I Was Almost There, Just Almost

I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to do, I just wanna cry, I was there, but I was too late, the brave 300 Spartans was already there and I never made it. I’m so disappointed to myself. I should be there 5 hours before the opening time, but my bad. I’m too lazy to be early, I never expected that a lot of people will come to this war. A war that I can never forget, a war for donuts. For KRISPY KREME donuts! Huhuhu…

I’m so excited the day before and I never expected that this would happen. I’m so sad, at the same time I’m so lonely because I was there, I arrived early (I think), but others were there and was earlier than me. The 300 slots was already filled up and all I can do is nothing.


Make sure you line up on the opening day, WHY?

* 1st Customer wins 1 YEAR SUPPLY OF ORIGINAL GLAZED DOUGHNUTS (1 dozen per week)
* 2nd Customer wins 6 MONTHS SUPPLY OF ORIGINAL GLAZED DOUGHNUTS (1 dozen per week)
* 3rd Customer wins 3 MONTHS SUPPLY OF ORIGINAL GLAZED DOUGHNUTS (1 dozen per week)
* 4th to 300th Customers wins 1 MONTH SUPPLY OF ORIGINAL GLAZED DOUGHNUTS (1 dozen per week)

See you at the opening!

Huhuhuhu… This is the day that I will never ever ever forget.

Sorry Jehz, better luck next time… 🙁

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29 thoughts on “I Was Almost There, Just Almost

  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaa, nakakaasar ang mga ganitong pagkakataon ano? Sinisira nila ang ating mga pangarap. Ginuguho nila ang ating mundo!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. 🙁

  2. @Hussein – no! pwede nyang ibenta ng mas mura yung donuts.. libre naman supply sa kanya.. hahaha!

    @happy – oo nga if andoon ka baka may free supply of krispy kreme ka rin! hehehe

  3. Waaaa. Jehzeel letch ka, andian ako bat di mo ko nakita??

    Sayang. Andian ako sa JAKA dat time me ginawa ako sa branch dian.

    Amf. Libre ka ng KRISPY.

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