Weird WordPress Bug: latest post becomes a site name

I just found out about this today, and I thought it’s a WordPress bug. It’s actually an All In One SEO Pack bug. After upgrading to All In One SEO Pack version 2.3.11, my latest blog post title became my site name! I don’t know if this is a feature or a bug. It’s actually a cool feature so that you can see your latest post in your site name if you google your own website.

Just like the screenshot below:
Wordpress Post title shows instead of Site Name in Google Search Results

Anyway, the issue was weirdly fixed after I deactivated the All In One SEO Pack plugin, the reactivated it, then cleared my page cache and my purged my varnish cache. Now everything is back to normal, not like this:
WP Latest blog post becomes a post title

If you encountered a similar issue but you’re using Yoast SEO instead of the All in one SEO pack, check out this similar issue here: That’s the only post I found in the web that’s similar to mine, but using a different plugin. Haha!

UPDATE: Thanks to my friend over at Praising Fool, for helping me trace and fix this issue. 🙂

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