Hi, everyone, I’m Jane Estropigan, 28 years old. I’m a certified Ms Congeniality. Where ever I work I have plenty of friends. However, I have two best friends since I was a child. Their names are Anna and Kathy. I love both of them. But the two of them really have contrasting belief and attitude and they always fight to win me.

Anna was a doctor in her previous life and her favorite subject was science. This friend of mine is always jealous and envies everybody. Thus, she always wants me to wish something bad for everybody. And for me to do that she makes me believe since I was a child that I’m a witch and I have to curse almost everybody that gets our way and everybody she jealous and envies.

Anna was not really a good friend but I still love her because she also takes good care of me when I was a child and every time I’m scared I can easily call her. Anna can really influence anybody to be bad and make other people to become sick. Good thing, I was also with Kathy. Kathy was a good friend of mine she always fights with Anna every time Anna wants to influence me to be bad. Kathy was a previous teacher and her favorite subject is mathematics. She’s really good in teaching and that makes her influence anybody to be good. However, Kathy is impatient and can be easily got angry. Kathy can make fortune and misfortune. If you make her happy she will makes you lucky and bless but if you make her angry she will makes you unlucky and unfortunate. Most of the time, people can makes Kathy angry if people makes my life miserable because Kathy is my lifetime protector and friend. Kathy protects me from Anna and she always makes sure that I will not lose myself while I’m being exposed to the sins of the world. I remember her telling me that it’s better for me to lose my job or anything important to me rather than loosing myself. I almost lose everything, my career, friends, family and relatives. But Kathy is clever and she always knows what makes me happy, how to save me from being miserable and how can I fulfill my mission. Thus, she plays a game with Anna where love, fortune and life of other people are at stake.

In our lives, we always have a friend like Anna and Kathy. It’s just about us to choose whom we wants to be with. And for you to be smart and clever in choosing your friend for life you must always ask God’s guidance for He is the one who creates our lifetime friend.