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Buy Ethereum’s ETH/ether in the Philippines

February 1, 2018 UPDATE The ETH wallet in the Android app is now open for public beta testing. If you’re interested to become a tester, you can e-mail Creating an ETH wallet will only cost 20 pesos and it’s currently available in their Android app only. You can also trade your BTC to ETH (and other supported pairs) in pretty soon. The platform is currently in closed private beta.

January 15, 2018 UPDATE is now having a closed beta ETH wallet test in their Android app. Pretty soon, you can buy ETH directly using the PHP in your wallet.

Let’s go straight to the point. Where to buy Ethers if you’re located in the Philippines. Oh wait, you don’t know what Ethers are? Read this Wikipedia article about Ethereum, or this very nice Infographic by Genesis Mining about Ethereum, then continue reading this post. So now you have an idea what Ethers, ETH and Ethereum are. To summarize what you just read (or if you didn’t even bother to read it) ETH = Ether (not to be confused with NYSE:ETH). Ether is a cryptocurrency token in the Ethereum Blockchain.

Familiar with Bitcoin? If you’re familiar with BTC, then ETH is slightly similar but not exactly the same. But wait, I just said above that I’ll go straight to the point.

So… where to buy ethers in the Philippines? Currently there are no PH-based crypto platforms and online wallets that lets you buy ethers, which sucks. But you can buy some good old + extremely slow Bitcoins in exchange for the shiny new + super awesome Ethers via with the help Shapeshift. There are also other Bitcoin sellers in the Philippines, but I’m only using If you’re using another platform, you can also buy BTC from there then convert it to ETH at Team doesn’t have any plans yet to upgrade their platform and integrate Ethereum. Not this year, not next year, not even the year after next year.

Buy Ethers via +

In order to get some Ethers via, buy some Bitcoins. It’s pretty straightforward, just cash-in (via BDO, BPI or your favorite bank, 7/11, Cebuana, and a whole lot of cash-in options), once done, convert your PHP to BTC. Then use to convert your Bitcoins to Ethers. Make sure you already have an ETH wallet before shapeshifting. I recommend,, and online wallets. You can also send it directly to your offline wallet, but if you’re new to Ethereum I recommend using online wallets, as it’s very easy to get one. No need to download anything, no need to store your private keys somewhere safe.

If you’re ready to transfer your BTC to ETH, I suggest that you use the “Quick” method, because the “Precise” method fails if your transaction is not confirmed within 10 minutes. And right now, BTC transactions are confirmed reallllly reallllly slow. I experienced a very long confirmation with one transaction that took 4 days, just recently. If you want to know more about Shapeshift’s Quick vs Precise transactions, read more about in their blog post.

Buy Ethers directly at

This is probably the easiest way to get Ethers directly if you’re in the Philippines. Just link your credit card / debit card, transfer funds to your wallet, then buy ETH. It’s that easy! But it’s relatively expensive to purchase Ethers at compared to the + shapeshift method. There’s a 3.5% fee + $0.25 USD per deposit. So if you deposit around $3000.00, you’ll pay $3,109.07. But it’s perfectly safe and fast and you can get your ethers instantly. Ether’s price increased by $30 since last week, so if you’re in a rush to ride the bull, then this is the best method for you.

Deposit first before you can buy any crypto.

After you made a deposit, you can instantly buy ETH in the Buy/Sell page. has a very strict verification process, but once your account is verified, then you can instantly buy Ethers, hassle free.

Buy Ethers at

If you already have Bitcoins, you can send it to Poloniex, then buy ETH in their exchange platform. This is one of the easiest way to buy ethers. You can just store your ethers in your Poloniex wallet, or send it to a more secure client-side wallet like When I buy at Poloniex, I just store my ethers at Poloniex to avoid more fees when transferring it to another wallet. But it’s always safer to keep it in your wallet, in case exchanges go down forever or disappear all of a sudden.

Buy ETH at… soon? is my main Ethereum wallet. However, doesn’t allow buying and selling ETH yet for PH-based users, but they allow everyone—regardless of your citizenship—to use their super secure cryptocurrency wallet which currently support both BTC and ETH (And also LTC, very soon). provides the most secure wallet on Earth for free! I highly recommend them if you want to store your Ethers online. You can easily transfer your purchased Ethers to this Wallet if you don’t want to use as your main wallet.

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  • hi ngtransact ako ngyon using shapeshift from coins ok na un transcation pro pgcheck ko sa coinbase ala padn amount un eth ko

  • hours pa lng nmn sir hahahah..kinabhan ako first time ko kc gwn..tpos hnd ngbasa sa comments section ms mura pla fee sa poloneix syang hahaha..usually ilan days max?

    • worst case, inaabot 4 days to 4 weeks. pero ethereum madalas less than 4 hours lang andyan na. Dumating na ba? ? bitcoin to bitcoin wallet na no fee or min fee ung inaabot ng weeks.

  • Hi Jehzlau,

    Does fund transfer to wallet via credit card here in the Philippines considered as cash advance? Will it incur additional fees and charges from the credit card company or the transfer of funds using MasterCard/Visa will be treated as a purchase transaction? Thanks.

  • Can you do a tutorial on how to exchange ETH/LTC to BTC using Poloniex? And kung paano ko isesend sa account ko once ma-exchange sa BTC. I'm trying kasi ngayon and I'm kinda lost. Thank you!

  • Hi Jehzlau,

    Na-try mo na magwithdraw sa mabilis mo lang ba natanggap ang funds from to you Bank Account? Thanks

    • Haven't tried. Fastest kasi via parin, or using your Crypto Debit Card. I only deposit USD sa CEX if I want to buy more ETH to buy more IOTA. :D

  • pwde kaya gawin buy btc, convert to eth then transfer to CEX then sell there for USD kasi mahal ang selling price dun.

    my problem is how to withdraw from CeX

  • Hi Jehzlau,

    Do you know how much will be the php value of 70K php when converted to bitcoin in

    Last time I converted 10000 php to bitcoin, the initial value of my bitcoin after the conversion has become 9,500+ php.

    I am asking so I can compare if I'll use Shapeshift or will just use


    • If you're a PH resident, you can't. :(

      You need to convert your ETH to BTC, then send your BTC to or or

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