My Second Attempt to Greatness

I dared… but failed in my first attempt to greatness. But after a few months of torture and suffering from the mayhem that was brought upon me, I’m here again to prove to myself and my comrades that I can make it to the pinnacle of super natural and exhilarating phenomenon.
Woot! Super Natural and Exhilarating Phenomenon? Basta yun na yun! Bwahahaha! Honestly, this post is about my revenge. My revenge to the brave 300 Spartans. An astounding and jaw-dropping event will occur this 5th of September at exactly 10:00 AM! It’s the opening of the new Krispy Kreme Factory and Drive-Thru Store at the SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines.

Just like before, Krispy Kreme will give 1 year free supply of original glazed doughnuts to the first customer to ring the cast register. 1st to 300th customer gets a chance to join in the raffle for a chance to win a trip for 2 to Krispy Kreme Malaysia (inclusive of airfare, 3 days and 2 nights accommodation and Php10,000 pocket money!). The second customer will get 6 months free supply of original glazed doughnuts, the third customer will get 3 months free supply of original glazed doughnuts, and the 4th to 100th customer will get 1 month free supply of original glazed doughnuts.

So, will you join me in my second attempt to greatness!?! Let’s go to Krispy Kreme Mall of Asia and prove that we can be great and be one of the greatest! Nyok! Hehehe.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars!

Update 12/03/08 (tagal no? hehe):

I arrived at 3:00 AM, but sadly I didn’t make it to the first place, because the one who garnered it was there 3 days before the opening. They had their breakfast, lunch and dinner at Krispy Kreme. They didn’t take a bath for 3 days. And they suffered tremendously (i think) for the sake of doughnuts (bitter lang ako hehe).

More details about my Krispy Kreme Mall of Asia Adventure at Patay Gutom!

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91 thoughts on “My Second Attempt to Greatness

  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm… parang ang sarap pumunta *thinking of going* kahit sa top 100 lang para 1 month. nakaka sawa naman pag 1 year.. hehe

    • naks! thank sa pag complement sa site kahit maraming nag sabi na pangit ang site na to.. wahehehe 😀 punta ka sa MOA.. malapit lang naman sa subic diba? hehe

  2. lets say if its 10am… dapat 10pm the day before ng launch, nandun ka na sa store 😀

    OT: masarap mag hang-out sa krispy kreme sa may bonifacio highstreet! (wag lang uulan) FYI

    anyhow, thanks for the headsup jehz!

    donut lover,

  3. damn! punta ako jan! dito sa opis libre ako lagi wifi dahil mlapit lang sa krispy kreme ayala bldg ko..halos memorized ko na access key nila..hahaha

    • wala na tapos na eh 😛 mag popost nanaman ako anong nangyari.. astig yung first customer.. 3 days before nakapila na.. doon na natulog 😀 pati yung second.. waaaaaaaaaa!

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