Life is like a box of chocolates

According to the soft-spoken manchild Forrest Gump, “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”. Indeed, life is full of surprises as we often hear one too many cases were the tides of life turns in just a snap of the finger—a healthy young man suddenly turns feeble and dysfunctional the next day. An attractive lady, famous for her impeccable looks, lost her beauty overnight in a bad accident. Life is unpredictable and uncertain and that is why it is important for us to be resilient and to have a contingency plan, especially in our finances. The International Marketing Group Wealth Academy, or IMG Wealth Academy for short, offers just this—a contingency plan in life.
Box of Chocolates

The IMG, a marketing company dedicated to help and serve people in making critical financial decisions in life, aims to increase the financial literacy of every Filipinos by launching its newest program the “IMG Wealth Academy”. The IMG is one of the biggest and fastest growing financial institutuion in the US, Canada, Taiwan, Hongkong, Philippines and other parts of the world. It has established partnerships with several leading financial distribution companies to provide clients with different kinds of financial products and services. IMG marketing employes those with top business and finance degrees to bring the client the best possible investment advice. The company’s vision is simple—to become the champion in delivering investment products and concepts. Their mission is straight forward—to make client’s dream into a reality.

“Financial education” is the cornerstone of the IMG Wealth Academy. One of the basic tenets is knowledge in the financial sector can help us make informed financial decisions in life. Unlike other financial institution that hardsells their products and services, IMG Wealth Academy share what they have—their knowledge in the world of finance. The IMG Wealth Academy is a community of like&mdashminded people who are generally interested in improving their lives, securing a future for their love ones, or mapping out a contingency plan for their lives.

When I first heard of the IMG Wealth Academy, I was skeptical. I thought it was just another financial company whose main objective is to make a profit out of you—by snaring you into buying their ‘latest’ investment products. So, it came as a surpise to me when no one bothered me about the new line of services or products that they offer in one of their meetings. It was totally a refreshing experience – to attend a financial market seminar without the pressure of being extorted.

Essentially, the IMG Wealth Academy is an educational institution that educates people about finances. It is focused on increasing Filipino’s financial IQ by teaching them the basic principles in the financial market, the dos and donts and the ins and out as well.

They try to empower Filipinos by imparting the knowledge and skills and leaving the decsion to the client himself/ herself. They do not pretend to know what is best for the client because they believe the client himself/herself is fully capable of deciding whats good base on the principles they imparted. Currently, they have 33 modules ranging from Practical Money Management Strategies to Creating Multiple Passive Income Streams.

After attending one of their seminars I was really interested to be a part of this community and so I signed up for an account. Little did I know that I was going to get more fringe benefits than what I initially imagined. Aside from the free seminars where I learn more about the market, I also get helpful tips and leads about the money market.

Another benefit in joining the Wealth Academy is the chance to get to meet new friends. The Wealth Academy also serves as a venue for people to meet like-minded Filipinos who can help each other through discussions and networking. Sometimes people will even be generous enough to give their own testimonials on a certain products and services (by michael at tforge). Being a member also means you get access to the latest news, articles, blogs, and promos. Being a member is really helpful in navigating the world of business and finance, especially for first timers like me. Any good business man knows the importance of networking. “Knowing someone” can be just as invaluable as having the right skills, especially when your business may have unexpected expenses. Obtaining a business loan is significantly easier if your business has the credibility and good name with peers and bankers alike.

For those interested, below is the list of topics covered in their seminars. It is separated into 3 modules. (Series 1 & 2 are free, Series 3 is also free but to those who have signed up for an account).

Series 1: Practical Money Management Strategies

  • The X-Curve Concept: The Blueprint of Financial Planning
  • The Six (6) Steps to Financial Freedom
  • How Money Works
  • How to Build a Solid Financial Foundation
  • How to Create Millions with P1,000/month investment

Series 2: Creating Multiple Passive Income Streams

  • The Different Sources of Passive Income
  • How to Create Multiple Passive Income Streams
  • Investment Vehicles and Strategies
  • How to Become Your Own Financial Expert/ Adviser

Other Topics from Series 3 and Up:

  • Do-It-Yourself Financial Check-up
  • Getting Out of the Debt Trap
  • Investment Principles
  • The Spiritual Side of Money
  • The Winner’s Mindset
  • Estate Planning
  • Health Management


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