Another Exclusive Bloggers’ Food Tour by Spot Pass

I was surprised just now because someone left a comment in my previous post about the Manila Ocean Park. The messages was:

Hello! I’m Karen from SPOT.PH. We’d like to invite you to an EXCLUSIVE BLOGGERS’ tour that we’ll be having on APRIL 25 & 28 at 1pm. Please click on the for the complete details of the tour and to confirm your attendance.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions: or 0922.846.5322


So if you’re interested to join another free food tour, why not sign up? Hehehe. That’s all for now! WoHoOoOOOO! I’m not really sure if everyone is invited. Hmmm.. Their page is open for sign up and was not restricted. They invited bloggers by leaving a comment to each blogger’s comment box. If this is exclusive for a number of bloggers only then all we can do is nothing 🙁 But, if you’re invited, kindly leave me a comment para malaman ko kung sino sino pang kasama… Hehe

Pero sign up nalang baka pwede sa lahat. Haha. 🙂

Here are the participating Restos:

TriNoma Mall – Jack’s loft, Holy Cow Chophouse, Bubba Gump Shrimp House, Madison Grill, Recipes, Red Box Karaoke, Ruby Tuesday, Café Breton, Cold Rock Ice Creamery, Cyma, Fish & Company, Cold Rock Ice Creamery, TGIF, Italianni’s, La Maison, Recipes, Krispy Kreme.

Serendra and Bonifacio High Street – Conti’s Pastry Shop & Resto, Fu by Hei Shin Lou, Cupcakes by Sonja, Xocolat, Portico, Chocolate de Batirol, Polu Kai Grille, Cuillere, Mamou- A Home Kitchen, Miss Desserts, Kape Isla, Krispy Kreme, Carnevale Lifestyle & Designer Wares, Abbey Road

That’s all for now. Yay!

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13 thoughts on “Another Exclusive Bloggers’ Food Tour by Spot Pass

  1. @Allen – na confirm ko kay karen (naks feeling close) na ang mga ininvite yung mga nasa iblog4 list of participiants.. di ka pa nag sign up for iblog4? 😀

  2. @ash – nyok bat ako invited? baka nag kamali lang sila.. hehehe.. 😀 nag kaka mali talaga lahat ng tao.. tsk tsk tsk…

    @Fendi – di ko din alam anong mga pagkain eh 😀 hehehe

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