Fujifilm X Series Cameras: XF1 and XE1

Last month marked the expiry of my uber extended blog events hiatus. After a noxious lengthy period of feeding on cold and stale food, existing within my minuscule rathouse of an apartment, and conversing with my only rational companion, Hp and Apple, I finally summoned all the energy in my emaciated body to free me from my self-imposed exile. I decided to take a walk around town and get some fresh air. And indeed, fresh air was what I got as my self-imposed exile ended with a visit to the product launching of FUJIFILM’s newest X series cameras.

Waiting for the Fujifilm XE1 and XF1 Camera Launch

Waiting for the Fujifilm XE1 and XF1 Camera Launch

The moment I stepped in the room, everything just suddenly came back. I remembered how wonderful it was to be human again. Everything inside the room was amazing and nice— shimmering lights, sparkling liquid in polished glasswares, aromatic treats for the troubled stomach, smiling familiar and not-so-familiar faces and…. Whoa! a bunch of cool gadgets that goes by the name of FUJIFILM XF1 and FUJIFILM XE1.


Fujifilm XE1 and XF1 now being introduced

Okay, now that I am in my normal self again, let me get this straight (why was I even talking like that?… must be the effect of oxygen deprivation). The FUJIFILM XF1 and the FUJIFILM XE1 are the latest addition to the company’s X-series product line. The FUJIFILM X-series is part of the high-end digital camera range which also started the renowned FUJIFILM X-PRO or more famously known as the Fuji’s first mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera.

For those uninitiated, the mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera or MILC for short is a digital compact camera that is equipped with the interchangeable lens feature but without the mirror-based opitcal viewfinder element. So whats the real deal, one may ask? The MILC combine the benefits of both compact camera and DSLR. Compared to the bulky DSLR, FUJIFILM’s XF1 and XE1 are compact, pocketable, and sturdier. Compared to the fixed lens compact camera, FUJIFILM’s XF1 and XE1 offer the flexibility of using different kinds of lenses. It really is like the best of both worlds. Moreover, the absences of the mirror system means that FUJIFILM’s XF1 and XE1 noise on shutter activation is quieter and lenses can be placed closer to the sensor.



Fujifilm XF1 Top View


Fujifilm XF1 Front View


Fujifilm XF1 Back View

Evolving from the earlier range of the X-series cameras, the FUJIFILM XF1 is at the peak of the MLIC product line. It is really a vast improvement fom its predecessor. FUJIFILM XF1’s light and durable aluminum body juxtaposed to the synthetic leather covering not only gives user an improved grip but a stylish flair as well. The latest wide-angle, f/1.8 FUJINON lens, featuring a manual 4x optical zoom (25mm-100mm”), gives every photo enthusiast the edge over low light photography. XF1’s f/1.8 FUJINON lens features the company’s unique wide-band high transmittance electron beam coating process which guarantees stunning results even in the most difficult conditions. And of course, the EXR-CMOS sensor that is share by the X10 and X-S1. This special sensor allows the user to shot in three different ways (by michael at tforge). The 2/3-inch EXR CMOS sensor pledges high quality and superior feel, and ease-of-use that people have come to expect from fujifilm’s X series.

Fujifilm XF1 Key features:
– 12MP 2/3 EXR-CMOS sensor
– ISO 100-3200, ISO 4000-6400, ISO 12800
– 25-100mm equivalent, F1.8-4.9 with optical image stabilization
– Manual zoom ring and lens retraction mechanism
– 3”460k dot LCD
– Full HD movie recording with built-in stereo microphone
– Full manual control, RAW format recording
– Advance filters image-processing controls



Fujifilm XE-1 Top View


Another Top View of Fujifilm XE-1


And Another Top View of Fujifilm XE-1

THE FUJIFILM XE-1 is said to be the true progeny of the prominent FUJIFILM X-Pro1. Retaining most of the central features of the FUJIFILM’s X-Pro1, FUJIFILM XE-1’s only alteration is the switch to a purely-electronic viewfinder (making this a badass EVIL camera instead of a MLIC) as opposed to the hybrid quality of the former. But the absence of the hybrid quality does not necessarily mean weaker because the XE-1 uses not just any old EVF instead, it adopted the new 2.36 M-dot Organic EL panel. This is of course a step up to the X-pro1’s 1.44M dot LCD finder. Moreover, the X-E1 sports a built-in-pop-up flash which is really a big help in the image quality. The X-E1 also lords over the X-Pro1 with its electronic shutter release cable compatibility and its 2.5mm stereo microphone socket for movie recording. In terms of firmware, the FUJIFILM XE-1 gets a major tweaking, giving it a much improved performance.

In short, the FUJIFILM XE-1 is the synthesis of Fujifilm’s superior Optical technology and the new 2.36 M-dot Organic EL panel. This unique technological combination will surely result to an eye-popping photo clarity even when used by a novice photographer.

Fujifilm X-E1 key features include:
– 16MP x-Trans CMOS sensor
– ISO 2000-6400, 100-25600 expanded (JPEG only)
– 2.36M dot OLED electronic viewfinder
– 2.8” 460k dot LCD
– Full HD movie recording with built-in stereo microphone
– 2.5mm stereo microphone socket
– Wired remote control units compatibility

Indeed, these cameras are fit for those ‘passionate about photography’. The FUJIFILM XF1 and XE1 be available in the market November this year. The XE1 will be sold at P42900 while the XF-1 will be sold at P21500.

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