How did I maintain the top spot for a specific keyword?

For those who are asking and are interested to know how did I reach and maintain the top spot (second to for two weeks on the keyword “Marhgil Macuha” in his last mini-SEO contest, here are the answers:

1. It’s pure teamwork. We, Winston of and I, built homepage backlinks from our network of high quality blogs. We have 1 PR7 blog, 5 PR6 blogs, 10 PR5 blogs, 34 PR4 blogs, 8 PR3, blogs, 13 PR2 blogs, and the rest are PR1 domains.

2. VOX and i.PH Booster. Additional backlinks from and vox blogs also helped us maintain the top spot. We have a lot of friends from i.PH and VOX and we asked them to link us in their new posts. and i.PH pings google and technorati instantly after posting an article with back links.
(But be careful in posting your links to new blogs, because Google might consider your blog a spam blog. Just link moderately)

3. Forum signatures. I have several online community accounts (e.g.: sitepoint, digital point,, dost-sei, and phpbb), I changed all my signature anchor text to Marhgil Macuha and pointed it to my entry post. If you have more than 1000+ posts, you’ll have more than 1000 links. I also asked Mikko of to change his signature links, use the contest keyword, and point it to my post.

4. Links from Co-bloggers. I asked back links from Oliver Robillo, Isis Lahora, Mark Aethen Agana, Paolo Mendoza, Annabel Callos Choy, Alexandra Siaco, Ryan Pacabis, Jemme Putchir, Ariel Lalisan, Michael Ray Barcelon, Ruben Corral, Vicent Jon Camba, Sidney de la Cruz, and Andrew dela Serna. (For the mentioned names, just google the respective names and you’ll find their blogs.)

5. And.. there’s no number 5. That’s all we did to make it to the top. If only we are aware of that bookmarking thing, our entry would probably be unbeatable. Heehee…

What is the correct way of linking? This is the question that was asked to me so many times. All you need to do is link your post using the keyword you want to rank in different search engines. For example, you want to rank for the keyword “Adobe Recipe“. You should create a link to your blog or blog post (from another blog or website) using that keyword. That’s it! You’re doing SEO.

21 thoughts on “How did I maintain the top spot for a specific keyword?

  1. Bow Talaga ako sa efforts ninyo ni BatangYagit and to think na ganun ka rami na blogs ang ginawa ninyo. Damn Yaman na ninyo sobra.

  2. @cesar: not all of those 100 blogs are monetized. we do earn from adsense, bidvertiser and widgetbucks. our earnings are just enough to sustain our online expenses.

  3. so now I know your secret. All this backlinks and linking confuses me. Basta all I do is just link if I like a blog. Though I notice one thing though. My old domains (owned by my daughter) are quite valuable in ranking keywords. Often get high ranking if I link in those sites.

    I hope to read more of your SEO secrets. Maybe I will get it. Congrats for your hard work.

  4. thanks for sharing your tiknik jezh!

    also posted mine.. in case some of your reader is interested, hehehe…

    till next time! πŸ˜€

  5. master… question lang. about back linking… kasi sabi sa isang post mo, more than 10 backlinks is not good sa mga mata ng big G. pero bakit sa post mo sa taas, thousands of backlinks ang pinag-uusapan….

  6. hala ngaun ko lang nalaman na u have more than 100 blogs?? whew!!! hhmmm ganun pala yun technique… hahaha… dami ko nalelearn dito sa syt mo jehz… cge lng ko pangukay ug mga old entries hahahaha… salamat au naila-ia tka dri sa blogosphere hahahaha…

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  8. Thank you – I’m always looking for good tips, hints and ideas to improve – I’ve been tring to find resources now for quite some time, and I’m always trying to come up with interesting information for visitors to my site. I’ll be sure to check back soon for more πŸ˜‰

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