Hi, everyone, my name is Jane Estropigan. I graduated in TUP for Bachelor of applied science major in Laboratory Technology. I took up educational units in PNU and NTC. I worked for various companies and schools. I previously worked as a laboratory aide, laboratory analyst, documentation assistant, document analyst, case monitoring assistant, tutor, computer teacher, science teacher and billing coordinator.

I’m a certified applicant for life. I can’t even count exactly how many companies did I applied for and how many jobs did I already have. For 8 years of my life I keep on jumping from one company or school to another. I thought it is because I’m just looking for a better company and for a better job. I thought maybe I still don’t know my potentials and I just want to harness my skills. I even thought that maybe my life was a fairy tale and I’m just looking for my prince charming.

Oh yes, these presumptions are really some of the reasons why I was an applicant for life. But more than that I just realize now that the most important reason why I keep on jumping from one job to another is because of the purpose that God given me. My purpose of existence is to meet friends, colleagues, teachers, politicians, demons and angels.

For 28 years of my life, I thought I was unfortunate for meeting a lot of mean people who makes my life miserable. I didn’t realize before that I was fortunate for knowing all of these people. Since these people make me see the sins of the world. Why is it people are so proud of themselves when all of us are just God’s creation? God give us everything that we have in our life but why is it we’re too proud to recognize all his blessings and we always forgot to stop for a second and thank Him. There’s only one God you can’t serve two or more Gods but why is it people are so materialistic? Why do we give so much of our time in working to become rich? Worst, why is it man do bad things just to indulge ourselves with the pleasures of life?

There are so many questions I have and I was fortunate to find the answers to some of these questions, six months before I die. People commit these sins because most of the time man forgot that we’re God’s creation. We owe everything we have to God. Thus, we should serve Him more than anything else in the world. God should be the center of our life because if not for Him we will not have the life we’re enjoying right now. We should realize that life was not about how successful we are. How wealthy our life and how popular we are. We cannot bring all the riches in the world to heaven so why spend most of our time to become rich.

Indeed, humans are so weak when it comes to temptations because we don’t put God as the center of our life. Thus, we don’t know the purpose of our existence and we tend to indulge ourselves with the pleasures of the world. Believe me, life was more than the pleasures of the world. Life was more than eating ice cream and other delicious foods. Life was not just enjoying every moment relaxing in a beach. Life was more than the fun we can get from winning a lottery. Life was not just the satisfaction that we get every time we make even to our enemies. Life was more than the pleasures of having intimate relationships with the opposite sex. Life was more than being proud every time we win in a competition. Life was more than that…