Hi, everyone, I’m Jane Estropigan, 28years old, I’m a certified romantic lover. I can always make those people I like to love me. And those people who truly love me will be blessed by my friend Kathy and will have a special mission. That is, to help me fulfill my mission.

One of these people who truly love me and Kathy was my IT man, Jehzeel H. Laurente. Unfortunately, he almost turns his back to me 6months before I die because he thinks it’s not me who is asking him to do his mission. Oh yes, he has a mission which is very important for me to complete my mission. And I’m thankful that he upload my reflection but the sad news is it is one day late. Time is gold because it changes destiny.
I met Jehzeel in Savant. At first sight of him Kathy and I knows that he has a good heart. He did everything I asked before. He taught me the things I want to know about computer. He also plays all the music Kathy and I requested. Before he always prioritize me and Kathy. In fact, he makes my digital identification card in Savant even I have already tender my resignation there. He even gave me the database of the company that he personally created. I did not really need all of these things that I asked him to do before. Kathy only makes me request those things so that we could test his generosity. His generosity makes me and Kathy love him.

Oh Kathy and I really love my IT man that’s why he became so fortunate. Kathy and I make him be one of the best blogger in the Philippines. We also make him be featured in Inquirer. But Anna tricked him she told something that there will be a time that he will doubt my identity and the code must be my date of birth and she will also makes him fall asleep. It was so easy for me to say the code. But I did not immediately say the code when he asked for it. Because during that time I doubted his love for me And Kathy so I answered, oh Jehz, you know my birthday by heart why do you have to ask for it. Oh, Kathy and I were really disappointed but we are still hoping that he will do his mission accordingly because he has to do it for me and Kathy and not just for the desire for fame. Oh, Jehz, Kathy and I already makes you popular before. Too much fame will not do you any good. The reason why me and Kathy choose you is because we want you to be blessed. Likewise, I’m hoping that people will read all my reflections because I want all of you to be blessed especially my family, friends, colleagues and love ones.