Congrats to Ed and Kenneth!

After 7 days of posting a comment in my blog break post, we now have a winner! I mean winners, because there were two of them: Ed Arevalo of and Kenneth Mendoza of Thanks to all who participated in my mini last-to-comment contest! To the winners, please e-mail me the .COM domain of your choice at [email protected] You may create a new GoDaddy account or give me the username and password of your old GoDaddy account. It’s up to you!

Why there were two winners?… The answer was simple: The last to comment that can be seen publicly was Kenneth Mendoza. But, the last to comment based on my WordPress admin panel was Ed Arevalo. So I decided to give both a domain para masaya! Please refer to the screen shot below to verify what I am talking about.

The last to comment at 11:59PM inside my WP Admin Panel was Ed Arevalo:

The last to comment at 11:59PM that was publicly viewable was Kenneth Mendoza:

Thanks to all who joined the contest! Special mention to webslave of for almost winning the contest. 🙂

I will also post tomorrow later about the Blue Chocolate Hills and my Bohol Escapade, so stay tuned. 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Congrats to Ed and Kenneth!

  1. @webslave – ok lang yan na special mention naman kita 😀 abangan u nalang nxt contest baka meron ulit 😀 hehehehe..

    pasalubong? meron.. meron me peanut kisses.. punta lang kayo sa boarding house ko.. hahaha 😀

  2. @glenn – galing ni kenneth mag timing eh.. tapos ang WordPress may bug, ,hindi nag sync ang comments iba iba ang last na nag comment pag e compare mo. wahehehe..

    @Eligio – hehehe… gamit ka cellphone reminders next time 😀 sayang din domain.. haha

    @Ed – congrats.. email mo lang .COM domain na gusto mo at details ng Godaddy mo 😀

  3. @Jehzlau: Una ka dapat na pasalamatan. Hehehe… Salamat! 🙂

    @Ed: Congratulations sa’ting dalawa bro.

    @Other comment(s): Salamat po sa pagko-congratulate! ’til next time…

  4. @Aethen – galing nila tumayming.. hehehe 😀

    @Kenneth Mendoza – congrats ulit! astig ka.. sinync mo siguro yung WP time sa relo mo no? hehehe.. timing na timing yung comment mo 😀

  5. @Jehzlau: I start submitting a comment during the last 10 seconds. 11:59:59 ba napublish? Binilang ko lang, akala ko nga 11:59PM nang June 24 (GMT+8) eh. Yun pala, WordPress time mo… Bale 8:00AM ng June 25.

    Anyways, salamat ulit.

  6. @Rommel – there’s always a next time 😀 heehee… 😉 subscribe ka sa feeds ko baka biglang topakin ako at magpa contest ulit 🙂

    @Tyrone – magaling nga si kenneth.. galing mag timing! haha

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