And Now I’m Back!

Yes, I’m really back! I’m now an active blogger again. Because my very best friend requested me to be back and blog again today, that’s why I’m here writing my second post for 2010. This is my first post using a Blackberry WordPress app. I will post more updates later when I get online in my PC. Woooot!

After 10 Hours: Finally I’m now in front of my PC. It’s easier to blog here than blogging in my Blackberry. So now that I’m back, I want to celebrate my return. I would like to give away something, something that you really want. You can post your dream gadget in the comment thread below and I’ll give it to you within this month.

Just say something like this:

“I wish Jehzlau will give me a Lumix LX3”

If you’re the lucky “winner” of this “Return-of-Jehzlau” contest, then I’ll grant your wish!!!

Below are the mechanics of my mini-contest.

1. You can comment as many times as you want, as long as you’re not spamming
2. You can wish any gadget that you want, there’s no price limit even if it’s too expensive
3. The one who wished for the lowest-priced gadget at the end of the contest day wins
4. The contest will end on March 25, 2010 at exactly 11:59 PM WordPress Time
5. Everyone can join this contest, whether you blog or not
7. Residents and non-residents of the Philippines may join this contest
8. There will be only one winner
9. It doesn’t matter if you’re the first commenter or the last commenter, as long as you satisfied rule #3
10. The price of the gadget will be based on its recent SRP (actual price for vanity stuff, like vanity SIM Cards)

I think that’s all. If you have some questions, clarifications, or any tions tions, just leave a comment below!

Start wishing now! WohoOoOoo!!!

PS: And oh, congrats to my good old buddy Batang Yagit for winning the GRAND PRIZE in the 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival Photo Contest! Yay!

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325 thoughts on “And Now I’m Back!

  1. Welcome back! Contest or no contest, I’m just glad you’re back.

    Pero sali na rin ako. Hehe~!

    Sana bigyan ako ni Jehz ng wireless Orochi mouse.

  2. “You can post your dream gadget in the comment thread below and I’ll give it to you within this month.”

    WOW! Kakabalik lang, nagyabang na agad! HAHA!

    Welcome back!

    Pero kalokohan pa rin! Sana nag-quit ka na lang nang tuluyan para mabawasan ang competition sa SEO. lol! jk

  3. Welcome back. Na-miss ka namin (kunwari). 😛

    Okay, sali ako sa contest mo…

    I wish Jehzlau will give me a broken Google Nexus One that has no more value. (Ipapagawa ko na lang sa Greenhills… LOL).

    Haha. Hintayin ko ang last minute ng contest na ito, dun ako hihingi ng blank CD. 😛

  4. Wahaha… pambihira ka talaga… tawa ng tawa ako dito… sukad karon idol ka na nako. Heto wish ko:

    “I wish Jehzlau will give me a iPhone 3GS?

    Bdw, natatawa talaga ako sa gimik mo. Pag palapit na matapos yung contest, yung mga fans mo aabangan yung pinakamababang bid. LOL… welcome back jehz…

  5. nyahhaha! yesterday i just commented on your post about quitting. now you’re back.. okay jehz, i wish you will give me the Nokia 3120 classic phone..Oh please oh please oh please… My other phone is dead. I need a new one that’s 3G capable…. see jehz, the reason for wishing is “Absolute Need”. hehhehe…. sana manalo..hahahah! thanks in advance jehz..

  6. wooht! ngblog uli! i saw u last sunday sa glorietta!

    anyway, ill wish here haha

    pinaka-murang RICECOOKER! HAHAHAHA

  7. whahaha.. tototo nga sinabi mo kagabi na bumalik ka na.. heheheh.. welcome back jehz.. hahahaha.. am,, aside sa keychain kasi promise mo naman yun….

    i wish jehzeel will give his old laptop to me..hahahaha..sure sure depreciated na value nun noh.. hahahaha.. try lang baka maka tsamba…

    welcome back ulet jehz,, as if ba noh nga active blogger koh… hehehe

  8. + welcome back master jehz.. hehe..
    + I wish Jehzlau will give me a 6300 china phone dual sim. hehe..
    mura lang yan..wala na kasi ako cp.. huhu..

    + once again.. WELCOME BACK !!

  9. 😆 You are really back then. Should I sat something like “Welcome back”? Haha. I think, yes. Welcome back, then.

    I wish an Ipod Touch, Sony T500, and a Vanity SIM. Haha.

    But don’t take the first two items seriously. I just want the vanity SIM. Globe please. Haha.

    Welcome back, Jehz!


