A Cool Contest Before November Ends

November will almost end and I still haven’t updated my blog. I don’t know what to write and I don’t know what to blog. Good thing, a sudden burst of idea appeared in my head. It’s a cool new contest before November ends…

So what is this cool new contest? It’s not really cool because it’s just another writing contest. What makes this cool is that you need to write a post about your worst airline experience. But not just any other airline company, this contest is intended only for Zest Airways Inc.. For those who don’t have a previous experience with Zest Air, you can still join by reading the mechanics below!

If you want some examples, you can read my Smart Bro and Cebu Pacific post, or read Batang Yagit’s Zest Air experience post.

The criteria for this contest is very simple: The best hate post wins!

Here are the mechanics of the hate post contest.
1. You need to write about your previous horrible experience with Zest Airways. If you don’t have a previous bad experience with Zest Air, you can still join by reading mechanic number 2.
2. If you encountered the same situation below, what would you do? and how would you react?

Zest Airways called you and informed you that your flight has been rescheduled one day after your scheduled flight. You agreed with Zest Air and accepted the new flight schedule. But when you arrived in the airport, there are no Zest Air flights available. After that horrible experience, Zest Air still has the guts to ask you to pay an additional fee for not showing up in your scheduled flight!

3. Just write anything that you want to write and don’t forget to mention Zest Air in your post.
4. In order for your entry to qualify, you need to link this Zest Air post in your entry, using the anchor text “Zest Air”.
5. All entries without the said link will be disqualified.
6. After you published your entry, give me your post permalink by leaving a comment below.
7. Entries can be in English, Tagalog, or in your local dialect (Cebuano, Illonggo, Bisaya, Bicolano, Bul-anon, etc.).
8. The best entry will win Php10,000.00 via Paypal.
9. Deadline of submitting your entries is on December 15, 2010 at exactly 11:59 PM (GMT+8)

There will be only one winner. So write your worst experience about Zest Air and get a chance to win additional cash for Christmas! Ten thousand pesos is at stake for the best entry! Let’s all write about our experience with Zest Air this Yuletide Season!

Good luck to all participants!

UPDATE 12:00 AM December 16, 2010: The contest has ended! The winner will be announced within this week! Stay tuned!

UPDATE 11:14 AM December 20, 2010: The lucky winner will be announced any time on December 22, 2010. My apologies for the delay. If you think you’re the winner, please make sure that your Paypal is verified and can withdraw funds to your bank account. Yay!

UPDATE 4:55 AM December 21, 2010 The following are the qualified entries in no particular order. The lucky winner will finally be announced tomorrow! Stay tuned!!!
» Zest Air: World’s Worst Airline Company
» Anong Mararamdaman mo sa Ganitong Sitwasyon?
» Wala Huya Nga Zest Air
» What if I encountered this Zest Airway Passenger Experience?
» Zest Air Review: 1 our of 5 stars
» Zestair is the winner of all worst airlines
» Killing the Zest out of an Airline
» Walang Hiyang Zest Air
» Nursing ZestAir
» Unholy Zest with Fool Air
» My Zest Air Horrible Experience
» Yes, Zest Air Sucks Again!
» Zest Air: Why I love to hate it
» First, Last and Never more for Zest Air
» Zest Air Nightmare
» Buti Na Lang
» Pest Air Este Zest Air Pala
» Zest Air Philippines
» Zest-Oh No!!!
» Worst Experience About Zest Air
» A Rambling Kvetch Against The “System”
» Shocking Truth Behind Zest Air Philippines
» Zest Air Sucks
» Zest Air and its ambition

UPDATE 10:44 AM December 22, 2010 And the lucky winner of the 10,000 pesos is no other than… To be announced later. Stay tuned again! yiheeeeeeeeee!

UPDATE 9:19 PM December 22, 2010 This is it! The Lucky winner of 10,000.00 pesos is Don Trivino of Bonggaba.com for his super horrible entry entitled Zest Air Review: 1 out of 5 stars. His entry is really detailed with the exact time of each horrible experience with Zest Air, and… with matching photos. Congrats Don! Your deserve this!

