Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a very large planet that is 999,500,000,000 light years away from Earth. It is the only planet with 122 moons, without clouds, and without sea, in the Galaxy of SEO.

The planet was known by astronomers of ancient times and was associated with the mythology and religious beliefs of many cultures. The Marhgil Macuhaians named the planet after the Marhgil Macuha god Macuhadatkohm (also called

This planet is primarily composed of metatags with a small proportion of qoutes; it may also have a rocky core of heavier page elements. Because of its rapid rotation the planet is an oblate spheroid (it possesses a slight but noticeable bulge around the equator). The outer atmosphere is visibly segregated into several bands at different latitudes, resulting in turbulence and storms along their interacting boundaries. A prominent result is the Gigantic Blog Ruins, a giant storm that is known to have existed since at least the 10,000 B.C.. Surrounding the planet is a faint planetary ring system and a powerful magnetosphere.

Marhgil Macuha has been explored on several occasions by robotic spacecrafts from neighboring planets who are trying to conquer and invade the said planet. The invaders always fail to conquer it, because they can’t beat the wondrous powers of the legendary keepers of Marhgil Macuha.

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14 thoughts on “Marhgil Macuha

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  7. copy paste ko nga yung old comments dito.. di ata na import properly.. hehe:


    joanjoyce said…

    goodluck po senyo ingats πŸ™‚
    7:48 AM
    jun auza said…

    Marhgil Macuha idol!
    1:56 PM
    drahcir said…

    wow! astig!
    2:10 PM
    marhgil (daya walang link hehe) said…

    uy! naging planeta ako. LOL!
    5:10 PM
    Jehzeel Laurente said…

    hahha may link yan ohhh.. waaaaaa!
    5:24 PM
    Anonymous said…

    hehehe, ayus to ah! original post for Marhgil Macuha

    great imagination Jehzeel! πŸ˜‰

    check my entry here:
    12:22 AM
    Ambo said…

    E kahit naman madaming comments sakin eh ikaw nasa page 1 naman! Ako nasa page 1 and 2! wala nga lang sa No. 1, ikaw? no. 1 ka huhuhuhu
    11:16 AM
    Jehzeel Laurente said…

    ok lang yan ambo.. matagal pa ang contest. heheh πŸ˜›
    11:46 AM
    Dexter said…

    Galing ah.. nasa una ka na..

    Dexter of
    4:43 PM
    Jehzeel Laurente said…

    number 1 ka nga sa yahoo eh heheh πŸ˜›
    5:49 PM
    Juler said…

    hello, ang dali nyo namang maka no.1 sa google… sa yahoo nalang ako… here my entry for the contest… Macuha Contest

    good luck sa ating lahat…
    11:01 PM
    Jehzeel Laurente said…

    chamba lang po yan.. hehehe πŸ˜€
    11:41 PM
    marhgil said…

    may connection kasi yan sa loob eh. friend kasi nyan si aileen apolo. LOL! πŸ™‚ as if kayang kontrolin ni Aileen ang SERPs.
    11:57 PM
    Jehzeel Laurente said…

    uy marhgil.. huwag ka maingay.. baka mabuking ako.. waaaaaaaaaa! hehehehe
    12:04 AM
    Anonymous said…

    Mayabang ka, asan na entry mo.Pang Blitz ka lang good for 2 hours.
    6:09 PM
    Binh Nguyen said…

    Very nice concept. Your wording make me thought it was a wikipedia page.
    9:30 PM
    Jehzeel Laurente said…

    hi anonymous.. bat ka galit anong ginawa kong bad? hmmmmm…
    9:23 AM
    Dexter : said…

    @ Jehzeel

    Aha ka ya pala di kita matalo talo sa google… he he he he,, binuking ka ni marhgil…

    Nice Work.. Maybe I have to know aileen also πŸ™‚
    2:38 PM
    babyface said…

    kya pla d ka umaalis sa top 1 jeh, may connection ka sa loob… ahahaha… XD daya… give ka nman sa top 1 khit saglit…lolz…
    4:39 PM
    marhgil said…

    first na ba? bakit sa akin, hindi? pati sa mga datacenters? baka dahil sa cache mo. ewan ko lang. try clearing your cache, then search again πŸ™‚
    10:08 AM
    Aice said…

    grabe ha nag link na gyud taka bah

    link mo naman ako post your comment pud oi

    2:55 PM
    gL3nnX said…

    wow panalo ka na jehzeel!! gud luck πŸ˜‰
    9:55 AM
    Marhgil Macuha said…

    Hmnnn.. Sa isang planet pala ipinangalan yung bading na Marhgil Macuha na kakilala ko? Ngaun ko lang nalaman..hehe!

    Anyway, di na kita i-wish ng goodluck kasi nasa top ka naman nung contest, ang masasabi ko na lang, mag-ingat ka sa posisyon, parating na!

    (joke lang yun boss!!)
    2:31 PM
    Jehzeel Laurente said…

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! tagal mag january 4 waaaaaaaaa!
    5:30 PM
    Aiza said…

    Ay grabeng link whoring ito! Ahaha. Looks like you’re going to win. Good luck, next contest na ako sasali, I’m still to lazy to write.
    6:34 PM
    Amy said…

    hello lang dumadaan lang sa blog ng topnotcher! πŸ˜›
    12:29 PM
    Jehzeel Laurente said…

    hindi na ako topnotcher T__T
    12:37 PM
    babyface said…

    huh? inde na ba jeh? d2 sakin top 1 ka prin eh… bumaba nga ako sa rank eh..ahahaha…
    10:46 PM
    Jehzeel Laurente said…

    hehehe di na ako top 1 kanina.. tapos bumalik ulit.. katakot kalaban si, super duper galing ^_^
    12:45 AM
    Jehzeel Laurente said…

    @babyface – yannn na link na kita sa blogmates πŸ˜›
    12:52 AM
    Marhgil Macuha said…

    ang galing naman ng post mo for marhgil macuha di natitinag sa number 1 google ah.. πŸ™‚

    Tagal nga ng jan. 4.. hehehe

    11:07 AM
    Jehzeel Laurente said…

    @eli – kaw nga din eh.. di natitinag sa yahoo.. galing galing πŸ˜€
    2:17 PM
    Kamal said…

    Very imaginative post!

    You are ranked 2nd on Google!

    Me also wrote a post, but I’m very far away!

    My version of
    Marhgil Macuha can be viewed here!

    I am thinking to write another post.
    10:55 PM
    DarkBlak said…

    ang galing mo naman…. sana kahit first page lang ng google results makita ko na post ko… πŸ™‚
    7:19 PM
    Jehzeel Laurente said…

    nyeeeeeeeeeee chamba lang po yun πŸ˜€ hehehehe πŸ˜‰
    1:20 PM
    Eli said…

    time to say congratulations na yata Jehz! πŸ™‚

    Congrats for conquering Google for the marhgil macuha keyword!

    sayang di mo natalo yung blog ni marhgil, hehehe..

    Congrats ulit! Bukas na! yeheey!

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