  10. Kailangan pa bang mag-wish e bumalik ka na nga? O sige na nga to humor you, how about a flash drive. Puedeng industrial strength, puedeng hindi okay na yun. Mahirap mag isip at baka iPhone pa ang maisulat ko. LOL

    Welcome back, Jhez. 😀

  11. I have nothing to say here but one thing for sure im so super glad you have risen again.. we need individuals like you to continue to inspire us.. my only wish is I wish had a decent digital camera to continue my blogging passion… Regards…

  12. anak teteng, welcome back! anak teteng ulit! Panalo na yung nag request ng mouse pad, putek.. hehehe.. pero di naman gadget yun diba? 😀

    request request.. Ipad sakin! 😀 PM ko na delivery address. hahahaha

  13. welcome back bro! (kunwari) hahaha…

    wish ko bigay mo na skin ung isa sa mga one-series sim card number mo..alam mo na un…ung inaangut ko syo…yoko ng line of 6 ha..wooot!

  14. Posting again in my own space!

    Nakakaselos naman kung yung least request talaga.Sana po tingnan nyo rin yung aura nila in approaching here!Kasi yung iba kahit baka hindi seryoso yung paghingi nila ng flash drive or whatever cheaper basta sila lang yung manalo or for other nonsense reason.Thanks and would look forward in the success of this!By the way wala po akong pinatatamaan napansin ko lang! 😛

  15. yehey bumalik ka din sa wakas idol hehe..1st tym akong mag comment sa blog mo pero medyo mtagal mo n din akong readers..musta nman?

  16. yehey bumalik ka din sa wakas idol hehe..1st tym akong mag comment sa blog mo pero medyo mtagal mo n din akong reader..musta nman?sir sori na doble paki delete n lang un una

  17. gusto ko ng blackberry mo jehz :D, hehehe.. kala ko hindi ka na babailk sa blogging worrld, iba na talaga pag maraming datung.. making money while sleeping na talaga 😀

  18. Yey! idol Jehz, I knew it. di ka tlga aalis sa blogging e haha 😛
    Welcome back to the jungle of Blogging!! :mrgreen:
    As for the contest, pwede bang Domain renewal na lang ang hilingin ko?Mura lng naman yun e HEHE 😛 (pero serious ako dun, kahit isend na lng ang $10 sa paypal account ko :mrgreen: )
    OR kung hindi pwede yun, usb bluetooth na lang hehe, ang mura nun! 😛

  19. Hello, it is nice to see you back again. Been reading your blog and first time to comment because of the contest. hehehe

    Is this really serious? Baka naman joke joke lang itech!!!

  20. I’m so glad that you’re back. When I read in your blog that you were quitting, it was like the whole pinoy blogosphere had imploded. But you’re back now and we are all happy!
    I just want the cheapest and ugliest nettop available. I wish and pray that I’ll win. Thanks!

    • “whole pinoy blogosphere had imploded.” woooooot! grabe naman.. wahehehe… ugiest nettop i think walang below 100, kahit damaged na at mga parts nlang ang bini benta 😯

  21. wow! congrats! Welcome back! :mrgreen:

    As for your contest, here is my wish. I just want to have a Patay Gutom mug.. 😀 that’s all I want…

    God bless! I’m happy for you… 😛

  22. welcome back! I really thought you were serious about quitting. Para ka ring si Michael Jordan. Looking forward to learning more from you.

    Sali ako ah, USB hub sana, kasi 2 ports lang yung laptop ko eh and it isn’t enough.

    Thanks 🙂

  23. Haha! Sabi na eh! 😀

    Kahit me tamadditis tayo Jehz, me cure yan! Wahaha! 😀

    Hmmm… Kahit walang chance to, I’ll try it anyway:

    “I wish Jehzlau will give me a Nikon D700”

    Wahahahahahahaha! 😆

    *online ka naman sa gchat. 😀

  24. I wish jehzlau will give me a chocolate bar. Any kind…=]

    I am sure that this chocolate bar will give a goodluck throughout the year and I am not gonna eat it. I will just frame it.=]

  25. woot!!! sa wakas your back nyahahah we missed yah!! 😯 omg! naalala ko tuloy ung biglaan meet natin @ MOA ahahaha!!! but anyway hope to see u soon kua Jehz~!! and WELCOME BACK wooo!! :mrgreen: wow wish??!! 😮 I wish….that you would give me 10k WAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! :)) gadget pero pera hiningi..wala ako maisip n gadget kua so pera na lang bwhahaahahaha!!! 😆 😀

  26. Hi Jehz,

    First time comment here.