And because there are so many horrible entries, I would like to give a special prize to the second and third most horrible entry. Hehe. The 2nd placer will receive $50.00 USD via Paypal + 1-year free domain (.COM, .NET, or .ORG) and hosting, and the 3rd placer will receive $25.00 USD via Paypal + 1-year free domain (.COM, .NET, or .ORG) and hosting.

2nd Placer: Zest Air: World’s Worst Airline Company by JP Ibanez
3rd Placer: A Rambling Kvetch Against The “System” by Dashashash

And because it’s Christmas, all the rest who didn’t place wins a 1-year free domain (.COM, .NET, or .ORG) and a lifetime free web hosting from me!

To the top 3 entries, please e-mail me@jehzeel.com with the subject “Zest Air Contest Winner” your full name, your chosen domain (for top 2 and 3 only), winning post URL, contact number and your Paypal e-mail. To the rest of the participants, please send an e-mail to me@jehzeel.com with the subject “Zest Air Contest Winner Parin” your full name, domain of your choice, winning post URL, and contact number.

To everyone, please claim your prize before this year ends, or else, your prize will be forfeited.

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!

345 thoughts on “A Cool Contest Before November Ends

  1. This is so hard! lols!

    When I went to Cebu last weekend for a trip with my barkada, I booked my tickets with Zest Air. Though it’s true that there are some delays, ZA called me up the day before the flight that my schedule was moved to another time. So technically, I never really had a bad experience with them. But like you said, I had to imagine myself in this situation. Hmm.. will think of a great story then. 10,000 is 10,000! haha!

  2. Opo invite ko tlaga cla.. ai.. Kuya jehz pag ako napili ulit 5k na lang ibgy mo sa akin… Yung other 5k sa iba na lang na mapipili mo pa! Nakz hehe baet eh n0h? Hehe share your blessings sabi nga…

  3. Actually I am a friend of Halojin Kuya Jehz! But before i knew him, I am an avid silent reader of your blog…Very informative and you really have your strategy to make more traffic everyday with seldom updates..But anyways, I have an attempt before na sumali sa mga contests mo but even 1 wla natupad just because busy me with my studz..I have this urge to write ngayon pero I still doubt wla kasi me experience sa Zest Air, And I read the mechanix too na pde pa rn! Frankly speaking, nkakamotivate tlga ang prize pero as usual thats one of the factor kung bakit may contest thing u know. Pero I am not looking forward for that, what I after is mingling friends sa blogosphere….Hope I could be able to scribble an entry for this contest…I know I will!…Just dropped by sa blog mo despite of the frustrations I experienced these past few days! ^^…An escape kung baga!

  4. Ok tung idea mu Jehz ah. makasali nga. Though wala p naman akung worst airline experience; I have a flight this December 6 to Davao. Baka merun akung ma e-encounter; hehe; if wala then I have to follow the Mechanic no. 2. hehehe. Ayos! ๐Ÿ˜†

  5. Awts! Parang balak nyo atang ilagay yung post ni kuya winst sa top 1 sa serps for zest air.looool.

    top 3 na ngayon, sigurado nabasa na yun nila and not just that – marami pa silang mababasa!

    In days, weeks, months probably years – magsasara na sila sa hiya.lol!

    awts.I forgot wala pala silang ganun. (hiya.lol) ๐Ÿ˜†

  6. helow po kuya jhez,
    mukhang masaya nga po ang contest nyo…gusto ko join but il try to do the mechanics # 2 coz 1 tym lng po ako nkasakay ng plane…hehe..also baby p po ako s blogging!actually this is my first time to post a comment and im anxious f an unexperienced blogger like me eh mppansin ng isang beteranong blogger n kgya nyo!hehe…as in konting konti alam ko s blog…my bestfrend just encourage me to try…

    well, dec 15 p nmn po ang deadline…hehe…try ko sali…im not expecting to win…im just a drop of water in a pail full of it!

    thanks kuya!

