Blogger Wars

A group of bloggers clashed against another group of bloggers during the LazerXtreme Blogger Event organized by Benj Espina. I really enjoyed the 20-minute (times 2) barilan inside the arena. It was like a virtual reality war zone or a true to life Counterstrike game but you’re immortal (Because once you’re shot you’ll be resurrected after 4 seconds, hehe).

The arena was dark and this darkness makes me thrilled and excited. Chasing other bloggers from the opposite group and shoot them rapidly once you found them hiding in the corners of the arena (I also did this hiding thing together with Kuya Juned in Round 2, but we’ve lost because we’re too weak and our team had only few members compared to other teams). But, I’m part of the winning team in the first round, so I still did cherish victory before havoc.

While Waiting for the Airlock Vesting Room to Open:

Inside the Airlock Vesting Room:

Group picture after Round 1:

In no particular order:,,,,,,,,,,, and the last one. (I forgot his domain, hehe) and… (the picture taker).

Visita Sagada Team preparing for Round 2:

Click here and here for more LazerXtreme Blog Event Pictures.

The event was really really really fun! The breakthrough of laser technology blah blah blah blah (hehehe.. di ko alam ano nang sasabihin.. yay).

LazerXtreme is the Philippines’ Only Laser-Tag Arena, located in Taguig City (4th Floor of Market Market). Their laser equipments are really state-of-the-art and are directly imported from Australia. Their vast arena has an exciting multi-level design that will take you to a new dimension! The coolest thing that I’ve experienced was you can actually see the laser as it goes out from your Phasor (your laser gun). Cool diba?

So if you’re planning to have a unique birthday party, corporate event, team-building seminar, product launch, game tournament or whatsoever, visit LazerXtreme now! Yep! As in now na!

LazerXtreme Standard Rates:
Minimum 2 Games (minimum of 12 players per game)
WEEKDAYS: Php320.00 (2 games)
WEEKENDS: Php360.00 (2 games)
Additional game: Weekdays: Php150.00 and Weekends: Php170.00

For inquiries and other details about LazerXtreme you can contact Ms. Maureen Scherrie Delantar at 09194652654/856-6467 or e-mail at You can also visit their website at

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  2. @rodel – pero di ka naman mamamatay 😀 di ka rin pwede umakyat sa mga pader.. hehehe.. basta cool sya pang barkada.. pang pamilya.. at pang masa.. nyok 😀 hehehehe.. masaya pag marami kayo 😉

  3. @Jan Alvin – cool talaga lalo na pag marami kayo.. 😀 hitech kasi.. para kang nasa star wars tapos nakikita mo ang laser papunta sa target mo.. hehehe.. tapos taguan.. barilan.. etc 😀 ganda! sarap! 😀 sarap ulitin! 😀

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  6. @Eligio – ay oo nga no? boring pala pag one on one. hahaha 😀

    mag hintayan lang kayong dalawa.. hahahaha 😀 tapos paunahan bumaril! CHOOO CHOO CHOOO! hahaha

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  9. Hi! If you are interested, I am selling Laser Tag GCS about 100 pieces valid until July 2010, for super lower price at 130Php only! Super sulit na un! if interested,please text me at 09052241439 thanks!

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