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The advent of Internet has surely altered a lot of things. One of the most prominent changes is seen in the landscape of commerce and entrepreneurship. Before, businesses were localized and static. Today, it is all about going global, easy, and dynamic; and this sum up to one word: Ecommerce.

If you think the market in the internet is small, think again. People are now flocking the internet to do their shopping. If you’ve noticed, customers and mall shoppers have significantly dropped in the past. This is because sales are made online nowadays. So, if you have your own business or dream to have your own business, go online is the best advice you’ll get nowadays. That’s where the money is. However, like any ventures, setting up business online requires careful and deliberate planning. It requires time and effort to come up with a winning strategy. But all this can be simplified if you pick the right Ecommerce solution package like CoreCommerce. It is 100% focused on your ecommerce solution, making sure you create a successful online store. is the all-in-one ecommerce, shopping cart, hosted ecommerce software. Nominate for awards like “top innovative ecommerce software”, CoreCommerce lives up to expectation. It comes with leading features, like advanced search engine optimization feature wherein meta tags and content and header tags are used in the HTML code allowing you to be the leader in search engine rankings, QuickBooks integration where you can automatically synchronize your account with QuickBooks, Checkout feature where your customers will be able to place an order on just one page. No more will they have to go through the frustrating multi screens. Corecommerce also offer the Sales tax/VAT wizard, to auto-calculate sales tax for your customers, IP blocking options, to minimize fraudulent orders. In addition, it comes with over 13 report features- ranging from Gross Sales, Sales Tax, Best Seller, Vendor Sales, Product Cost, Registry Inventory, Credit Card Usage, Keyword Tracking, Product Search, Coupon Usage, Affiliate Sales, Affiliate Payout and Affiliate Payout History.

Unlike others, Corecommerce gives more generous bandwith allowance, (up to 500% more on some plans), hard drive spaces, and email account. It is also XHTML compliant, has more products option per plan, do not count product variant against your total number of products, and has free quickbooks integration. These features are no where to be found in other sites like Volusion, MonsterCommerce, and Yahoo! stores. What’s more, if you check the charges for additional services, CoreCommerce is way more economical than Volusion. Their Premium templates are less expensive at only $249 while Volusion charges a whopping $799!!! Comparatively, bandwith overage charges are $7/GB at CoreCommerce while $10/GB at Volusion. Moreover, CoreCommerce gives you the SSL encryption for free while you have to pay $99/yr at Volusion. To know more about how you can save more money, check the comparison chart at their homepage.

CoreCommerce is truly an ecommerce solution package since you get all the ecommerce solutions, plus hosting at the largest enterprise hosting solution provider Rackspace to ensure great speed and reliability. Other industry leading features provided are Customer Membership Groups, Receiving orders counter, various Payment Processors mode, Shipping Providers, Add Products/Categories, Product Options/Variants (not offered in other ecommerce software!!!) Multiple Language Support, Coupon, Gift Certificates, Affiliate Program, Wishlists, Gift Registry, Product Personalization, Reward Points, Newsletters, Customer File uploads, Vendor Inventory Management, Product Marketing Feeds, Warehouse Support, and many more. All these features are easy to use and accessible at the admin area of your web browser. The easy navigation is really just a point and click system. CoreCommerce Software features are always being updated as suggested by the customers. This really spells out the difference to other hosting companies that offers ecommerce.

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  1. eto yung worth $75 na review na nakita ko.. or i think $80.. basta nakita ko na din to sa account ko 😀 hehehehe

    good luck sa paid review careers jehz!

  2. I used Volusion previously. Their bandwidth charges were WAY too high. I will check out Corecommerce. I read on their site you can pre-pay bandwidth at $2/GB, that is much lower than $10GB at volusion.

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