  7. awww, too bad i can’t join coz i had a much better experience with them compare to my flight with PAL. the only problem I had with them is their ugly bus-like seats. lol

  8. ah hindi naman tama zest air, ๐Ÿ˜ก pinareschedule na nga tpos sinabihan pa ng maling flight schedule tapos sisingilin pa ako ng additional fees anu yan lokohan ๐Ÿ˜ก . dpat magsorry ang zest air nyan .

  9. Sir Jehz, this would be off topic but would you mind if I nominate you to become an officer of MENSA Philippines. Kapag nanalo ka, akin na lang ‘yung I took the MENSA IQ Challenge pencil mo… ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. waheheeee…
    eto ang pinakamasarap salihang contest.
    cool contest talaga!
    sale ako dito sir Jehzeel !
    10K nga yan, sigurado, wala na kong duda.

  11. :mrgreen: hay salamat natapos ko din.

    for some reason, nag-gateway error cheverlu yung website ko kapag pinopost ko yung entry ko. so nilagay ko muna siya sa blogspot ko.

    here’s the link:

    I support Winston. hope my “hate” post comforts you. hahaha

    btw, soul bro, dapat dalawa ang winners. one for an actual victim and another for a hypothetical victim (ehem).

    hope i stand a chance. hehehe. Pasko na kasi. hahahaha

  12. ang tanga tanga mo naman kasi eh, naka record kaya ang usapan nyo, sinabi na umaga the same day ang flight mo at di the following day, iniisip mo kasi agad ang mahuhuthot mo sa mga bina-blog mo, tsk tsk tsk

  13. Jehz, panu ko lagyan ng litrato tung profile ko dito s comment box mo. Pwede ba maka sali? ๐Ÿ˜‰ i popost ko na maya maya yung entry ko for this contest.

  14. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kuya jehzlau maraaming mraming salamat po talaga! ginagawa ko pa po yung pasasalamat ko na post ^^, saka yung entry ko po d2 kuya… maya mya submit ko na! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • “The man was practically pleading with my mom for us to go back to the old domestic airport to board our original flight. WHAT. A. BIG. JOKE. At hindi lang yun… babawiin rin daw yung libreng round trip ticket since wala na naman daw silang dapat ipag-compensate for. HE GOTTA BE KIDDING, RIGHT?!? No. He was dead serious. What the?!”

      ang kapal ng mukha nila no? damn!!! tsk tsk tsk…

  15. Just when I thought I’ve already got what I want, I suddenly discovered what I deserve. Uhmmm….keeping my fingers crossed until Christmas, looking forward to hear “Wish granted”…May the best “writer” wins!…^^

  16. ui nararamdaman q na, ,inihahanda na ni sir Jehz yung blog post nya nag ta type sya ngay0n. . . T h e w i n n e r i s…….

    Oi ako nga. . .haha. . .. . .jwks2x. . .peru auz valid ung akin. .tapat sakin ang zestair pg d ako manalo. .babatuhin q office nla mamayang gabi. . .hehe

  17. whahaha. , .kuya Jehz patawa ,hehe. .kala q my name ng winner sa baba nun. Haha, .andito lng me lage kuya, .hehe .im sure dmi namin ng stestay tuned dito. .yeahb0y,

  18. nyaaaahhhhhhh kala ko name ko na ang nakasulat dito

    ๐Ÿ˜ˆ UPDATE 10:44 AM December 22, 2010 And the lucky winner is “Csseyah,” of the 10,000 pesosโ€ฆ To be announced later. Stay tuned again! yiheeeeeeeeee! -> kaso to be announce pa pala hahahahahahhaa….


  19. Pero sa totoo lang ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m happy na nakasama ang entry ko sa qualified list. Thanks thanks Idol! More Power sayo and more blessings specially this coming year 2011.

