Advertisers and Bloggers are saying TNX to everyone!

There is a new buzzword circulating around the World Wide Web: TNX— a common courtesy usually uttered when one is assisted by another. Both Advertisers and Publishers are saying TNX out loud because that is just exactly what they want people to know— has been a great help in boosting their websites/blogs, products, and companies’ popularity. is a revolutionary system of buying & selling links designed for every judicious advertisers and webmasters. The system is fast gaining recognition among publishers and advertisers as they are discovering the competitive advantages of over other programs.

Unlike other system that is limited with a lot of restrictions and inconvenience, offers flexibility and ease of service. It makes use of an automated process of selling/ buying links that saves much time and effort. Moreover, links can be sold and bought on every page of the websites, instead of the tradition main page only – 10 times more profitable than selling sitewide links. To read more about what people have to say about the advantages of the system used by over the others click on here:

You can also read some reviews of the system here:

The main advantage for advertisers and publisher is that has made use of their knowledge and expertise, base from years of research, in whittling out the negatives and banking on the positive methods of attracting clients to the sites. Their system is one that capitalizes on the key strategies that would let publishers generate bigger profits and advertisers get better results in search engines. Visit and read on their homepage and you will understand how other system’s ultimate flaw can actually hurt website popularity in the long run and why their system works better than the rest.

Their homepage also offer tips on how to rank #1 in Google for highly competitive keywords:

Since most of their clients are SEO-consultants, businesses, and advanced webmasters that are concerned in increasing the influx of visitors to their sites, has carefully crafted their system to meet the demands and challenges- from strategic locations of links to increasing page rank- of ensuring long term increase in volume of targeted visitors.

Below are just few of the distinctions to claim has for their publishers:

* Links can be sold on every page of their website, instead of the traditional main page only.
* Sales are automated. System finds advertisers for you to sell the links.
* Publishers receive payouts every month in advance and the price for each link is calculated automatically. TNX comission is just 12.5% (pretty good compare to other affiliate program) from each party involved in transaction.
* Security and confidentiality are maintained.

Advertisers likewise benefit from their program:

* Affordable prices of links. Advertisers get up to 10,000 static links for as low as $11 a month.
* Attraction of great number of visitors from search engines! This is something no other advertising network can offer!
* Links are placed on related and relevant pages. Advertisers also get to choose the quantity and quality.
* Advertisers create an advertising campaign not just advertisement.
* Receive well-targeted traffic from relevant sites.
* Convenient interface which help advertisers promote thousand of keywords and pages without a hassle.

The power has over the other lies on optimized utilization of tools and techniques- integration of Contextual Advertising, Text Link Brokers, and Relevant Exchange of permanent non-reciprocal text links- based on years of experience and experiments. To learn more about why everyone is jumping in and joining, check on their website. They also have a special offer (free links):

Check their affiliate program:

14 thoughts on “Advertisers and Bloggers are saying TNX to everyone!

  1. uy… astig to ah.. mura siya at marami nang links ang ma bibuild sa $11.00, pero depende sa PR ng site.. 10,000 links with zero PR ay parang equivalent lang sa isang PR3 na site. Sa palagay ko lang. Hehehe

  2. @HushBurn – I have tried it and It’s awesome. But my SERP rankings went down.. hehehehe.. pretty weird.. I think I should have chosen high PR blogs instead of PR0 blogs. If you select PR0 blogs, you can have as much as 10,000+ links, compared to blogs with PR. I guess linking with PR0 blogs pulled my position downwards.. 😀

  3. @Veej – sinabi mo pa… hehehee.. dapat High PR blogs lahat.. pero mahal mag pa link sa high PR blogs, Di kasya ang $11.00 T__T how sad.. na try ko na gumastos ako ng $10.. $10 pa yan dati eh. .kaso baliktad nangyari, nawala ako sa SERPs.. haha 😀

  4. ok Ill check it out! i visited one highly ranked link exchange site and it didn’t offer high ranking links! So I hope opens up my mind on the subject of paying for links! i hear just commenting often on blogs like this is a good form of link building itself 🙂

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