My Apologies Once Again For Another Downtime

My apologies once again to all of my dear subscribers and visitors for a 2-hour downtime that happened 5 hours ago. The VPS where my blog was hosted was down due to a very large amount of traffic that a VPS server cannot accommodate anymore. I was forced to transfer to a Dedicated Server, thanks to Dress Up Doll Games for sharing their dedicated server to my humble blog. I still don’t have enough money to buy my own Dedicated Server, that’s why once again I have sojourned to another web host that is not my own.

I’m still glad because I’ve participated the Earth Hour through this blog’s downtime. Hehehe…

That’s all for now. I hope this is my last letter of apology. Thank you so much for your continuous patronage.

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13 thoughts on “My Apologies Once Again For Another Downtime

  1. click ako ng click patungo dito sa blog mo Jehz. i’m glad its back online. 🙂

    Rome – incomeforeveryone dot info


    Hi pla! Long time no talk haha

  2. congrats for being able to transfer to a dedicated server successfully i hope you will not encounter any downtime again!

    i’m looking forward for more updates. I’m loving this site… 🙂

  3. so far, you are writing the best tips in SEO and Adsense that I found in the internet… looking forward for more and more and MOOOOOOOORE of it!

    glad to have you back jehzlau!

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