    • hahaha.. yeah nakita ko din yan! ๐Ÿ˜ณ

      wala namang effect to sa Zest Air… di nila pinapansin. Kasi may sarili silang Z-bloggers featured blog of the month. At may dalawang review doon na ginawa nila na astig daw ang Zest Air. :mrgreen:

      • kuya, what does lifetime web hosting mean?yung 4 ever na ung website?d q undrstand mabuti. . .hehe. .pwd pause muna sir jehz? . .para ayos. . Hehe. .anyway believe talaga ako sayo sobrang baet mu po, . ,d ma reach grabe. .hehe. .tsaka c0ngrats sa nanalo. . .ang sweswerte nyo mga kuya or ate. . .i lav u all. . .merichrstmas and a hapi new year. .yeahboy. ….’ang hrap mg post gamit cp oh. .’knina q pa c0ment to.hehe’

      • hirap talagang paniwalaan ang lifetime webhost noh?
        pero OO, tama ang iniisip mu, HABAMBUHAY nga iyan.
        it’s too good to be true, but it’s true.
        nabigyan din ako nyan from the past contest.
        nagkaroon din kami ng mahabang dialog ni Jezheel about clarification.
        just back up your files daw palagi dahil baka mamatay siyang bigla. waheheheee…

    congrats sa mga sumali ngayon.
    galante jezheel nuh? ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. MAramimg maraming salamat jehz.. merry xmas sayo.. congrats to all!.. hapi new domain and lifetime hosting..bagong kabanata na naman ang site na yan sa atin. jehz may request ako kay mam Bing pagkita nyo.. salamat..tlaga! more power sayo!

  22. I appreciate your post. Thanks so much and let keep on sharing your stuffs share.
    Your posting is very good and theme base for which it is liking to every people. Thanks a lot!!!

  23. I just want to ask: What’s the difference between a domain and a web hosting? Kasi ung expiration ng domain is 1 year at ang web hosting ay lifetime…Just curious!…Super innocent kasi tlaga ako nito! Ahehehehe…Thanks in advance! Merry Christmas to all?

      • Sir, after a year kapag hindi mo na-renew ang domain registration mo ito ay mawawala na sa contol mo at maaaring makuha na lang ng ibang nagdodomain park o nangungulekta ng domain name.

        Pwede siguro mag-ask tayo kay IDOL(jehzlau) na paki-renew na lang yung domain o pa-transfer na lang natin kung may mga sarili na tayo Domain Registrant. like Godaddy :p

      • good.. we have to know after 365 days para maka prepare tayo..lifetime naman yung hosting e..thank you sa mga sagot ha/ i really appreciate it God bless sa lahat.

      • I heard sa Philippine pseo, it takes only 500Php lang ang magrenew ng .COM domain!….Correct me if I am wrong!

        To Pareng Csseyah, thanks for the info!….

        Anyways, kung di mo marenew ang domain mo, at kinuha ang domain mo ng iba, it means ba ang mga entries ng domain mo before, ay mapapasakanya or under his/her ownership na or, automatic madelete lahat ng entries (eg. posts) ng domain mo kung ndi mo marenew? ^^

  24. wow, compilation of the 24 (and counting) worst experience with Zest! scary!

    ang sosyal ng prizes dito. i’ll stay tuned for the next bonggang pacontest! :mrgreen:

  25. Di ko na laman ito ah. Hehehe Sayang. Nakasali sana ako for Free webhosting. Heheheh un pa naman sana target ko. Bakit di ako na informed? Heheh ngaun lang kasi ako ulit naka visit dito. Hayks. Aabangan ko na talaga ung contest ni Jehz. Heheheh

    God Bless Jehz.

  26. some times i feel that how can it be possible? but yes you are right many factors always beyond the human control and one needs to obey the rules…I have gone through this and really enjoyed the content. would like to create and follow the same.. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  27. Iโ€™ve gone through for a while, I remember why I used to love this site. Thank you, Iโ€™ll try and check back more often. How frequently do you update your site?

  28. o bakit puro consolation prizes lang ang nagco-comment? asan na ang proof na namigay ka nga premyo….i-post ko kaya dito ang history ng booking mo batang yagit para malaman ang katangahan mo?… kawawa ka talaga, ang katangahan kasi walang gamot tsk tsk… pinapapunta ka ng mas maaga sa original flight mo same day, hindi kinabukasan, tanga ka na bingi ka pa, inamin mo naman sa blog mo na di ka sigurado sa narinig mo di ba don’t deny, don’t tell a lie hahahah

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