Still Waiting for Full Domain Propagation

My traffic went down from 5,000 Unique Visitors to 600 as of yesterday. I hope my domain will fully propagate by next week. This weird and snail-like domain propagation happened after I transfered to a Dedicated Server. I wonder what’s the root problem of this slow propagation. I don’t know what’s the main cause of it. There are only two factors that I can think of: Server-side or ISP’s DNS. My site works on my end but when I ask my co-bloggers, they can’t seem to access my blog. Weird eh? I told them to use a proxy to temporarily view my site and it works in a snap. So to conclude, it’s probably the latter factor that cause this serious dilemma.

As of today, only 20% of my normal daily visitors has access to my website. From normal daily unique Adsense clicks of 300 down to 40 clicks is such a great loss. As what I observed, I still have daily visitors from Europe, North America, and some countries in Asia. Most of my web traffic comes from the United Kingdom and Netherlands, based on my Whos.Amung.Us live traffic feed.

This essentially leads to an important logistical consideration when making changes to DNS: not everyone is necessarily seeing the same thing you’re seeing.

I hope you guys can access my site now or later. I’m losing visitors because of this phenomena, at the same time, suffering from a decrease of Adsense and BlogBank earnings. I’m still thinking to move to another web hosting company that will fix my problem until I stumbled upon this guide to web hosting post by Kaushal Sheth. He researched the web, had browsed many top 10 Hosting lists, reading reviews, and having many conversations with his tech friends until he came up with his nifty and reliable web hosting list. You can read more about it by checking his list of best web hosting companies.

Btw, If you happen to have a solution to this problem, kindly leave me a comment. Thanks. 🙁

26 thoughts on “Still Waiting for Full Domain Propagation

  1. Yah, ilang ulit naring server error yung site mo… yan ang dahilan kung bakit kunti ung visitor… kala nila till now down parin yung site….

    Good luck… though di mo na kailangan… 😛

  2. @julia – ayun! nag propagate na rin sayo! great! hehehe.. tagal gumalaw ng domain ko.. marami paring di nakaka view.. waaaaaaaaaaa!

    @Hushburn – hehehe.. great! 😀 thanks for visiting…

  3. I can see your site now! Last night wala pa eh. I have the same issue when i transferred to my new host too. Losing traffic grrrr…

  4. Transferred to a dedicated server, wow… that’s a big leap for a blogger. I wonder how much it cost you, I hope I can afford… :mrgreen:

    It is now 16th of April I hope your stat is back.

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