How Eveready changed your life?

Eveready, one of the world’s most reputed brand names in batteries and flashilights, celebrates its 110 years of “lighting” people’s lives. In its 110 years of existence, Eveready has proved to be a dependable and reliable ally, bringing unparallel lighting and battery solutions to people.

Imagine lasting 110 years in the market? A company wouldn’t last that long if it isn’t for the excellent service it provides. And Eveready is a living testament. 110 years of providing joy and assisstance to mankind, Eveready sure has every reason to celebrate.

For me and for most people I know, Eveready is the most trusted brand when it comes to batteries. To prove my case, let me share to you an “embarrassing” incident experienced by my grandmother way back because she opted for a cheap battery instead of the good old reliable Eveready brand.

It was Christmas time and she bought a beautiful battery operated toy car from a high end department store for her grand son. For some unexplanable reason she replaced the batteries of her old clock from the batteries included in the toy car and bought some cheap knockoff batteries for the toy (I can only guess that she thought the toy is already expensive enough so she might as well save on the batteries). When she gave it to the boy on Christmas day at their house, his excitement was traded with a disappointing expression when the toy car operated for a good 2 minutes only. Then, of course after much scrutinizing from the boy’s dad, everyone figured it was a case of a faulty battery. It was already embarrasing enough for the battery to die down but even embarrassing was the boy’s dad asking their maid to buy a “branded” — as the dad specifically instructed the maid — battery from a nearby store for the child at that time.

Well, the above story just proves the saying “you get what you pay for.” Sometimes things, like batteries, may cost more because there is a reason for that. Now, my grandmother’s story may be taken lightly because it is a funny “faulty battery” episode but imagine if it was a more serious incident, like typhoons or earthquakes, and not having a realiable battery and flashlights, things may just get pretty ugly.

Choosing a good quality battery and flashlight is very important because these are of paramount essentials during “emergencies” or crisis situation which can sometimes be life threatening. It is important to be prepared always because one never knows when these situations will occur. So, if you want to be ready at all times and make sure that you are well prepared during emergencies, stick with EVEREADY.

Eveready, the leading manufacturer of dry cell batteries, offers three kinds of batteries: Eveready Super Heavy Duty Carbon Zinc Batteries, Eveready Gold Alkaline Batteries, and Eveready Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers. All three are safe and environment friendly since they don’t leak and don’t contain Mercury or Cadmium.

The Eveready Super Heavy Duty Carbon Zinc Batteries are your General Purposes batteries. They are the battery type of choice in the 70s because they are a lot cheaper than other batteries. Eveready Super Heavy Duty Batteries are best used for clocks, flashlights, radios and other expensive devices that are low drain and that you use infrequently.

Eveready Gold Alkaline Batteries, a mercury free alternative battery for “Heavy Duty”, provides more power and lasts 3Xs longer. Eveready was the first to remove all mercury content from its alkaline batteries, making them disposable and safe. It is the most common type of household batteires nowadays and works well for low to mid-drain devices such as, remotes, radios, calculators and motor driven toys.

The last one, Eveready Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers, is best for high drain devices because these rechargeable NiMH batteries and chargers are designed to provide hundreds and hundreds of charges, enough to ensure that your devices will have many more than nine lives. Eveready’s chargers are designed to endure the demands of you’re the family.

Despite 110 years, Eveready batteries are still the best. It is safe, environment friendly, and high-quality. Eveready batteries do not contain mercury and cadmium, two of the most notoriost chemicals involved in occupation hazard and household poisoning. Cadmium poisoning is a very serious matter since it poses a hazardous effect to people’s help. Symptoms of Cadmim poisoning include memory loss, dizziness, headeaches, lack of strength, and pain in the back and limbs. Cadmium poisoning has also been linked to kidney failure and cancer. On the other hand, Mercury, too, brings destructive effect to the immune system. Symptoms of mercury poisoning usually includes psychological disturbances, digestive tract problems such as diarreha and cramps, Cardiovascular, Neurological, Respiratory and other problems.

Eveready’s Lighting products, such as their new generation household LED flashlight, are another reason for them to celebrate. LED, Light Emitting Diode, is the latest technology in the lighting market. The Eveready Household LED flashlight is definitely a great choice since it is cost-efficient, consuming less batteries – thus saving more energy — while producing constant output. Eveready LED flashlights have a longer lifespan due to its sturdy bulbs. LED bulbs never need replacing and produce bright white light in constant output. Truly, when it comes to lighting, Eveready is the name you know, the quality you trust. After all, Eveready is the pioneer in flashlight making.

So how Eveready changed your life? Answer this in question in one sentence by leaving a comment below to get a chance of winning a super awesome Eveready gift pack! Yay!

For instance: Eveready changed my life for without Eveready, I don’t know what battery is… (I know you can do better than that.. hehe…)

Deadline of posting your entry is one December 20, 2010 December 24, 2010 at exactly 11:59 PM. You can post as many entries as you want as long as you don’t flood the comment thread below. Anyone can join as long as you have a blog and a valid e-mail address.

