Congratulations to the Winners of BS4 to BS8 Puzzles!

I will be posting the winners here, so watch out! Maybe you’re one of the winners of the previous puzzle series! My apologies for the delay, but rest assured that I will announce the winners on or before April 1, 2009. Weeeeeeeee! And also, make sure that your Paypal accounts are ready for cold cash! Yiheeeeee!

Check this post later for updates. I’m still filtering the correct answers and ranking them base on the time the answer was posted.

So good luck to those who feel that they made it! Hehe

UPDATE 04/01/09:
The genuises who answered the Blue Stickman Puzzles correctly in chronological order:

Richie – BS8 = March 20, 3:15 AM
Jonah – BS8 = March 21, 5:26 AM – 5th Placer
Neo – BS4 = March 22, 3:36 PM
Richie – BS4 = March 23, 1:52 AM
StarMars – BS4 = March 23, 7:34 AM
StarMars – BS8 = March 23, 7:56 AM – 4th Placer
Jen – BS4 = March 23, 2:32 PM
Richie – BS5 = March 24, 6:26 AM – 3rd Placer
Anika – BS4 = March 24, 3:40 PM
Jen – BS5 – March 24, 4:45 PM
Anika – BS5 = March 24, 4:56 PM
Jen – BS7 – March 24, 4:56 PM
Jen – BS8 – March 24, 5:04 PM – 2nd Placer
Veej – BS8 – March 24, 5:10 PM
Veej – BS4 – March 24, 5:15 PM
Veej – BS7 – March 24, 5:21 PM
Veej – BS5 – March 24, 5:39 PM
Anika – BS7 = March 25, 4:35 PM

Nobody got 5 answers correctly so nobody gets $150.00! Yay!
Jen got 4 answers correctly first = $50.00
Richie got 3 answers correctly first (He was also the first one who got 1 and 2 answers correctly!) = $25.00
StarMars was the second one to get 2 answers correctly = $10.00
Jonah was the second one to get 1 answer correctly = $5.00

Special Mention!
First to get BS4 = Neo
First to get BS5 = Richie
First to get BS6 =
First to get BS7 = Anika (she has no blog… yet)
First to get BS8 = Richie

Anika did a great job by answering multiple puzzles in this series. However, Richie was the first one to answer all 3 puzzles correctly, that’s why Anika didn’t grab any prize, but what she did was awesome! Jen and Veej made a clever job by waiting for possible right answers, and posting it in the comment thread. Veej and Jen almost made it (one of them almost got $150.00), but they didn’t know the answer to BS6. Veej wasn’t lucky enough because Jen was the first one to get 4 answers correctly. If there were two 2nd placers, Veej will also get $50.00! But any, Veej still made a fantastic job! Richie was one of the best puzzle solvers in the previous blue stickman puzzle challenge (by banchek) . He was the first to answer BS4 and BS8, then grabbed the 3rd place by answering BS5 first! That’s 3 correct answers in a row! Even if his answers on other puzzles were wrong, he didn’t bother about it. He took advantage of the mechanics by posting unlimited answers, giving all possible answers and hoping that one of these answers will hit the jackpot! Neo on the other hand got BS4 first, this gives other puzzle solvers a tip on BS4. Jonah got lucky in this puzzle series because Richie left the 5th place throne by grabbing the 4th then the 3rd! That’s it for the Blue Stickman puzzle answers summary!

To the winners, kindly send an e-mail to jehzlau[at]dostscholars[dot]org with the subject: BS4 to BS8 IQ Puzzle Winner. Please state your complete name together with your Paypal Address. Once again, congratulations! Wooooooooot!

Nobody got BS6 so it will be added to the next series of puzzles. Wish you all the best in answering the Blue Stickman Puzzles! Yay!

I haven’t created a preview puzzle yet, but I will post it here once done. Hehe.

108 thoughts on “Congratulations to the Winners of BS4 to BS8 Puzzles!

  1. Advance congrats sa mga mananalo.

    Sana maluwag na schedule ko sa next puzzle para makasali ulit ako. Nakakamiss din pala yung sakit ng ulo dala ng kakaisip sa mga puzzles ni Jehz. 😛

  2. aww sayang ngayon ko lang navisit yung blog mo. hehe.
    next time sasagot na rin ako sa mga puzzles.
    masaya ba blog na pink? haha! sige gawa ka 🙂
    salamat sa pagdaan sa site ko.

  3. waa shox d ko nasagutan ang matinding katanungan tsk tsk tsk…hirap talaga pagbusy waaa!! 😳 sayang ang datung waaaa!!! 🙄 anyway gosh cnu kea mananalo ng bongang bonga abah maswerte ang mananalo d2 gosh goodluck people! 😀 yay~! 😛

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    • malaki na yang 100MB 😀 pero pag palagi kang nag u upload ng pics, maliit yan. Kuha ka nalang sa para sulit na sulit talaga 🙂

  5. ang cool naman ng puzzles! next time sasali na ako! naka subscribe na ako sa feeds at handa na ako sa mga susunod na hamon jehzlau! 😈

  6. wow! mukhang bongga mga contest dito ah.. makasali nga sa next puzzle.. teka paano ako mag subscribe sa feeds? newbie kasi ako sa mga ganito di ko alam paano, para naman updated ako palagi sa blog mo..

    mabuhay ka jehzlau! 🙂

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