I Can’t Make It To iBlog4

I just want to inform you guys that I can’t make it to iBlog4 due to conflict of schedule. To all of my fans out there, if you really really really wanna see me in person we can arrange a special meeting one of these days. I don’t know when is that “one” of these days, but I’m pretty sure that we will see each other face to face. Hehehe.

That’s all for now. Thanks. πŸ™
iBlog 4 X

22 thoughts on “I Can’t Make It To iBlog4

  1. Sayans e nagpaready pa naman ako ng banda para sumalubong sayo dun hehe. Ako punta pa din tapos party daw sa katipunan after. kitakits tayo mga kapatid! Jez kitakits sa iBlog4 1/2 meron yata lols

  2. I was actually hoping to see you there. If I am not mistaken, you’re the one who made a weblog about DOST scholars aight? And I am currently a VP of our association here in UP. πŸ™‚
    I just want to know you,maybe if we can share things about the association.

  3. @Rommel – yep.. Actually it was a web boards… I have so many plans for it.. too bad.. I only have a little time.. πŸ™

    @Robin – pwede.. uwi ka na sa pinas πŸ˜›

    @Gusher -welcome.. hehe

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