Only 5 consecutive entries are allowed. If you’ve reached 5 entries, please wait for another user to post his or her entry before posting your entry again, or else you’ll be disqualified. Just like what we did in the next prize guessing game, ok?

Good luck!

UPDATE: Sorry for the delayed update. This contest has ended and the winner will be announced anytime before 2011. ^_^

UPDATE 12/31/10: And the winner of this contest is Totoy Henyo because Eveready made him a true genius!

“Eveready changed my life because it helped me become a real genius by being my perfect test buddy in my robotics experiments” – Totoy Henyo

Congratulations Totoy Henyo! To claim your Eveready gift pack, please e-mail your complete name and mailing address with the subject “Eveready Changed My Life!”.

Happy New Year everyone!

220 thoughts on “How Eveready changed your life?

  1. firsttt!!! hahahaha…

    Eveready changed my life because without it, I will never have an idea why does my talking doll talk…

    PS: Ang hirap pag one sentence kuya. 😳

  2. Eveready changed my life alot, since I was a child, my electric toys are powered by eveready, and it lasts satisfatory.

    @kuya jehzlau, nice pa c0ntest nanaman po. .timing yung clock namin wla ng battery power, chaka ung flashlight namin hindi LED. .Hehe

  3. Ok lang bang baguhin ng konti tulad ng first entry ko?

    Eveready has changed my life because without their batteries running my alarm clock I wouldn’t be able to wake up early.

  4. Everyday changed my life because if not for Everyday, I won’t be able to get the ‘most punctual’ award in grade school.

    [p.s. everyday powers all of our battery operated stuffs at home. the most important everyday-powered stuff for me is our alarm clock. im so bad with time management, and having something to wake me up is such a big help for me and that was made possible by a reliable battery 🙂 ]

  5. “Eveready changed my life because apart from its services and convenience it brings life, spark and hype. ”
    -entry ko
    Cheers for the 110th year of Eveready for without you when will we be ready.

  6. Eveready changed my life by making me punctual in everything that I do. Our wall alarm clocks and wall clocks both in my home and office are all powered by Eveready batteries.

  7. Eveready changed my life for without Eveready, I wouldn’t have a job by now. I sleep like a log and becasue I use Eveready to power my alarm clock I was able to wake up on time for my interview.

  8. Eveready changed my life because kanina I bought a double A eveready and a brand X battery’n0t to menti0n’and tested both of them with a led light fr0m the lighter that has led, and it was very obvious that the eveready gives more light than the brand X. . No wonder many people use EVEREADY. .Its always ready.

  9. The very first time I saw Eveready, it was all metal body white color, years and years there goes the blue, red, black and the so called ENERIGIZER. Fron then everytime I need to ask or referring to a battery in any sizes I usually utter ” I need Eveready for my flashlights,walkman,radio etc.” When I need battery I say EVEREADY. Everytime I saw a black cat I always recall their Ads “we gotta put more light!” black cats band.

  10. Eveready changed my life
    for without Eveready, my battery powered devices:radio, walkman, flashlight, Let’s go(racing car toy), Crush gear(crusher car toy), and clocks didn’t worked. Because honestly I only use Eveready since before. 🙂

  11. Eveready changed my life because my first wireless mouse was powered by Eveready batteries. I learned to vector,edit photos, and make websites using that mouse and now I’m earning real money! Thanks to eveready!

    –nice site! added you to my link list btw.

  12. Topic lang:
    Cnu ba nag papaputok pa jan?nag papaputok paba kaya kayo?hehe. .kasi ako hindi na e. .wala na uso. .hehe . .anyways Advance Happy New Year

  13. PAALALA:Wag na mapapaputok 😀 😀 , i can still recall duty ako sa trauma unit one new year’s eve balde2 mga daliri naiipon namin sa magdamag. mahirap mag net pag di na buo ang mga daliri mo. hhehehe happy new year to all 😀 !

  14. Mga Dapat Tandaan sa Pagsapit ng Bagong Taon:

    1. Tumalon pagsapit ng alas dose ng gabi
    2. Huwag kalimutang itapon ang hawak na paputok pagkatapos sindihan.
    3. Hindi pagkain ang watusi o piccolo
    4. Huwag magyabang habang nagpapaputok
    5. Huwag maging madamot sa pagkaing ihahanda nyo sa Medya Noche.
    6. Hindi lahat ng paputok ay pumuputok, factory defect.
    7. Huwag hahawakan uli kapag naitapon na.
    8. Huwag nang makulit
    9. Huwag masyadong matakaw
    10. Matulog na lang kung inaantok na

  15. Though the contest ended, just want to tell other that eveready changed my life by making me a zinc scavenger lol. Im using zinc for an experiment when I was grade 6. I was then interested in wet cell experiments, producing electricity using copper, zinc and sulfuric acid.

  16. Im using zinc for an experiment when I was grade 6. I was then interested in wet cell experiments, producing electricity using copper, zinc and sulfuric acid.

  17. supeerrr, galing ng article na’ to… super excellent talaga ang eveready… “kung battery ang pag uusapan , isang tatak lang ang unang pumapasok sa isip ko… That’s eveready”


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