Free Coke for You and for Me and for the Entire Human Race

There are people dying if you care enough for the living, make a better place for you and for me… Hehe.. Enough of this crap. I left my camera’s battery inside my room that’s why I didn’t have a chance to take pictures during the Coke Event at Taste Asia, Mall of Asia. The event was fun and full of surprises. SM Science Discovery Center Passes and Coke Dining Set were given away to the lucky bloggers! And also a box of Coke Zero in Can!

A brought home 2 boxes of Coke Zero with 24 Cans each. Yay! Thanks to Doc Tess for giving me her Coke sticker for the extra box. Thanks also to Jester in Exile for calling my name in the so-called Twitter meet-up game that’s why I had two SM Science Discovery Tickets! Yay!

There’s a video contest about Coke, sadly I don’t know the details of it because all of us were too noisy during the contest mechanics were announced. All I can remember are the prizes at stake, this includes a brand new car, a house and lot, and an iPod Touch. I’m not sure about the brand new car and the house and lot, maybe I’m just hallucinating, or should we say dreaming? Hehe… Basta may iPod touch yung contest na inannounce kanina, di ko lang masyadong narinig. Huhu…

UPDATE: Here’s the Contest Mechanics Pala! 🙂

P.S.: May sunog pala dito kanina sa boarding house namin habang nasa Coke Event ako. Pag balik ko wala na lahat ng gamit ko, nasa box pala. Buti di nasunog kasi nailabas. At may sampung fire trucks sa labas na on-time dumating at na stop ang apoy, pero ang ibang gamit ng kapit bahay nasunog, pero walang namatay. Paki niyo no? La lang, gusto ko lang din e post.. haha!

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Another P.S.: If you blogged about the Coke Event and you’re not here on my list, please leave a comment and I’ll add you ASAP!

47 thoughts on “Free Coke for You and for Me and for the Entire Human Race

  1. wow.. penge namna ako ng isa.. hehehe..ayos yang free coke na yan ah.

    buti na lang – – lucky ka p rin noh. kung hindi sigurado baka un ang i blog mo ung sunog sa inyo. hehehe

    have a nice day jehz..

  2. @lestat – hehehe.. kainis nga wala akong picture nung sunog.. di ko mahanap yung battery ko.. nilagay kasi sa isang box lahat mga gamit ko.. buti di nawala.. hehehe 😀

    at buti ayos pa ang aircon ko.. di nasunog 😀 yay! fire proof aircon! 😀

  3. @Micamyx – ganun talaga… madaya kanina.. bat kaya ganun.. arrghh.. mas superior ba plurkers sa twitters kaya ganun? at sampu pa kinuha.. sa twitters 5 lang.. huhuhuhu… heheh 😀

    @Veej – oo nga 😀 dapat punta ka rin sa mga event na ganito 😀 yey! dami ko coke sa ref.. mag kakasakit na ako neto.. wOHOoOOOoO!!!

  4. wow… pahingi .haha. yan binibili kong softdrink kasi diabetic ako. 150 bloodsugar ko. wahaha. check nyo rin sugar nyo baka magtataka kayo kung mamatay kayo. ngek. joke joke

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  7. grabe nman, daming coke! kaso pakla nang lasa ng zero…hehehe

    pang mayaman na lasa,ahehehe..meron ba non?

    whoa, wag nman masunog bhaus mo,punta pa ako jan, wawawawa

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  11. @cielo – hehehe.. akin din di ko maubos 😀 mga isang buwan pa to.. 😀 kayo ata yung nasa likod namin banda.. parang na remember ko mukha mo 😀 hehe

  12. sunog ba, ‘ka mo?! parang relak na relak ka lang, ah. walang panic. 🙂 . I guess you’ve got your coke and good stories, so what the heck about the sunog, huh 😀 .

    Kitakits ulit next time, jehzlau!

  13. @ka edong – yeah.. nasunogan ang kapitbahay namin… buti nalang may coke ako pampatay ng sunog! joke! hehehehe 😀 malapit din kaming masunugan.. buti nalang may 12 na fire trucks at nag pa ulan ng tubig 😀 hehe

    see you next time ka edong 😉

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  18. sayang wala ako sa event na ito. pero nakarating naman ako sa 2nd party. may naiuwi rin naman akong products pero iba parin ang case-case ng Coke Zero diba? buti walang nangyari sa mga gamit mo. looking forward to your next blog. 🙂
    kita kits nalang ulit sa next blog event. :mrgreen:

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