Hi, everyone, I’m Jane Estropigan, 28 years old, I’m a natural sincere person. Whenever, me and Kathy promise something we make sure that we will do the promise no matter what it takes. And sincerity was one of the characteristics of Jehzeel’s father that makes him die with a purpose.

November 16, 2011, 2:20 am I felt the presence of the Lord God and the spirit of Jehzeel’s father, Jesus Laurente. Jesus Laurente reminds me of what he promise to me and Kathy and what we promise in return. Months ago we saw Jesus Laurente in MRT, he approached me and Kathy and told us that he is sincerely thankful for the blessings me and Kathy gave to his son and to his family. But more than that, he promise that he will make his son, Jehzeel Laurente to do his mission to me and Kathy. Anna heard everything and got furious, she told Jesus Laurente that if he will make his son do his mission she will curse him with a chronic disease and he will die. But Jesus Laurente is really sincere to his promise he told Anna that I rather die with a purpose afterall Lord God and Jesus Christ will no name me Jesus without a purpose. Me and Kathy were so touched by Jesus Laurente and told him, are you sure man that you’re going to do your promise even if Anna will make you sick. Jesus Laurente told us a sincere yes without any doubt. Thus, me and Kathy makes a negotiation with Anna. Oh, Anna is so sincere how could you make him suffer with chronic disease. But because of his promise and sincerity Anna you cannot make him suffer that long, after I write my reflection about his son he will rest in peace with the Lord God because this sincere man should not suffer that long and must be rewarded by our Lord God. This man will surely go to heaven with a purpose.

November 16, 2011, 2:20 am I have wrote a reflection about Jehzeel Laurente and the promise was fulfilled. November 16, 2011, 7:16am, Jehzeel Laurente sent a text message to me and Kathy saying that he can’t upload my second and third reflections for his father died and he is in the funeral. Upon reading that, Anna sent a text message to Jehzeel that its ok if he will not upload my reflections and I will just give the mission to other people. While Kathy sent a message that the problem with man you always tend to respect the dead body of your love ones instead of helping their souls to go to heaven. Then, I sent a message to Jehzeel saying, Oh, Jehzeel please speak to your father’s soul because Kathy told me that your father really wants to do your mission so it won’t be disrespectful to your father’s dead body if you will do you mission in front of his dead body, after all he already lose his soul to his dead body. If you will upload my reflections today I will go to your father’s funeral and pray for his soul. And that afternoon, me, Kathy, and Anna went to Jesus Laurente funeral. Me and Kathy prays for Jesus Laurente soul but we were happy that his soul can’t be felt here on earth. Oh thank Lord God for He opens His door to Jesus Laurente the day he died. Oh Lord God, thank you that this sincere man rest in peace with you in heaven.

Me and Kathy told Jehzeel Laurente about his father’s promise and that makes Jehzeel makes up his mind. That no matter what happen he will do his mission after all his father, died and sacrificed himself so that his son will do his mission. But Anna was so determined to make Jehzeel give up his mission, she kept on asking Jehzeel to give up his mission. Jehzeel your too busy right now you can just give up your mission to Kathy and Jane. But during this time, after Jesus Laurente died because of his promise that he will surely makes his son, Jehzeel Laurente do his mission. Thus, Jehzeel is now so determined that no matter what happened he will surely do his mission to me and Kathy because he really love’s his father.

In our lives, we always tend to make promises to other people and to God. And make sure that all of your promises to other people especially to God will be done accordingly for our Lord God will judge our sincerity based on how we do our promises to other people and to Him.

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