The Cheapest eBay Item Contest

April is almost over and I still have no post for this month. I can’t think of a new post and I’m too tired to write articles, tips, puzzles, and anything. That’s why I decided to have another contest. This one is similar to my previous mini-contest. Same rules will be applied to this contest. Winners of my previous contests and IQ puzzles can still join this one.

I’m a big fan of eBay and I always love to shop at eBay, that’s why I’m having a contest that’s about eBay.

Here are the mechanics of the cheapest eBay item contest by Jehzlau Concepts, wooot!

UPDATE 05/22/2010: Ooops. Sorry for the extremely late update. We have 2 winners in this contest. I’ll post their names later… Woooooooooot!

UPDATE 05/26/2010: I’m back! Wohoooo! Please accept my sincerest apologies for another awesome delay. The winners are Trashman and Ikogsakanding! Yey!

Ikogsakanding wished for a worth PHP10.00 pen!

Trashman wished for a worth PHP10.00 coloring book!

To claim your prize, please send an e-mail to with the subject “The Cheapest eBay Item Contest”. Please include your full real name and mailing address so that I can send your wished item. Hehe.

0. You need to include the eBay item number and the eBay domain extension (.ph,, .com, or any other eBay domain extension as long as it’s eBay) in your comment. You’re comment should be like this:

I wish Jehzlau will give me the eBay item no. XXXXXXXXXXXXX at

1. You can comment as many times as you want, as long as you’re not spamming
2. You can wish any item on eBay that you want, there’s no price limit even if it’s too expensive. You can search for that particular item on any eBay country websites, as long as the seller agrees to ship the item you’ve chosen Worldwide and accepts payment via Paypal. You can verify these item details at the right sidebar of the eBay item page under “Other item info
3. The one who wished for the lowest-priced eBay item at the end of the contest day wins
4. The contest will end on May 12, 2010 May 17, 2010 at exactly 11:59 PM GMT + 8. (Contest extended because I don’t have time to check eBay items this week.. Woooooot!)
5. Everyone can join this contest, whether you’re a blogger or not
7. Residents and non-residents of the Philippines may join this contest
8. There will be only one winner
9. It doesn’t matter if you’re the first commenter or the last commenter, as long as you satisfied rule #3
10. The price of the eBay item will be based in US Dollars.

Ok, I think that’s all. This is not a sponsored post and eBay didn’t pay me a single cent for this post. Wooooot!

150 thoughts on “The Cheapest eBay Item Contest

  1. this looks fun Jehz…but I will not wish anymore since what i want are not cheap, hehe…abangan ko na lang ang winner. Seems you’re too busy to blog na ah 🙂

  2. lumalaki ang mata ko sa mga ganito contest na madaling salihan at madaling unawain hahahhaa.. Meron bang cheapest item sa eBay? makahanap nga hehehe… at ako’y babalik…

  3. I wish Jehzlau will give me the eBay item no. 140393911796 at ..

    Unlock code for Huawei 3g Modems po yan. worth P88.00 kase gusto ko pa-unlock yung SUN usb broadband ng kuya ko. yun lang! hehehehe

    If manalo me saka ko bigay yung IME No. at Model ng SUN Usb Modem.

      • I love reading and I read the Catching fire and Hunger games before and the pin was significant in the story. 🙂 I’ve been looking for one and unavailable sa Philippines that’s why i want it. sadly, it doesn’t ship the item worldwide ( I didn’t see that. sorry. 🙁 )

        I wish you would give me this instead:
        180502747895 🙂

  4. Sana hindi magkagulo sa MAY 10 para hindi makalimutan ni Jehz na sa MAY 11 na ang huling request na matatanggap nya. syado buzy kase hehehhee…

  5. :mrgreen: is the shipment fee included? i wish i could have item 200468827293… i really really love bugs bunny and keychains… :mrgreen:

  6. I wish Jehzlau will give me the eBay item no. 220521764365 at

    -Woot!! fella usepian. . first time ko magjoin sa mga contest mo!!!

      • I tried looking for cheaper items at ebay though kaso wala akong magustuhan.LOL.So, instead of looking for cheap items – I looked for what I need.Doesn’t really matter whether I win or not! I just wanted to start a convo (esp when I heard usep grad ka)- penge ng email mo kuya jehz.kung pwede!!

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  8. Yoh Bro Jehz… I got my Unlocker ng Sun USB Modem waaaaaaaaaHHhh May 11 na ngayon… hanap ako ng iba 😛

    sa mga gusto magpa-unlock. just visit lang me and message me… It’s FREE..

  9. Yes nahanap ko ulit yung sa akin. Yes $1.00 lang siya!Yung mga nag post naman ng $0.99 ay auction kaya hindi siya sigurado.Consider mo na kasi automatic buy naman po iyan.Pero kung gusto mo yung $0.99 version niyan ito po.280506766250.In a day that will be resold again.Salamat!

    • aw.. dili.. tagalog ko, di ko kasabot ug bisaya. ^__^

      hehehe… sayang ala ko kaad2.. si winston yun, not wilson ^_^

      next time, sa CBC2 nalang siguro ko muad2..

      yep.. naa nay nadaog! hehe. la pa naku na update, gi order pa naku sa ebay ilang prize, duha sila eh. tung isa niabot na, tung isa ala pa.. update nalang naku nin post pa ma receive na naku tong duha ka item. hehehe

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