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Why you should NOT buy Bitcoins from

I love, it’s convenient to buy mobile load, pay bills, and to send cash to anyone even without an ATM card or bank account. I recommended as a way to buy Ethers in the Philippines in my previous post. I even referred my friends to sign-up at to start investing and trading Bitcoins. But now, I don’t recommend them if you want to buy Bitcoins. Their price spread is way too large compared to other Bitcoin exchanges out there.

If you live in the Philippines, there are a lot of places to buy Bitcoins, but are too expensive (i.e.,, etc). But there’s one place where you can buy BTC at a fair price, and guess what? It’s the first Bitcoin company established in the Philippines. It’s Unlike where you have a Bitcoin wallet, is just a platform where you can buy Bitcoins, for a way cheaper price vs You can just sign-up with if you don’t have a BTC wallet yet, then buy Bitcoins at (or other platforms except, because the price is fair and way cheaper.

Even’s price is cheaper than You’ll save around $300 if you buy from, but you’ll save more than $500 USD if you buy from What’s great about CEX is that you can buy BTC using your Credit Card. So if you don’t have cash yet and you want to buy Bitcoins, buy at CEX.

The price difference between and is around 27,000 pesos. That’s a $541 USD difference. Pretty insane right?

So before buying Bitcoins at, think again. You’ll save a lot when you don’t buy from them. You’ll be saving more than a month’s salary for a lot of Filipinos. And I hate to say this, but is ripping us off. I also made a post at to warn other buyers about’s insane BTC buy price.

As of writing this post, the buy price at is 144,574, and the sell price is 124,556. While on, the buy price is 117,977.93, and the sell price is 113,420.26.

You can be an arbitrageur by buying BTC at for 118,000 and sell them at for a 124,500, that’s an instant P6500 profit! Hahaha!

I just can’t take it, their prices are way high and it’s not fair to those who have no clue where to buy BTC in PH other than Forgive me for the rant.

So remember, if you’re from the Philippines and you want to buy Bitcoins, STAY AWAY FROM COINS.PH. Their Bitcoin buy price is outrageous and out of this world! It’s clearly unfair and unreasonable. Buy from or, or other platforms out there that you know.

UPDATE 06/04/2017: is now selling Bitcoins for a cheaper price. It’s worth checking out. Thanks to @csseyah for the heads up. Currently,’s price is more expensive than So better stay away from that exchange. Always compare BTC buy price with other sellers before buying.

PS: This is not a paid post by either, nor This is just a tip where to buy BTC at a fair price. Don’t get ripped off by They have a great + super secure platform, but their prices are way expensive. Waaaaaaaaayyyyy expensive.

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    • Yes. It's still the fastest and best way. I suggest you buy ETH if you're planning to buy another currency. :D

  • Hi, so if the best pa din for now sa, medyo mahal nga lang yung prices ng coins sa exchange nila, and if you're planning to move it to an exchange with more alt coins, medyo lugi ka pa din? your thoughts?

  • Hi any reco wallet that has min fee to buy btc? Or coinsph ia better now? Planning to buy xrp! Or its more advisable to just use cex then use coinsph as wallet. Thanks

  • Hi Jehzlau,

    I think you mentioned go straight to purchasing ETH through, wouldn't it still be more expensive? Coz while you go straight, wouldn't the banks charge you a high FX such that you end up still purchasing it expensive, so question is which will eventually be more expensive?

  • what happened here? is at Buy: 755,409 PHP | Sell: 724,364 PHP while buybitcoins is BUY PHP 819,390.00 | Sell PHP 689,130.00

    • Umabot ako dito sa paghahanap din ng ibang option aside from coinsph. Grabe ang layo ng price nila sa mga exchanges. Lugi ka agad ng almost $400-$500. Napakahirap din mag swing trade ng btc sa kanila kasi nga naman ay money changer lang talaga sila.

  • Let me take this medium to introduce y'all to an exchange for bitcoins that I know. I sell bitcoins safely on their website and their service is very fast. They are

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