    “I wish Jehzlau will give me a “USB Mouse-9SD57 plus mouse pad. You can buy this at CDR – King…hehe..

  27. + mahal nga pla wish ko. hehe.. ito nalang.. free domain at web hosting.. mura ba yun??. hehe.. gusto ko kasi magkarun ng sariling blog site eh. huhu.. 😥

  28. kewl nman. grabe..before I read this post, napagtuunan ko ng pansin ung farewell post mu..i even posted a sad post sa fb wall qu kc i thought forever kang magstop ng blogging.

    kaya aun, buti, I read p the newer post and spotted that you returned n. nice one.

    welcome back jehz! love the concepts! 💡

  29. I wish jehzlau will give me a card reader ung pinakamura sa cdr-king…any kind…My worth 50 pesos lng dun kulay violet please…=)

  30. I wish jehzlau will give me a smartbro usb prepaid devices kase mabilis ang smartbro sa lugar namin sa novaliches. Lalo na ngayon na may Smart Unli Surf promo na ang smart, malaking tulong sa pagbloblog ko iyun kase nanghihiram pa ako ng Smartbro USB stick eh. yun lang po. salamat po, God Bless You always…

  31. I wish Jehzlau would give me an optic mouse. Kahit yung pinakamura lang.

    btw, yung ad campaign ni Noynoy ay libre lang ba. Kasi parang libre at nakadisplay sa lahat ng channels mo eh.

  32. Hi there Jehzlau and it is good you are returning.

    If I would wish,I would be sure it would be priceless,but gadget related.

    I wish Jehzlau will make a new post wherein he will address help from others to click this link of mine-

    If I get certain number of clicks (3000).I will be rewarded a Laptop, which I will be able to use in my days and studies,since I am going to reach college.

    Priceless thing which results to a gadget.I hope you help me here before April 10 because that is when counting stops.Thank you!

  33. Gusto ko rin sanang i-wish na mag-post si Jehzlau ng blog regarding sa link ko

    (para manalo ng Ipod Touch, if the contest is real)

    but premise 3 involves a gadget…

    Hmmm…gusto ko sana ‘yung pinakamurang calculator sa Divisoria which price ranges from PHP30-50…(naks, paghihirapan ni Jehzlau ‘to)

    but if Jehzlau would consider the “pencil” as a gadget, I would like to have his “I took the MENSA IQ Challenge” pencil or the pencil he used in taking the MENSA Exam…if he feels like finding a bargain in Divi is such a drag…8)

  34. Hi Jehzlau! Good thing you didn’t quit your blogging career. Napakarami mo pa namang fans dito. Believe it, you have been an inspiration to many budding and veteran bloggers here. A lot of them admired you, kaya nga napakarami ang bumabalik-balik sa blog mo just to check kung ano ang latest.

    At dahil d’yan, here’s a quote from Madame Chiang Kai-Shek, “In the end, we are the sum-total of our actions…Day by day we write our own destiny; for inexorably…we become what we do.”

    God bless! 🙂

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  36. Welcome back! glad I checked you up and bang! You’re back na pala 🙂 too bad i missed your contest. So i guess i’ll be putting your blog back on my list 😉

  37. wow. i missed this contest. 😳 i dunno but i haven’t received any email that you have backed. LOL

    anyway am happy to see you again kuya jehz! continue inspiring us. 😀

  38. hahaha natawa naman ako sa photo… wow, ur back na pala Jehz, welcome back! hehehe.. late na maxado nuh… now ko lang nalaman eh.. hehehe..

  39. Waahh sayang, me winner na. Anyway, found your blog through Carlos of Foodie Manila. Naaliw naman ako sa mga posts mo.

    I’ll add you na sa blogroll ko. 🙂

    Nakakatawa mga requests/wishes nila. Hehehe.

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  41. I’m so glad you’re back… kala ko di ka na babalik..

    by the way.. nakita kita sa Marche, singapore — sometime in March ata un….. and you have a DATE! uuuuuuuuyyyyyyy


    • ah ayun! nag comment ka pala dito about sa Marche.. hehehe 😀 yung lumapit sa akin na blogger, nag cocomment din yun dito sa blog ko.. woooot! nakalimutan ko lang name. hehe

  42. hey….thanks for dropping by earlier. sorry i didn’t leave a reply sooner because I was busy with work. Anyhow, I’ve changed my blog to a new one now. heh….hopefully it’s much better.

    I like your blog! and oh my, you have tons of readers don’t you!
    thumbs up!

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