun away from IE ever since I got my pc… but hearing the positives I think I might give this a try.. especially my blog now has custom CSS3 on the interface, Chrome met a full slowdown on its first run which forced us to remove some shadows..

    nyways will tell you about my experience when i move on this kid

  9. honestly haven’t tried IE9 because of the liabilities I’ve heard from the previous versions which made me shun away from IE ever since I got my pc… but hearing the positives I think I might give this a try.. especially my blog now has custom CSS3 on the interface, Chrome met a full slowdown on its first run which forced us to remove some shadows..

    nyways will tell you about my experience when i move on this kid

  10. naalala ko 2loy nung pinapatest nila yan sa Y4IT last year mas mblis nga daw.. kaso mkhang dpende pa din sa mga gamit na browser kasi prang mas mganda ang firefox pra sa mga webdeveloper and yung chrome for fast browsing at hindi mbgat sa pgkain ng memory sa ating mga computer pero masubukan nga hahaha :mrgreen:

      • nag rollback pala hehehe. .nawala yung mga latest post, manually ko binalik via google cache.. na delete kasi accidentally latest backup pag terminate ng old host.. tsk tsk…

        2009 pa yung backup ko. hahaha! 😀

      • at Yahoo at WayBackMachine! hahaha.. Yung ibang cache sa Google kasi nawala na. Mabilis kasi mag update Google. Sa Yahoo matagal mag change ng cache so nakuha ko parin.

        Tapos mga images sa Wayback Machine. Kina cache kasi nila pati image. ^_^ Astig!

      • ganun ba? buti nalang mas mabilis ka pa kesa kanila(nakuha mo pa ung mga nasa cache bago mawala) 😀

        syanga speaking of images, anong money-maker method ba ang pwedeng gamitin kapag dumadami ang search sa google images instead na sa google (web)? 💡

  11. Mga JC tambay.!!! check nyo PR nyo may nag-announced sa FB na nag-aupdate uli ng PR si Google… Me… from PR2 PR3 sana hindi mausog! hehehe Good Evening sa lahat!…. 😆

  12. Chrome is undeniably fast, but Opera 11.5 is now faster. If it’s not fast enough, you can activate Opera Turbo. The speed is insane. I tried leaving a comment using Chrome, IE9, and Opera. When I use IE9 and Chrome, the gif loading image wasted 10 to 15 seconds of my time. But when I tried leaving a comment in your blog using Opera 11.5, the comment was posted in an instant!

  13. Master Jehz, good morning! I’ve tried downloading IE 9 on my PC the very first time it was introduced by Microsoft, my platform is windows 7, specs met the system requirements, pero madalas may error sa pc ko. Maybe, it was the first batch that’s messed up. Since then, ‘di ko na ginamit.. Chrome kc gamit ko sa ngayon, mabilis, hehehe! But, I am gonna try re-installing it or downloading the latest patch, paguwi ko. Tnx for sharing! =)

  14. I’m having problems downloading IE9, hanggang 100kb plus lang..nag iinterupt..mabilis nmn net ko…kahiy saang browser pa… sana may ibang link na pwd mag download..hehe

  15. Last 2 months I’ve been using IE9 and I was also amazed by he performance. They have this disabled add-ons for lesser usage of computer memory. If you are really looking for a good browser, I would like to say that both IE9 and Chrome are equal.

    Firefox is in real trouble. Have you ever noticed that they have faster release of major revisions? Its because of the memory usage handling that may cause memory leaks and hangups.

    Bravo for IE9, congratulation for your:
    a. Lower memory usage
    b. Nice GUI
    c. CSS Compatibilty
    d. Security

  16. Maganda nga ang Opera 11.5 kaso minsan nag-eerror sa akin.. baka sa Windows 7 ang problem, hindi ko sure.. Basta ok sya kung gusto nyo magbrowse ng site gamit ang ibang IP address without changing ISP connection. Thanks sa advice ni idol hehehe

  17. kahit anong browser di ko pagpapalit ang Chrome ko. Avid Chrome user ata ito. Prooven na na mas mabilis kesa sa ibang browser. Master jehz, pa add naman sa blogroll oh. hehe… salamat. Add din kita.

  18. Wew.. Magandang gabi!! :mrgreen: wew uwian na dito sa aking part time job hehe.. makakapag comment at makakapag post na ule ako sa blog ko dahil tapos narin ako makipag compete sa TUP wew.. God bless everyone. 😀

    • yeah… that’s the worst nightmare of any blogger and webmaster. 😀 Kelangan ko pala mag post about it. Thanks sa idea! Different ways of backing up your files. 😆

  19. Hi Jehz; ngayun ko lang na open yung isa ko pang blog, kaya bago ko lang na approve yung comment mo; toinks; sorry ha? hehe :mrgreen: approved nah.:-)

  20. Hello, Master Jehz! Good Morning! I’ve mentioned you on my recent post about “How to make money online”… You’re really one of my inspiration in the blogosphere, I’ve learned a lot from you, by just reading your articles, even your old posts. I am also encouraged duon sa mga photos mo, about duon sa “Fruits of Blogging”… May God bless you more and more! =)

  21. I have IE9 since April of this year but I made it as my secondary internet browser and chrome is the primary. Nun nbasa ko to parang gusto ko gawin primary un IE9, hehehe.

  22. Nice graphics hahah, nawala ang pagod ko. :))

    Anyway IE9 looks sleek and I’ve tried but hindi ganon ka-extensive. I’m not sure if Im going to replace Firefox since there are lots of useful plugins there na nagagamit ko. Also sanay na ako sa Firefox so changing to IE means I need to readjust again.

  23. My backlinks decrease from Google webmaster tools. Nangyari na ba sa inyo guys? Halos kalahati ang nawala; eh araw araw naman me gumagawa ng backlinks; pambihira namn tung Google; wala naman akung ginawang masama. toinks. 🙁

  24. Hello, Master Jehz! Salamat sa visit at pag comment, hehehe! Kailan ka ulit mag po post?! Excited much! 😛 Naging forum na tuloy itong comment section mo, hehehe! 😯

  25. Ummm heheh I don’t use either Chrome or Explorer right now as I love firefox.

    I just don’t know but it seems I can leave Firefox browser.

  26. I uninstalled Chrome from my PC dahil nahirapan akong ibalik sa English ang ibang mga pages na nata-translate sa Tagalog. Not that I don’t like Tagalog – of course I do, Pinoy yata ako! – it’s just that sometimes, when you’re doing research and stuff, ang hirap intindihin kapag naka-translate sa Tagalog. I have tried tweaking the settings, pero ganoon pa din … so heto, Firefox ang gamit ko. Minsan Opera, at minsan din naman IE. :mrgreen:

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